my sexy father in law
Hi i am Rani
This is my first story.I am 35 years old.I am married to a loving man who is 3 years older than me, as our life is going smoothly with one kid.But my husband got 5 inch dick and that was not enough to satisfy me and he cum soon after few strokes, so after that i used to masturbate myself night to reduce my heat.
It all started when my father in law came to live with us.He is an ex army colonel and he got a good built body and still doing excercises every day, the first day onwards i used to watch him doing excercises and he made me horny while watching his bare hairy chest and built body.One day i went to his room to call him for lunch but he was sleeping after few drinks but he was naked on bed and his penis was visible.Oh god i never saw such a big and thick dick and he shaved his pubic hairs too.I heard about my father in law that when he was in army he never leave any wifes of his juniors
But from that day i wanted to get fucked by my father in law with that huge dick.So i started to seduce him by my dressing when we are alone at home.For my luck my husband gone for official duty to delhi for two weeks, so it gave me more time to seduce my father in law and get fucked by him.
the next day when my hus left i went to my father in laws room he was having drinks and i asked him whether he need something to eat, he said not now. But i wanted to stay there so i asked him i would like to taste what do u drink, he said beti this is drinks. I said its ok i wanted to taste it for a while now my hus is away so i wanted to taste it now,
He was looking to my with lust becoz he already had 3 pegs and i wanted to seduce him more so i gave him view of my full body.Then he made peg for me and i started to drink with difficulty but after some time i feel like i am drunken but it was nice feeling. I said daddy i am feeling so hot do u mind if i take off my saadi
Ok Beta be confortable, and he was looking so lustly to my body and i took off my saadi. now i am only in my blouse and petticot and i could see a bulge in my daddys shorts
and he gave me another peg and after that peg i am drunken and daddy took to me to the bed and i catch him and kissed him and this made me more confident and he kissed me on my lips and pressed my boobs and i could feel his huge dick top of my pussy.
i started to moan and daddy removed his shorts and i could see his huge dick and he reomved my blouse and petticot and i am layign anked on the bed and daddy was looking to my naked body and i can see how his huge dick responded to that. He caught my hand and kept that on his dick and i massaged that while he played with my nipples and suck them and bite them, i played with his hairs .
then he went to my pussy and lick them and put his tongue inside and i cum for the firat time and he drunk all.
Then i said fuck me daddy with that huge dick.He put his dick in my pussy and give a puch ,Oh god it was so paining but good feeling his big lauda gone slowly deep inside my pussy.
He started to fuck me so hard and kissed my lips and tongue to tongue.
Then after 30 min of hard fucking he saod baby i am going to cum. i said cum daddy, he started fucking me so fast and ourt breath gone too fast and all of a sudden he stoped everything and give al his sprem in to my chooth
that was a great feeliong for me to to get fucked by my father in law but with a huge dick and we fucked every day and night till my hus came and after that it continuewd on day time and sometimes evern nights he call me and fuck me
now i am a slut to my father in law and my second kid is of my father in law

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