Wife Made Me Cuckold
I had written earlier on how I was abused by a couple who lived near my house, when I was 11 years old. I had also narrated how my wife treated me as her servant after my marriage and I had promised to narrate the story on how she made me a cuckold. I was about 30 years old and my wife 26 when this happened. We went on a vacation to Bangalore and were planning to stay with her cousin who was a doctor and a bachelor living alone there.

My wife had planned to have a nice time with him during the proposed one weeks stay with him. It started when we landed at the airport. Her cousin had come to receive us. As soon as he came near my wife was so happy, she threw her bag to me and went and hugged him tightly. Their bodies were touching each other and he hugged her around her hip. My wife kissed his cheek and said Suresh, this kiss is after how many years, may be 5 or 6.

We never met after my marriage. They never seemed to bother about my presence and started walking towards the car park, hugging each other. He was well settled and had a nice car. He opened the door and I had kept the entire luggage in the boot. My wife got into the car in the back seat and told Suresh, You sit at the back with me; we have a lot to talk. He will drive the car. He threw the key to me and they both got into the back seat and sat grinding against each other.

I started driving as per his instructions. They started talking about their pre marriage adventures and I could see Suresh hugging her and slowly rubbing her breast. My wife turned towards him and said come on I want to give you the long awaited kiss. He looked at me with surprise and she told him Hey! don’t worry, He does not mind. I have told him before coming that I am going to have a jolly time with you and he has to watch. Saying this she started kissing him and

I could see in the rear view mirror that they were kissing with their lips locked and hugging each other. I had no choice other than to watch and made up my mind to see and enjoy what was going to happen in the next week. We reached his beautiful bungalow and entered. As usual I carried the entire luggage inside. She asked him for the bedroom and asked me to keep her suitcase there.

He said hey I am sorry ya, the maid who use to cook and wash clothes has gone on a week’s leave and we have to cook and wash ourselves. My wife said that is no problem and it is great. She said my hubby cooks nicely and he can wash clothes if there is a washing machine. He said yes and they went to the bed room. He changed into his casual clothes. My wife ordered me to make hot strong coffee and bring to the bedroom and also told me to check on what can be made for breakfast.

As I was leaving the room I saw my wife removing her sari in front of him without any hesitation and started changing into her nighty. When I returned to the bed room with 3 cups of coffee I saw them sitting side by side on the bed with his hands over her shoulder. My wife was wearing a sexy laced nighty which had a deep cut and a good amount of her breast was bubbling outside. The length of the nighty was also just above her knee and due to the sitting position it was almost at half the thigh level.

They were laughing and talking about their young time Adventures and she was enquiring about the other cousins and friend who were in the group. I gave the coffee to them and sat in the sofa with my cup. He sipped the coffee and probably found it very hot and it had burnt his lips. He kept the cup down and started licking his lips due to the heat. My wife called me an idiot, said sorry to him and went near him and engaged in a cooling kiss.

I could see their tongues mingling and it went for well over a minute. She showed me the clothes she had removed and thrown on the floor as well as his pants and T shirt. She told me to put them in the washing machine and then start making breakfast. I went out collecting the clothes and the cup and they both stretched on the bed and hugged each other and started relaxing. The washing machine was in the bath room attached to this bed room.

I started the machine went back to the kitchen, made the dough for making poories and came back to the room to see the clothes being washed. The sight I saw was shocking as well as erotic. I have seen my wife hugging, dancing and kissing some of her boy friend’s earlier. But today I saw her half nude only with her panties and Suresh was also in only his jocks. My wife’s breasts were bare and he was sucking one breast and kneading the other.

She was moaning in pleasure and was gently stroking his cock over his brief. I was surprised to see such a big and thick cock which should be at least 8 inches long and twice as thick as mine. I went inside the bathroom checked the water level in the washing machine and put it on auto and came out. I could not resist looking at his big cock which was already peeping out of his jocks. My wife saw this and told me see his cock you dog.

I am going to take it today. She calls me by all dirty names when she is in a horny mood. She removed her panty and asked me to remove his brief. I did so and saw his cock spring out. She told me to put these under garments in the washing machine and come back. When I came back she had slide down the bed and was sitting in doggy position and was holding his cock in one hand and was kissing the tip with her tongue stroking it.

She ordered me to come behind her and lick her cunt to lubricate it and make her ready. I started licking and she said “you bastard stroke your tongue from my ass hole to my cunt and make me wet. I started licking her ass and pussy and she was moaning in ecstasy. By this time she had blown his cock and there was his semen on his stomach and her cheeks. She ordered me to bring a cloth napkin and wipe it clean from her cheek and his stomach and thigh.

She started stroking his cock and in no time it sprang up to its original 8 inch size. She said come on we are going to fuck now and you stand by and watch. We may need you for help. Saying this she lay down on her back and asked him to mount her. He pushed his cock into her cunt and she shouted in pain and pleasure. He started pumping slowly first and increased his speed. I was standing nearby and was enjoying this helplessly rubbing my cock over my shorts.

She lifted her foot to ease access to his cock and the speed increased. She was not able to hold her leg up for long and called me and said come here you bastard, hold my foot up. She asked me to kneel down beside the cot and kept her foot on my shoulder and asked me to hold it without slipping. The height was now perfect and the speed of fucking and her shouting was increasing.

She started rubbing her foot on my face and chest and at one point inserted her toe into my mouth and shouted at me to suck her toe. With the rhythm of his fucking she started fucking my mouth with her toe. My lips were burning and I had to lick her and wet her toe with my saliva. The speed reached a peak and the moans were so loud and they both had a fantastic orgasm and at the end she kept her foot on my face and kicked me that I almost fell down.

They both fell apart tired and exhausted and I could see their juices oozing out from her cunt and his cock. They were lying like this for about 10 minutes and she ordered me to sit on the bed and kept her legs on my lap and asked me to press them. They got up after 10 minutes and decided to have a bath. We all went to the huge bath room. He went near the toilet and wanted to piss. She said darling wait he will hold your cock.

I think he admires it. Let him have the pleasure. She told me to hold his cock and direct the piss into the closet. I took his cock in my hand and he started pissing. She told me to take the hand shower and wash his cock and I did so. Though I was a bit humiliated I was enjoying this service from the bottom of my heart. Then it was my turn to clean my darling’s pussy. She sat on a stool and made me undress fully and asked me to sit down in front of her.

I took the hand shower and started washing her cunt. He was standing behind her and was massaging her boobs. Suddenly I felt a splash of warm water spraying on my face and I took my face back. I heard her laugh loudly and I and he also realized that she had pissed in that sitting position and as I was sitting on the floor it directly fell on my face. She had stopped with an initial splash and they both laughed and he said finish the whole golden shower dear.

She lifted one foot and kept it on my shoulder and held my hair and pulled my face nearer and started pissing on my face. As she finished the piss the last few drops were sticking to her pussy and she pulled my face and rubbed her cunt on to my mouth. The next half hour passed with my soaping both of them, and giving them a bath.

She made me massage his cock with soap and wash it nicely. This was my first day of cuckoldry after 6 years of my marriage and I will narrate in the next few episodes how the week passed by and how my wife made me slave with her other boyfriends. I have now become an expert in such services and any couple or lady wanting my service can mail me at xxxxxxxxxx

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