With Friend’s Wife
Anil and I have been friends since childhood. We grew up together and drifted apart after college. We met recently after almost 10 years.

His introduced me to his stunning looking wife Namrata who is a 5″7 tall Sardarni with a clear rosie complexion. I was very taken by her looks and her gorgeous figure. She is pretty and voluptous and knows she is extremely sexy and held my attention. I could not help thinking how Anil kept her happy – they have 2 kids 6 and 9.

Upon coming home I masturbated 4-5 times thinking about Namrata’s hard pointed tits. She has a round butt is not overweight at all.

Last evening Anil and I met at my place for some old time gup shap and we drank a little extra -He said he had been meaning to speak with me about something very personal. I encouraged him to speak. “Yaar – Namrata was very happy to meet you. She was excited about meeting a friend who knows me since childhood.” Then he proceeded to say ” Lately, Namrata and I have been sharing a very kinky fantasy. I want to watch her having sex with another guy. Maybe, we could do a threesome. She gets very excited about it but is not willing to try and nor have we been able to find anyone special we would try it with. Then he winked at me and said she wanted to know if I was really as large and thick as she thought I was. Then we got hot talking about you and how she would respond to you fucking her – she was hot and begged me to fuck her – she has not ever asked me to fuck her. When I fucked her- she was wet as never before and when we spoke about you she came hard, very hard.

“I have been trying to get Namrata to open up and I want to watch her getting fucked – but I can only do it with someone I trust and she has to like the guy. That night as soon as you left she got naked and has never given me a better blow job – when I was fucking her, we kept calling your name – and we both came with so much force. I have spoken to her and she has agreed to, provided you are ready too”. I was so aroused by this talk – I said – Hell, I have been masturbating imagining about her. he then took out a very thin silk panty and said – this is her gift to you – you can have her any time. saying this he called Namrata and said – jaanu – tu idhar aah jaya – aaj teri choot Buddy ke lund sey chodney ko tyar hai kya? I heard her say something and I looked down and saw that Anil had a little lump in his pants.

After about 1/2 hour later, the door bell rang and I saw Namrata at the door. My heart skipped a beat – she had a very low neck – plunging blouse that showed her ripe round pointed breast. her saree was tied six inches below the navel and her smooth skin over her stomach was exposed. she came close and smelt great. gave me a tight hug – her breasts had flattened against my chest. I was aroused instantly.

I asked her to come sit on the sofa by me – and asked Anil to go get us a drink which he did. Anil looked at Namrata and said – are you ready? She looked at me and smiled. He said – Buddy aaj is ki dil baar key choot maar. Aaj raat hum yahin rayenge- aaj raat Namrata saari raat tere se chodegi – kyon Namrata? She only smiled and looked at me making my lund go crazy. I looked at her and saw that she was aroused.. my hand went to her boobs and I pulled her to me – we deep kissed and exchanged some saliva – then she started to moan and gasp. Taking my hands to her breasts- she said please – jor sey press karo mera mummu ko. Then I felt another pair of hands – this was Anil opening my belt and trousers and then my underwear – his hands snaked and felt my throbbing cock and he massaged me and pulled the skin from my cock head. Then he started to take off the saree off Namrata and then her petticoat and finally her very wet panties. Then he said to me – main upni biwi ko tere liye nangi kar rah hoon – yeh tera maal hai – jish tehar se chodna chattay hai – chod daal is ko.

Namrata had a trimmed pussy and he opened her lips and then he brought her hand down and I almost came in her silky soft hands as she started to massage me. Now he pushed her down and he took my cock and guided it into her mouth – very soft lips engulfing my throbbing cock – his hands were trembling and he was now fingering her pussy – she was moaning and gasping – after a little while he told her to lie on the sofa and then he opened her legs wide and told me – kitney chikni hai meri biwi – bilkul tyar hai tera lund sey chudney key liya – aaj tu is ko itne chodh ki is ki pudhi deeli ho jaya.. Saying this he smiled at me and said – aaj raat yeh teri amanat hai – isse itne chodh ki yeh yaad rekhey. Tera lund isko khub majhey degha.

Her legs were wide open – wantonly thrown open. I could see that she was aroused as I could see some glistening drops of wetness. A light musky aroma of her sex was hitting me hard. I looked into her face and said – are you happy and ready for this Namrata? She said Buddy – I want your cock so bad ever since I have met you and Anil wants me to fuck you like an animal…are you ready for me? I bent down and starting to massaging her inner silken thighs and she closed her eyes and started to breath raspingly. I bit on her nipple and she winced in pain. Ohh maa! please jor sey daant kaat meri mammme ko Offfffffff mma – mein aaj tak itni gheeli nahi howi hoon – Anil ka lund chotta hai par tera lund to mujhe chir kar rak degha. Saying this she took my cock in her hand and started to massage it and feel its thickness and then her hands felt my shaved balls and she brought her tongue and licked my pre-cum and then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck hard and slurp loudly.

An elegant lady – but so wanton and slutty – the thought was making me go nuts! She then lay bak on her back and opened wide her legs and I could see her pink pussy open up. She said – please fuck me Buddy – I want you to fill me up with that cock – then she looked at Anil and asked – help me guide his thick lund into your wife’s cunt. I took my swollen cock which was like mahnet moving towards her pussy. With one hand I felt her wet pussy and opened her lips wide and with the other I guided my thick cock dripping with pre cum. I had never felt myself so huge and thick..I pushed back my foreskin and the shiny bulging head become more swollen and thick – she was watching this and her eyes were lusting – she pulled me and said -I cannot take this teasing anymore – just fuck me hard – I want your thick cock in my pussy please. I put my cock in her swollen folds and the silken touch almost made me cum but I held on – I was now three-fourth inside her and she was arching her back high – her ass in the air.

My balls were being licked by Anil. She begged me with a sob – please Buddy fuck me hard. I entered her with force and she started to moan and soon my pumping made her moan louder and louder. Her hands went to the railings of the bed and she brought her legs up and around her head – giving me full and open access to her pussy. My cock was now pumping her so hard that her head was banging against the railing and making her scream harder. her pussy was wet and tight but movement in and out was making the loud slurping sound – then she screamed and her hands flew to hold me head and bring it on her face and she almost sucked my tongue out as both od us came hard and loud – filling her up with my cum.

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