With my father In law
Hello guys and gals, this is Naghmana, the steamy girl again with a new hot experience with my father in law. My husband was out of country and my widowed father-in-law had come to stay with me. He was 57 years old businessman, with handsome, stout and muscular body and flat tummy. A regular squash player and a swimmer, he is always found working hard to maintain his figures. On the very first evening when he was in the pool, I entered his bed room and found short cuts of hard core and incest movie clips at the screen of his laptop.

I clicked one shortcut and was amazed to see a middle-aged man licking the pussy of a teen aged girl. I clicked another one and found an incest movie where an older guy was licking the pussy of her sleeping daughter. The third clip was about threesome where the father was fucking his daughter’s pussy and son in law was fucking the anal hole of his father in law. I felt amazed and soon my pussy got moist with the thought of my father in law licking and entering in my pussy. I changed in to a low necked shirt and a tight pair of silky pajama without any under garments.

The upper half of my huge breasts with deep cleavage between two melons was pouncing out of my shirt and could attract the old man without any effort. I intentionally let the strings of my pajamas hanging loosely between my legs and touching exactly at my swollen and convulsing pussy. I took two glasses with orange juice and a bottle of vodka as he liked it, in a tray and walked towards the pool. He smiled at me, poured some vodka in his glass and asked if I had also started drinking. On my nod he prepared the second glass for me.

I sat on a couch in front of him with my legs lifted and placed on the couch with my knees wide open. I pulled my shirt down to expose my breasts to the maximum. While taking sips of vodka, I noticed his eyes were either staring at my busty melons or between my legs where the slim outline of my pulsating pussy lips was visible from my silky pajama. I could see him trying to cover his growing bulge between his legs. I felt a twitch in my pussy and started convulsing my pussy lips continuously to attract his attention, intentionally looking towards other side so that he could see the hot and throbbing mound in my legs.

After taking three glasses each, I felt hangover whereas my father in law was still feeling normal. “Would you like to swim, honey”? He asked me. “No dad, I am not wearing anything underneath”. I replied with a cheeky smile. “I am feeling drowsy and want to sleep” I further added. While stepping out of couch I got unbalanced and was about to fall when my father in law quickly took me in his arms and supported me against his body. I felt my fleshy breasts crushed against his chest and his rock hard meat shaft pressed against my thigh.

“Can I help you going to your bed room”

He asked me but I thanked him and went at my own. I dropped myself at the bed on my belly, pulled one leg up, bending it from the knee while lifting my round busty ass from one side. I was feeling horny and wanted someone to lick my pussy and anal holes simultaneously. Hardly fifteen minutes had passed when my door opened and I heard my father in law entering in my bed room. “Hello baby, are you okay” he asked me but I kept quiet. He slowly moved towards my bed and again enquired about my health but I kept quiet as if I was sleeping. He sat on the side of my bed, placed his hand at my back and again asked if I was feeling okay. When I didn’t reply, he started caressing my back mildly.

He slowly moved his fingers from bottom of my spine to the top of my neck and soon I started feeling the magic of his fingers. He moved his hand a little lower and started caressing my buttocks. It was amazing; he knew the art of going slow. He cupped my ass cheeks in his both hands and started kneading them gently. Soon his hand moved towards the inner side of my legs and I felt my pussy getting moist.

He gently tried to pull my legs apart and I softened my muscles to help him open my legs. He was caressing my ass crack with his fingers and then he touched my clit. My body shuddered as he lightly touched and pinched my moist pussy lips. I felt few drops of my pre-cum juice dribbling out of my pussy canal and making my trousers wet. Soon I felt he was inserting his hand under my shirt. He started caressing and massaging my spines, shoulders, sides of breasts and my ass cheeks. Soon he entered his hands in my pajamas and started caressing my naked ass cheeks.

He inserted his fingers in my ass crack and touched my cervix. I felt his finger wet with his saliva and gently entering my anus hole. I lifted my ass a bit without giving him any indication of being awake. He touched my pussy lips and entered his wet finger in my pussy canal. He pinched at my pussy lips and I felt few more drops of juice dribbling out of my cunt and making his fingers wet. After doing some magic at my naked body, he gently pulled my silky pajama down. He parted my legs apart and I did not resist. He played with my clit for some time and then started licking it. I felt his tongue and fingers continuously doing the magic at my pussy. He gave long strokes at my pussy and anus simultaneously.

I wanted to moan and groan but I resisted. I could not hold longer and reached my climax. I pressed my ass against his face without much movement and came quietly in his mouth. Although I wanted to moan and cry with pleasure loudly.

He kept licking my pussy and anus; perhaps unaware of my squirting in his mouth. He turned me straight facing up, opened my legs and rode on me with his legs on my either side. He opened my pussy lips and started entering his meat gently deep inside my heavens without putting any weight on my body. His penis was entering and entering and entering. My goodness it was too long and fat. Longer and thicker than his son’s cock. I wanted to see it, take it in my hands and eat it but being from eastern society could not do it. He started pumping my pussy gently and again I reached my climax.

I felt my pussy muscles convulsing and stiffened and I came ferociously without making any sound. That was my second orgasm within minutes. My father in law also started pumping my love hole faster and faster and I felt his balls twitching between my legs. He grabbed my melons and squirted deep inside me. I felt his tons of love juice sliding deep down my pussy canal. He jerked again and again, until he squirted the last drop of his sperms in the pussy of his beloved daughter in law. He pulled his cock out of my wet pussy, slipped out of my bed and I heard as if he had left my room, closing the door behind. I opened my eyes and saw a mess of his cheesy cream on my pussy. I touched it with my finger and licked it. It tasted so nice that I starting licking and eating his juice; gushing between my legs.

I was still naked, so I started wearing my shirt. My shirt was at my face when I heard the door of my bed room opening. I immediately lifted my shirt again up and saw my father in law standing at the door with his limp penis dangling between his legs. He was holding anal beads and other anal toys in his hands. Since I had lifted my shirt up, my hands were still close to my head. Being stark naked, my melons were bouncing and my pussy was still wet and pulsating. My father in law was initially perplexed but seeing me standing he became normal.

I tried to hide my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other. “My little naughty girl, I knew you were awake and enjoyed my licking” he said with a wicked smile at his face and I only smiled. He came close to me, took my melons in his palms and planted a deep kiss at my pouted mouth. We explored each other and soon went to bed in 6/9 position. I rode on his face with my pussy at his lips and took his penis in my mouth. We started exploring and eating each other passionately like a father and a daughter should so it. He took a dildo and inserted in my anus while licking my pussy. I too took anal beads from the side table and inserted them in my father in law’s anus while licking his monster.

He was gently pulling and inserting dildo in my anal hole while I was pulling and pushing the string of anal beads in his anus. We both were moaning with pleasure and passion. Soon I was at my back with my legs wrapped around his waist and he was pumping his throbbing cock in my deep and convulsing pussy.

“oooohhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh” “Oh Daddy, Oh my little girl”

And soon we reached our climax. I pressed my legs against his thighs and had a violent orgasm. He too pushed his cock deep in my pussy, took my tits in his mouth and squirted all of love load deep down my pussy canal. I felt his gushing water sliding on the inner walls of my pussy canal and entering my uterus. My father in law later told me that he had had the best orgasm after many years.

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