Wife and her Sister and Brother
This is about an incident that took place some months back when my wife and I were visited by her younger brother and sister during their holidays. My name is Rahul and my wife is Manisha. We still haven’t had a child after our marriage of about a year now.
Our relationship was a happy one. Her brother Rajesh and Jayashree often come over there during their free time, they are quite close to her sister.

One afternoon, Jayashree and me we went out to the market to buy some magazine and girls make-up items for Jayashree. We were to go the market which is about 15 km from my place, but finding the needed items in the nearby shop and stalls we finish our marketing and return home early as we enter our front door and reach near the bedroom, I heard some voices in the bedroom.

So I whisper to Jayashree to be quiet and we stealthily peep in through the slightly open door. My wife was sleeping face down on the bed with both her hand curl-up above the head. She is wearing an inner-wear, loose fitting armless shirt and a half pant from her position of lying there, the breast were popping out under her arms as it was press up by the bed and the view was really clearly visible.

Rajesh, press a little harder using your finger around my neck and shoulder’ Manisha said. Rajesh was apparently giving massage to her sister out of curiosity I told Jayashree to be quiet and to just watch who obeyed obediently leaning behind me and looking. Rajesh was caressing and massaging his sister around the neck and after some few stroke his hand sometime move down near my wife side of the breast and stroke it.

This went on for some few minute. It was visible that Rajesh is already turning on. His hand now slip down her back and reach her bottom and start pressing it aaaahh that feels good, Rajesh’ Manisha said tell me if it hurt ok sis, I do it slowly’ Rajesh reply. Rajesh now started moving his hand the entire back of my wife and sometime on her buttock and thigh.

Sis, pull up your shirt, let me apply the ointment on your back’ Rajesh saying this tried pulling the shirt, to which my wife help and pull it up still facing down up to her chest. Her nipples are visible now. Rajesh expression also changes. Jayashree who was with me tried to say something, but I caught her mouth and tell her to be silent.

Rajesh now emboldens by the move start applying the ointment on her back and rubs her back up and down. Then, his hand move below the arms of my wife and cup her breast in his both hand and start pressing it aaahhhhh, Rajesh, what are you doing’ Manisha look at Rajesh in surprise. Sis please, you really hot please let me please. I don’t be so naughty, you are taking advantage of my love for you.

No Sis, I really have wanted to do this and I really love you, I love you too but you are my brother and I love you as a sister loves a brother. I’m sorry, please let me kiss you just once by now Manisha was facing Rajesh up and had pull down the shirt. You really are getting very naughty please just once, just a kiss please. Ok just a kiss, but nothing more. I am doing this because I care a lot about you and this should remain between us and meanwhile Jayashree was looking questioningly at me.

I took her by shoulder leaning her toward me and whisper quiet’ Rajesh lay down above Manisha and start kissing her and was stroking his hand on his sister breast. Hmmm stop’ Manisha remark but Rajesh wasn’t stopping. He kisses her more vigorously and took her breast in his right hand and was pressing it hard. His hand start drifting down her half pant and pull it down along with the panty.

Manisha tried to kick free but her brother who is stronger held her down and slid to finger inside her pussy and start stroking her pussy. Rajesh, stop it’ it was a low protest. I know that my wife gets easily turn on by the slight touch on her pussy. Rajesh meanwhile removes his pants with the other hand and pull out his erect penis. My wife looks as she saw this with that of surprise mixed with raw desire.

Rajesh quickly slid the whole of his cock inside his sister pussy ‘Rajesh oooohh little Rajesh’ she started moving her hip with both leg wrap tightly around him and biting his shoulder in ecstasy. Meanwhile, I was also getting hard-on, my hand move down from Jayashree shoulder and to her breast and slowly start to massage her breast.

Jayashree is just 18 year and the youngest in my wife family and doing her 12th Standard. Still a virgin and being afraid of me and also getting arouse with the unexpected show, she kept quiet. She looks me up questioningly from time to time. Now, Rajesh was fucking my wife real hard. She pants and makes sounds of excitement that we could clearly hear.

Rajesh bends her over and took her from behind the thrust and the swinging of her breast move in rhyme. I was also getting busy myself. I pull up Jayashree shirt and unhook her bra and start playing with her nipple. Then my hand move down to her skirt, I tuck it up, pull the panty down and slightly bend her over standing. She was standing with her back to me unable to face me.

I fumble my hand between her thighs that receive me with the nice feeling of a pure virgin pussy. There was little pubic hair in her and her vagina was tight. I spat some saliva into my hand and rub it on her pussy to make it wet and also applied it to my dick which I had remove after unzipping myself while watching my wife being fuck, I guided my cock into Jayashree tight pussy from behind.

She was really tight and she tried to cry out in pain. I hold and gag her mouth with my one hand while the other was on her right breast and slowly moving in and out of her. Her breath became faster and sometime chokes with my hand covering her mouth inside the room, my wife was now swatting and sitting on her brother and fucking away like a whore.

Being too excited cum very quickly after some few strokes. I kiss Jayashree who was in pain and told her it will be ok soon. I dress her up and there was some blood on her, so I told her to go get clean it up. My wife and Rajesh was also nearing orgasm, Manisha started making such crazy excited sound as if they were all alone in the world with no care.

Rajesh finally pulls his dick out and put it on his sister mouth who suck it like hungry and drank up all the cum. Later that evening, I told Manisha what I saw and also about what I did. She was furious at first but didn’t say much and said that she went out of control.

Then I said I too need to control my anger and wishes fulfilled.Then my wife asked what you want to say tell clearly? Then I said every time i ask you to allow me to fuck your ass hole, you never allowed that to do with so now at least help me to get Jayashree’s sexy ass to be opened by me.

My wife took a little time to think,and then said oki if jayashree wants to take your fat dick in her ass hole i don’t mind at all, but mind it, this is the only time you can fuck her ass hole since she is too young and wont be able to take your long dick inside her small hole. But i very well knew about jayashree’s ass and its capacity .

Though jayashree was only 18 years old she did have a BIG ROUND ass and boobs were too sexy to press on.I just need to make her comfortable before opening her ass-cherry-hole. Subsequently I got agreed Jayashree but she said she wont suck my dick once i fuck her ass hole since she didn’t like something which comes out of her ass-hole to be sucked again. Then i pleaded my wife to dat job, and after lot of request she agreed to that. At that moment I was getting crazy to get sucked by my wife and to fuck her sis’s ass hole.

Manisha started to suck my dick , since it has already swollen to its full shape. Manisha is a very good sucker..she was taking my whole length into her mouth so i was enjoying her sucking n sometimes i go too deep into her mouth and touches her throat too. In the mean time jayashree started giving a blow job to rajesh. Finally my dick has become too hard and am ready to fuck my sis-in-law’s ass hole.At the first push i was a bit gentle and tried to just poke her ass hole. But I could not succeed to even put my dick head inside her ass, since it was too small even though she had a voluptuous round ass.

Then suddenly rajesh said to put some cream or Vaseline on her ass n some on my dick and i did that. In between jayashree said what brother , your wife didn’t allow her ass hole to be fucked so you are behind my ass. Then I said what to do tell your didi to get open her ass for me.But my wife manisha said no.............thats not natural sex so she wont allow me to do that.

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