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I am rocky. In this I am narrating my first, very first sex encounter with BANU (all names changed). When I got transferred to a new place, I went and stayed in one of my aunt’s house. Her husband is a very good person. Of course both of them are just little elder to me. I used to stay in their house and go to work place and come back in the evening and to have food along with them. In the meanwhile I was looking for a lodging place for me also. One day I did not go to office in the morning. My aunt has one male child and he had gone to pre-school. She is somewhat black, but attractive and voluptuous. I was watching T.V. programmes. While talking about the T.V. programmes with my aunt, she also said some comments. She was talking about sex jokes and sexual sequences in the film. I was just listening. Afte she made the food ready, we both had food together. While serving food, I could see her clevage and her sexy face. She was purposefully showing her clevage and her saree falling down. But I was enjoying it only as I was a respectable guest to her husband. After finishing food, I asked for a pillow to lie down.But she brought two pillows, one for me and another for her. I was lying on the floor keeping the pillow. Simultaneously, she also lied on the floor by my side since the room was very small. We were talking something about our relatives. Suddenly she put her leg on my legs. I was fussing to some extent, since this was the first time a lady’s leg comes into contact with me. But I was not rejecting. Then after sometime, she caught hold of my hair, saying, DEVA,What pefume you are using? It is more sexy. I said that I am using Impulse brand. She then turned towards my side and embraced my body. I did not know what to do. I gathered boldness and wanted to go along with her desire. She demanded me to do something. She asked me to remove her clothes. I obliged. I removed her saree which already fell down. I removed her blouse and immediately her big boobs suddenly came out with two black grapes. She took my head forcefully on her boobs. She asked to suck her nipples. For the first time, I sucked a woman’s nipples. I was sucking for about half an hour. She was moaning like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Hey deva nalla kudida, medhuva sugama kudida(Drink good and with happyness). Then she took my head to her naval and she forced me to lick her navel. In the meantime her hands forced my both hands to squeeze her boobs and nipples. Since both her boobs were very big, I felt like two pillows. Since I was wearing only lungi, my man started bulging. Suddenly she caught hold of my tool and started scrabbing. Then she started to keep my tool into her mouth. I felt like sorgam. She started moving my tool to and from the same way I used to masterbate for years together. Suddenly I started pumping my fluid on her face. She drank all my juice scolding me that I have wasted my juice. Since it was the first time, I could not control my cum. Then my toold became small. She asked me to remove her full saree and petticoat. I saw her big pussy, but cleanly shaven. She forced my head into her pussy demanding me to lick and suck. I started licking her clit and sucking her entre pussy. She started cumming. She demanded me to drink the juice. It was little salty, but I drank it. In the meantime, she started fondling my tool into her mouth and she started applying honey on my tool. It was becoming big again. Since she applied honey, she was cleaning the honey which took me to sorgam again. This time she told me well in advance not to release my juice in open, but only into her pussy for which I agreed. After completely cleaning my tool,. She poured some castor oil on my tool and took it to her pussy. She said that she poured oil just because this was my first fuck and should enter easily. See the whole thing is that I have not done anything. She kept on me doing forcefully and she made me to enter into her. My tool went into deep in her. For a second, I felt like a rock and stood standstill. She shaked me and lifted her butts to allow my tool to touch her deep. She moaned again aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hey deva, ulle vittu idida, fuck pannuda, en husband panna mattengrar. (insert completely, fuck, bombard to my wall and my husband is not doing all these) I did to and fro movements to the maximum speed. Her hands were combing my hair cruely. From her movements, I came to know that she hit many organsms this time. Suddenly I pumped my juice into her. I felt the hot juice coming out of my tool and she also felt the hot juice. She did not allow me to take out my tool for another 10mins. But my tool once again became small. This time, I started to fondle her boobs from the behind keeping my tool brushing her buts. She was enjoying this also. When my tool suddenly became big again, my tool started to go into her asshole. She brought some more oil and poured on my tool. She asked me to do doggy style sex. I inserted my tool into her ass hole. It went with little difficulty. Once again she only did my to and from movements to release my cum. I was totally exhausted. But she was not. She laid me down and she laid like 69. She started to lick my tool. Since I was totally exhausted, I could not proceed. My tool was also not becoming big as it faced 3 earlier orgasms. All these sex-encounter happened in just two hours. She asked me to put her bra onto her body and by that time also, I licked her for some time. This was the first fuck with my aunty. Though I found a place for my living very close to their house, we used to have sex like this atleast once in a week. Sometime, she even came to my house to have fuck and she said that I am fully satisfying her thirst. Still I remember the first fuck and further fucks. Now I am at Coimbatore

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