True story with sister
Friends this is a true incident and i have read many stories on iss so thought let me share a story in exchange i am ajay aged 34 live at chennai. My dad had produced one kid in hyderabad by name lavanya. This was totally unknown to me for many years and one day i finally came to know about it. I wanted to meet this girl and felt need of girl to tie rakhi to me. But night time i started fantasing of fucking her to get relief. I managed to get her address and spoke to her one day finally, she asked me to come to her home. I went to hyderabad to meet her.

She was married and had 2 daughters and one son. Daughters were aged 24, & 22 yrs. My sister was aged 40plus. Her hubby came to pick me up. I reached thier home in evening and saw her, her daughters and her son. Lavanya had good breasts bigger – pointed ones, the elder daughter was slim and fair. She had boobs – small ones. The other girl was black and boobless (maybe like small chocolate size). I tooks bath and slept in thier small house. Next day morning one by one everyone left for work and i was alone with lavanya. I was wearing a banian and sitting on a chair. She was speaking to me and she went to kitchen to drink water and returned.

After coming out, she just carressed my hair and gave me kiss on my cheeks ——like a spring my cock became alert. We were then talking of childhood times and so many other irrelevant issues. After some time she again gave me a kiss on my cheeks and my cock became alert once again. I decided to return her kiss and went to her and kissed her on cheeks. She just smiled. Upto this time she was giving me only sisterly kisses. I planted two kisses on her face and hugged her and she started crying because she was left by our dad to grow up and she faced so many problems in life. I felt bad for her and gave her a tight hug…her breasts touched my chest and my lauda stood up. I think she sensed this and turned little awasy but i did not let her go.

I continued crying and hugging her tightly and kisses her on cheeks and on her chin and planted a kiss on her lips..she sucked my lips and we both became passionate.. And i did not waste a single moment and started pressing her boobs and she got excited and and i started removing her clothes one by one and within few seconds i made her full nangee and inserted my cock and fucking her fuk fuck –pak paka puk and got good rhytmic sound beats… And i emptied my semen in her chut.. She was fucked like a perfect randee. I started calling her by bad names like randee tere choot ko phad dunga… She aslo said ben chod ..jaldise ben ko chod… And by using dirty words i got very good relief from mental tension.

After this i used to do her after everyone left the house. I stayed there for 2 weeks and had emptied lot of semen in her choot. I wanted to return and i told her if she could send her elder daughter with me so that i can make her spend some time with my mom and help her. She and her hubby agreed. I went and got 2 tickets booked and we left the house. I had booked volvo-sleeper tickets and not had told anyone on this. The bus was at 9pm so we both had dinner and boarded the bus and we got into the sleeper and i closed the curtain. This girl was shy and i knew it but i told i was not aware about this sleeper system and booked this ticket by mistake.

She said ok and i turned awy from he rand slept. She was awake for some time and then she slept. I was just waiting for this. I just turned near her and smelt her. I touched her hand and she was snoring. I jsut hugged aher and she was not distrubed and i slowly tried to press her boobs and she got awake and looked at me. I immediately pulled my hands back and she pulled my hands and said mama its ok.. You enjoy. I have seen you chooding ma and you can do me you can fuck me now. She removed all her clothes within few seconds and i started fucking her fuck paka pak…chod chodi chod.. Randee ki aulad…chodna hai tujhe..teree maaa ko bhi chooda….maine…and i fucked her 6 bus and then i got feeling of toilet.

Volvo bus does not stop in journey.. And its was too much pressure and i told her mujhe zor se sundass aa rahi kya karu. She said mama you sit here and do your toilet. I emptied my toilet on a paper and she then took some tissue paper and cleaned my anal. I asked dont you feel its dirty.. She said no after you fucked me you are my husband and its ok for me to clean your shit. I was shocked to hear this explanation. And we reached home. My mom and dad had gone to wedding by time we reached home and they were expected to come after 3-4 days. So we stayed at home.

After reaching home i immediately took her to a room and fucked her hard for 4 times and morning i got up and wanted to go to to latrine she told mama i will come with you to toilet– i was shocked to hear this and took her inside i sat on indian toilet and was doing my sundass and she started removing her clothes and my cock was erect. My shit was over and i took daabba of water to clean. She siad wait and she took the dabba and said mama take your gand little up and she put her finger and water and cleaned my gand…this was too much for my cock.. I told her you have cleaned my goo so nicely. She said i love it.

I immediately took her to bed and fucked her fully. Then i told that you have to go back to your home afetr 2 days. She said no no please do not send me home. I want to be here. I told i cannot keep you in my home long. She said she had ambition of becoming good randee so she asked me to help her and guide her. I told her that i will give her a room and she can do business of prostitution and if requried i will try to get her loan for working capital assistance from bank. She was happy and i trained her to become randee. She is now independent randee.

I told my sister how i helped her daughter to become prostitute. My sister was happy and she asked me to her her to become randee no 1. She said her black daughter also would like to become good respectable randees. I said ok and told her all about how her daughter cleaned my gand in bus she said she will also do it. She and her hubby and 2nd daughter came and i trained herhubby to become broker and he is now having his own 2 wheeler. They all like me and whenever i go to thier home, all three randees come and clean me in toilet.

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