True Desire
We that mean me and my wife have 2 friends who were couple. That means both of the husbands and wife is our friend. The guys name was Rakesh and her wife’s name was Chiku. My experience was with this hoty, Rakesh went abroad as he got a job in there and Chiku was left alone.

She was white in color, at previous time before her marriage she was thin and very poor health. After her marriage she was now presently improved and looks hot though I don’t have any intention about her. I believe after one and half year of her marriage she improved a lot. Presently she is like 30-28-32 I believe. Now let’s come to the real adventure.

One fine rainy day I was in my in-laws house. I was alone in the house, my sis-in-law and my wife went for shopping, and my bro-in-law went for his class at college. I was alone left and was checking in the pc the latest sex clips at a website. It was raining outside and it was a perfect time for checking and watches such a hot things.

Suddenly I hear a bell and went to check who it is. To my surprise it was Chiku. Her parent’s house is near my in-laws house. I saw Chicku already drenched, she said she came to another neighbors house and while returning she got the rain and drenched. So she saw this place as close for shelter for rain and that’s why she came.

When she hear nobody was home she didn’t said anything and I don’t have any intension also. I was in my sleeping gown, under that I have nothing as I was checking some hot videos my cock was slide hard then normal. Before it make me embarrassed in front of her I went to the wash room for make it normal and I gave her a towel for make herself dry.

It was now time for me to surprise Chiku dried herself and while pc give a sound that download is finished, curiously she started the file. It was a hidden sex video of a couple. It was showing the husband is fucking her wife in doggy style. In no time I ran to the pc and restart it. She was in a bit shocked I think, she didn’t said anything and was looking outside the window,

she then talked first so you are doing this in the early of the morning. What can I say? She then said why you are doing this? Your wife is with you right? I replied but it has an attraction you know very well. Yeah I know and that’s why I want to see all of your collection, so I won’t let my friend your wife what’s you are doing.

I was not worried about it as because my wife knows about it very well and we use to watch this kind of clips together. So I said her in relax mood what about you, you wana watch it why? She replied just start no talk. So I started my hot collection a very special one and a big clip, it’s also a hidden clip, so it wasn’t acting. It was real sex.

For the first time I was watching her she is quite sexy. She was line too much before her marriage. Presently after one & half year of her marriage she improved a lot. She is hot enough. Her figure was looking sexy and hot with seamy drenched clothes. She was watching the sex show very attentively and curiously.

I was feeling her desire of watching such things; I was also watching it very attentively. Soon we both have our breath heavy and it is a situation those who are married could realize. Two young opposite gender people watching a hot sex clip. One doesn’t have sex for a long time of about 3 months another has the capacity to satisfy her.

The clip was showing the girl is on the bed and the boy was penetrating her from standing position, the clip’s sound was very clear and due to rain it was loud enough to hear for both of us. As it a hidden clip it wasn’t any acting the couple was doing it naturally. Both of their heavy breathing was clearly reaching to us and also the cool sound of traditional fucking

like the dick entering the pussy was also clear, it was like thap..thap…thap…thap and the girl was moaning like ahhh…ommm…..unnno …ammm….ohhhh….fast…fast….ummmm. Rain was heavy outside and both of us breathing heavy, the room was quite dark because of the cloud outside, both of us were sweating and the hot clip was showing how to make love.

You know that was a perfect situation and environment for fucking. My dick became hard and strong in its own angry shape, I believe she was also licking inside her panty, she couldn’t control her feel, was breathing heavily, naturally she was thrust of sex as her husband wasn’t with her for long three months.

She was so close to me that I could smell her perfume and sweat both and I think nothing just thinking I should start it. So I gently put a hand on her shoulder to realize her attitude. She doesn’t protest not even tell a word and I pushed her towards me and give her a kiss, she started to kiss me passionately, with that I could realize her desire.

Her need for sex, she was hungry for long three months. We were on the sofa in front of the pc. I start to reply and my hands were busy to smooching her and fell her assets. I was smashing her boobs, her ass, her palms, her crouch, her belly everywhere possible. I was feeling she was soft and hot. She was eagerly kissing me and me too.

Both of our salvia was mixing, we are sucking each other horribly. Now without breaking the kiss her hand starts to move down for my dick and she found it and starts to move it to and fro. She was moaning as I was pressing her erect nipples over her wet clothes. Those two become hard with my smooching. It was going on for a while. Her soft hands were feeling great over my dick.

Now it’s my time to advance, so I unbutton her dress from behind, as usual she didn’t protest. Under her kamez she was only in her bra, so I helped her to remove her dress as well as I unbuttons her pazama also. She was now in her blue bra and blue panty and looking like a sex bomb. She is very much excited and was shivering, while her eyes were closed. So do I was hot enough.

I start to smooch her boobs which was naturally soft and hot over her bra, and other hand of mine was messaging her pussy over the panty, which was already socked by her love juices. She couldn’t control any more and start to moan ….ahhhh….ommmm….uff…..umm and also she was moving her pussy to my hand with a motion.

I think that she is very much hot and I should have start. During the mean time her one hand enters into my trouser and found my angry dick, which she was messaging and also my balls. I like to have such message. I proceed and open the hook of her bra, and start to suck one of her nipples straight. She holds my hairs and starts to press my head to her hot boobs.

Her nipples were very hard and feeling this I start to bite them one after another. She was pressing my head to her boobs was crying like ….ahhhh….ohhhh…..ummmm….ahhhh…ohhhh….ommmm…ahhh I put my other hand in her panty and feel her pussy, there were some hairs outside,

my figure find the hole and push my one figure and then another, starts to finger fuck her. She was crying loud and it was like ahh….ohhhh….ishhhh…..ummma…..ahhhhha…..ohhhhh. The rain was heavy outside, it was making the room darker and we were in the sofa still now, and this the perfect time for fucking and that’s why I helped her to get out from her panty

and also unbuttoned my trouser. My dick is in its own shape hard, thick and angry and wana bath with her love juices and ready to rock her hole. She was bit tensed, and asked her the reason, she replied lets go to the bedroom. I said no we will have more fun in here, she said how? I replied wait and see. She tells me striate fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore.

So first I wear a condom and then I sat on the sofa and tell her to ride on my lap. She was surprised but obeyed. I had an idea that she was too much sexy, that came true, once she was set on my lap, she tried to take the whole tool of mine but you know it takes time to adjust. While her fluids mixed with my condom covered tool the hole

become more slippery and the tool enter inside whole. She was jumping in my lap over my tool like a monkey. She was not so weighty and her butts were also soft, with every jerk she was taking all my 7’ full and jumping like a mad person. Her cute straight boobs were jiggling and invite me to smash them, so I start to smooch them and bite her nipples one by another.

She was white, cute, sexy, good body structure and fucken hot, so I was enjoying her thrust. I was surprised that a long 3 months this hoty, sexy, fucken beauty doesn’t have sex. How does she live like this? Her age is also best for fuck at least 4/5 days a week. She was mad and jerking like a mad horse. Naturally she doesn’t lust long within 4 minutes she has a great orgasm,

her fluids were coming out from her hole with a motion and as she was on my lap it was soaking my balls. She bites my lower leap and was crashed with my chest. She was thin, so I start to fuck her on my lap. She was bit tired also having a horrible ride after long three months. I was in a speed but as I am wearing a condom and also have a nice fuck with my wife last night,

it will take time for me to ejaculate. I was doing it easy and smooth and her pussy was enough slippery with her love juices. After about 4 minutes she starts to response with my speed and stroke, sound was coming out with our love making like thap….thap….thap…thap… In the meantime I have planed to change our position,

so I asked her to come on the sofa and be in nil down position as I could fuck her from behind. She was bit surprised again but obeyed my request. I enter her from behind as standing in front of the sofa and start to fuck her again, her white butts were feeling good with each of my thrust, it was perfect round and she was also enjoying my each thrust.

She also starts to move her butt with my stoke and again start to moan like umm..ahhh..ohhh..ummm….hsss. I know she is enjoying it; sometime I was pressing her boobs from behind, pressing her nipples hard with my figures, and I know it will give her extra sensation.

After a while both of our speed become fast, she was moaning loud like ahhhh…..ohhh…jore…kor …ummm..ohhh..umm So I increased more as I am feeling my presser inside my rod, last 2 minutes were very hard and hot for both of us, both of us were sweetening and we both become mad. Both of us were giving fast and hard of our stroke,

she was pushing very fast her butt to me and I was stroking her very very fast and was smashing her boobs very hard. She was enjoying it while holding the rods of the sofa set, it was moving with our stroking, she was crying like ommma…. ahhha…. ummma…. isshhhh… ahhhh…. jore… maro….aro….jore…ahhhha….ohhhh….ommmm.

Within few more stroke she cried ahhh….ummm…ho. chhh….ahhhh..ommm and she was about to fall in the sofa, but my time also near so I don’t let her fall, I hold her butts hard with my hand give her some final stroke deep inside and ejaculate in her with large ahhha. After about five minutes rest she went to the toilet.

I saw raining was yet heavy and I know no body will came now, may be I can have another round with her. In future may be I’m not able to get this chance again. So let me utilize my chance. She was in the toilet I was in my trousers and again started a sex clip. When she came back from the washroom she said the rain is not stop yet how will I go to my house,

in the mean time if your wife came back how will we explain this for a long hour what were we doing. I replied how she will know what we were doing here. Just come sit down and watch this one it’s interesting, she replied no more, she was in her full dress, I said you want to watch every clip, now please watch don’t miss it’s interesting, and she came and sat near me again.

It was a French couple fucking on the table near a swimming pool. The guy was sucking the girl’s pussy very hardly and the girl was moaning loud. She starts to watch and naturally when the couple starts fucking. We two become hot again. Our breath become heavy, my pennies becoming hard and was visible from outside as it make a tent in my trouser.

This time she came and starts kissing me passionately. I didn’t miss the chance and also starts to message her boobs over her dress. My hands also sometime moving down and touching her pussy over the dress. This time I wana fuck her in more stylish way so I took her with my both hand and take her to the bedroom,

mean time her hands were on my neck and we still were kissing each other. Very fast she unzipped her dress and within a minute she was only in her bra and panty, I was only in my trousers, so I removed it and also her bra and panty, her panty was socked with her love juice. Slowly I moved from her lip to her nipples,

this time I was biting them hard and was smooching both of the soft round sexy balls also hard. She was also messaging my balls and my rocker’ hard. I moved down to her bally and sucking it like ice-cream, I was making it wet with my salvia and moving down, she tried to stop me and was holding my hairs very tight, but I have a different plan, so I didn’t stop.

Finally I got the target and found her pussy, first give it a kiss on those rosy lips. She just shivered and I think she never got it. I start to suck it with my tongue slowly. She was shivering and moaning like ahhh…..uffff….omma …ahhh… uhhhoooo….ummm. I know she was having a extra pleasure having this as she was in sex hunger for last three months and

having the mouth job for the first time in her life. She won’t last long I know it very well, I increased my speed. Finally she shouted ‘am about to cum…do it fast…aaaahhhhhhh…..uuppppphhhhhh….hhuuhhhhh…..huhhhh….then she came out I tasted her cum…it was sweet….i loved it…then I moved above again kissed her lips.

Then I turned her around. My hands were cupping her breasts and pressing it. My plan was to make her suck my dick. So I took her on my top and press her to go to downwards. She first hesitates to do it and she says she had sex only in missionary position and never had sucked by her husband and not even gave her any blowjob ever.

I said so you missed it and it’s a pleasure also to have sex in various positions. It makes love making more enjoyable. Finally I convinced her and she puts her lips on my dick. I felt excited. She kissed it. Then started sucking slowly…and then slowly and gradually she speed up. She took it fast in her mouth. She was moving her heard like anything.

I was also moving my hip and started to stroke her mouth with a slow speed. It was feeling great. I was now ready to fuck her again. I told her to come on me and fuck in cowboy style, she first ask me were a condom first, but I replied is she in safe period, she replied yes. But she said I can’t take such risk as my husband is not in here.

I said I can control myself and I’ll take it out in the perfect time so she came and positioned my dick to her pussy, which was crying again for a nice fuck. She inserts it in her whole and starts to ride. The ride become wild within 3/4 minutes, she was jumping horrible, her sexy boobs were jumping and I was sucking them hard, these was making her more hotter.

Her sexy soft butts were feeling great and the fucking sound was thap..thap…thap..thap. She was riding me like she was sitting on a horse…she was jumping like anything. She moaned aaahhhhhh….aahhhhh.. aahhhh……..But I wana gave her some extra pleasure so I stopped her I don’t want to cum so fast. So I told her to lie on the bed I was in standing position.

I entered my rod in her slippery juicy hole from there. Her two legs were on my shoulder. I start to fuck her again, her pussy was so much slippery with both of our love juices as I didn’t were condom this time. The sound of our fucking was like poch…poch..poshh ….thap..thap. She was moaning like ahhh…ummmm..aahhhhaaa…jore…..ummma….aramm…….ahhh…ummm

I know she is enjoying it very much after long three months she was having sex and in various style which she never tried. I was fucking her like anything and she said again within three minutes I’m cumming cumming…ahhh…ohhh….ummm…ummm…ahhh.. She cumed in a minute. She couldn’t continue in this position as she is tired.

So finally I came in missionary position. Then I pumped it like anything with hands squeezing her breasts like anything and kissing her lips…she was shouting like anything… aaaahhhhhh…. oohhhhh…… aaaaaahhhhh… ummmhhhhh…i love u….fuck me honey…fuck me hard…do it fast….my presser was building inside me. I know I’m ready to shoot.

I just took out my rod when I was about to ejaculate and I shoot all my cum on her belly and some on her face, she didn’t mind I hope. Really it was great to fuck her; it was very exciting and hot. She moves to the wash room with her cloths. I also got up and dressed up. She left after 10 minutes and thanked me with a deep passionate kiss.

After 10 days I got a call from her that she is alone in her own mother’s house, and she wishes me to come. I take a short leave from my office and our secession continues whenever we got chances. She told me that she is very sex starved and was getting frustrated while her husband went abroad. She is thinking of joining her hubby to abroad recently. Hope you all enjoyed my sex adventure.

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