With Husband’s Friend & Nephew
This incident happened a couple of years back when both I and my husband were visiting an Ashram in Rohtak. This Ashram, though people misunderstand as a sexual haven is more of a spiritual and solemn place. You will also come across people who are there only for sex too.
At that time we were just about a few days into our marriage. I was about 22 years of age and he was 26. Both of us are good looking and physical fit.

My husband about 6′tall athletic and I was 5′7″ slim in excellent shape. My husband was a regular visitor of the Ashram and in times of stress he got there for relief. It is an excellent place to meet friendly people and have peace of mind. When he goes there he used to share accommodation with other people. He used to know a Sanyasin (People who visit this Ashram are called Sanyasins, including him) called Rajesh.

He is about 36years, very tall, about 6′4″ and extremely athletic. He stays in the Ashram regularly and he has a flat which can be shared with another person. And of late during his visits, he stayed in his flat and paid him rent. He devotes his time doing the regular chores of the Ashram, which needs rigorous physical work. Rajesh and my husband though about 10years in age difference always had a close friendship, due to their similar views on lot of subjects, including spirituality.

Well, it was in the first week of December immediately after our marriage which was on the 28th of November that my husband decided to visit the Ashram before we go on a honeymoon trip to Goa. It was my husband’s idea, to visit the Ashram, since I never heard about the Ashram before and he thought it to be a good thing to visit the nice place before we start on our journey in life together. December unfortunately is a very busy month in the

Ashram, with lot of foreign crowd gathering to escape the cold winter months of Europe and also there are lots of Festivities. We reached the Ashram on the 2nd of December morning. We were dead tired, especially since it was only 4 days after our marriage and we hardly had a chance to talk properly after all the ceremonies after the marriage. Our first night was a complete wash out since the wedding and the party was over only after 2.00AM.

As agreed upon before marriage my husband and I did not have sex during that night since we didn’t want to ruin such a wonderful first sexual experience in that sort of atmosphere. Though the days after that we had mild kissing and touching we was thinking of having sex only during our honeymoon in Goa. I am a girl from a very conservative background and was the daughter of a middle class School Teacher.

I was brought up in a traditional Hindu way. I was a Virgin at the time of the marriage. Though I was a Virgin, with the kind of exposure on TV and internet, I am well aware of sex and eager to have sex. We decided before marriage that we will enjoy our first sexual experience in a quite and romantic place during our honeymoon. After reaching the Ashram, we searched for a hotel room in and around the Ashram. But then in December it is very hard to find an accommodation around the Ashram.

We were dead tired and were walking around the Ashram with our luggage when we came across Rajesh. He was surprised to see me with my husband.
“Why didn’t you inform me of your marriage?” was his first question to my husband. Though they had been good friends, he didn’t want anybody from Ashram, to attend our marriage since this Ashram is always misunderstood by the general Public.

He could not tell him that, but then I told him, that the marriage was hurriedly arranged and he didn’t get a chance to call all their friends. He introduced me and told him of our predicament. Rajesh was a little hesitant to come up with the suggestion, but then he asked me ” If you guys are okay you can stay in my flat, Only problem is; vikas, you know my place; right,

It is a kind of Bachelor apartment, only one hall come kitchen come Bedroom and Toilet. Also now I have a nephew, who is here just to attend the festivities”. He had to think fast for a reply, he didn’t want to hurt Rajesh’s sentiments. I didn’t want to stay at a small place like Rajesh’s with two strangers and my husband. But then I don’t have much choice. Also we were there only for three days and I was sure we will survive. But I am a little hesitant and shy to stay with two strangers in a flat.

But then we agreed to stay with Rajesh’s Flat for the three days. We were really hungry and tired and it was already 10.00AM. We walked with Rajesh to his Flat to take a bath and freshen ourselves before we go out for breakfast. His flat was on the 3rd storey of a 10 storey apartment complex. He opened the door for us to get in and once we entered the flat it struck me that it will be very hard to stay here for 3 days. The main room must be about 100 square feet. There were already two Beds spread on the floor which has taken half the space. And once we spread our

Beds the Room is full. Rajesh is from a remote village on Punjab, and he still has his old fashioned ways of doing things. He is not that neat and clean. There were two ropes being tied at about 10 feet height to hang clothes. We saw couple of under wears and robes being hung over on that. “Freshen yourselves and we will meet at Lunch time, both I and Sam have keys, I will lock the door from outside.

Vikas, if you want breakfast, it is better for you to go out and get the breakfast and you guys can have it together here. Otherwise it could be a problem without the keys”. With this Rajesh locked the door and went out. We were still a bit confused, and taking time to get to terms with the situation. I broke the silence “Uncle seems to be a nice person. Eh?”. “Yeah, I know him for a few years now”.

He replied. I looked around the room and was not impressed with the under wears hanging from the ropes and there was a pile of used clothes in the corner. Also there was a distinct aroma of all the male clothes in the room, which made both of us a little distressed. I went to the bathroom to have a look at it. This is a bathroom cum Toilet. Again there was rope tied from one end to another and there was a bunch of used clothes still to be washed hanging there. Among them there were another couple of briefs.

I stepped inside the cramped Bathroom and I can smell the clothes. The sort of Musk smell that was coming out of the under wears filled the small room. I was really concerned for myself. Will I am able to bear all this for 3 days? I came back to the main room and again in the process of getting ready for the bath. I put on a one piece nightie removing my Saree and blouse and got the bath towel and soap.

My husband got into the Bathroom and I changed into shorts and a comfortable T shirt. He spread some bedspreads we had on the floor and laid there for a few minutes. I had been in the Bathroom for about 15 minutes and my husband can hear the water running. The Bathroom door seems to be a little old. There was a small gap at the upper end of the door between the wooden pieces which are joined by glue.

I had to literally stretch to have a peep inside. Through the small gap it is easy to have a good view of the bathroom. I am sure that Rajesh being 6’4” could easily see through the door. I was a bit concerned, but then I was sure that I will be taking bath when my husband is around and either Rajesh or his nephew wouldn’t bother to do that. I can see my husband was also notice that because he is looking through that when he was changing.

I start rubbing soap on my body, but then something odd I do I went near the used under wears and smelled that I am enjoying the male odor coming from them. I like it, since I know that I am craving for sex and looking forward to our Goa Trip my body shivered with a chill.
After another 10 minutes I came out of the Bathroom. I had a towel wrapped around my hair.

My pink nightie was fully buttoned up to my neck, the outlines of my Bra and panties were slightly visible. My husband was bit turned on by the fresh smell and my sexy looks, he summoned me to sit by his side and We kissed each other for some time and then he slowly raised my nightie to unhook my Bra and strip my panties. I seemed to be the ultimate sex goddess.

My breasts were small but very firm, but my erect nipples were at least half an inch long and pink in color. My jet black pubic hair n stark contrast to my milky white body color was neatly trimmed. My husband’s erection was already making a bulge in his shorts. He removes my Bra and Panties and threw it away. Raising my nightie he kissed my pink nipples, and slowly moves down. I was literally in heaven moaning.

He kissed my pubic hair and with his fingers opened my slopping wet cunt. The cunt lips were pink in color and the clitoris just stood out. Must be almost half an inch thick and protruded out of my cunt. Pink and thick that it is a pleasure to watch for my husband. All of a sudden I stopped him from licking my clit. I removed his head place it in my hands and reminded him that our first sexual experience is only going to be in Goa.

He had to withdraw and his penis was dying to get out of his shorts. “Why not you hold my penis and play with it for some time? “. He suggested to me. I was a bit too shy to take the initiative. So he stripped myself out of my shorts and undies and put my hands on his dick. It was of about 5 inches when erect and was in nice shape, with a pink head. I played with it for some time and again reminded him that this is not the time for sex. I suggested him to get the breakfast after Bath.

He proceeded to have his bath and meanwhile I was collecting my Bra and Panties. He insisted me to not wear both, since I was under the impression both Rajesh and his nephew won’t be coming in before 3.00Pm since that is usually the time after Lunch everyone relaxes in the Ashram. I reluctantly agreed. My nipple was protruding and was clearly visible under the nightie, and when

I moved around my arse swayed from side to side in a sexy way. He took a quick bath and went outside to get some breakfast. When he left I was lying on the bedspread he spread on the floor relaxing. It was an extremely sexy sight. He quickly got some bread and jam and finished our breakfast. We had to go to the Ashram office and get some process done before we can enter the Ashram. But then we didn’t have the keys.

He suggested me to stay back and he will come back around 2.00PM after finishing of all the formalities for both of us. He hurried towards the Ashram after closing the door behind me. I lay again to take sleep till he came. It was a 15 minutes when there was knocking on the door, I thought that it’s Vilas. So I didn’t care that I am in my nightie which is semi transparent and showing every curve of my body. I opened the door and for my shock it was

Rajesh’s nephew he introduced his self and enters the room without hesitation. “aap jaroor simran hai? Mai rajesh ka bhatija hun sam. Wo mujhe aashram jaane se pahle nahana tha is liye aa gaya. Waise vikas ji kanha hai?” he asked. I told him that he is in ashram for registration. He pick cloths from rope and enters in the bathroom. I was in a difficult situation as I was in my nightie and I even can’t change that because

I am sure that he can pepped through the crack hole if I change my cloth. I was really ashamed but could not do anything. Only to see the bathroom door, which is closed. Suddenly he said “simran tum is nightie mai badi khoobsoorat dikhai de rahi ho.” I was ashamed again but like his comment. I did say anything. He start asking many questions about our marriage and honeymoon which I answering most of tham in one liners, showing not much interest.

I am sure Sam would have had a nice view of my in only my nightie with nothing underneath. Suddenly I heard Sam’s voice. “simran, Could you please pass on the bath towel for me?”. Sounded like a very young voice. I hesitated for some time and then replied yes. It would be very hard for a shy innocent girl like me to say No to a seemingly innocent request. I took a bath towel, which was hanging on the ropes and proceeded towards the bathroom door.

I knocked on the door and told Sam that I had brought the towel. All of a sudden, for my shock, Sam opened the bathroom door wide open to receive the towel. I was mesmerized by what I saw. He must be about 18 years same as the height as Rajesh but not as athletic, but more lean. He has curly black long hair which was covering his face half way. He was stark naked. His body was lean and slender, but what struck me most were his genitals.

His cock was half erect and must be about 8 inched, non circumcised. Brown in color, with a deep pink head slightly peeping out. His balls were two very big balls in brown sacks sagging a little bit and swaying when he moved. I was in a shock and was just standing there without even saying a word. At last Sam spoke. “Why not you come in and put some soap on my back, until Vikas comes back. It is only 11.30 and Vikas won’t be back until 2.00PM.

I didn’t move as I was in a state of shock. Sam took the towel from me and pulled me by the hand and closed the door. I thought to shout and come out but Sam closes my lips by his lips. I am trying to free myself but he was well built. I kissed me for 5 minutes without my will and removed my nightie. I was fully naked now. My lips were still closed with his lips and his hands moving around my hips and breast.

Suddenly we heard a knocked on the door loudly. Sam shouted “Who is this?” he replied “This is Vikas”. There was a silence for a few minutes. I knew that he was thinking of what to do. He open my mouth and said that I don’t come out or shout as it’s not good for my respect. I am also not in such condition as I was fully naked with a fully naked young boy. I have no choice but to obey him. Again the bathroom door opened and he appeared naked carrying My nightie.

He hurriedly hung the nightie on the ropes and then proceeded to take the Saree and blouse of my which was lying in the corner and disappeared from view hi must be hiding them but why? Through the crack hole I can see everything naked. With my hands folded on my breasts. I was literally shivering. Sam came back to the washroom tied the bath towel around his waste and go back to open the door closing the bathroom door.

I was in a state of shock and was a bit too scared to create any trouble in a place far away from my home. Sam open the door and seemed to be not troubled by my intrusion. He told my husband to come in and mentioned that he is half was through his bath. He asked him about me. “simran has gone out to look for you, since I said I will be here until he comes back”. Now I knew that him putting my nightie on the rope and removing saree and blouse were just tricks to support his answer.

He sat on the floor tired while Sam come inside the bathroom and closed the door. Sam come and forced me to stand up and gesturing to keep quite. I was terrified of the developments. I am still a virgin and I yet to have good sex and I am already naked in front of a boy who is much younger to me. Sam seemed to care nothing and seemed rude too. He pulled me by my hand and made me to stand up.

The fear of getting caught with a stranger naked must be the reason I didn’t shout. He pulled me and embraced me and our bodies pressed against each other. I can feel my breasts pressed against his body and his cock which is fully erect was stuck between our bodies. My body is shivering by fear and a slight inner excitement. He bends down and kissed me slightly. I tried to move away but for the fear of asking noise my mobility was also curtailed.

He turned my head and kissed me again, parted my lips with his tongue and opened my mouth, putting his tongue in. He kissed me for a few minutes and moved his mouth towards my breasts. My pink nipples were standing out. By now I was just standing there and letting him do anything he want to. The water was still running and the sound of the running water was making it difficult for anybody outside to hear what is going on inside. He slowly took my nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked.

My nipples were already hard and erect. He moved my hands and let my hold and feels his cock which was at full mast now. It must be at least nine inches and thick too He made me move the foreskin and a huge glistening purple colored head came out. His balls were swaying all the time. He made me slowly kneel down and pulled my hair, brought my head in line with the cock. He pushed the big purple head towards my lips and made me open my mouth.

He pushed the head inside my mouth. He thrust it inside and slowly moved it in and out. My mouth was stretched by the size and I could only take couple of inches inside. This was my first real sexual experience and I was in a state of shock. Sam was enjoying and by the expression on his face and sensation of his manhood I was able to make out he was about to come. I wanted to prevent him

Cumming in my mouth, suddenly my husband knocked on the door, to which he simple replied. “Coming my friend, give me a few more minutes”. And all of a sudden he tensed. He held my head tightly to his cock and he unloaded in my mouth. I was gasping for breath and had to swallow each drop of it. He took his cock out of my mouth and drop of semen still oozing out of his cock. I had been in there for about 20 minutes and I was running out of patience. Suddenly my husband knocked again and I was afraid.

This time Sam partially opened the door and shouted back “I am going to take another half hour, and don’t dare bother me until then”. I was shocked and scared by the rude treatment I received. After he closed the door, I again frightened. By now I has collapsed to the floor. He was lying down on my back. My legs were slightly apart and he could see my pink cunt lips glistening by my fluids and the clit protruding from the cunt. It seemed aroused by all the action and was more of purple in color.

Sam would have seen that and spread my legs and had a nice look at the beautiful virgin cunt. He spread my legs wide apart; the clit was now like a small cock head on top of my wet cunt lips. Sam’s cock stood full mast once again. He moved his cock slowly to cunt and rubbed the tip of his cock many times on my clit and wet lips. He then placed one hand on my mouth to avoid me from crying out and slowly tried to immerse his cock in the virgin cunt. I tried to move his hand from my mouth which was suffocating me, but then he forcibly pressed his hands on my mouth. With one thrust he entered in me.

My eyes almost came out of my sockets. He made his cock lay there inside me for a few minutes. There were tears in my eyes. The entire 9 inches was buried inside me to the hilt. Slowly Sam withdrew his cock and there was a mixture of blood and fluids on his cock. I am no longer a Virgin. He slowly started rocking his cock in and out. He continued for some more time and then he stiffened again. He is coming inside me. I wanted to prevent it, but I cannot do Anything. He shot his entire cum inside me. He took his cock out of me and a mixture of blood cum and fluids dropped out of my open cunt. Now I heard the keys turning. Rajesh’s voice appeared and he is asking my husband how he is doing to which he replied he is doing fine. He asked him whether Sam was in the Bathroom and he nodded yes.

Rajesh talked to Sam something in Panjabi which my husband didn’t understand but I do as I know Punjabi very well. He asked him that is he completes his work which he replied in yes and invite him inside. A few minutes later Rajesh told my husband that he had to go ashram again and he has to take a bath. When Sam went out Rajesh come in. I was tired and lost. Rajesh smiled to see my naked body.

Rajesh called Vikas from inside the bathroom and said that he forget bringing fruits for ashram and asked him to bring some fruit for ashram and also for their self. I was a bit relaxed to hear that vikas is going outside as I don’t want that my husband get know about my situation along that by fucking session with Sam my desire for sex is aroused somewhere inside and my body want to enjoy my first sex this time which my mind is opposing.

Readers, the next development must be told exactly as they were; otherwise, the taste will be faded. So, I am putting them as conversation:
Rajesh: Vikas , will you please bring some fruits for ashram as forget that?
My Husband: why not.
[Rajesh was approaching me and kept his hand on my shoulder and dragged me towards himself, I tried to resist but he was too strong for me]

Rajesh: I was thinking that you bring some fruits for the Simran too.
My Husband: yes sure, but what fruit Rajesh?
Rajesh (pawing one of my boobs with his farm hand): Bring some mango. I like your choice of mango.
My Husband: How many?
Rajesh: (now getting hold of both my boobs over my blouse; I am looking at his eyes with shock and wonder and he is giving me a shrewd smile): two
My Husband: Only two?

Rajesh: yes, (grabbing harder) two is enough, if they are really good.
My Husband: Anyway, what size Rajesh?
Rajesh: the bigger one (saying this he squeezing them like anything and then held my two nipples in between his thumbs & forefinger) and Vikas, bring some grapes as well.
(I realized that he was naming the fruits on my body parts. I was so shocked, awestruck but the pleasure I was getting was unimaginable. With my husband standing just opposite side of the door and his friend molesting me desperately inside the bathroom, believe me readers, was a fantastic experience.)

My Husband: ok, Rajesh. Anything else?
Rajesh: (he put his attention to my naval area and below, he lowered his hands to my trimmed pussy area. I automatically spread my legs for his ease. He knew already that I have then surrendered to his will. I was closing my eyes in pleasure, making a soft moaning sound) yes, bring some durian also.

My Husband: Durian? Are you sure? They are very rare in the market!
Rajesh: (now fingering my clit, which is completely wet and juicy by that time) Yes, I know. They are rare… It is indeed rare; you have to work hard to get one. Also, make sure by taking its pill off that it is wet and juicy inside. (I could not stop a giggle at that moment but Rajesh put his hand on my mouth quickly so that My Husband does not hear it)
My Husband: ha ha! Sure. That’s all?
Rajesh: (now turning to his favorite fruit, my big bulky fleshy ass) No. There is something very important to bring.

My Husband: what?
Rajesh: (Now pushing me towards the wall, me leaning towards the door, with my ass backward bumping and exposed, he grabbed with his hands the chunks of flesh) Melon, bring the largest melon. I like large melon.
My Husband: ok, that’s all then, right?
Rajesh: That would be all Vikas. (By then, I had become naughty too. I took my hand back and got hold of his dick. Wow! I am not exaggerating, it was huge, really huge even bigger than Sam and more importantly, very thick, all erected ready to get me. Getting my point)… ah, well, bring a banana.

My Husband: One? You are a millionaire Rajesh, even a taxi driver buys at least four.
Rajesh: ha ha! (Now setting his dick at the tip of my pussy from behind and slowly pushing it) I thought Simran likes banana. As women likes banana and she likes big one.
My Husband: ha ha! Yes, Rajesh, she eats too much.
Rajesh: ok, bring three. I understand Simran won’t be satisfied with one any more (with the slow push, his huge thick duke was already inside my juicy pussy… and he was giving me regular and balanced stroke.

It was so wonderful and so much better than that of Sam’s that I could hardly keep myself composed. At the same time, he was squeezing my boobs with his hands reaching them under my arms. He untapped the shower and water was pouring all over me. He speeded up the stroke and the thumping sounds could not be heard by My Husband due to the water falling sound. I was also moaning and was pushing back my ass towards him. It went on for another 10 minutes and during this time

Rajesh was talking to My Husband on other issues and at the same time fucking me doggy, me being his bitch. Then he came. I could feel inside the flood of sperm spreading all inside my pussy walls. I was tired and sat on the edge of the bath tub, looking at his eyes and he into mine. Then he came towards me, pointing his dick towards my face. I was surprised and gestured with query. He made sign to open my mouth. I was wondering what then!
My Husband: ok, Rajesh, I start now.
Rajesh: (pointing his dick towards my face… and I was with my mouth wide open) One thing Vikas.

My Husband: yes, Rajesh.
Rajesh: (To my greatest surprise, he started peeing over my face… the hot salty water went inside my mouth, poured all over my face… I shut my mouth but immediately I was taken away by his sheer perversion and opened my mouth. He was now laughing and peeing all over my face, boobs, inside my mouth) wash the fruit after you have them.
My Husband: ok, Rajesh. Bye.

My Husband went out for a walk and by the time Rajesh clean me and bring me in room on his hands and for my surprise Sam was there. Now I Understand that its there plan to sent my husband outside but now I am not afraid by this. We have a two hour session of threesome there after but this time this is happening with my concern. We enjoyed it even after next two days when my husband was not there. And my husband has sex with me in Goa after that thinking that I am still virgin. Dear readers please give your feedback about this story as this is my imagination and some parts of this story are taken by other stories to make this story more interesting

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