mari phudi aur papa ka lund
Hi to all I am shabila from rawalpindi
And I am a student of acca
According to me and my college boys I am super sexy girl in my college. My boobs are of 34″ and my waist is of 28″ and my ass is of 35” and my height is 5.9″ by my states you can judge that I am sexy or not.
So come to the incident which happen to me about 1 year before in which I get fucked by my own daddy when I am of 19 year old .my daddy is so hunk is so much muscular I got attracted to him when one night I wake up and go to kitchen to drink water I pass from my parents room I heard a different sound from there room I thought about to investigate that what was happening inside so I peep through the window which is open when I see inside I got shocked.
Because I see that my father is between my mom’s legs and thrusting his big cock about 10″ with full speed and my mom was moaning loudly.
In my life I see that much big cock first time
Because my only see a cock of my bf zohaib he got cock of 6″ and the cocks of many other boys but my hunk dad has biggest one at that time I feel proud of having such a hunk dad
By seeing my dad’s big cock I start fingering my pussy with speed and my dad now start fucking ass of my mom it is so horny for me.
After that day I want my dad to fuck my cunt and ass so I start finding a chance to get fucked by him.
And one day my luck take good turn and my mom’s sister got pregnant and my mom go to their house to take care of her.
So at that time I got a good chance to get fucked by daddy’s big cock my dad I a regular drunker so it is much easy for me to seduce him and give him a real pleasure of life.
So it’s my turn to take a step to seduce him because my mom left us for two months I start wearing sexy shalwar kamiz with short shirts like patyala shalwar kamiz with khula gala by which my breast line clearly visible and wear no bra and panty under it so that dad can see my bouncing breast .
When I am busy in cleaning my house I notice that my dad is looking at me and rubbing his big cock
At one night I got best chance to get fucked when my father is drinking wine and looking at me in differently so I go in the bath room and in bathroom.
I shave my cunt clean and wax my legs and then take bath and come outside the bath room and I had wrapped towel around my body under which I didn’t even wear a single strip when I walked outside the bath room my dad is sitting in hall and drinking wine and looking at me and smiling wickedly I thought in my mind to give him a view of my sexy body because I know that once he looked my body he will never even try to back off to fuck me so I pretended and fall like my pound got mooch and drop my towel for him .
When fall on the floor he ran to me to carry me at that time I am completely naked so did not try to cover myself he then picked me in his arms he is continuously looking at my big boobs .
He bring me to sofa and he sit on sofa and I am on his lap at that time he is only in lungi because of which I can feel his big cock under my naked ass his cock get adjusted in my ass crack I got my nipples erected he can see it by which he go encouragement and he started to massage my breast firstly softly and then to hard by which I sad to him to be kind and plz fuck my cunt.
By this he get violent and start kissing my whole body and then he started licking my cunt and finger fuck it I said to him that I cannot control it any more plz fuck me he said ok shabila beti spread your sexy legs as u can I do as he order he then remove his lungi by which I got clear and close view of his beautiful cock he start pushing it in my cunt it is too big for my so I said to him plz is apne lund ko aram se meri phudi main dalna warna ye phut jai gi he said don’t worry shabila.
You will enjoy it just see and he give a strong thrust in my cunt and he is completely in me I feel so much pain but I did not stop him because I want him to fuck me like a horny bitch .after some time there is no pain but I start enjoying his big cock he start fucking me with great speed and after about one hour he emptied his bolls in my mouth and lye with me in TV launch on carpet and after some time I looked at his cock it got life again I said to him I think that your cock some more fucking he smiled and said yes but this time he want to enter in your ass my sexy shabila if u don’t mind .
I smiled and said to him that now and onward I am your whore my body is yours do what u want then he start fucking my ass

Whole night he fucked my cunt for 3 times and 2 times my ass
In different angles
And remaining time we fuck each other when we got time
Ok bye I will tell u next time who he fucked my ass

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