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My favorite subject in the school and college was Maths. I did it with high credentials and finally I completed MSc in Maths and in those days the only job available for PGs in Maths is of college lecturer. My parents were proud of my achievements and asked me to take rest for some days before I start running around in search of a job.

I am Murugan aged 23, a tall and lean person and nothing to mention about physical attractiveness. I was busy studying and I had no time to think of girls or sex. I spent my spare time in the library or discussing with my teachers. For MSc maths there were only three people in my college and all the three were boys.

My both parents were working and hence they leave for office after the cooking and my mother tells me that the food is kept ready on the dining table and all that I may have to do is just to heat it before eating. I did not have many friends and hence where to go during daytime. I spent time in our house either watching TV or browsing the computer.

I have to get to know the neighborhood and know who are all staying where and where they are working etc. My father told me that the gentleman staying in the 6B in the next block is the secretary of some educational trust and they are said to be in need of some maths teachers. He asked me to go and meet him and give him my CV.

I got a CV typed neatly and took a copy and went to meet the gentleman in the 6B in the next block. When I rang the bell he came to open the door and asked me to come in and sit and went through my CV. I could see his eye brows raising in astonishment on seeing my grades. He called his wife and introduced me to her.

She too stood in reverence on being introduced to me. His name was Ramamurthy and told me that he will certainly give my CV to the trustees and put in a word of recommedation. I thanked him profusely and got up to leave, when he said my wife will tell you about a small favour you have to do to us. I sat expecting what favor they wanted from me.

He telling me that he has to leave for office urgently and left. His wife, a very decent looking and beautiful lady, very young looking, sat in the chair in front of me and and told me that their daughter, Uma studying in 12th standard is weak in maths and wanted me to give her some coaching in my spare time. I never gave it a second thought I straight a way agreed.

I will send her to your house in the morning and come and pick her up and according to you convenience, if you will come here I will be more happy and I will keep the upstair room exclusively for you. No, No, dont worry, if you want me to come here, I will come or if you prefer to come to my house I agree since my house is vacant for the day time except me.

She said thank you, thank you. I will bring her to your house tomorrow just for introducing her to you and then after one hour or so I will come and pick her up. As you please, I said and took of them. When I told this to my father he was happy and said you will certainly get a job as a teacher in their school.

I was happy thata I am getting an opportunity to refresh my memory of the maths lessons while taking the coaching of this new girl. NExt day by 10 am, the mother and the daughter came. I clad in my dhothi, asked them to take seats,asked them their names. Mother was Parvathy and the daughter Uma and Uma looked a grown up girl with all her organs disproportionately big.

I gave them seat to sit and started the subject, but Parvathy said she will go back home and come after just one hour to take Uma back. By force of habit I went upto the door and closed and bolted the door from inside. Uma was relaxed and so was I. Uma asked whether she can sit in the sofa along with me. I said ok.

She came and sat near me in the sofa whereas the chair offered to her was vacant. Uma wore a skirt with very short length that major portion of her thighs were visible outside. Her blouse was very tight and when she sat her protrusions were very prominent. She moved sideways and sat touching me to enable me to show her the notebook I am referring to to asses her progress.

I noticed that her cleavage was so deep and I could see her boobs clearly.By accident, my hand touched her boobs and her naked thigh which sent through me an electric shock. I found there was a movement in my undergarments and I knew I am getting an erection. Uma showed me all the lessons she studied in her class and I asked her where she had problem.

She said she needed some help in this place. When she showed me the portion in her notebook which was in my lap, I observed that her hand was directly above my crotch and she was pressing my erect cock down, while pointing her index finger in the last line of the page. She was not removing her hand and keeping her hand directly above my hard cock.

I looked into her eyes and wondered whether she knew that her hand on my erect cock or that she is innocently keeping it there. She was leaning on me that her boob was pressed on my elbow and her thigh was touching my thigh. I just pushed her by touching her shoulder and turned towards her and sat diagonally to face her.

She also sat diagonally, but her short skirt lifted and showed me her undergarment and some pussy hair. This was the first time I was getting a peep into the crotch of a female and my cock was uncontrollable. My mouth went dry and my words faltered. Uma was leaning forward showing me a good view of her boobs.

Somehow I recovered my composure and told her that I will clarify all her doubts if she makes a list of them all and bring it over in the next class. In the meantime there was a knock on the door and I got up to open the door by the tent like formation in my dhothi showed up and I had to take time to bring it down in front of Uma. She was giggling seeing my discomfiture.
Somehow I managed to hide my tent and went to the door and opened it to find Parvathy, mother of Uma standing to take Uma home. I requested Parvathy to come in and we sat in the drawing room, while Uma emerged from my bedroom and came in. Parvathy asked if today's coaching is over can they go home.

I said ok and asked them to come at 10 am on the following day. Uma got up and reached the door and Parvathy said you may go Uma I will have a word with Murugan sir and come immediately. When Uma left, Parvathy got up and went to bolt the door and came in and asked how her daughter was.

I said she is ok, intelligent and does not appear to be needing any coaching. However I will give her some tips so that she may fare well in the exams. Parvathy instead of getting up and leave, she came very closer tome and her body was touching mine. She said she is our only daughter ( ) and all the money we make is also for her and we are worried about her and her marriage.

Suddenly she started to cry and sat in the sofa. I was shocked. When a lady is crying and shows deep regret, I am supposed to console her. Please dont worry Mrs. Ramamurthy, she is quite nice and intelligent and she is very young and in her teens. Her marriage is long way off, You dont have to worry about her marriage now.

Instead of stopping, she leaned on me and I had to hold her with my both hands and support her. She put both her hands around me in embrace and I too had to put my hand around her and embrace her to console her. Suddenly her face lifted up and her lips were seeking my cheek and then my lips.

I was not familiar with such kinds of physical contacts with ladies and I was wondering what to do. She took my lower lip in her mouth and started a strong kiss. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and she was holding my body firmly and I had to respond to her kiss. Her tongue was deeply inside my mouth and searching for my tongue.

Her one hand got released and it went inside my dhothi and searched for my cock. When she got hold of it, her mouth left my mouth and came down to take my cock in. She was sucking it voilently. She unbuttoned her blouse and placed her large boobs in my hands. Not much familiar with the female anatomy, I held in tight squeeze and massaged it.
Suddenly she got up and lifted her saree and removed her panty and stretched on the sofa and asked me to fuck her. When I told her that I had never fucked anyone before, she laughed and asked me to come in front of her. She caught hold of my cock and put in the hole and asked me to push it in. Under her expert tuition I fucked her and again fucked her.

I shot my cum inside her. She was like a tigress. She told me that she was sexually hungry and her husband does not care to understand her sexual requirements. Since last five years she never had sex. Seeing your handsome face and figure I cannot help seducing you. I want you to fuck me at least three times a day. I simply nodded my head.

Parvathy cleaned up everything and went away. Next day when she came to pick up Uma, there was a special glow in her face. She was happy and showed it in her face. She had brought some special sweets she prepared at her home.Uma also showed me a part of her boobs and lifted her legs unnecessarily to make sure that I take a peep and see ther pussy.

She did not have any undergarment and her pussy was there open. I pretended to have not seen it. When I am being seduced by her mother how can I fuck the daughter also. On the third day Uma was bolder and touched my body in unwanted places unnecessarily and conveyed a message that she too wanted to be fucked. Come what may, I thought I will fuck her also.

I turned towards her and removed my dhothi and showed her my jewels. She sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. I just pushed her on the sofa and fucked her just as the way her mother had taught me. Uma was not a virgin. She told me that she had fucked many people. She was keen to talk about her adventures.

I stopped her and finished my fucking and got dressed. Just as she cleaned her up and was dressed, the knock at the door announcing the arrival of her mother came. Uma put on a serious face and left and Parvathy came in and bolted the door. I was wondering about how I have been trapped by the mother and daughter. Nobody can suspect anything.

My parents also do not doubt any thing happening. My mother smells some strange smells of food. They know about the coaching I had promised to give to Uma. I thought I should leave the place immediately to escape from the clutches of the mother and daughter. But in the meantime,

Mr.Ramamurthy informed that I have been selected to work as a lecturer in one of the colleges in their maths dept. I happily accepted te job and made myself not available for any fucking activity. When I need a fuck, all that I have to do was just make a phone call either to the mother or

the daughter and call them to my home and have one or two or three flicks to satisfy my bodily needs. They got an alliance for Uma and she was married off and poor Parvathy sometimes begs me to give her a chance which I gracefull acknowledge and comply with.

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