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Hi, friends Rinku once again with new story. Now I am going to tell you another true story about my widow aunt. Manu my cousin was an only daughter of my uncle. My uncle was died due to tetanus after one year of birth of Manu. My aunt was 38 years old when this incident was happened. Manu was 18 year old and I was 18 year old.

Let me describe my aunt first. Her height was 5’ 4” and her boos size was 40, waist size was 32 and hip size was 38. She is looking like hot sex bomb in that age also. As my uncle was died only after two years of her marriage she had also having sex desire in her heart. She didn’t marry second time because of my cousin. Because she thinks if she had son then there was no problem but she is having a daughter.

In December my college was closed in winter vacation. My college was going to open in January. So I decided to go my hometown. My village was not more far away from our town. So I taken permission from parents and went there.

As I was written in last story how I fucked my cousin after my sister marriage in summer. I was also eager to meet Manu once again and want to fuck her at her home. So I went there. My aunts told me freshen up and she is going to make some food for me. Manu was not at home she had gone to field to see the rice crop. We had big fields. We are hailing from big jamindar family.

Manu returned in the evening. She became happy to see me. We are talking in eyes. We both know what will go to happen in night. In village people use to take dinner at 8 pm and go to sleep. Some persons sit in chaupal and discuss some matters in night.

My aunt was Sarpanch so some people were sitting on our big dalan and discussing some matters with aunt. I and Manu was at roof of our home. We are sleeping and our hands and mouth were doing our desirable things. At 10 pm aunt called us and said us come and sleep in the room.

I said to aunt – I and Manu want to talk to each other. Can we sleep together? I asked aunt. She knows about us that we are very friendly from our childhood and we are brother and sister. So she didn’t refuse us.We have gone to one room and slept in blanket. She was wearing frock and I was only in hot under garments which we use in winters. We started kissing each other passionately like lovers.

We met each other after long time so we want to make full use of this night. We forgot shut the door. It was only stick on the gate. One can open it only pushing it because we hadn’t locked it from inside. We are rubbing each other body. Now I opened her frock, bran and panty immediately and she opened my under garments. We are nude under blanket. I was squeezing her boobs and kissing her lips and she was rubbing my dick and doing to and fro action.

Now we can’t stop more and go up to her body and entered my dick inside her pussy and started pumping. She was also replying with doing up and down her hips. Room was filled with sexy sounds of both of us. In between I feel that someone was watching our fuck session. Room was dark so other person can’t see our eyes but that person can imagine what was going on in the room. I moved my head and surprised to see that aunt was peeping up from door and enjoying and watching our fucking session.

I stopped a moment but Manu come on don’t stop I am enjoying – fuck me hard, fuck me hard I am thirsty from last 6 months. You have given me first taste of fuck now fuck me like whore. I want it more and fast speed. I think if aunt find it wrong then she had to stop us but she watching our session. So I am again starting big pumping to Manu.

Manu was saying I am going to cum and she holds me tight and within five minutes she cum heavily. Now I put her in doggy style you know this is my favorite angle to fuck any girl. I fucked her heavily and I also going to cum. I started heavy pumping and cum within 10 minutes. Then we rested after 15 minutes I told to Manu I am going to pee you can sleep I am coming after some time.

Then I went to aunt room I saw aunt saree was up to her waist and she is using cucumber in her pussy and her eyes were closed. I returned to my room and went to sleep. But after seeing naked pussy of aunt I was sleepless. I was thinking about her that what is wrong? She became widow in younger age she had also sex desire. She is fulfilling her sex desire through cucumber and not going to other man which is not good for her or her prestige. Because she is most prestigious and admired lady of the village.

In the morning while going to field for walking I was thinking to fulfill my aunt’s sex desire. But other thing is also wondering in my mind if aunt take it other way then I will be heavily beaten up by my father and I will also loose Manu. Who is giving me sex satisfaction these days. After thinking long I came to conclusion that first I have to make her hot then I can fuck her. Because after last night incident I want to fuck her.

In night aunt told me that rinku come to my room and told Manu to go to sleep. Rinku will sleep in other room. Yesterday we told that we have to talk each other so we got permission to sleep together, but today we have not any convincing reason to sleep together. I have gone to aunt room. She was wearing white apparels. Because in our tradition widow women can’t wear colorful dresses.

She is looking like white beauty. Aunt asked me what was going on yesterday in Manu’s room. I was surprised to hear this question but I know that she had seen us while making fuck session. I said sorry but this will not happen once again. I was pleading her not to tell this matter to my father. She said I will not tell this to your father but this is not safe in village because Manu is not using any safe tablet.

Then she said you can sleep with me tonight. I want to talk to you about your family and others. Come and sleep with me. She talked with me and she slept after an hour. Now I decided to make her warm and fuck her with her permission. I started pressing her boobs slowly. Then I hold her saree from down and took it up to waist level so I can touch her pussy. She is not wearing panty. I opened her blouse and her boobs are now naked and her pussy was also naked.

I started pressing her boobs with my one hand and my one hand is running on her hairy pussy. She is becoming hot in her sleep. Now I started licking and chewing her boobs slowly. After some time she turned and slept on her back and now her complete front body was facing roof. So her entire body is clearly visible and approachable.

After chewing and licking her boobs and went down and started licking her pussy. Now she is moaning I understand that her slept fire of last 19 years was going to burn heavily. So I didn’t stop some salty liquid is dripping from her pussy. I started licking her pussy with fast movement and rubbing her clit with my two fingers. Now her body was becoming stiff and tight. I know she was going to cum; my dick was become hard as rod. She cum after some time and drunk each drop of her cum.

Now I saw her face that was hot and very calm at this time but her eyes was closed till this time. Now I decide to fuck her. Now I have no fear so I opened her legs. I placed my dick on her pussy gate and gave a small jerk. But it was unable to enter. So I had given big jerk now my dick was under her pussy. With a sound she awoke and said rinku what you are doing, you are fucking you widow aunt don’t do this with me my son. I told her aunt forget about relation.

You are burning from sex desire from last 19 years. I saw you yesterday using cucumber. Remember this we are men and women this time and you need this and I am ready to give you this happiness. No one is going to know what is happening here. So take this advantage and fulfill your deep and dead desire.

She understood and started cooperating with me. He hugged me and now she is kissing my lips keeping her tongue inside my mouth. I also smooched her, this was an indescribable joy. Because she was hot after 19 years and she was enjoying sex. I put my dick full inside her pussy and started giving her big strokes.

She is responding my strokes and moaning like newlywed bride. She is shouting fuck me son fuck me I am thirsty from last 19 years. Tear my pussy, rub my boobs and cut my lips. I am enjoying. Come on son fuck me hard. I became mad after hearing these words. I started giving her big blows. She again cum after 15 minutes, her facial expression was like that some dying person got the water. She was looking very satisfied and happy.

I had given big blows and ask her where should I cum in you pussy or outside pussy? She said she want to feel hot cum in her pussy. So I cum in her pussy heavily. Now it’s time for our surprise Manu was standing at door and watching our fucking session. She is very angry looking. I think she awoke after hearing her mother crying like sexy sounds.

I convinced her that why this is important for her mother to have sex with someone. Then she convinced and after half an hour I fucked her in front of her mother and this time aunt was enjoying seeing our fuck session not in hiding position.

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