Village girl
This is a true story that has happened in my life. I have been selected as an officer in a bank and i was posted in a small village. So i went to that place to join. As i am new to the village i went to to a known person in that village through my firend. The person i met was one of the rich lady in that village and she invited me to her house. After the initial introduction i understood that the lady is a land lord and has no husband who died in an accident and she only is managing the properties. She has one daughter. She asked me that i can stay in their house only as her’s was big one. I am alloted a room in the upsstairs which was very well ventilated. I brought all my luggage and arranged myself. When i see the room it has one window which is directly focussed to the backyard of the downward portion. I had my food in outside small hotel and came to my room in the late evening.

I read some books and then slept for the night. Normally i getup early in the morning. When i got it was already 6 a.m i watched through the window and noticed that the landlord is taking bath in the open air near well. She is almost half naked and i could watch her big boobs which were hanging and are moving like heavy weights while she is rubbing her body. She very white in colour and looking ver healthy.though i could not initially i did not observe she has lot of inherent beauties. While she is tqaking bath i could see the other beauties also. Her thighs are very wide and smooth. She has finished her bath now and wiping her body with towel. While doing so her only wet cloth has fallen down and her complete nude body is seen now. I cannot describe the beauty of her body. Her cunt was not able to be seen as it is completely covered with black hair. Whle she bent her body i have seen the boobs which aree heavenly ones.

She went into the house with the small towel wraped over her body.

I got up from bed and my tool has become very hard and unable to control. I went down to do my morning chores. I have completed my bath and coming back to my room. The landlord called me and offered me coffee. I could not reject the offer. When i am drinking coffee i remembered her naked body and my tool started gettin hard. Though i tried to not to get noticed by her i could see her looks are on my bulge. She was smiling as if nothing was seen. She asked me where am i taking food and all. I said that i am taking in a mess near my bank. She said o.k.

I left to my room and changed my dress and went to the bank. In the evening as usual i returned from bank and went to my room. She came to my room with a cup of coffee and said that night to have food in her home. I said with pleasure. At 8.30 pm i went to her portion and gave small sound as if i have come. She was watching t.v. And asked me to come to the dining hall. While serving food i noticed that she is not waring bra and all her assets are protruding from them as if they are going to fall.i am in my white dhoti and not wore anything inside and so my tool started growing. After finishing my food i gotup to washbasin. My tent is clearly observed by her. She has asked what is it. I was silent. She cam with pan dibba in her hand and while giving it to me she has intentionally touched my hard rod. I could guess what she wants. I immediately went and hugged her she was also without any objection hugged me.

I have slowly taken her to her bed room. I was really surprised to see the room it was already arranged as if it is going to be her first night. All flowers and agarbattis are there and the room is completely filled with fragrance. The bed sheet is very white and very neat. I could not wait for long and taken her to the bed and i made her fully nude and her body is glowing in the light. She is compltely in a mood to have a hard fuck. I also became nude and jumped on her. She was murmuring something and asking me to enter into hers. I have also positioned myself and penetrated my erected lund into her hairy pussy.she cried with ecstacy and started giving back strokes. Like that the whole night we both did not sleep.

Next day i have applied leave to my bank and enjoyed like anything we have enjoyed in all angles. We both have taken nude bath and i have shaved her cunt and made hairless pussy and it looke like real heavenly.

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