Trisha Krishnan Smooth Ass Fucked
Trisha KRISHNAN moved stealthily down the dark alley. The alley was relatively clean since it was within Ocean City’s new Arts District. They were trying
to make an impression on the local citizenry as well as the nation and world
at large. It was the city fathers’ way of saying Ocean City had arrived.
No one but the politicians and local Artsy elite seemed to be listening.
“But the world will take notice if Dr. Gadget succeeds,” Trisha
muttered. “Not the image the mayor and city council wants to present.”
Reaching the end of the alley, Trisha eyed the Exhibition Hall with a
tiny smile tugging at her full red lips. It would be a piece of cake.
There was no way Dr. Gadget or any other criminal was going to steal that
antique jewelry collection.
In the dark alley, the SEXY FEM Fighter was almost impossible to see.
Her sLIM five foot FIVE body was sheathed in a BLACK long sleeved latex
body suit, with French cut legs and low cut to expose her cleavage.
Her delicate hands were protected by BLACK latex opera gloves up past her
elbows. A wide BLACK latex choker was adorned with a silver cat’s head,
while her BLACK mask covered the upper half of her beautiful face. BLACK
hose covered her legs, with BLACK lace up calf boots.
The Force Energization and Manifestation (FEM) belt that gave her super
strength and endurance encircled her tiny waist. Like the laces on her
boots, it was charcoal gray. A BLACK cat’s head, matching the one on her
choker, adorned the front of the FEM belt. Besides strength and endurance,
the FEM belt protected her from projectile weapons up to .50 calibers. Of
course, .50 cal rounds hitting her would cause painful bruises, but few
pistols and rifles used by criminals did much to faze her.
On her wrists were Power Braces, both stained charcoal gray. The left
brace projected a force shield strong enough to stop a tank round. The
right brace projected a stun beam. Both braces sucked energy directly from
her body, so she had to use them judiciously or suffer the consequences.
Even her FEM belt pulled power from her when the force shield was protecting
her from bullets.
Moving back down the alley twenty feet, she glanced up, then squatted. Her
pETITE legs snapped straight, and Trisha streaked up and vaulted easily
onto the two story building. She went to a dark corner overlooking the
Exhibition Hall across the street and waited.
She didn’t have long to wait.
“Bingo,” Trisha said, big brown eyes narrowing.
A dark blue panel truck was creeping down the street with its lights off.
She watched it pull up to the closed metal gate to the underground loading
dock. A dark shape jumped out of the passenger side and hurried to the
access panel. He pressed a cigarette pack sized box against it and pressed
a series of buttons. In less that a minute the gate started to rise. Trisha
hissed at them as he returned to the panel truck and then vanished
inside. Before she could move the gate started back down.
Trisha leapt over the edge of the building. She hit hard, her PERKY
LITTLE TITS BOUNCING GENTLY even within the tight latex, but her FEM belt gave
her the strength and endurance to pull it off. Then she raced across the
street and rolled under the closing gate just in time. Surprisingly, the
alarm hadn’t gone off yet.
“What? Is security sleeping?” she said. There were four cameras inside
the shipping bay area and the main security office was just off the docks.
There was no way security couldn’t know the truck entered. “They absolutely
HAVE to be asleep.”
The panel truck was backed up to an open bay. She found no one inside or
around the truck. Easing through the open bay door, she looked around. No
one around. So she headed to security and found it empty as well. But the
cameras were all on, recording everything. So she walked up to the wall of
monitors and studied the situation.
Trisha hissed and scowled. The security officers were all in on the
heist. She counted eight men dressed in security uniforms and two men in
all back. Spotting Dr. Gadget, she zoomed one of the cameras in on him to
record his face. He proved to be a tall, slim Asian man wearing close
fitting black and a bowler hat.
“Gotcha, Dr. Gadget,” she said, smiling triumphantly. Until now, no one
even knew what he looked like. “You arrogant pup. It looks like you just
invented your way into prison.”
He was always full of surprises. Which explained why he’d never been
captured in fifteen years of criminal activity spanning the world. As far
as she knew, this was the first time he ever completely turned the
building’s security team to his side.
“Yes, always full of surprises, but he is in for a surprise himself,” Trisha
said, smiling. “He’s never had to deal with me.”
“Halt!” a strong male voice commanded.
Trisha slowly glanced over her shoulder. A security guard was aiming
his pistol at her back. He was tall and clean shaven, but a little
overweight and looked to be well into his late thirties. He looked
confident until she smiled at him.
“Put your hands behind her head and turn around slowly,” he said.
“You’re not the brightest candle on the cake, ARE you?” she purred sweetly
as she turned around. But instead of doing as told and putting her hands
behind her head, Trisha assumed a classic Super Heroine pose, with hands
on SLIM hips and hip cocked to one side. “I’m a FEM Fighter.”
She looked to the heavens beseeching. Why must she constantly deal with
imbeciles? Then she leveled mischievous brown eyes on her foe. The pistol
was a .38 Police Special. Looked clean and well kept.
“Whatcha going to do that big, bad gun, mister?” she purred seductively.
“Shoot little ole me?”
“I will if I have to.”
She arched a perfect black brow. Then the lovely FEM Fighter
started walking toward him.
“I said stop!”
She didn’t.
Bang! Bang!
The bullets got within inches of her sEXYbody before the FEM belt’s
force shield “pushed” them to the side. One of the monitors imploded and the
water cooler shattered.
“Oops, you missed,” she said as she leapt at him.
Trisha darted left, then right, and within a second was right beside
him. She sent a brutal roundhouse straight into the side of his head. He
spun around and slammed into the wall next to the door. She followed, and
punching him a dozen times in the back before he collapsed at her booted
“Stupid man, you should know guns are useless against a FEM Fighter,” she
chided the unconscious man. Shaking her head woefully, “So hard to get good
If he was any indication of the kind of men Dr. Gadget hired, then it was
going to be easier than she first thought. There were eight guards in the
building, which left seven more with Dr. Gadget and the driver. Nine men
left to deal with. The FEM belt gave her the strength of ten men, so she
had the advantage.
Departing security, she headed straight for the exhibit. She wouldn’t let
Dr. Gadget succeed. Tonight, his criminal career came to an end.
Two guards were waiting at the base of the stairs. They called out an
alarm and leveled their pistols at her. Trisha snarled an oath and
charged them. They had given the alarm, so Dr. Gadget knew she was after
him. A dozen shots rang out as she charged the two men.
Trisha kicked the pistol out of the first guard’s hand, then picked him
up bodily and threw him into the other guard. Following, she kicked both in
the head, leaving them unconscious as she ran up the stairs to the ground
floor. The exhibit Dr. Gadget wanted was on the ground floor, in the main
The door at the top of the stairs was closed. She didn’t pause to open it,
but kicked it open instead. It slammed open, striking another guard and
flinging him across the room. She watched him hit the wall, then crumble to
the floor. Then another guard kicked the back of her left knee.
“Aaiiee!” she cried, and dropped to one knee. It only hurt a little.
Unfortunately, the belt’s force shield did nothing to protect her from a
fist or kick. They didn’t move with enough velocity to activate the force
shield. But the blows still hurt, though not nearly as much as they would
if she wasn’t wearing the FEM belt. As it was, she was more surprised than
hurt. Then he whacked her over the head with his pistol. “Ouuuchh!”
That hurt, and left a growing knot. In a flash of anger, she spun on her
left knee, and lashed out with her right leg. Her sharp stiletto caught him
in the side of the knee and he fell beside her with a grunt of pain.
“Crime doesn’t pay, miscreant,” she said.
“Fuck you,” he snarled and reached for her neck.
Trisha ducked back, so he missed her neck. Instead, his hand grabbed
her costume between PERKY mammaries. His blue eyes lit up with wicked
glee, and he pulled. She grabbed his wrist and tried to stop him. But he
shifted, and lashed out with his good leg. She was struck once, twice,
three times in the ribs. The FEM Fighter endured that beating, trying
desperately to keep from being stripped by that disgusting man. He would

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not have the satisfaction.
Suddenly, two more guards came running back to help.
“Shit,” she snarled. “Let go!”
“Make me.”
Too late. The first guard tackled her. Her tough, latex costume was
pulled down to her waist before the guard lost his hold. She felt her 34b’S
spring loose and bounce about as she tumbled with her tackler.
Unexpectedly, she found her arms effectively bound to her sides by her own
“Get off me,” she demanded when the guard rolled atop her, straddling her
waist. She kicked and writhed, her heels clacking loudly on the cold tiles.
His dark eyes immediately dropped to her naked, jostling brown tits, and
he grabbed them. “Oh! You bastard! You are SO going to pay for that!”
The other guard following him arrived, and promptly kicked her in the head.
Hard. Twice. Trisha groaned, her big brown eyes rolling up.
“Lord have mercy, these tits are SOFT, Bob,” he said. “And they are real,
“I got something real for her, too,” Bob said, grabbing his crotch. “Let’s
get her FEM belt off, Johnny. She ain’t nothing without it.”
Johnny was sitting on her waist, using his body and legs to help hold her
arms at her side. She panicked when she heard Bob. Without her belt she
would be helpless. They could do anything to her, with her. Trisha knew
it wouldn’t go well for her, not in their unmerciful hands.
Trisha planted her feet, and bucked with all her considerable strength.
She threw Johnny off, and into Bob’s legs as well. She didn’t hesitate.
Rolling away as they tumbled into a cursing heap, she quickly regained her
feet and pulled her hands out of her sleeves. That left the latex opera
gloves shoved up around her Power Braces and her BREASTS flopping in the wind,
but now her arms were free for fighting.
Bob, Johnny and the second guard at the top of the stairs immediately leapt
at her. She was really amazed they were so fast. Pressing a button on her
left brace, she activated an intense force shield. All three men hit the
barely visible force field, and were immediately stunned senseless. But
Trisha gasped as well, feeling the drain on her body from using the
powerful shield. So she deactivated it as quickly as possible.
“Whew!” she said, and took a deep, trembling breath. The shield function
sucked more energy, more quickly, than even the stunner beam. She looked at
the four unconscious men and smiled wearily. “That’s seven of Gadget’s
eight armed guards I’ve taken down so far. Only three to go, counting Dr.
Despite being stripped to the waist, she was rather pleased with herself.
Standing, she started to pull the latex costume back onto her body when she
heard someone start smashing glass cases. The showroom door was only twenty
feet away, and closed. Trisha only hesitated a second, before deciding
stopping them was more important than covering her body. Beside, the sight
of her GORGEOUS body, and tits, would surely give them pause. A
hesitation she would exploit.
“Dr. Gadget!” she cried, racing toward the door. “You are going down!”
The door was locked. Snarling, she grabbed both knobs to the double doors
and jerked with all her strength. The doors held for a bare second, then
ripped open.
The bullets meant nothing to her. She had confidence in the FEM belt. It
would protect her. Unfortunately, the outside windows and one of the glass
doors shattered from the ricocheting bullets. Property damage was starting
to become bothersome, so she lifted her right arm and aimed her fist at the
security guard, then with her left hand pressed the activation button. A
fist thick beam of pure energy shot out and struck the turncoat security
guard square in the chest. He wailed pitifully and collapsed.
She scowled at him a moment. The stunner had drained her terribly, though
it was only a 2 second blast. Trisha slowly sucked in a deep lungful,
then slowly let it out as she surveyed the damage in the room. Most of the
display cases were smashed open, exposing the priceless jewelry within.
Trisha turned angry eyes upon Dr. Gadget and his last henchman, the
black clothed driver. Both men were Asians and dressed similarly in black
sport coats, turtlenecks and slacks. Dr. Gadget was just a bit taller, not
counting the bowler he wore.
“Dr. Gadget, I order you to surrender,” Trisha said as she marched
toward the last two burglars. “Give up or suffer the consequences. I’m in
no mood to play games with you anymore.”
Dr. Gadget’s handsome face lit up with a smile. He looked to be in his
late thirties to early forties.
“What a pleasure to finally meet the famous Trisha KRISHNAN,” Dr. Gadget said.
“So young, but so successful. In two years as a FEM Fighter you have made
more busts than most do in five years.”
Trisha smiled and nodded. At least he understood with whom he was
dealing. Not some gullible newcomer to crime fighting. She was quickly
becoming a living legend. Her commanders at FEM Force were quite pleased,
and she was up for a promotion, too. This bust would ensure she was
selected as Ocean City’s next Team Captain.
“I’m glad to see you are going to cooperate,” she said.
Trisha stopped three paces before the two men. Both were smiling at her
like idiots. Then the assistant bowed formally, and Dr. Gadget removed his
hat. But instead of bowing, Dr. Gadget flipped the bowler hat around until
the bottom opening faced her. Then she noticed his finger press something.
Something dark sprang out of the hat. It spread instantly, and she was
enveloped within a strangely sticky net. The net began getting tighter and
tighter, and started to dry as well. Gadget’s assistant leapt at her,
kicking her between her tits. She hit the floor with a grunt.
“Oh! What have….you….uuugghhh!” she cried. “What is this? What have you
The more she struggled the tighter the net became. In short order her arms
were held firmly to her body, and even her long legs were held together.
Her struggles became increasingly pathetic, but she couldn’t stop herself
from trying.
“Another of my little gadgets,” he said, smirking. “Don’t bother
struggling, Trisha DARLING. Those nets were designed to hold an Alpha Meta, so
won’t have any trouble holding a mere FEM Fighter.”
“You won’t get away with this, Gadget.”
“Oh, but you are wrong, my dear Trisha,” he said. “You are the one who
isn’t going to get away. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some looting to
Dr. Gadget’s turncoat security guards began stumbling in at that point.
Bob and Johnny led the way. Trisha stopped struggling at Bob’s malicious
gaze entrapped hers. She swallowed hard and redoubled her efforts.
Dr. Gadget started emptying the contents of the display cases into cloth
sacks. The guards helped as they arrived. All but Bob and Johnny. Both of
those men had a score to settle with Trisha.
“Hey! What are you doing?” Trisha cried when Bob reached down between
her legs and started to rub her pubic mount through her latex costume. Then
Johnny reached in and grabbed both tits and began to squeeze and
caress her firm, brown globes. “Stop it! This isn’t proper. I’m not that
kind of girl, damn you.”
Johnny bent over and sucked in a swollen dark nipple. Her eyes went wide
and she gasped incredulously. She’d been groped before, even had her top
pulled down a couple of other times, but nothing like this. No one had ever
touched her exposed breasts, much less -- Heaven forbid! -- kissed or sucked
on them.
“Ooooohhhh, YOU!” she cried. “I’m going to beat you like a drum for this
outrage.” Then Bob’s fingers slipped under her latex body suit and Johnny
unzipped. “Oh! No. Can’t we be reasonable? I’m willing to talk about
Johnny reached behind her, to the small of her back. Trisha desperately
wiggled and writhed, frantic to escape what he wanted to do next. But it
was hopeless, for she was helpless. The captured FEM Fighter groaned
miserably when he unsnapped her FEM belt. She felt the super strength and
endurance bleed away in seconds.
“Enough yammering, whore,” Johnny said. “Time for action.”
Bob snorted lustily, and then hooked his thick finger into, then through
the nylon of her black pantyhose. Trisha ’s heart sank when she felt and
heard the fabric part. Then he ripped open a large slash between her long,
lovely legs.
“Mercy,” she begged. “Please.”
“Mercy? You want mercy?” Bob asked.
“Yes!” she cried, hope suddenly alive again.
“Then have mercy on us,” he said. “Put up or shut up.”
“What do you mean?”
In answer, Bob unzipped and pulled out his engorged cock. trisha’s
heart began to hammer in earnest. It suddenly got hard to breathe. This
had never happened to her. It was unimaginable. Impossible. Then Johnny’s
cock head pressed against her full red lips.
Bob’s finger caressed her now naked, shamefully exposed pussy lips. She
knew instantly she was wet. How humiliating! He massaged her pussy lips a
long moment, sending shocking waves of heat and pleasure radiating through
her shapely body, while Johnny rubbed his dick back and forth across her
lips, then all over her masked face.
“I’m going to -- Huuugggghhhhh!” she started to threaten, but was cut off
when Johnny stuffed her hot, sweet mouth with throbbing cock.
Bob’s finger penetrated her labia, spreading the glistening lips and
started to rub up and down her exposed slit. Trisha groaned again, for
an intense wave of tingling heat washed over her. She felt her cunt start
to tingle and moisten even more. Then he found her clitoris.
“Whoa, did you see her jump?” Bob crowed. “I think I found the spot.”
He touched her clit again, and once again Trisha’S whole body was
“Hhhhmmmggghhhhhhhhh!” she cried angrily, desperately. But they couldn’t
understand her demand to cease and desist. Then Bob started caressing her
clit, drawing firm circles atop and around it. Every muscle in her body
clenched tightly, her back arched and she groaned long and low.
“Oh, she liked that,” Johnny laughed. “Liked it a lot.”
Bob kept up the clit message, and promptly upped the ante by wetting his
other index finger and thrusting it up her vagina. Trisha was completely
unprepared for that. All she could do was moan and groan and writhe
Johnny’s cock stiffened even more in her hot, wet mouth. He had a good
rhythm going, long and steady. But something changed, for his thrusts began
to become increasingly erratic. Then he groaned and buried both hands deep
within her raven locks.
<He’s cumming!> Trisha thought. Then Bob hooked his finger deep within
her vagina, just so, and hit her G-Spot. “Uuhhhhhhhgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!”
The climax was instantaneous and all consuming. It hit her like a bat
between the eyes. It seemed to last an eternity, but in fact only lasted
twenty seconds. But it left her spent and drained. Trisha’s whole body
suddenly relaxed and collapsed within her sticky, tight bonds.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she groaned, strangely contented.
The vibrations from that groan was too much for Johnny. He lost it. Trisha
’s eyes popped open as she felt his cock convulse, then began to spew
jizm. In no time her cheeks puffed out and she grew frantic.
“Swallow, Slut,” Johnny demanded, reaching down and twisting her ears
brutally. Trisha obeyed, and quickly began gulping the hot, sticky cum
down. “Good Girl.”
“Wow, we got this pussy purring,” Bob laughed. “Look at her go. She
lapping up your spunk like it’s her last meal.”
“If you two are finished, it’s time to go,” Dr. Gadget said, grinning
wickedly down at Trisha. She licked her lips after Johnny pulled out,
all the while glaring daggers at Dr. Gadget. “She looks all wet. Nothing
worse than a smelly, wet cat. Hang her up to dry, men. I’m sure the police
will enjoy the sight when they arrive.”
They produced a rope and hook, and then hoisted Trisha up five feet off
the floor and in the middle of the display room. She cursed and growled,
but it did no good. Soon, the laughing thieves departed.
“Vile miscreants,” she muttered.
Trisha struggled with all her feminine strength, but without her FEM
belt fastened around her tiny waist she was not up to the task. Then she
felt something.
“Oh,” she said, a tiny smile curling the end of her full lips. Then she
felt it again. “Oh, yes.”
The net was starting to loosen. And better, her body weight was pushing
her downward. Her booted feet were sticking outside of the net’s unmerciful
embrace, which meant an opening below. Within minutes her knees were past
the slowly widening opening. So she began writhing and kicking her newly
freed feet and legs.
“Ouch!” she cried as she suddenly plopped out and landed on her shapely
rump. “I’m free!”
First thing, Trisha pulled her costume up and over her naked tits. With
her costume back in place, she retrieved her FEM belt and fastened it in
place. She sighed gustily as she felt the super strength and endurance flow
throughout her slim body. It felt so wonderful to have power again.
“Now to catch Dr. Gadget,” she said, starting to run toward the shattered
front door. Her tall stilettos crunched loudly through the broken glass.
“Damn! They’re getting away.”
Trisha passed through the door just as Dr. Gadget’s panel truck pulled
out of the underground shipping docks. She paused only long enough to see
which direction he was going, then raced across the street and back down the
alley she strode up earlier. Her super fast and versatile Super Heroine
transportation waited. A supped up black Ninja.
She gassed it, and peeled out in a cloud of burnt rubber smoke. She was
doing sixty by the time she hit the end of the alley. Trisha expertly
applied just enough break and gas, at just the right moments and was racing
down the street after Dr. Gadget in no time.
On the bike, catching up was the easy part. Then she had to hang back
with her lights off to keep from being spotted. Otherwise, she found it
painfully easy to trail them to an old, abandoned three floor office
building in an office park on the rundown northeast side of Ocean City.
Parking her bike, Trisha watched the building. Soon lights lit up on
the third floor. She smiled and headed over casually. This would be a cake
walk. Nothing to it. Dr. Gadget and his loser henchmen were in their own
“home” so would drop their guards.
She found the panel truck backed up to the loading bay. The bay door was
closed and locked, as was the adjoining office door. No bother. She wore a
FEM belt, so seized the door knob and ripped the door open.
“When will people learn, always install and use deadbolts,” she said,
grinning wickedly. A dead bolt probably would have stopped her from ripping
open the door. If it was well made and installed correctly. “You’d think
professional criminals would know better.”
There were no lights on the first floor. She found a long, dark hallway
and headed for the front, center of the building. Toward the entry. The
main stairs would be there, and take her straight up to her targets. The
only sound to be heard was the tap-tapping of her boots echoing in the
barren hallway.
“I’m going to catch them with their pants down,” she said, grinning. After
their VERY minor victory earlier in the evening, she knew they had to be
feeling supremely cocky right then. “I don’t think Dr. Gadget can invent
his way out of this one.”
It still miffed her that she allowed herself to be suckered earlier.
“Ah, the stairs,” she said, finally finding the entry foyer.
The stairs were long and curved up around the back wall, like something out
of an Old South Plantation house. Trisha looked around, but saw nothing
threatening. So she started up the stairs. Despite knowing her prey was
feeling safe and security in his hideout, she still expected to run into at
least a couple of goons guarding the way in.
She clicked up the stairs at a brisk pace, though kept a close eye out for
guards. Trisha knew the stairs were a vulnerable spot for her. Even so,
she flinched and yelped when Dr. Gadget’s voice blasted over the overhead
speaker system.
“Good evening, Trisha darling,” he said.
“Gadget! You fiend, where are you hiding?”
“I’m amazed,” he said. “You should know that curiosity killed the cat, my
“And you should know that cats have nine lives,” she said. “And I’ve
already escaped one of your insidious gadgets.”
“So you have,” he said. She was two steps from the top of the stairs.
Then when her foot stepped on the next to last step up, he said, “But there
is more than one way to skin a cat.”
All the steps suddenly swiveled, turned to an angle, turning into a smooth
slide beneath her feet. Trisha s feet slipped out from beneath her. She
fell hard onto her gorgeous little tits.
“Ouch, bet that hurt, my dear,” he crowed over the speaker has she slid on
her belly all the way back down to the first floor. “Weee! Wasn’t that
“Yea, lots of fun,” she muttered darkly as she stood and brushed her front
off. A movement to her right caught her eye. She ducked and dove to the
side, just as a POOF! sounded and another sticky net missed her to splat
into the far wall. “Nice try, Gadget, but I don’t make the same mistake
“What?” she said, looking down as something latched onto both ankles. The
floor had rolled back between her legs. Something started to rise up from
the opening. “Oh my God.”
She reached down to her right ankle to remove the shackle that had snapped
around her ankle. Two metal tentacles began to rise up out of the opening
then, heading toward that most intimate place on her body, between her legs.
Frantic, she seized them, one in each hand. The tentacles were very
powerful, very hard to hang onto. She struggled with them, desperate to
keep them from her pussy.
“Having fun,,super whore?” Dr. Gadget asked over the speakers. She heard
laughter behind him. Her face suddenly blossomed red. So humiliating.
Again. “If not yet, then you soon will be. I’m sure you’ll LOVE my next
little gadget, which I call Robo-spanker.”
She glanced between her spread legs. The device that rose up looked like a
roller on two columns. On that roller hung a long, leather paddle. Her big
brown eyes widened in shock. Then the roller began to turn, faster and
faster. Soon it was spinning at full speed, the black paddle getting closer
and closer to her hiney. She locked her knees straight, trying to get her
shapely hiney as far away from it as possible.
But it wasn’t enough.
“Ooowwwwwwww! Bastard!”
“Ooooowwww!” Trisha cried. It was impossible. She couldn’t be caught a
second time in the same night, by the same master criminal. It wasn’t
right. There was no justice in it. CRACK! “Ooowwww!”
Then, to add insult to injury, the tentacles changed tactics, and went
after her wrists instead. Surprised by the new tactic, and distracted by
the Robo-spanker, the tentacles seized her wrists and held fast.
The pain was intense. Deep, humiliating pain. It was the first time in
her twenty years she was spanked.
They weren’t love taps, either. She felt her eyes burning, tears
“Stop it!” she wailed. “Stop it!
“Yeeoooowwww!” she cried, tears rolling in earnest now. “I demand you stop
this now!”
Trisha couldn’t take it. This was beyond anything she ever imagined
could happen to her. Dr. Gadget was surely a perverted monster.
The tears flooded out of her eyes. She wailed and strained at her bonds.
It had to stop.
Trisha snapped. She growled and strained with all of her super human
strength, now pumped up with a torrent of adrenaline. The tentacles snapped
at their base. Her right leg ripped the shackle out of the floor and then
she pulled the left out after she moved away from that wicked Robo-spanker.
Then she kicked the Robo-spanker over and over, until it was completely
smashed and smoking.
“Such violence,” Dr. Gadget said in an awed voice. “No wonder you are such
a sucker for this BDSM stuff.”
“Oooohhh, YOU!” she cried. “Gadget, you are SO done for.”
Once again, Trisha reacted instinctively, and leapt to the side in just
the nick of time. The net sailed past her to vanishing into the dark
Trisha rolled to her feet, squatted down, glanced up and judged the
distance, then snapped her legs straight. She vaulted up and over the
second floor railing. Instantly, she dropped low into a defensive position.
“Sticks and stones, my kitten,” Dr. Gadget’s mocking voice filled the dark
Trisha ignored him. She glanced around. It took a moment, but she
found the camera. Indeed, she spied a dozen cameras just within her sight.
There wasn’t a corner or cubbyhole he couldn’t look into.
“Why don’t you make it easier on all concerned and just surrender now,”
Trisha said. “We all know that ultimately I will prevail. You’re time
is limited, Gadget.”
“We all know what?” Gadget said, laughing. “So far, it’s been YOU that’s
failed in every encounter with me and my gadgets. So why don’t YOU
Trisha scowled at the disembodied voice of her foe. His taunts meant
nothing. She was more concerned about where his next attack would come
from. Gadget was so hard to predict. She saw strange shaped items all over
the place. Gadgets to spring out and captured her. Some were obviously
decoys to distract her so the real threats could jump out at her from her
blind spots.
Trisha eyed the stairs up to the third floor warily. She didn’t want a
repeat of the first set of stairs fiasco. Besides, the base of those stairs
had several strange looking devices attached to the wall, ceiling and
Instead, she moved over to the handrail and looked down at the first floor
foyer. It was still dark. No Gadget goons threatening to come up behind
her. Good. At least she had that, though it was small consolation. It
meant they were all waiting for her upstairs.
<It’ll be fun,> she thought with a wry grin.
Turning around, she looked up to the third floor landing. An easy jump for
a FEM fighter. She saw no gadgets to threaten her on the railing. Trisha
could execute a quick vault over the railing and take a defensive
stance. No goons up there. Yet. She suspected Gadget wanted to catch her
without human help. He wanted to do it with his ridiculous inventions.
Trisha squatted, and jumped. She vaulted over the third floor railing
and landed with a clatter of stilettos on tile. The sexy Super Heroine
immediately dropped into a defensive stance, low and menacing.
“Nothing,” she said, vaguely disappointed there wasn’t some kind of ambush
waiting to break through and prove her prowess. She didn’t care for Dr.
Gadget’s cavalier attitude. “I’ll change that soon enough.”
“Change what, super Pussy?” Dr. Gadget’s voice echoed through the empty, dark
She scowled. His listening devices were much too sensitive.
“Where are you cowering, Dr. Gadget?” she called. “Show yourself. Come
out and fight me like a man, you geeky pervert.”
“Once again, sticks and stones, Miss Kitty, sticks and stones,” his mocking
voice said. “By the way, LOVE the way your perky. Makes me wish to spank those too!”
“Perv,” she muttered.
The top floor was even darker than the previous two. The landing at the
top of the stairs was relatively open, with the three story high windows of
the entry atrium providing faint moonlight. But the hallways leading north
and south were pitch black. But she noticed a thin sliver of yellow light
lining the southernmost door in the south hallway.
Smiling, Trisha began a sultry strut toward that light. They were all
waiting for her behind that door. She knew it. They knew she knew it.
Things would get interesting once she passed through. But she was confident
in victory. After all, it was only ten MEN again one FEM Fighter Super
They were doomed.
The only sound was the tap-tapping of her heels on the polished tile. She
forced herself to walk slowly. Make them wait. Let them imagine how
ferocious her attack would be. Let them fret and worry. Let them worry
themselves into a lather. She would be calm and relaxed, like the great
predator she was. And they were nervous, nasty rats.
<No match for the likes of me,> she thought.
All of her senses were afire now. She felt the A/C drafts. She even felt
her breasts tingling, her nipples hard. Her pussy was wet and tingling too.
Butterflies in her belly. Always the same sensations where she KNEW she
was about to enter into mortal combat. Tonight, she would go down in
history as the greatest of all FEM Fighters, or she would fall and “go down”
on wicked men the rest of her life.
“No problemo,” she muttered, smiling confidently. “I never lose.”
“Correction, super Pussy,” Dr. Gadget sneered through the intercom. “I never
Trisha walked right up to the door with the light bleeding out around
it. Completely unmolested. She was only slightly surprised. It proved to
her Dr. Gadget planned his ultimate surprise behind that door. But Trisha
had a surprise of her own.
Kicking the door in, she darted left and back into the darkness of the
hallway instead of running straight in. She knew that confused them. And
when they came charging out looking for her, one at a time, the sexy Super
Heroine would take them out one at a time. Easy. A cake walk. But then
she didn’t hear anything. Nothing. No one came charging out. No one so
much as cursed her for not playing their game.
Frowning, she crept back to the door. Peeking inside, she found the room
empty. Then Dr. Gadget’s laughter filled the air. She heard his men
laughing in the background.
“Fooled you!” he cried.
“Idiots!” she snapped, brown eyes flashing. Turning on a heel, she strode
down the hallway angrily, fists clenched and jaw set. She would teach them
a lesson or two tonight. “MEN! Always playing stupid games.”
She passed the stairs without a glance. Her gaze was fixed on the door at
the north end of the building. It was, after all, where she saw the light
come on when she first arrived. Why hadn’t she remembered that before they
made her look stupid? Well, she was determined it wouldn’t happen again.
No way.
Trisha walked straight up to that door she KNEW Dr. Gadget hid behind,
and kicked it with all her considerable FEM belt enhanced strength. And it
didn’t budge. Indeed, she staggered back two steps. That had never
happened before.
“Reinforcing the door won’t save you, Gadget,” she yelled. “I’ll rip this
whole building down around your perverted head if I have to. But you won’t
get away from my wrath, you craven coward.”
“Yada, yada, yada,” he said, his voice echoing through the hallway. “It’s
not my capture you need to concern yourself with, Trisha –my would be pet whore, but your own
imminent capture.”
The enraged FEM Fighter started to respond, when a strange clicking sound
reached her. Glancing over her shoulder, Trisha stared incredulously.
It took a long moment to realize what it was she saw in the dim light of
that dark, dark hallway. A robot that “walked” atop its metal-like
tentacles. A sort of mutant, robotic octopus.
“Trisha, I’d like to introduce my greatest gadget, Octo-Pussy-Tamer,”
Dr. Gadget’s gleeful voice crowed. “You two have fun. Oh, and by the way,
this will all be caught on tape and broadcast over an internet porn site
later today, along with your humiliation back in the museum.”
Trisha s blood froze. Dr. Gadget had the security tapes made when she
was momentarily captured and sexually violated. How rude! That was
illegal, too.
Then the lights snapped on. The hallway was flooded with intense light,
momentarily blinding the hapless Super Heroine. The Octo-Pussy-Tamer wasn’t
affected by the sudden change in lighting.
Trisha’s eyes snapped shut. She could still see red through her closed
lids the light was so bright, and of course bright spots danced before her
“vision.” Spreading her legs apart, she threw her left hand out for balance
and the right covered her closed eyes. Almost at the same time she heard
the strange clicking shuffle of the Octo-Pussy-Tamer start her way.
The FEM Fighter tried to open her eyes, but the intense light stabbed
cruelly at them. So she staggered back a step, to buy time, now with both
hands extended before her to ward off any attack. Gadget and his men
laughed uproariously in the background, the laughter tinny through the
“Gadget, you won’t get away from me,” she growled, then felt something that
made her heart skip a beat. A metallic tentacle wrapped around her left
wrist and pulled. “Eeeks!”
Trisha slitted her eyes open, so narrow she was gazing through her long,
thick lashes, and aimed a brutal kick at the bulbous metal body of the
Octo-Pussy-Tamer. Her stiletto heel bounced off it, leaving it unfazed.
“Let go…of…me,” she demanded, grabbing and pulling at the tentacle around
her left wrist. A second latter the metallic body of the Octo-Pussy-Tamer
was right beside her. She pushed at the main body, and then felt a tentacle
wrapping around her right ankle. “NO!”
Too late. Another tentacle encircled her left ankle and then another
wrapped around her narrow waist. Her right hand was now busy batting more
tentacles away, until it too was ensnared and a powerful steel tentacle
captured it.
The Octo-Pussy-Tamer’s “head” dropped to the floor, flipped over onto its
flat top and Trisha was lifted into the air. Once her feet left the
floor she lost what little leverage she had. Now she truly felt helpless
for the first time in her life.
Trisha struggled, using her powerful, FEM belt enhanced body to wiggle,
buck, push, pull and otherwise try to twist free. But the insidious gadget
snaked more tentacles around her. First, tentacles wrapped around her legs
at just below her hips and above her knees. In no time her legs were all
but immobilized. The hapless Super Heroine strained with all her
considerable might to keep her legs together, but the Octo-Pussy-Tamer
slowly pulled them apart and very wide. Meanwhile, she felt but barely
fought more tentacles wrapping around her upper arms, neck and trunk of her
“Gadget! Release me this instant or else!”
A snicking sound caught her attention. Looking around frantically, she
finally spotted the devious device making the noise. It was one of the
tentacles, with a pair of sharp scissors for its tip. It was heading toward
her crotch. Trisha writhed and bucked with all of her strength, but the
Octo-Pussy-Tamer was too strong. She was held firm and still as the
scissors reached her crotch.
“Oh! You sicko perv!” she cried.
One cut, and her nether closure was cut open right above her pubic patch.
Trisha felt the shiny latex fall away, leaving her pubic mound covered
only by blackpantyhose. Glancing down, she saw her black pussy patch
through the much thinner black nylon. The tight latex of her costume pulled
up past the FEM Belt, leaving the waist band of the pantyhose exposed. And
worse, her slit was completely exposed because of those nasty men ripping it
open there earlier in the evening.
“I see Paris, I see France, I see Trisha krishnan’s hot pussy through a rend in
her pants,” Dr. Gadget sang. His men’s hooting and laughter echoed behind
him through the speakers. “Uh-huh! Here it comes again!”
“What?” she said, and then spotted the scissors returning. They went
straight to the hole in her pantyhose, then started cutting again, this time
straight up her body and quickly left her pantyhose completely cut open and
hanging off her tight rump. Then the scissors rose up over the FEM Belt
and started cutting the latex costume, heading toward that spot between her
small breasts. “Oh, no! Not that!”
Her protests were ignored. Within seconds her black latex costume was laid
open and hung from her nearly naked body like a travesty of a cape. Only
her arms and hands were sheathed in latex now. She felt the cool air
conditioned air wash over the newly exposed golden brown flesh. Her
tits tightened from the cold air, and she felt her dark nipples
harden as well.
“Uuuggghhhhhhhhh,” she cried, straining with renewed vigor to escape.
Try as she might, Trisha was not strong enough to break free.
“Shall we find out how my insidious little gadget got its name?” Dr. Gadget
asked. “Octo-PUSSY-TAMER.”
“No,” she said, eyes wide now.
Looking down the length of her sexy body, Trisha saw another
specialized tentacle. This one possessed a wet looking dildo. It was ten
inches long and bright red. Then it “snicked” and began vibrating loudly.
She shook her head in denial, her blood running cold at the sight.
<How did he know?> she asked silently. <How did he find out my greatest
weakness is vibrators!>
Trisha , vibrated herself into la-la land every morning, noon and night. It was the last thing she did before going to sleep, the first when she woke the next morning, and she always “rewarded” herself a brisk session at lunch break. She couldn’t get
enough. Now she feared she’d get too much.
The dildo was thicker than her own.
“I’ll go away and leave you alone!” she offered. “Just let me go. I
“I don’t think so, super slut,” he said. “I was wondering if Trisha’s
pussy had nine lives as well.” He laughed. “Or at least nine climaxes!”
“No!” She cried as the vibrating dildo reached her moist snatch. It
unerringly went straight to her clitoris. Trisha’s body instantly went
rigid. Her eyes went wide and she cried out. “Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!”
Erotic heat washed over her. She gasped and panted, shook her head in
denial and strained to break her bonds, but all to no avail. Trisha
wasn’t going anywhere until Dr. Gadget was finished with her.
“Oh, pleassseeeee,” she begged as the heat turned to something more. She
was too roused up. Too excited. Too surprised. The climax came too
suddenly, and she was overwhelmed.
The vibrating dildo stayed on her clit until three soul searing orgasms
were ripped from her sweaty, convulsing body. Then Dr. Gadget had it slid
down to the bottom of her slit, and slipped into the Super Heroine’s tight
vagina. Her whole body jerked and jerked again.
“Too much!” she cried. “Oooooo, what are you doing to me? Why, oh God,
“Because, it’s fun,” Dr. Gadget laughed.
Trisha grit her teeth and let out a long, low groan as the vibrating
dildo pushed in deeper and deeper with a firm, steady pumping motion. It
was maddening. She wondered if Gadget could read her mind, setting the
pumping speed at just the right pace to break her. It was the very same
pace she pleasured herself with three times a day.
“Stop! I surrender!”
“Too late,” he said. “Here comes another one.”
Trisha heard another vibrating dildo click on. She looked around, but
the tentacle around her slender neck restricted her movements. But she
didn’t need to see it to know where it was located, or that it was heading
straight for her asshole.
But before the second dildo reached her, Trisha felt the erotic heat
infusing her gorgeous body suddenly change again. That rush to climax
consumed her thoughts as she felt her whole world flip and spin, as waves of
intense pleasure ravaged her mind, soul and will power.
<Can’t….take….much…..more,> she thought as the climax reverberated through
her body. Aloud, she just groaned, “Uuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, Santa
Maria, Mother of God, sooooo goooood. So terribly good, how am I too fight
“Don’t fight it, my sweet pet pussy cat,” Dr. Gadget said.
Her eyes popped open. His voice wasn’t over the speakers, but right next
to her. She opened her eyes and found him gloating over her. He still wore
all black and the hat, but also a black mask. He caressed her small tits, then began rolling the nipples between his fingers. She closed her
eyes and groaned again, just as the second dildo reached her rump.
“Oh, no, not that,” she begged. “Anything but that.”
Gadget said nothing, then leaned over her body and sucked her left nipple
into his mouth and started sucking hard. A tremble washed over her body it
felt so wonderful.
The second dildo vibrated between her silky smooth, brown butt-cheeks, and
quickly pressed up against her puckered and clenched sphincter. She fought
that most humiliating of penetrations with all her strength, and the dildo’s
progress was stymied. But Dr. Gadget wouldn’t be denied, and had a plan.
While sucking on her nipple, he send a hand sliding, caressing, down her
Soft flat well toned belly, over her bikini waxed pubic patch, and to her clit. His
touch was firm and knowledgeable. He knew just how much pressure to apply,
and where to apply. And worse, he knew just how to “rub her wild.”
“Uhhh,” Trisha grunted. “Please stop. You don’t understand what you’re
doing to me.”
“Oh, Sweet Puss, I understand completely,” he said.
Suddenly, another climax ripped through her overheated and exhausted body.
Once again, she lost control of her body and screamed with pleasure. In the
brief instant of all consuming pleasure, the second dildo penetrated her
sphincter and pushed in a good four inches. Trisha’s body went instantly
rigid, and she gasped loudly, big brown eyes wide in disbelief.
“Mother of God!”
The two greased up dildos quickly fell into an alternating pumping action.
While one was pushing in, the other was pulling out. It drove her over the
edge again after on a long moment. And with each stroke, the dildos drove
in deeper and deeper, until they were all the way in.
Meanwhile, Dr. Gadget removed the two power braces from her wrists. Then
he removed her FEM belt. Trisha was already too exhausted to get any
help from the belt, since it ran off her body’s energy, so she didn’t feel
the loss of any strength as it was unsnapped and pulled from around her tiny
Dr. Gadget ran his fingers through her long, silky black hair for a long
moment, then began caressing her soft cheeks. She barely paid him any heed.
His insidious Octo-Pussy-Tamer was all she could think about, and what it
was doing to her helpless and very responsive body.
Fear and sexual stimulation was too much. She felt her body betraying her
once again, and felt that rush to climax surge through her body as he began
to pull off the mask. It gave, and she felt the mask start to peel away
from her face. Her sphincter began to clench around the vibrating dildo, as
did her pussy muscles, then the orgasm exploded deep in her quivering belly.
Anther soul searing climax ripped through her. She screamed and for the
first time, ground her pussy and ass against the violating dildos to milk
the last ounce of pleasure out of the experience. It was unconscious, and
she didn’t even know she was doing it, but Dr. Gadget noticed and smiled.
“Good night, Trisha krishnan,” he said, and kissed her slightly parted red lips.
“I have to go make arrangements for your disposal.”
Trisha stared up at the non-descript ceiling, panting furiously as
another climax started to build. She knew it was over. That she was
captured and wouldn’t escape her fate. But for the moment, it felt like
heaven between her legs.
<Pussy tamer, indeed,> she thought. <I won’t make it to morning.>
# # #
It took forever for the next morning to arrive. And then another eternity
for Dr. Gadget to arrive. When he came, he brought all of his goons, and
several extra men. She recognized one of them as Rod Dickey, an infamous
Gadget powered off the Octo-Pussy-Tamer. Trisha felt the tentacles
slowly lose power and strength. Gadget’s henchmen seized her, and she was
pulled from the gadget’s grasp and forced to her knees. The rest of her
shredded latex costume was removed, leaving her before them in nothing but
her choker and boots.
.She looked up at him with dazed eyes. Trisha was too exhausted to fight
“I like it,” Rod Dickey said. “It’ll have a nice ring Trisha Krishnan is FEM Fucker.”
“What?” she asked, confused.
“The title of the first porn movie you’ll be making,” Dr. Gadget said,
grinning fiercely.
Trisha looked up and saw that Rod had pulled his cock out. It was
“Suck it, slut,” the pornographer demanded.
Without thought, the defeated FEM Fighter crawled up to him and rose up on
her knees. She gingerly took his manhood in both hands and began to suck on
the rubbery head.
“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned in pleasure.
“Ooohhhhh,” Rod answered. “You were right, Dr. Gadget, Trisha is

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