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I met this lady whom was my sisters friend.I was a virgin when we met each other.I remember my first as a total slut.I met in our downstairs apartment of our house.My
girlfriend and I kissed passionately my tongue and hers were engaged for a hour as I
was having her playing with my dick and I was fingering her sweet pussy.I remember her getting a call and her saying to my sister your brother is no longer a virgin.I loved the hot sex 69 and just the way
she would suck my cock running her tongue up the shaft while sucking me hard and she was sticking a finger up my ass as she expertly sucked me off.I got a call one day that she needed to go to see a police unit for a car situation.I had a long wait out there but what would happen later would make that nothing.I was im my chevy z-28 on the way back from the police station my girl started kissing me and rubbing my crotch as if she was about to go wild on me.I started kissing and fingering her cunt.I was on this major road and she started unzipping my pants.I was so excited as the traffic was crowded around us she sucked on me
so well and for so long I could not fucking believe the passion and all the others watching was the greatest. I figured fuck them Im enjoying this her sucking it people intently gazing. she gave me head for miles playing with her tits and shaking them at others while we drove.I was looking to pull off and fuck the shit out of her when I came from the great blowjob she was performing on me I jizzed into her sweet mouth as she finished sucking my dick I tasted the
cum I had blown in her mouth she let me taste some before swallowing it all.Ifound a place in open view of others so we pulled off the road and we fucked in there for 2 hours.I removed the t roof so that when she was on my lap I could lift her body in rhythms as i fingered and fucked her.sweet cunt which tasted good on my lips.We repeated this for 6 months and she was one of the best girlfriends and I loved how she craved sucking my dick and me ejaculating in her face I loved her for the slut that she was and sometimes how she would let me watch her suck other guys off..

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