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Any girl wanna sex withme then contact me - lissaj - 06-15-2011 10:45 PM

To a zamindar family living in chak in district Sargodha (Pakistan) we have 50 acres of kinoes bagh in which there is rest house for our guests so in short we r in good position. Now I come to the story,
It was summer and I was sitting in the veranda of our rest house and I was totally alone bcz every one was bz in his own work and I was readind a book.

I listened voices of two girls walking in our bagh one of those known to me bcz she was daughter of our v old servant her name was shamsha(I changed name), she was v free with me but we never touch each other, anyhow other girl was new for me bcz I never see her in our chak, she was v beautiful and sexy when I saw her I was really become eretic but I remain bz in reading book and other thing that those girls did not see me sitting in veranda. After few mintes I noticed that new girl was try to get some kinoes from a kinoe tree, I slowly walked near her and saw that shamsha was not there, during her try to get kinoes she unbalanced and near to fall, I jumped there and caught her in my arms and then I left her
Now she was standing in front of me and her colored became red and she said thanks to catch her. I said n. P and gave her some taza kinoes from that tree, then I introduced me to her and she told me that her name is saiqa (name changed) and she is from lahore and came here to see her uncle(our servant), and she got married 2 months ago and her husband is in usa and she will stay here for 4/5 days, in the meanwhile we saw that shamsha is coming to us, I said tomorrow I will wait for her on the same spot and same time.

She didn’t give any answer, and walked to shamsha. She was so cute that I didn’t sleep that night and in that hope “she will come tomorrow” I was waiting for that time, in short she came with shamsha on right time, when shamsha went to give her father some food, she was standing near that tree ,I went there and said to her “mujhe yaqeen tha ka tum zaroor aao ghi” and she asked “woh kaise?” i said “mujhe kal tumhari aankhoon se pata chal ghia tha”, any how I said her “chalo main tumheen apna rest house dekhata hoon”resthouse dekhate howe sab se akher main main use bedroom main le aaya aur keha ka yeh ha mera sone ka kamra which was well decorated,she was standing in front of me and looking to a pic on the wall, i was v closed on her back I put my hands on her shoulder, she said “yeh kia ker rahe ho” i said”saiqa tum bohat hi khoobsoret ho”and put her whole body in my arms. And pushed her on bed.

She was resisting some how but she was willing to make luv, now I was laying on her and kissing her after some time she started to give response in French kissing and slowly said”shamsha aa jae ghi”i said she will come after one hour bcz today her father is working a long distance, she said “tumheen pata ha main eik shadi shuda larki hoon”i siad ” ji haan ,esi liye tu koe khatra nahi ha”, she smiled.
And in the meanwhile , i was opening her kameez buttons and now she was losing her body. I entered my hand in her kameez and pressed her boobs and she said ” oh zara aram se dobaoo”, now I understand that she wants me to fuck her. She asked me to do any thing what I want bcz shamsha has to comedic said ok,take off ur clothes, she obeyed and now we r both naked laying on bed, I was kissing her badly,she sucked my toungue and chest as a wild girl, I asked her to suck my lunn but she said next time bcz we have short time now, I agreed and put her legs on my shoulders and enter in her, I fucked her for 15 mintes with good strokes, I cumed in her bcz she wanted it inside layed on her for 2/3 mintes and then we dressed and came out from the room and stand under a tree to wait for shamsha.on the same night i fucked her again with the help of shamsha.