True real life hot story from bangalore based discretemale
I wish to post in my real life incident that had given me if not the greatest of the joys but atlease a momentary happiness. Well i also wish to admit that this has always formed the basis for my imagination during the lonely nights that i spend.

I used to work in a multi national company in Bangalore for three years before shifting to another company. This company has a streaneous procedures in their hiring policies and have a good HR and recruitment departments. There was this girl “Rachana” ( I have changed her name for obvious reasons) who handled Human Resources at this company and was entrusted the responsibilities of hiring a senior resource for a specific role that the company wanted on an immediate basis.

I was working for a small time 300+ software company and had accomplished a lot during this tenure and was quite known in the market/ industry domain that i worked in. I was tapped into this company by this girl who actually game me a job to begin with and gave me a job of driving her to office and back and theron i was at the receiving end with the best ever blow jobs ever ever received along with several nights of lust passion and sex.( safe sex obviously)

I was travelling to saudi arabia and as everyone knows KSA has been the dirtiest tenure in any single males life. You never get to see a women there leave alone think about having an affair or a flirt. After a years deputation I returned to bangalore and started to think of a change in job when this girl called me and spoke to me about a position that was existing in their office. I immeidately leaped on this offer and had quick telephonic interviews done up and was slotted for a inperson interviews at two locations- one in bangalore and the other in delhi. Rachana was the recruitment representative from the bangalore office.

I met her for the first time on a friday post lunch around 2 ish for a 2.30 interview slot. She was georgeous- around 28ish at that time( this story is around 6 years old). She was extremely attractive with the right cute and glaeming face, a great neck line and she used to dress for the occassion be it office, friday casuals or party ware. I was single at that time and as I came to know later she was engaged when i met her up.

Post the interview I had a chance to chat with her for sometime on further confirmations on my expectations and so on. During this time I could not lift my eyes off her tee’s which had clearly a statement written on it” dont mess around with me” well- a feminist or is she soo damn tough – this kept me thinking for a while. But the conversation was too sweet and cool( all HR girls are like this i feel :) ) she somehow convinced me for the job and i was asked to immediately take up positions within a week as deputation to dubai was scheduled for my profile .

I joined them within the time frame and she was the individual who actually held responsibilities of induction programs. I had another four people along with me for the induction programs and all the rest were techies. Rachana was a good teacher. One monday on the induction program we had a good chance of interactions and i came to know that she was the only sibling to a south indian mother and a delhi based businessman and both her parents were in delhi and she was staying with her sister( cousin ) in bangalore .

After the induction I hastily left the office to pick up my car out ( as you know bangalore roads gets crammed post 6PM) . When i got the car out of my park lot I saw rachana struggling to get her bike started in the park lot. I stopped and asked her if she wanted some help. My the poor soul was sweating with the security and the parking attendent ogling at her deep neck lines. Somehow i got a lil possessive and asked her to give the bike to the attendant and i will drop her to the nearest place – I stay in malleshwaram and she as I came to know also stayed very close by – around 4-5 streets away. This gave a good equation to both of us.

She hopped into my car with her helmet( the lousiest that i ever seen :) ) the neat fragnance of some mild deo that she wore lingered in the car. Wondered how come she is so fresh at the fag end of the day. We chatted on some official and personal topics and during this time i got to know she was engaged for four months now and her wedding was fixed the coming august and she will fly out to America_ I thought one more america returned fad …

I dropped her to her house and went home
The next day I was asked by her to pick her up on the way to office and religiously i got up slightly early and was getting ready and checked my mobile and it has around 8 missed calls. Checked the time it was 8.30AM i called back and rachana was quite anxious as to when i am to pick her up. She usually goes to office at 7.30AM..( I thought some mad babe she is) but i got the answer a couple of days later.
I drew her and asked her about her would be hubby0- some damn intelligent guy, PHD- working as consultant for a big financial giant in americas and he is 35 yrs old( 10 yrs older than her) and it was a arranged marraige. I said he is fortunate and this is when the actual chemistry started. I said he is damn damn fortunate to get u as his wife. She asked me why. I said she was beautiful and really well “located” – she asked me repeately what is located- i just could not let her know much and finally had to let go and told her that i was drawn to her the day one and she was damn sexy – a great material for a wife.. But am unfortunate- i will join the company and she will leave in two months. She giggled at it and she changed the topic to my girlfriends and flirts and this killed our one hour long drive to office. I told her about my first love in 7th standard and thereon one in 10th and another during my engineering days and another one during MBA’s – eventually i told her am not a virgin and had sexual intercourse with both my enggr and MBA girl friends .

She was distanted by this burt of frankness( how stupid of me) – she did not rake up the topic for quite some time ( around a week or so)

There on i was supposed to attend a training program and a language program ( german) and i had to get to office at 8AM . The next one week was quite good and we got more closer to each other. The lst day of the week being a friday i asked rachana out for dinner and she was immediately okay with it. Yeah mid week on a wednesday we went out for lunch together and accidently i had to touch her thighs asking her to move over. She twitched at my touch and was red all over . I guessed she was slightly nervous at my first touch but after that i touched her on her shoulder in her cubicle and harmless twitches happene.

This friday i asked her to let me know a good place to hang out for a couple of drinks and a nice dinner. She said she knows a place – eden gardens which was a good dhabha. As we entered this place it was a dhabha – a modernized dhabha- as we entered the waiter asked her whether we were only two or many are going to join- I said two. He asked us to take the tree top place- as we climbed up the tree( yes it is actually a four cubicle on the tree – nicely done) she was quite nervous as the lights were dimmed up and only couples were busy chatting and coochy cooing . Rachana immediatley told me this is not what she had planned as she and her friends come there often for dinner and lunch on week ends. Well i said – god has led us into it and i told her to relax- we aint doing anything here. She gave a wicked smile a tthis and got comfortable. Me and her were sitting next to each other facing outwards and we could see anyone climbing onto the treetop restaurant. I asked for a drink for her- came to know then that she was a pure veggie and a tee totaller. I said i want to have something and got a cocktail for myself and asked a mock tail for her. We chatted and asked her how does her would be look like. She picked up his photograph and showed it to me. I sid omy ghosh- this guy did not have his hair on his head and looked damn old. I said rachana – please dont tell me . Not that i want to discourage you- but you and him — nope. She smiled and started staring elsewhere. I said rachana is something wrong with what i said- am sorry- she said it is okay and said it is arranged and this guy is actually her moms distant relative and very well placed in americas for the last 20 odd years. He is well paid and she had to accept it for her future. I too accepted what she said as her parents would have taken a good decision. I just asked her- is she happy with this marraige or is she just going to accept what is in store for her. Marry him and produce children- she said that is exactly what she is also expecting but she is absolutely not happy with this but she cannot tell it to her parents due to some social obligations etc.

I asked her immediately if she had someone else whom she was interested in and maybe i can try help her out some way. She said none and she also never had a date earlier ( date alone with a guy) and i was the first and she somehow was not afraid to go out with me. I immediately said i am not a devil kind and am good too. Jokes apart i respect women. What if you are sexy and beautiful – even if a man wants to get high with the girl he has to take her permission right – so there is no point in being afraid. Dont worry with me…

She said yes and we further spoke with each other on her dreams and wishes and so on- at one point she shed her tears for not being able to take her decisons and i held her shoulder and made her rest on mine. She was sobbing slightly and i dunno how but i gave her a peck on her forehead asking her to console herself. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she does not have anyone at all. I consoled her – touched her cheeks- soft as silk.. And looked inside her eyes and slowly gave a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and allowedme to take her. I hugged her gave a slight squeeze and kissed her lips and kissed her cheeks and forehead. She rested her head and closed her face with her hands. I said am sorry- rachana said – she liked it and she does not mind it as however she is getting into a marraige with someone she does not love or has not seen him too.

I said rachana it is slightly wrong and it will be a problem to both of us. She said she does not know all that and she would not mind it for the next couple of months. I said okay and we started kissing each otehr – the waiter came in took out order and left. We continued our kisses. Frankly i hve not kissed a girl for such a long time. Somehow after sometime u feel like going further and this is what i did. I caught her shoulders and kissed her lips and she went into a frenzy and i embrazed her and smoched her cheeks and started kissing on her neck. I could feel the heat in her and as we embrased she used to let out a slight huuuuuuh i could feel her brassiers behind and as i kissed her neck she shifted back and gave me full view of her frontals- her boobs were the best i have seen- a neat 34-35ish, pink white skin and a great cleavage( her bra used to give this effect) i took my right hand and placed it on her shoulders and slowly move it to her boobs. She felt my fingers on her boobs and she in her frenzy took my hand and placed it on her boobs. This was a green signal for me and i started to slowly massage her boobs. What i liked best was the thin bra that she wore and the feel of her virgin nipple over her dress. She was wearing a white top and a levis jeans ( the one with buttons in the front). I placed my hand on her boobs and started suckling the other one and she was still leaning her head over the table giving me full permission. I pushed my hand over her boobs and slided it to her stomach lifed the t- shirt and placed it on her bare stomach. I could feel her ribs- she was slightly thin( which i later realized as she leaned behind her stomach flattened and her ribs were visible). I bent down and kissed her stomach and she immediately asked me to go further up. She wanted me to bite her nipples. I just stopped at aht time as the waiter came back with our drinks and left again. She started smiling and turned the other way. I told rachana not to embarrass me but it just happened and i loved it. She also said she actually liked it a lot and held my hand . I slid my hand on her thighs and this is when she told me during one of the lunch sessions i asked her to move touching her thighs and she had felt a jolt going through her and this gave her sleepless night …

I slid my hand on her thingh and felt her soft inner thigh and as i kissed her, i slid my hands under the tshirt and felt her stomach. I slid my hands further down into her jeans and as I did that- she spread her legs and gave me full access.. This was a great move and i felt my got a virgin who has never had sex – how much of desires would she have inside her and she is getting mrried to one old fellow and she is not sure whether she will get what she wanted.. I pushed my hand inside her pants but could not as it was damn tight. I removed three buttons on her levis jeand sna scratched on her panties and she actually allowed me to finger fuck her on the table. The waited came just as a dreaded snake carrying our dinner. We had to gear up and sit outright . She was sweating and i was slightly having her liquids on my hands.. She took some water and her face wash from her bag and washed my hands and we started to drink and had a good dinner . She said she will not be able to control further so asked me to pls not to force her to give herself up. I said ok and we paid the bill and left. I had a whole night of manstrubating on her as i could not have sex with her even though i came in so close.

The restaurant thing continued the coming wednesday but again with no sex- this time she was with a chudidar and i had only a sliding access to her boobs- remember i had not seen her boobs as yet.
That week end I told rachana to take off for the day we can hit a resort and see if we can explore ourselves better- she said i was a shameless man asking a girl directly. However she agreed and she had to give some reason to her sister as we planned a trip on sunday. On that friday she said sunday would not be a possibility as it is too risky for her. I proposed to bunk office on saturday and start early and come back late. She agreed and asked me where wer were going.

We hit the roads at 8AM on saturday and drew on mysore road and reached mysore by 11AM and went into amblee resorts there. It is a river side resort with very few bangaloreans on a saturday. But there were some families who were unknown to both of us. We went in and ordered for a coffee as the waiter came in i asked him if any of their rooms were free. He asked me to check with the reservation section- i went there alone and asked him for a double AC suite – he got the hint and immediately escalated the rates to almost 40% – with no option i had to accept the room at 4000 rs. We checked in and that was wen both felt very safe.

I directly held rachana – hugged her and kissed on her forehead and told her how much i loved her( Yes i had fallen for her by then- was it infatuation- i dunno ). She too gave a smile and hugged me tightly. She was in her chudi that day. I lead her to the balcony facing the river side and saw to my right and left and did not find any one occupying the otehr rooms. I made her sit on my lap and started to kiss her in the balcony. She too was waiting just for this.

I felt her boobs, her wet pussy, her soft inner things, her soft stomach . This was the time rachana slid her hands on my pants and felt on my hard on. I was about to cum when she toched me there. I slid her hand away- she actually felt bad bu i told her the reason for me doing it as i will cum soon.

I led her inside and asked her directly if it is okay for her that we have sex- she said no – i said okay and told her i will restrict it to only love making and asked her what is it that she likes me doing- something that she has fantasized or dreamt. She gave m three things- i squeeze her nipples and bite it, i finger fuck her – she likes this very much and then i have to bite her pussy and tickle it with my tongue. She asked mw hat is it that i liked i asked her for a blow job and tickling on my dick balls and tickling on my manly hair and nipple. She said she has never felt a mans dick and she actually got a chancce to touch mine. I am not big there- on erection i touch 6-6.5 inches only ( i have read people reaching 8-10 inches) but am thick and fat( which is what i feel proud even now). My thing accomodates any sized hole- i have a dia of 4.5 inches quite thick for a normal person.

I removed her clothes in teh room and i too got undressed- she saw my body hairs and started playing around with it. I could see her figure completely nude for the first time.. I immediately got a hard on and she noticed my hard dick and caught it by hand and started to walk holding it and me like a dog following her. It was more of a fun at that time. I caught her from back and pricked my dick on her butts and pressed my hand hard on her right boobs and kissed her lips- all at the same time. She blurted a sigh and slid her hand behind to feel my dick. I made her bend and clid my dick and played with her pussy- a hairy, not so fair not so dark- virgin i pressed my dick on her pussy and asked her how it felt. She was holding the bed sheets tightly when i was brushing her from behind. She was kneeling on the bed to giveme a doggy shot position but without sex what use was the doggy position. I went behind her and went below her and started doing the first thing she liked- bite her nipples and sucked them out- guess this continued for more than 30-40 mins and her nips were quite hard – my other hand was finger fucking her- i think she would have some three or four discharges. One time she was screaming and sobbing simultaneously. I said rachana enjoy the time and stop crying- she said she was crying for the great time that i was giving her and it was not due to sadness but due to happyness.
Now staying without sex was hard for me and i did not have condoms with me . I continued and made her cum for two more time and she was totally dry during this time and immediately she said ” Thanks dear” thanks a lot. Her dreams and fantasies came in true.. I like dthe way she expressed it and then told me that she will be gone after a month or so and thereon she will miss me a lot … I said her hubby will fulfil her desires not to worry.

Saying this she said she wants to give me a blow job and wants to see how it feels – she felt pukish when she took my dick in her mouth. She said she will only lick on my dick head and slowly she closed her eyes and starting lolly popping she actually started liking it.. She took my dick right till it hit her throat( she let out a ooooooooh) and started biting itsaying it was a fantasy that she had to bite a dick ) i gave her permission to go ahead( i was told that when a girl was taking a dick inside and she gets a fit or something it will be a lost tool for me :) - was scared but got a confidence on her and allowed her – when she was sucking me up i again started to fingeg fuck her in a 69 position and started to suck on her liquids- at first the liquids were damp and smelly but somehow was slightly saltish and i did not like it but later on only for her sake started to suck on it and tickled her inside. She went hard on my dick and i was finger fucking her and sucking her at the same time . After a while i made her lie on her back and climbed on her and said i will tickle her pussy for which she asked me not to push it in. I wrongly accepted it and was teasing her. She was now and then feeling the tingling effect inside and suddenly caught my dick with her left hand and led it directly inside her hole and pushed it deeper inside. I slowly entered her so that she did not feel the pain. Her pussy was small and untouched and i was the first to give it what it wanted. And without a condom it was a major disaster. But she was a virgin and i was damn clean so i continued and thought of pulling it out when i thought i was comming – told her this and she was too busy pushing my tool inside. I slowly entered her and kept my hard tool( yes she said that my dick is hard as rock and it felt good inside) i kept rocking in and out and she let out her juices instantly giving a satisfactory grunt. She also started to bleed a little- but this was undettered i pushed it in hard again and again and she held my butts and pushed it inside deeper and faster. She came in again and i was also reaching a climax. I immediately pulled it out and asked rachana to manstrubate my dick and she kept rocking on it manstrubating me and i spurted out – cum all over the bed her body and and stomach. I slowly started to lick it out and licked it out clean.

We thereon took our bath together feeling each other and finger fucking her again. This time she was totally dry inside and did not quite like it.

We wrapped up at around 6PM and drew back home- when i dropped her she asked me whether we can do it again sometime next week-

I agreed and was very tired and said sunday i would want to take rest and we can see sometime next week.

She went home and the greatness of this was i manstrubated four times that night on this event and each time got loads of cum out of me.

Best part was on sunday i got a call at 1PM from rachana asking me to join her for lunch which she had cooked. Asked her about her sister and she said her sister has gone to her relatives place to deliver something and will be back by 5PM – she asked me to meet her at her house and again we had a quick 3 hour session and i had sex with her again and this time i took my condoms with me – had it twice and she was totally satisfied this time.

This continued for over a month till the time her parents came to bangalore and took her away from me and got her married in delhi- i attended her wedding- i was on one side happy for her for the good inlaws that she had and a american experience on the other hand i lost a nice companion. With mixed feelings i bid good bye to her and left the wedding hall. Did not see her for two years since then as she flew to united states after marraige – came back to bangalore got her dependent visa done and flew back.

After two years rachana Raghavendra Rao( new new name after marraige) came back with a toddler( 1 yr kid ) and – we met over lunch casually and she introduced me to her husband as her colleague and a good friend and while parting this time she said “thanks” – i did not realize what was the thanks for as she had paid the bill :) ). I later came to know from her that for two years her life with hubby though great was lacking all the heat in bed and she said thanks just cause i gave her the greatest experience in her life and she will surely look forward for it if i am not married till then…

Now am married and till later i have not been able to meet her anywhere. Just might be able to meet her next year when she is expected to come down to delhi to her parents place. We are in regular touch – i have a diff id and she also has a diff id on which we chat every day. She has put on weight due to pregnancy and she every time tells me- Raghu is not hard at all :::))

I have changed my name in this real actual factual story- which i will never ever forget the best sexiest, most beautiful virgin girl that i had as my partner – though for a moment it was great. I am married now and have a kid of my own still will look forward for a meet with her. I did not find the want and wish that rachana had in my wife too.

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