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This story is about my sexy sudha (my boss maid Sulthana begam and my boss Sudha who is 32 years of age very fair complexion with plump ripe body and big boobs and heavy hips my sexual life with Sudha was very wild and we used to fuck in all the positions as we used to see in porn films even she used to take all my cum in her mouth and on her face as the years passed on our sexual life was getting very boring as we used to do every day the same sex positions.

And even her children were also growing up one day my friend introduced me to a maid Sulthana begam a same women with dark complexion but also big boobs like Sudha she used to work in a house taking care of a elderly person who was living alone after 8 pm she used to be free as the old man used to sleep at 8pm.then one day I called on her mobile and told her I am coming to pick her up. I went near her house and parked my car near the bylines and within 15 mins she came walking towards my car wearing a very tight sexy saree

And a low cut cleavage blouse as she was looking like a prostitute she came and sat inside my car and i introduced myself and told her about my family life and she told me that she is new in this town and she was looking for a good friend who could give her company in evenings as she used to get bored after 8 pm she even told she had some friends but not who can provide her good company and good things in life. I promised her I would take care of her and then we drove to a nearby liquor shop and brought a bottle of whisky we then sipped whiskey in my car

And then slowly I started putting my hands on her thighs and she gave me a wicked smile and then my hands slowly moved towards her blouse squeezing her dark tits she also got excited and caught hold of my dick as she also needed a man to fuck her. I told her to give me a blowjob but she refused as was not used to sucking a dick. I told her that my boss sucks my dick always like a professional whore so why can’t you do it anyway i could not fuck her that day as I didn’t had any place..

After 2 days I again called Sulthana begam and told her that I would fuck her in my office today she came on due time wearing that same tight saree. I took her to my office where i put on the dimmed light. She came near to me and started kissing me as she was hungry for a man. I made her drink some whisky and they started taking off her saree and pooped out her sexy boobs from her blouse and started fondling her and started licking it. I then made her fully nude taking off her petticoat as she was not wearing any panty.

She had very little hair on her pussy. I wanted to suck her pussy but then I thought of the hygiene conditions I didn’t as even she was not sucking my dick either. I then made her stand behind my office table and started shoving my dick inside her pussy she moaned in pleasure and stared giving hard strokes while my hands were squeezing her tight boobs within 15 mins I came inside her and she angrily told me why I came inside as she could get pregnant. I told her don’t worry as she can have contraceptive pill which are available in market.

I then told her to get dressed up and then I dropped her at her place. I used to fuck Sulthana begam once in a week as she was also getting very demanding like i used to buy her new clothes even sexy bra and panty and I was giving less attention to my boss Sudha who didn’t knew about my outdoor activities one day I made a plan with Sulthana begam why not we do a threesome with me Sulthana begam and my boss Sudha.

I told Sulthana begam to befriend Sudha like she used to do good massage and Sudha can avail her services without me coming into the picture I also told Sulthana begam that I would pay her for this services I explained Sulthana begam everything about Sudha and about her sexual interest so on Sunday afternoon sudha sent her kids to her massi place and Sulthana begam came ringing the doorbell Sudha opened the door and asked Sulthana begam what she wanted. Sulthana begam told Sudha the she is a good masseurs and can give good massage to ladies.

I also came to the door and saw two fucking plump ripe ladies facing each other for the first time Sulthana begam gave me a cunning smile and I told Sudha why not she try her services we called Sulthana begam inside the house and as for first time Sulthana begam was wearing a new saree bought by me. Sudha took Sulthana begam to our guest room while I was sitting in the drawing room with my dick getting hard. Sudha gave Sulthana begam the massage oil and took off her clothes and lied on the bed with a towel on. Sulthana begam slowing started massaging

Sudha thighs neck and shoulders but she was afraid to touch Sudha boobs and pussy as she thought we can get caught her hands were trembling with fear she however gave a good massage to Sudha both my whores touched each other for the first time and Sudha gave 1000 bucks to Sulthana begam was very happy with the money and left .in the evening I called Sulthana begam and asked her why she didn’t gave Sudha full body massage.She told me she was afraid but assured me next time she will oblige.

Next Sunday came and I offered Sudha a glass of vodka this day I planned that I would fuck both the whores together on the same bed so as planned Sulthana begam rang the doorbell and Sudha was surprised that she came without giving her any intimation .she didn’t wanted the massage as Sudha was enjoying her drinks. I told Sudha that rather she would enjoy the massage more so Sudha took Sulthana begam to the guest room and I told Sulthana begam not to lock the door this time. Sudha with the glass in her hands wearing a white towel lied on the bed Sulthana begam then put some oil on her legs

And started inching towards her thighs and soon her hand touched Sudha pussy and my gosh my dick became so hard Sudha did not mind Sulthana begam hand fondling with her pussy and soon Sulthana begam the away Sudha towel and started massaging Sudha boobs Sudha was also in cloud nine as she was drunk and enjoying the full massage Sulthana begam then put her mouth near Sudha mouths and wanted to insert her tongue inside her mouth .Sudha fully opened her mouth and she grasped Sulthana begam tongue inside her mouth and sucking as she was sucking my dick.

Now Sulthana begam took off her saree and became full nude and gosh I saw both the hot ladies one in dark complexion and one in white their oily bodies touching each other Sudha pulled Sulthana begam to her side and started kissing her boobs and Sulthana begam responded wildly as both the ladies were made for each other forgetting about me. Sudha started licking Sulthana begam pussy and Sulthana begam also started licking Sudha pussy they started rolling on the bed kissing each other wildly. Sudha told Sulthana begam to spread her legs and then Sudha crossed her legs with Sulthana begam legs

And brought her chut nears Sulthana begam chut first time both the chuts touched each other giving both the whores a whole world of pleasure they wildly started rubbing their chuts and kissing each other .their oily hard nipples were rubbing each other and before I thought that they cum with each other I entered the room taking Sudha by surprise she became very nervous unknowing that we have planned all this and I took off my clothes and started licking Sulthana begam pussy Sudha also joined in licking her pussy and in between we kissing each other.

Now my dick was fully hard and Sudha took my dick inside her mouth much to the surprise of Sulthana begam Sudha was licking my dick like a professional whore and in between she also started kissing Sulthana begam Sudha told Sulthana begam to suck my dick and forcibly bought my dick into Sulthana began mouth Sulthana begam was also high and started giving me full blowjob both the whores were now licking my dick while kissing each other and throwing their licked saliva on my dick

And again taking my dick in their mouth turn by turn now I made both the ladies lied down on the bed and started inserted my dick in their pussies both the women were now getting more hornier and I could not believe I am fucking my boss and maid together Sulthana begam was passionately kissing Sudha deep inside her mouth and my dick was in Sudha pussy Sulthana begam now came on top of Sudha mouth and started rubbing her chut against Sudha mouth.

Sudha was also inserting her tongue deep inside her black chut. Now I took out my lund from sudhas chut and inserted in Sulthana begam chut both the chuts were wet inside. My hard dick could feel their wet chuts. I started fucking Sulthana begam harder and harder in doggy style while Sudha was wildly kissing Sulthana begam. I was about to cum and then I took out my lund from Sulthana begam chut and made both the whores kneel down facing each other with their tongues licking each other and my dick they were begging for me to cum and suddenly

I started stroking my hard dick with my hand came on there tongues each load of my sperms on their face and tongues both the whores were now loaded with my sperms and Sudha started licking Sulthana begam face and tongue and both were licking each other with my sperms inside their mouth both the whores gulped my sperms in their mouth and now I was totally exhausted and lied on the sofa now it was turn of

Sudha and Sulthana begam to cum they lied down in 69 position and started licking each other and both of them came tougher moaning in pleasure we all three lied down in the bed and then I saw Sudha lighting a cigarette like a prostitute in a naked state and then taking Sulthana begam hand took her in the bathroom and both the whores started taking shower together a few months I came to know that Sulthana begam was secretly meeting my boss Sudha in my absence. Any Married / Unmarried / Widow / Unsatisfied Aunties / Bhabhijis / sex starved Females can contact me on my mail is xxxxxxxx

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