nice shots with my friends
dear readers am sheena,this is actually a real thing happened in my life a few months a college student.and my sizes are 28 36 34.i look sexy and men hang around our prof was sick we have to share a library book for our references.i took the book on friday evening and my class boys said i have to return that on sunday somehow.i gave my house address to one guy and left that place that day.i finished reading that book on parents went out of station to attend an important marriage on sunday.they told me that they would return only by night.i had a gud bath that morning and was watching t.v.i was wearing a short skirt and a lose top.i heard a door bell and went out to see who has arrived.2 of my friends(boys)who were close friends were there.i called them in and gave the book i had.then i gave them some coke to drink.they started sipping that and we had a gud chat.i told them about my parents…then one boy asked me for our family album and so i went in to take to show them i sat on a sofa and the boys beside me on both sides. suddenly 1 guy started to feel my fingers and i was unable to say no.the other one who was serious in seeing photos turned towards us and seeing the other guy caressing my fingers started giving kisses in my cheeks.and i got up from my sofa knowing something wrong is going to happen.but both of them pulled me down to sofa.then 1 guy started to kiss me on my lips where the other massaged my breasts.though i was in fear i loved the i co operated with them.slowly they removed my top and gave kisses over my bra,then they unhooked my bra and took my boops each in a guys hand.satish had my right boop and vinoth my another.both of them started to kiss and suck my nipples i was in heaven.slowly vinoth entered his hand inside my skirt from below and started to pinch my thighs….while satish licking my navel and pressing my right boop.vinoth took away my skirt and i was only in panty now.then satish rushed down and removed my panty.i was full nude before my then vinoth asked where the bed room is and i directed him both carried me to the bed in my bedroom.they placed me in the bed and started to bite by nipples having one in each mouth.then vinoth came down and parted my legs,by then i refused but he pleaded me to co i i did.vinoth let his fingers inside my pussy and started to nimble.i was in ecstacy…then vinoth came to my breast and fondled my breast by then satish went down and started to lick my pussy lips.he rushed his head deep inside my cunt and started to suck my liquid.then he went up to suck my boops and vinoth down to suck my pussy.oh imagine my condition with them..then they become nude this was the first time am seeing cocks before me.i closed my eyes,felt afraid.then vinoth placed his cock in my pussy and tried to enter me.i had much pain while satish giving me french kiss and his hands running over my boops.somehow vinoth entered in and started giving me strokes…he then made me in doggy style…where vinoth in bed doing with pussy and satish behind me sucking my ass hole.he then tried to enter but not succeded he then applied oil and entered full inside my both holes with cocks….though i had pain i enjoyed the whole fuck .then vinoth had to cum so he took it out and satish too came out and both of them made me lye in the bed and ejaculated in my navel…it ran over my belly.i was terribly tired.then we laid in the bed and caressed each other.i never made any attempt to touch their cocks.then i said its enough but thts not enough for them again they started their sucking but this time satish in my pussy and vinoth in my ass hole.this time i really loved the play…but this time vinoth cum soon and he rushed to the toilet i had pussy fuck with satish for some more time.again he cum in my navel but this time he licked his own semen from my navel.ooohhh i cant express that feelings in words.then they took me to the bathroom and gave me a bath.dressed me up and went….i was unable to face them on monday in the college.these guy without knowing to each other pinched my boops when we happen to see alone..

after 2 weeks ,vinoth called me to his house.and told me that satish should not know that.i agreed and went with him.i noticed well that his parents r not at home.he took me to his room in the upstairs he then told me that his cousin has come from banglore and i have to share my bed with him i simply refused becos he was a stranger for me i then started home but he consoled me and we both had all the fun but i enjoyed the other day than alone with him but he did with me in various positions.he had nearly 3 rounds in 4 hours.then we came down to eat and later my friend took me to a bed room down and played me a blue film and went to give food for his cousin.then after a while he entered and he made me nude again and started all the plays…by then his cousin entered the room.i was much shocked to see him and more over am nude.i got up and rushed to the bath room but my friend pleaded me to come out and so i came out then he convinced me for 3 some.he then came near me and did gud suck job in my pussy directly that was so nice.while my friend in my boops.then both of them played all the foreplays for 20 mins and that cousin entered my pussy and fucked me as my friends started appling oil in my boopsafter he finished his job in my pussy both of them gave me nice body massage and gave me a gud bath.his cousin thanked me and went out.then my friend dresed me up and left me in my street.that whole day i had much pain …but that massage helped me …..thus i had 3 some twice in my life even for the first time

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