fucked by a small boy
I am a housewife, 29 yrs (at the time of this incident), 40-32-36, wheatish complexion, 5’4” tall, 63 Kg weight with cute face, small lips etc and extreme urge for sex. My hubby is 4 years elder to me, dark complexion, my same height, 58 Kg weight, thin & short cock, not much interested in sex. However, happily married with one son. Once during a vacation of 10 days or so we decided to leave our son in my uncle’s place since he loves to be there. Next day my husband had to leave on a tour on short notice. So we decided to call my cousin sister for my company (Short description of my cousin sister: 17 years old, tall, childish, not so fair, with big bumps but small boobs). Next whole day we were talking about her college etc. At that time she revealed that some her boy friends had forced her to remove her top and reveal her boobs in the college campus and at some occasions they had fondled and sucked her boobs. Now since had completed her plus two she has not met them for quiet some time. By evening we got bored and decided to go to nearby club. While we were sitting there a group of boys came and my cousin (priety) blushed at seeing them. She informed me these were the guys who used to fondle her. They were all very tall and looked like models. They came and sat along with us and started talking. Suddenly I realized that I had forgotten the mobile and my husband may call any time now. So I told priety we shall go back. But then the guys told that since my house was nereby one of them shall take me in their car to fetch the mobile. So leaving priety there I went with one guy (Justin) to my house. In the car he suddenly too my hand kept on his bulge. By the time I had already got hypnotized due the scent of all the guys, their sheer size, beauty etc. Even the car was a high-end luxury car. He also started fondling me. Once inside the house, he latched the door and started hugging me. After some time he lifted me and walked to the bedroom. This was my dream come true, since my husband cannot lift me. Inside the bedroom he removed my jeans, top, bra and panty and then he removed his shirt. I tried to stop him since priety was alone in the club and she may think why I am taking time. I begged to him not to proceed further. But it made him more excited because a nude lady is begging. To make me silent he started eating my lips and at the same time fondling my both kundi with his both hands. Now I had fully become his slave and started telling him “mone Justin, I cant just stand this, please fuck me”. He just loosened his grip and looked at my heavy white boobs, brown areola, one inch black nipples, thick growth of pubic hair, thighs etc. Then he put me on the bed removed his pants and jumped over me. It was crushing me to death since no one so heavy had laid over me. He had become mad by now and did not know what he was doing, he bit my lips, neck, kissed my navel and moved towards my pussy. He forcibly parted my legs and started licking my pussy. Suddenly the mobile which was nearby the bed rang and I picked up even though I was terribly weak. On the other end it was my husband from mumbai. Even then Justin was busy licking my pussy by separating my thighs as much as possible. When my husband asked why I sounded different and weak, I told him that I am having headache and lying down. Where as the poor chap did not knew that his wife is laying stark naked in front of stranger with her legs fully spread and cunt opened up, in his own house and his own bed. Soon he hang up and Justin asked me who was it. When I told him it was my husband he told, now I am your husband, which was one way true. He asked me stand up and remove my Thali mala. He then removed his golden chain and put in my neck. This also excited me. Now I removed his frenchie. It was huge brown cock, and big black balls. I pulled up his fore skin and revealed his red tip. I sat down and hungrily started sucking it, at the same time I massaged his huge balls. Then I started eating his balls. He was continuously calling me all sweet things and telling that you are my wife and I’ll take you with me. After some time he pulled me up, hugged me and fell into the bed. He parted my legs and pushed his big cock into my slippery tunnel. I cried in loud voice since I am used to only thin cock of my hubby and moreover mine was a cesarean operation. He was also sort of crying with happiness or some thing and kept on kissing me and telling me that “I love you”. This made me so excited and also since his cock was rubbing my clitoris, I was nearing climax. What Justin further liked is the thick bush in my armpits. He was telling “you are perfect fucking machine created by God to satisfy men”. After some fast ramming we both climaxed together and the amount of fluid he expelled in my cunt was equal to one week’s collection of my hubby’s. He immediately got up and rang up his other friends and asked about priety and told that we were getting late since we had a flat tyre. Other guys told that they are also on the way and would reach my house any time. We got dressed up, meanwhile priety also came. After dropping priety the gang went back, with Justin following them. I was blushed and priety was equally blushed. I was now scared because since she was virgin and some thing happen to her then my entire family will ?? me. So I asked her what happened. After I left one of the guy took her to a corner of the park (of the club) and started fondling her, later when she was invited to their sumo for a fuck sessions but since when she started crying they left her. But on the way back one guy forced his cock into her mouth and expelled in her mouth and made her drink. With this she was afraid that she may become pregnant. I pacified her told that only if it is done inside her vagina she would become pregnant. I also told her semen is nutritious and oral sex is good pre-marital method. Now she asked me why I was blushed. But I did not reveal anything. But when she went inside she saw the bed sheet was wet with fresh semen of Justin. Also she noticed that my thali mala was on the bed side and had a different thin chain on my neck and thus I was caught red handed. I made her promise not to tell my husband and gave her some money to buy ice cream. Next day I called Justin and told him to come and take away the chain since my husband is coming by noon. He came with his friend (who was much taller and macho) and told that this guy also wanted to fuck me. They pleaded to have sex at that point of time, which I bluntly refused since it was daytime and now anytime my husband can return. I also told them yesterday’s was a mistake and would never repeat it. Justin told me this guy, had a massive cock of 10” length, which I would love, take in. When I raised my voice they told sorry and left. (But to return with a vengeance at a later date). If I get time I’ll narrate that incident also. But all are welcome to write to me xxxxxxxxxxxx

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