Wife is punished and used by husbands friends
As he opened the front door I knew. He had that look. The one which says - don't argue, don't complain and do exactly as you're told. Earlier in the day I had received a text from him. Short and to the point it said " lose the kids and be ready". The word "be ready" always fill me with feelings of dread and pure lust at the same time. If only he knew the trouble I had gone to. First there was the 'kid losing' - easier said than done, but when every move causes you to feel the wetness caused by his orders you tend to make a 'plan'! Kids sorted for the weekend I drove home very fast indeed. Fast enough that if a police car had stopped me I may have been tempted to offer them a spot of oral relief to save on paperwork (always did like a guy in uniform)!!

Perhaps I should explain the total state of arousal I was feeling. As soon as I have received 'the text' I have to make ready my pussy for him. This involves imediately going upstairs and inserting a dildo. A lovely cold, vibrating dildo, one which has several different speeds ( more about that later)! and a small butt plug for my other hole. Sometimes the text has other instructions like 'keep things dry' which means I must not play with myself or lube my ass for the plug. This means I must force myself back onto it and force it in quickly, other days he'll put "give yourself a drenching" which means I can use our favourite tingle lube which drives me wild as I push both fillings in. The codes may seem strange to others but they are both guaranteed to tease me thoroughly. Today it was a 'dry' day and having got my text I hurried upstairs and filled myself with silicone! I turn them on low and put on tight panties to hold them in place as I drive the kids to their respective sleepovers. I then return home and finish making myself ready.

Horny as hell by now I am sopping, I remove the panties and the dildos and wash myself, I do not dare to touch my clit as I know this may drive me over the edge, although I long to. I have a shower and tidy my bush. Sometimes he inspects me and if it doesn't meet his standards of neatness he is really angry. Once, to teach me a lesson he shaved my pussy bare, tied me to a chair, legs spread apart and covered my newly shaven cunt with 'tingle lube' and then positioned a fan in front of the chair. The mix of cool air and hot lube caused me to come more than once and in the ensuing days as the hair returned and itched like mad I felt I had learned a valuable lesson - if a cunt is worth tidying its worth doing properly!!!!

So anyway, there I am doing it just as he demands, neat at the front and shaved bare on the lips so that if you have to punish me down there you can see the redness and congratulate yourself on the fine job you have done. Next it's up to the spare room in the loft. No-one knows it's there, the kids have been told it's full of rubbish and we keep the door locked so no prying eyes can discover what's in there. Over the door are hanging four pieces of cord, each with a slip knot on the end with a loop, once I have slipped my ankles into the ones at the bottom (slip in the foot and pull away from the door sharply) they are one continuous piece and they tighten very well. I then reach up and put first one wrist in and then, stretching across put in the other. The stretching action pulls both both cords tight and there I am when you come in. As I said, the look on your face speaks volumes - and I cast my eyes downwards to avoid your glare. You go behind me, and bending you prod between my legs making me moan aloud you check my efforts down below carefully and you run your fingers along my soaking lips and whisper in my ear ' nice cunt today'. And then you are gone. After what seems like hours you return holding my silicone friends in your hands, you turn my head to face you and ask why I neglected to replace them before I tied myself. I gasped, I had been so eager I had forgotten the golden rule - I knew this faux-pas would not improve your mood. You pull on my bindings tutting under your breath and retying them far tighter than I had been able to. You know that I love this feeling, the power over me, the open, ready, waiting feeling and I let out a sigh. You reach round and pinch my nipple sharply, bringing me down to earth, hard and long you pinch both of them until I am whimpering, I feel how hard you are as you grind into me, but wonder why you are still fully dressed?

Having finished with my poor tits I gasp again as you slip your fingers between my legs. The juices are flowing now and are dripping down my thighs, you mention again how smooth and inviting my cunt feels, just hearing you say that word to me has me shuddering almost over the edge with lust - you laugh. "God how wet you are today you dirty girl" you laugh, walking over to the table in the corner of the room, from a bag on it you return with a variety of new toys to tease me with - things we haven't used before. There is a small dildo, about 3" long with a velcro strap, I'm disappointed as it doesn't look all that satisfiying!, a small crop, and two very smooth glass dildos, one is thick and the other slightly longer and thinner. You come towards me with the rubber dildo which I was sure looked like a strap-on, as you tilt my head and say "open wide Subbie" I get the gist! I glare at you and refuse - you have never gagged me before I say and you say that there is always a first time for Subbie sluts who don't remember the rules. I'm speechless - literally - as you guide the rubber cock into my mouth and fasten the straps tightly behind my head. I had though it was small until it was forced into my mouth and I found myself choking on the end of it pusing into my throat. "Peace at last" you snigger and turning you return with the glass cocks. You touch the thick one to my pussy lips and thrust it home, I moan and buck, choking around my unwelcome gag, realising that too much movement makes the cords holding me even tighter. I feel agrieved at this treatment, hadn't I done what I was told, my lovely tidy sopping wet pussy ready and waiting for you when you got home - any other man would have been grateful, but not you.

I was still deep in the throes of anger in my head when my ass cheeks were parted and the thin glass cock was pushed - none to gently I might add!To add insult to injury you fill my cunt with the other glass cock, I grunted and bucked as you worked both of them in and out. As I neared my goal, you stopped. I couldn't believe it, up there, filled and hot and left to wait for the next humiliation. I didn't have long to wait. I heard the swish before I felt the sting as you laid swat after swat on my ass and thighs, not hard you understand but stinging and when you changed direction, aiming upwards between my legs to my sopping pussy I squealed loudly around my cock gag and looked pleadingly at you to stop. You do stop, but begin your games with the glass cocks again, pulling them almost all the way out and then ramming them back home. I am wetter than ever and you comment on it laughing and saying that you bet I couldn't hold them inside me whilst you go out for a pint with some mates - I don't believe what I am hearing, I'm sooo desperate to come and wetter that I have ever been - how can I possibly keep them inside me? You stop as you brush past me to leave and whisper "don't disappoint me now" and then you are gone. My arms are aching now, my mouth is filled with rubber cock, my cunt and ass with slippery glass cocks and I can't move. I sting from the attentions of the crop and I need to come very badly indeed.

A thud brings me back to life again, I must have dozed for a minute, it's then I realise that my 'fillers' have come out. I lost concentration and stopped clenching and all the juices had expelled them onto the floor with a thud which wakened me. I try not to panic and struggle to try and free myself so that I can replace them before you return. Of course you haven't gone anywhere, you were downstairs in the lounge waiting for the thud!!!!! I always knew you had a bastard streak and now I was learning about it 1st hand! As you come in the door I can hear you tutting. You are naked now and your beautiful cock is very hard. You pick up the didos and tut again. You come close to me and say 'oh dear oh dear', the menacing way of saying those few words nearly drives me over the edge. Now you are untying me, I move my poor sore arms and try to take out the gag as usually you want me to kneel and lean back and take your cock into my mouth where you like to come, especially if you are not happy with me as you push deep into my throat and hold my head so that I can't get away, you love to fuck my face and you know that I don't like to swallow your come so it makes it doubly exciting for you. But you don't let me remove it, you slap my hands away and tell me to clasp them together, out come the handcuffs, I want to laugh at this cliche but seeing your face decide against it. You then take a collar from the bag of new toys, fasten it tightly and run a lenght of cord through the loop at the front. You then pull hard on it and lead me down the stairs. The loung curtains are shut, there are candles lit and to my absolute horror three guys sitting naked on the sofa. Their hard cocks standing proud, one of them is touching himself gently as he looks at me. I groan loudly around my gag and back towards the door, you pull hard on the cord and I stop. "These are some guys I met a few weeks ago who like to fuck other peoples wives, they've paid me good money to use my 'subbie' for the night and I don't intend for you to disappoint them. So maybe we can make some easy money out of your nice trimmed, wet little pussy". He slapped it and I jumped backward "Now understand this - I own this (he pushed four of his fingers deep into me) and I can do with it whatever I want - including earn me some extra cash"! I was horrified, what was our 'little game' of control and punishment had now turned into something I hadn't contemplated at all. But besides all my feelings of revulsion I couldn't help looking at the array of hard cocks just waiting for me and when I took in the scene and realised that one of the guys was black and his cock was by far the biggest I had ever seen up close I relaxed slightly as my pussy sent signals to my brain to be ready to enjoy what was coming my way!

You instruct me to get on all fours and crawl behind you, you pull on the cord and I fall slightly as it's difficult with handcuffs on. You motion me onto the coffee table and you undo the cord. Re-passing it through the loop leaving 2 long ends you pull my head downwards and take the 2 ends back and round the legs of the table, parting my legs wide. You then wedge a piece of wood between my knees to render me immobile. You then caress my ass and ask who's first. A short dark tanned guy stands up, his cock is not too big, but very hard and thick, you whisper that you have all taken a blue tab to keep the action coming and I shudder with anticipation of a very sore cunt by the end of the night. The guy is infront of me and asks if I will behave if he removes my gag, you slap my ass to remind me that I must do as I'm told and I nod to the man who pulls it out and hands it to you. Meanwhile the black guy asks for the crop you had used on me earlier and he starts to tap my hanging tits with it, again not hard, but hard enough after a few strokes that I begin to moan. The tanned guy laughs and says "yep a subbie slut ok"! I blush and try to get up but my head is tied dead level with his fat hard dick which without much ado is pushed between my lips and deep into my mouth. He rammed it hard against the back of my throat making me gag and choke, I worry as he looks the smallest and I find him hard to take in that far as I have quite a small mouth, I think that's why you enjoy face fucking me as you know I find it very difficult (power again you see). Tanned guy is still fucking away and at one point I bite down to try to stop him from choking me - he complains to you and you tell the black guy to teach me a lesson, he crops me hard on my clit. I rock backward and then forward again as he accurately aims another stinging blow. The guy in my mouth is obviously very turned on by this and comes hard into the back of my throat. I try to pull away but you hold my head and make sure I take every last drop of come, holding my nose so that I am forced to swallow it, I hate you right now. Suddenly I feel something cold being dripped onto my ass, it runs toward my rear hole andis massaged (by you)? into the tight opening. I freeze - two reasons for this - 1. I fear being taken in the ass by that big black cock and 2. because the liquid is 'tingle' and it is working very quickly making me squirm. You move forward and undo my collar and handcuffs. Recuffing one wrist you use another pair so that you can fasten me to each corner of the table thus leaving room for someone to slip underneath me on the table. Tanned man did the honours and going behind me pushes finger after finger into my dripping cunt until he is almost fisting me, I groan and try to escape his prying fingers, you push down on me forcing him further inside, my head is yanked up by the 3rd guy who, whilst watching the scene unfolding in front of him has already come once and is in the throes of becoming hard again. He pushes it into my mouth and with more than some reluctance I take it in, he begins to fuck me. Behind me I feel someone press a finger inside my ass, then it seems to get bigger! then bigger still, I realised it was some sort of anal wand. The knobs on it vary in size upwards, the smaller ones supposedly preparing you for the big ones. Once it was completely in I felt tanned man under me, you guided him into my sopping hole and he rammed home - I felt turned on that you had touched his cock, but could not dwell on it as suddenly the wand was ripped out, I screamed around 3rd mans cock, allowing him to push in even further as he spurted his load deep into my throat, I gagged and swallowed, swearing terrible retribution on you in my head for making me do these things. As soon as he pulled out you pushed my gag back in, this however was not the same one, it was bigger ' as you should be used to it by now' you said in my ear. Tanned man was pounding his hard, hard cock into my poor sore pussy and 3rd man was eying the crop. I growled around the rubber, a kind of muffled 'don't even think about it' but he obviously didn't care as he began to give my ass some vigorous attention. I jumped with each slap and that was when I felt something hard pushing against my rear hole - I froze, until I felt it push against me, the tip forced open the tight opening and he very carefully pushed himself in, further and further. 3rd Man began to crop the back of my thighs and on one stroke I pushed back as Black guy pushed forwards and suddenly my ass was filled with black cock. The feeling was amazing, I though I would faint as he gently began rocking in and out, Tanned man was still fucking my pussy and the cropping behind me was getting more and more intense. With a hard thrust tanned man came inside me and I felt him fill me with his hot come. Black guy was beginning to speed up and I felt you undo my gag. I spat it out gasping for breath because of the pounding my asshole was receiving, you held my hair tightly and pushed your raging cock deep into my mouth, holding my nose hard against you so that I had to swallow you into my throat, you pumped in and out in rythm with black man who ground his cock into me and grunted as he filled my behind with his hot load. Tanned man and 3rd man both wanked over me and covered me with sticky come as you blew your load I gagged and choked around you.

You all stood around then, sweating, spent and tired from your sport. Your three mates left money, quite a large amount of money, on the side and as they closed the door I expected you to free me. I was covered in come, my ass and legs were red and sore, I had swallowed more come than I ever had before and come was dribbling from my - sorry 'your' cunt and asshole, you smile and say I've done a good nights work. "C'mon you shit untie me" I beg, but you just laugh. You pick up the gag and replace it in my mouth, I struggle, not understanding, surely I've pleased you. However, control is control and you aren't finished, you sigh. A sigh which says 'accept, enjoy and be punished' you step behind me and replace the butt beads, these begin to vibrate, a dildo is inserted in my wet and come filled cunt, this too is set on vibrate (remember I mentioned the different speeds)? well this was quite fast and I felt my orgasm rising. You place duct tape from the front of my cunt to the top of my ass to keep my dildos in place and put pillows under my head, picking up the crop you sting me again and again and whisper as I judder to a climax ' my darling, here you'll stay until morning when I'll let you loose and let some more of my friends use you, but until then, I'm sure you'll come more than once tonight'.

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