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This is Rajiv from Rourkela to share my happiest moments fucking with o9l viewer again. Now days it is not a big deal to enjoy sexual life freely in India and even in our state Orissa. So more couples here are trying to enjoy and spice up their sexual life after their marriage. More over I think to enjoy sex is more important than to experience. As you know I am 35 years old and my wife Reeta is 32 years. I am working as engineer in a company and my Reeta is housewife. My wife has got good features and a sexy appeal. She is 5’- 3”height, 36”-boobs, 30”-waist, and 40” -buttocks sizes. A long flowing hair, which touches her buttocks, boobs which attract men at the first sight and lovely buttocks. After 10 years into our marriage, sex started to get routine, by then we had been fucking around for 10years, and had done it a well. Somehow we started to get dissatisfied with our sex life .I had been talked to my wife about swapping of partners for change of taste and spices our married life. She was a bit hesitant at first but she really loved sex, and had experienced her first sex with me. But for the last few months we were feeling dullness in our sexual life. We were both worried & thinking what to do.

I have a friend who is in the Brajarajnagar, working also as an engineer. He is also married and has got a kid. His name is Kamal and his wife is Sanju. Sanju has a nice built but she is very fair complexioned, a very attractive lady. He is 5’-7” and his wife is 5’- 4”and 38”-30”-40” sizes .My friend and myself were very close right from engineering college days. We had fucked girls in our college days and enjoyed a lot. Once I told my problem to Kamal by phone. Kamal instantly told me about the same problem he and his wife were facing when he heard about my complications. So he proposed a possible swinging relationship with us .I told this to my wife and after giving a thought we decided to experiment.

After one month, my friend visited Rourkela with his wife to attend a relative marriage party. They stayed there for three days. He ringed me and asked me if it would be possible wife swapping now what we have decided earlier by phone. I gave him green signal and invited Kamal and Sanju to visit our quarter for a lunch in that evening. So we prepared ourselves for the evening well. As the vacations were on, our son was at in his grandparent’s home. It was golden chance for us. I was wearing white shirt with black trousers that gave me a gentleman look. Reeta was wearing tight pink coloured nighty, which made her look like a modern sexy woman. In the evening Kamal and Sanju came and we welcomed them warm heartily. Sanju was looking stunning in her blue saree and matching blouse. Her thick lips listened with moisture and looked expectantly at me. My wife could not resist herself to admire the macho looks of my friend Kamal. Soon we became comfortable, as we had met many times earlier. Reeta along with Sanju went to kitchen room and brought some snacks and coffee for us. Soon we started chatting and the subject moved on to adult things. Both Kamal and Sanju are very broad minded and therefore, they had no qualms in having an intimate chat with us. We discussed a lot of things especially about our sex life. I was giving a hug to my wife said “ I love her so much and I got ready for this as I want her to see happy”. Sanju was a talkative of all four. She said that she too felt excited over the idea of swapping. Ladies soon became tipsy and they started behaving loose.
To end the deadlock Kamal moved near my wife. Now she was in between Kamal and me. Kamal slowly started caressing her legs. She felt happy and smiled seductively at him. Giving a kiss to Reeta I went near Sanju. We were hugging each other tight started kissing passionately like a long lost lover. The pressing of two bodies made the atmosphere horny. Now Reeta sat in Kamal’s lap and gave him a kiss of his life. Her pink nighty slightly gave him the hint of her two 36inches sizes wonderful globes. He started kissing and pressing her breasts.

Leaving Reeta and Kamal there in drawing room I took Sanju to the master bedroom and we horridly started undressing each other. Sanju smilingly asked me,” You like me?” “Oh simply sexy, my god you are really a sex goddess Sanju”, I replied. “Then come on baby, what are you waiting for?” she was in her red bra and red underwear. Her boobs spilled out of her bra. I licked her face – forehead, nose and cheek drew a line with his tongue on her left boob, after unzipping her bra. I kissed her neck even as she strove valiantly to grasp my cock in her left hand Sanju said rubbing her pussy over red panty. “Will you please eat my pussy Rajiv”, Sanju asked. “My pleasure dear”, was my reply and I was stripping her panty planted a hot kiss on her snatch. I slowly moved my tongue on her belly and then parting her legs moved it in her pussy. It was oozing with love juices of her. Like a hungry dog I was busy in tasting the cunt juices, as it was my favorite thing to do in sex always. “Wow, do it man, wonderful, please suck it fast, you are darling, please suck it dry Rajiv”, was Sanju’s reaction. In the meanwhile my wife was dominating the scene in the drawing room. She was busy in sucking Kamal hot rod. Kamal has about 7” long cock He was moaning with pleasure. She was like a tigress in sex. . She kissed and sucked his balls even as she massaged his full cock. It was in full temper. Reeta was master of this act. She artistically sucking the dick and was enjoying it immensely. I could here their talking and morning clearly from drawing room where I was busy with Sanju. “Oh come on… I can’t hold long, You are driving me crazy, suck it baby, succccck hard, I’m about to come”, Kamal said.” hey don’t spell the juice out on my body, I want every drop in my mouth”, was Reeta’s reaction to this. Again she made her busy in driving him more crazy and sucking the cock. “Yes here I am, I’m cuming, I’m cummmminggggg”, Kamal nearly screamed. “Uuuummmmm it felt good, your hot load is really very tasty dear”, my wife said, ” now come on and lick my pussy”, she demanded. Like an honest servant Kamal came near Reeta’s fuck hole.

Hearing their sexy conversation Sanju said to me “wait, we will go to the drawing room and see what those two are doing, there you can suck and fuck me as you like”. Lifting her up on my arms I took my friend’s wife to drawing room. “How you are fucking bastards “, I said while entering. “Hey you motherfuckers, couldn’t wait for us have fun” Reeta retaliated at us. “Why should we, you two were really very busy in sucking so we thought to leave you two alone” Sanju said. Reeta smiled at her and going near her kissed Sanju’s lips. “You drank the love juice of my husband you liked it?” Sanju asked. “It was tasty. Thanks for allowing me to drink your hubby’s load” Reeta replied.

Now the scene in the room was looking more like a porno set. Four naked bodies were busy enjoying sex to the full. The room was filled with the smell of cunt juices and sperm. My wife Reeta took Kamal’s cock in her hand and guiding it into her pussy said,
“ now Kamal fuck your friend’s wife like a whore, don’t care for your bitch wife”.
” You too are a bitch Reeta, you are fucking by my husband in presence of your husband who is fucking me “, was reaction of Sanju.
“Oh god it feel soooo goood , come on fuck me hard, oh goood , fuuuuck me , fuccccccck hard” “do it baby, do it haaardd, ooooooooooooooo fuckkkkk, fuck me hard…”Reeta was moaning with pleasure.

“Look at this fucking whore; she is crying like a real call girl ” Kamal said to me while puming hard his rod in cunt of my wife. “Yes I’m a bitch, I’m your whore, now don’t talk just fuck me hard.” Reeta said. The room was filled with dirty comments and reactions with sound full of pumping and groaning and screaming
” oh dear Kamal, cum in my cunt, make it satisfied, I have not enjoyed sex like this since long”, my wife told. After five minutes of hard fucking Kamal came in the cunt of my wife. Both they seemed satisfied to the core. Kamal’s wife Sanju was getting up came near Reeta and lowering her head on her pussy tasted the mixture of her husband’s cum and my wife’s cunt juices.”Ummm its wonderful to taste after fuck drinks” Sanju said taking her hubby’s cock in her mouth and again tasted the same sweet taste. In fact we must thank you for giving us the pleasure of having a taste of new wonderful cocks” and saying this Sanju again started licking my cock. “Sanju drink it, I am about to cuuuuuuuuummmm”, I roared. “Drink it baby, drink that all from my hubby’s cock”, my wife said and lowered my friend Kamal’s head on her pussy. She was lying on sofa near me. We winked at each other and smiled. The cum was flowing down from Sanju’s mouth. She was getting up gave a kiss to her husband and a taste of my juices.

After our first fucking we took some rest and one by one entered bathroom and become fresh. We put on our dress and discussed about our this first swapping experiences It was about 9p.m.So we all agreed to take dinner. After dinner myself, my friend Kamal and his wife Sanju and my wife Reeta went to our master bedroom engaged in a chat. Sanju looked absolutely gorgeous in her peakaboo nighty while Reeta in her black nighty was looking very sexy. We again in our hard on and became extremely horny on seeing them. Reeta said “ as I have a hard fucking with Kamal in first round now it is time for Sanju for real action and I will only watch to all of you” We all agreed with her plan. Sanju became very horny and started to squirm in her seat. Kamal, in the meanwhile, started to stroke her thighs gently even as I hugged her from the other side. I massaged her neck even as Sanju put her hand touched my underwear and Kamal inserted his hand on Sanju’s underwear. Now Sanju started massaging my cock vigorously and I could not control my passion. Sanju licked my shoulder and held my cock in her hand after removing my underwear.

Now, Sanju, Kamal and Myself lay on the bed. Reeta sat on a chair near the bed and starter enjoying the life sex show by putting her two fingers in her juicy pussy. Sanju was sandwitched between Kamal and myself. I kissed Sanju all over the body and Kamal licked the ears of Sanju on the other side. Sanju whispered in my ears “Rajan, fuck me please?. The words sent current into my system and I was completely writhing in ecstasy. Kamal massaged her left breast along with her nightly, while I massaged her right one from the other side. Kamal slowly removed her nighty and went down on Sanju and pulled her underwear down and started to stroke her well shaven pussy with his middle finger and circled his tongue on her belly button. I licked her right boob even as I screwed her left boob with my left hand. She was writhing in pleasure. She started to gently massage my cock and grew bigger and erect. She slowly touched her nimble fingers on my cock, in all its directions.

Now, I removed my underwear and Kamal removed his. All of us were completely nude. Now, Sanju sat on the bed and Kamal massaged her boobs from behind and I took my cock and placed in front of Sanju’s mouth. Sanju sucked, licked and spit on my cock. My cock was glistening with moisture. The slurping sounds of Sanju was so intoxicating, it was a big turn on for both Kamal and me. Kamal after stroking her boobs came in front of Sanju and started to lick her pussy, even as I was sucking and licking her boobs. Her nipples were very erect and ripened to fully glory. Now Sanju and Kamal were in 69 position with Kamal on bed and Sanju on top of him. Kamal licked and sucked her pussy, drawing her clitoris out with his tongue. I could see the juices of Sanju dripping from her cunt. I became so horny and could not resist myself. Sanju swung her eyes towards me and cannily called me to join the action. I could not resist and immediately went behind Sanju and licked her buttocks. I liked her well-tanned buttocks. I gently massaged her buttocks. She moaned and uttered, “Rajiv, put your tongue inside my ass”. My tongue responded in a flash and I immediately put my tongue inside her ass and I felt a wonderful feeling.

Now, Kamal requested me to fuck his wife and I stood on top of her and fucked her hard. I rode her very hard and simultaneously stroked her boobs. Kamal put his cock in the mouth of his wife and it stiffened. After that, he took his cock and placed in between her full ripe boobs. He fucked her boobs even as I fucked her pussy. Now, after a few minutes, we loosened ourselves. Sanju kissed my mouth and said, “You are fucking wonderful”.

Now I lay on the bed. Sanju took her pussy and put my cock inside her pussy. She started riding over me. Kamal ignited her passion by stroking all over her body. Afterwards, in an unexpected way, Kamal put his cock in my mouth and this was the first time, I was sucking a man’s cock. I was initially reluctant, but I felt good afterwards and I enjoyed sucking another man’s cock. It already had moisture left over by the lickings and sucking of his wife. I sucked, stroked and licked his balls. Now, Kamal too joined the fucking act. Kamal lay on the side nearer to Sanju’s ass. He inserted his cock in her ass. Sanju at first was moaning and writhing in agony as his cock broke its way through the exterior of her ass. For the next few minutes, Kamal and myself pounded her pussy and ass as though we were on a mission. Sanju and myself exploded simultaneously in a thunderous orgasm even as Kamal let his fluid inside her ass. It was a thoroughly enjoyable fucking night.
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