older sisters love to help younger brothers
My sister Jane aged 17 and I lived with our parents and being a religious family had never been taught any sexual things. I was 16 and had been lucky, having naughty friends living in the same road who enjoyed sexual play.

I was quite sexually inexperienced, but I had shown girls my cock in exchange for a feel of their little tits . When I went to boys camp , at night I would see the sleeping bags moving. The other boys were all wanking and showed me how to do it. One day when the house was empty I tried my first wank and it took ages. I started to feel faint and then my cock burst out some rich cum that I quickly wiped up.

My older sister and I had been quite close when we were young, in fact she was a tom boy following her brother around even though she was a year older. When I was 16 I was sat in my bedroom one rainy day and started to flick through one of my magazines, that I hid under my bed. I started to look at the naked girls and read some of the stories. My cock was starting to grow and needed some attention. my father was at work and my mother had gone for coffee next door, so I checked my door was shut, sat back on the bed and opened my trousers. I slipped my hand into my pants and felt the pre-cum wet on the top of my cock. I started to rub my hand up and down the shaft which had grown to approx 6 inches. Although I had a short cock it was thick and heavy with a good size head. My pants slipped down my thighs as I rubbed quicker and started to get hot.

I did not notice the door of my bedroom slowly open and a had forgotten my sister was still asleep. A little shriek from my sister shook me into panic. I threw my magazine over my lap and looked up telling her to get out.

"what are you doing" she asked, laughing. I told her again to get out and mind her own business.

My sister was now an attractive young 17 year old, who over the last few years had started to gain some shape. My mother had large tits and my sister had certainly inherited them and she had good legs. She wore her hair long these days making her look younger than her years.

"Can I watch then" she asked, "I have watched lots of dvd's, but never seem a penis wanked before"

I told her to go away, it was my private bedroom and she was being naughty asking.

"If you don't I will tell mum" she said, " That you were playing with yourself"

I reluctantly let her come into the room as long as she just stood by the door. I did not want her letting my parents knowing what I got up to in my bedroom. They would make fun of me, saying I needed a good woman!

I got my cock out and started to wank again, wanting to finish quickly as I was so embarrassed with my sister watching quietly in the corner. My hand got faster and I got hot again as I felt the sperm rising and saw the pre-cum starting again.

Jane, my sister started to edge closer to watch and when I looked up was sat just in front of me smiling away. "Does it hurt when you rub hard" she asked. I could hardly speak by now, my face must have been bright red and I was about to explode.

"no" I said "sit back or I will spray you" She didn't move and laughed loadly in surprise as my cum spurt out, all over my lap and stomach.

She passed me some tissues from my bedside cabinet and could not stop smiling. The wank had only taken about five minutes as I had been unusually excited by someone watching, although I didn't want to admit it.

"Can you do it again" she asked, " it made me feel horny when you started to throb". "you were making grunting noises when you spurted"

I had not realised I was making any noise, but had enjoyed her watching. I felt very tired and my cock was limp. I had masturbated three times some days, but normally a few hours apart.

I told her I was tired, that maybe another time would be better and that our parents should never find out!

"Please try again" she pleaded, "how could I help" she said with a smile.

I did tell you previously, I had touched girls tits in exchange for a look at my cock when I was younger. I had not had a girl friend or touched a tit for over a year and did know hers were very full. I explained to her I needed something to excite me and make the penis grow. She said she would only lift her top up if, I let her have a feel of my penis.

She was still wearing her night dress having just woken up. She lifted her night dress and I could see her large rounded breasts and rose bud nipples. My fingers caressed her nipples and they started to go hard. she closed her eyes and let out a little squeal. She loved my touch went quite flushed.

"Now my turn" she said. She gripped my hardening penis with her fingers and rubbed it up and down. God, this felt good! I got hard as a rock and could feel my sperm rising. I desperately tried to think of other things to make the feelings last.

"This is lovely, I bet my friends will be jealous when I tell them what I have been doing with my little brother" I had not heard her last words as my penis burst into life and the cum shot all over her face and bare chest. In fact I had never cum so much it was everywhere.

I helped her clean up with tissues and suggested we go to the bathroom to wash.

Unfortunately I never got to see much more of my sister, as she went off to University that Summer which really made her grow up. I think her sex life open up and the sight of her brothers penis would not interest her now.

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