Tim is spanked by his very bossy younger sister
Tim was in the pub with a girl from his office. His mobile went. He recognised the phone number and instantly knew it was his bossy sister, Hannah.

She just said “Get your ass back home now or Abigail gets an email with a photo of the two of you. And do not kiss her goodbye.” Tim looked around but could not see Hannah although knew she must be somewhere close by. It was only a week ago he seen her smoking and used that to manoeuvre a date with her best friend Abigail. Hannah had threatened revenge. Hannah always got revenge but he thought it was worth it just to see the look on her face when she conceded defeat and made the arrangements with Abigail. He hoped he wouldn’t regret the bravado. He knew it was a risk two timing Abigail and soon he would find out if it was worth it. Hannah was a terror though. Slim, slightly shorter than her brother, attractive, always smartly dressed although her skirts were normally as short as possible, long blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders and halfway down her back. 19 years old but wily, streetwise, with a hard streak, and brainy to boot. Tim knew she meant business and wondered how much he would regret his actions. He looked at the girl he was with. Susie. A cutie. Just 18 years old he met at the gym. Tim is 22 years old. This was their second date and they stopped in an alleyway on the way to the pub and had some great french kisses. She let him get his hand inside her bra and caress her wonderfully soft breasts and even directed his hand down the front of her knickers and his finger inside her juicy moist vagina, then just as she returned the favour and touched the tip of his stiff penis they heard someone coming towards them so stopped and darted in to the pub. They settled down with drinks just as Hannah phoned. Much as Tim wanted to make out with Susie he made his excuses and dashed off. Their house was a good 15 minute walk so he had plenty of time to be worried about what Hannah had in mind for him. Hannah had driven home so was already there. She could have given her older brother a lift he thought, but knew this was part of her winding him up. He let himself in. She was waiting for him in the hall, arms crossed across her chest and gave him a cold gaze with a slight sneer as she led him in to the living room. There he saw the photo on her computer and an email written to Abigail. He looked at Hannah. “What are you going to do? Hannah responded “Well I have a number of choices. Abigail is a close friend of mine and friends should tell each other if they saw their boy friend making out with another girl and in public as though he didn’t care.” “Please Hannah, don’t” he begged. Another sneer, but she just ignored his plea. “So telling her is one option. I could though deal with this just between the two of us. Then she never need know.” “That sounds the better option” he said. Hannah stared back at him, and smiled when he gave his answer. It’s as though she had won a great victory. Hannah sat down on a chair in the middle of the room and told her older brother to stand in front of her. Her mood changed. The smiles went. She was livid. She sat there for a few moments with her arms crossed staring at him. Making him sweat. He wondered what she was thinking. He wanted her to say something because the mood was getting tense. Certainly he felt that Hannah was in control and he was losing it. He knew better than to compete with her though. She was smarting because he had forced her to tell Abigail to go out with him. It was a risk threatening to tell Mum about Hannah smoking as even Hannah wilted at the thought of Mum finding out as they both knew it would have meant at least one spanking and being grounded. Tim was better off from that point of view. Their Mum had stopped spanking him at 20, so whilst Tim was in the clear, Hannah could still be ordered across the maternal lap. Tim was beginning to fear the worst now though. This was going to be pay back and Hannah never held back when she was in a foul mood. At last she spoke again. “How could you two time my friend?” she snapped. He stammered, “It was only a drink.” She cut him short and told him “don’t even think about lying you little toe rag. I saw what you were doing to her. So, what do you think should happen? “I don’t know Hannah” he tried. So it was Hannah coming down the alleyway. He should have guessed. “Hhhmmm. Will you accept my choice?” “You could at least indicate what you had in mind.” Tim thought that fair but Abigail reckoned fairness had nothing to do with it. This was revenge pure and simple, and she intended enjoying it. “Nope. Either you let me decide or I will send the email.” She was being really hard. Who knows what she might have in mind but he decided he had better agree, and then talk himself out of it if he didn’t like what she decides. “OK Hannah, I agree” he said, looking as doleful as he could. “Good, then let’s work out how I shall punish you” she said with a smile. “Punish me? What do you mean punish? I am 22 and so don’t get “punished” by my sister, particularly my younger sister.” “OK” she said. Then she got up and went over to the computer. She held her finger over the Send button and looked him in the eye. “No” he shouted. “OK, you win”. She said “That’s better.” This was going to be easy she thought. She went back to the chair, and again told Tim to stand in front of her. This time she told him to put his hands on his head. He felt childish but did as she said. She did not wait so long this time before telling him how bad he was, how he did not deserve such nice girl friends because he two timed all of them, and finally how she decided it was up to her to keep him on the straight and narrow. “I have been thinking of an appropriate punishment. I know it has to be meaningful, one which you won’t want repeated in a hurry. I have decided I am going to spank you.” “What” he cried. “No way. I haven’t been spanked since Mum stopped over two years ago.” “I see. But I thought you wanted this to be just between ourselves. Am I wrong about that? Do I now have to tell Abigail, and I suppose Mum is bound to find out. Just what do you want me to do?” “OK, OK, you win. Let’s just get it over with then” he pleaded. With that she told him to stand by her side, which he did obediently. She asked if he wanted to take down his own trousers or have her do it? She was smirking but he tried to ignore it as he slowly took down his own trousers. She egged him on by reminding him his pants must follow. So there he was, standing next to his younger sister knowing that in a few moments he would be across her knee getting spanked. He so tried to ignore the fact she is younger than him but she was always telling him what to do anyway and he always did what she told him because he was too scared not to. It’s just that she had never actually hit him before. “Over you go little boy” she said, mocking him, not making it easy at all. “Sis, you have bare legs, and, well, I am, like, naked.” “Don’t you worry, there’s nothing you have to interest me. You’ll just have to grin and bear it. Now get across my knee little boy.” So he just obeyed her. He trembled slightly when his penis touched her bare cool legs but Hannah pushed him down hard and the feeling passed. He liked the coolness of her legs though, and knew his penis was going to be on the move soon. He settled across her lap, with his bottom just over her left leg. She started rubbing her palm around his bottom for a while. He felt himself stiffen as the rubbing was soothing, almost erotic, and to be fair he had day dreamed about being spanked by his sister before now. Mind you, he had day dreamed about being spanked by several attractive girls, including Abigail. He wasn’t sure why because whenever his Mother spanked him it hurt like crazy, but still he daydreamed about the younger girls tanning his hide. He was brought back to reality when Abigail said “I don’t mind if you get an erection Tim, it will make me spank you harder” she laughed. He was reminded about how much being spanked hurt a few moments later when Hannah lifted her hand and gave him the first dozen or so spanks. They were harder than he had expected. This was followed by some more rubbing then a flurry of spanks which started to really sting. He could not tell if they were all on the same spot. They felt as though they were but he suspected they were actually all over his bottom. “It’s looking a bit red now” she said. There was a further lull whilst she rubbed his bottom. Then she spanked him again, on and on, spank after spank after spank. He squirmed around trying to miss her hand, not even thinking how his penis was rubbing against her thigh. On and on she spanked, until he started to sob. 22 years old being spanked by his 19 year old sister, and reduced to crying like a youngster. The stinging really got to him, and the tears were flowing quickly down his face by the time she let up again. “OK, ok, calm down, it’s only a spanking.” She rubbed his bottom and pressed her hand in to the small of his back, ensuring he didn’t try to get up. Calm down indeed. Great, he thought. That helps. Calm down? Sure but just how does he calm down when his younger sister had him across her knee happily spanking him giving him a sore bottom and making his tears flow down his face. Great. Stop spanking will help more. He couldn’t say any of this though. He was sobbing. That’s all he could do with the pain of it all. “Oh dear, my big brother has a wet face” she sneered. That didn’t help him either. He knew how he must look with his bare and by now red bottom lying across her lap and him, her big brother, just accepting every spank. Humiliating. She started to spank him again. Even harder than before he thought. The spanking seemed to go on for ages until she put the palm of her hand on his bottom, and just kept it there, rubbing his bottom. He waited patiently, trying to recover his composure but still felt humiliated across his sister’s lap. After a while she spoke to him, but in a tone of voice that rather scared him. “You know, it really is the pits that you have two timed Abigail, particularly as you forced me to set up your date” she said. Tim was about to answer back but thought better of it. She continued. “If that was me then I would be very upset indeed. I phoned her before you got back.” Tim tensed when he heard that. “Yes, you did hear correctly. I wanted to check she was still OK with you, but she didn’t answer. Anyway, I was thinking how wrong it is for you to have gone off and two timed her.” With that she landed several more spanks. Then she rubbed his bottom for a bit. “I want to make sure you remember that she is your girl friend and you must be honest with her.” Tim still did not dare to say anything, but his bottom was certainly getting sore. She continued spanking him for what again seemed like forever. His bottom stung and he squirmed around on her lap, no longer thinking that his penis still rubbed her legs. Not conscious of the fact Hannah could feel his penis because it was stiff and she knew her older brother was actually being aroused by the spanking. She spanked him longer and harder than she had intended doing originally whilst she considered her own feelings, deep between her legs. She was enjoying herself, rather more than she had expected actually. A nice feeling. Being in control, knowing that each spank caused pain and discomfort to her older brother. A very nice feeling indeed. “My hand hurts but I haven’t finished with you yet. Get up and bend over, holding the chair. It’s time for some spanks with my belt.” Tim stood up and rubbed his bottom. Hannah giggled and said "ooh and your soldier is all erect. Does he like me spanking his commanders’ bottom?” I blushed. That caused her even more enjoyment. She said more sharply “hold on to the seat of the chair. My belt is going to hurt even more than my hand and I don’t want you standing up part way through. Believe me that will not bode well for you.” Tim glanced towards Hannah. She was giving nothing away. He bent over and held on to the chair. He could just make out her slowly pulling her belt through the loops of her mini skirt until the belt flapped by her side. She carefully took both ends in one hand and positioned herself before she swung the belt with what seemed like it must have been all her force, time and again. That really hurt. Tim had to hold on tightly in case he stood up. He guessed Hannah was waiting for a rude comment from her older brother so she could set him up for another spanking but he was too scared. She rubbed his bottom for a bit. Then gave him several more spanks with her belt being sure to apply the strokes liberally across his bottom and the tops of his legs. “I hope you realise this is for your own good” she said. “I am doing you a favour. I could just pick up the phone and tell Abigail what you did. But I chose not to. I chose to take the time and trouble to discipline you and to teach you right from wrong. What do you say to that?” Almost every word was spoken between landing spanks on her hapless brothers reddened backside. All Tim could think of to say was a miserable sounding “Sorry.” He could not believe he said that, and he was going to say something else, but Hannah’s mobile phone rang. “Don’t move” she spat at me. “Hullo Abigail, yes I did call” she said. I could only hear half the conversation. “Really? You saw him with who? The slut. No, I haven’t seen him. He’s out with the boys I thought…. yes, come over, we can have a chat and talk it through … in 15 minutes, yes that’s great. See you then.” “Well, you’ve blown that you idiot.” Tim shuddered. ] “What do you mean?” he asked. “Later. Right now though Abigail is on her way over and she is mad with you. Either we continue until she gets here, or we stop now so you can get out before she gets here, and resume the spanking another time”. She then added, “What will it be big brother?” Tim started to think it through, but obviously took too long. She gave him three strokes with her belt in quick succession. He yelped out. “Quickly brother, time is running out.” He gripped the chair, still too scared to get up, but turned to look up at Hannah. She stared back at him. He was used to the look, but did not like it any more than before. He realised the irony. He was still bent over grabbing the chair, his bottom still in position for the belt, his eyes all blurred from crying, trying to negotiate with his younger sister who was still in the middle of blistering his bare butt. “Look Sis, I made one mistake and you have punished me. That’s not fair. I have learned my lesson, and will not two time Abigail again. Can we please leave it there?” “So, one spanking for two timing Abigail once. Are you saying you have only two timed her the once?” He looked at her quickly. Surely she can’t know about the other times. “That’s right” Tim said. “Fine then. So when Abigail gets here you won’t mind if I tell her about the other occasions then?” “What other occasions do you mean?” “You must really think I am stupid. Now you have landed yourself in big trouble, but you asked for it. Follow me”. She was really cross. They walked over to the computer. She pressed a few buttons, and then the pictures started to come up on to the screen as a slideshow. She showed him 8 photos of the Susie. It wasn’t their first date. He had been out twice with Susie since his date with Abigail. He just couldn’t resist a pretty girl, and Susie was easy. The photos were of her, worse for drink, her breasts showing, her hand down the front of her knickers, looking sexy, well or sluttish at least. What’s worse they were all Tim’s photos. He just couldn’t resist taking photos on his phone of the girls he had gone out with. How had Hannah found them he wondered? “Shall I go on to the next girl?” Hannah asked. She sounded so threatening, confident, and vicious. Tim panicked. He had photos of lots of his conquests on his phone. They may not have been dates since he went out with Abigail but they were generally damaging to his case. “What do you want?” he asked, already knowing the answer, conceding defeat. Complete and utter defeat. Hannah really did work him well. “I haven’t forgiven you for forcing me to get Abigail to go out with you when you saw me smoking.” “Yeah, but I didn’t spank you did I?” “True. And you know what, just to make sure I don’t give you the opportunity again I have stopped smoking. I haven’t smoked since.” “Really? So I helped you did I?” Hannah laughed. “If you like, yes you did. The trouble is you know very well you don’t have the same self control. You need someone else to help you, and that’s where I come in” she beamed. “I will make sure you stay on the straight and narrow.” “Oh? How is that going to work Sis?” “Simple. Not only do you two time your girlfriends. You are childish with it. You need training, to make you act properly. The best way is for you to tell me what you have done every day. If you have behaved badly, or if you lie, and you know I can always tell, then you will get another spanking“ “You are joking Sis.” He looked her in the eye and knew she was deadly serious. “Nope. Tim, you don’t have your own self control, but I can make it painful for you when you do wrong, and that will teach you how to be well behaved, with girls and in your everyday life.” Tim thought there was some sense there, but it would mean giving his sister control over him. Did he want that really? Hannah saw him waver. “I used to love watching Mum give you all those spankings when you were younger, and now I’ve tried it myself I can tell you I really enjoyed spanking you. I got such a kick out of it. So, I thought, I can enjoy myself and teach you a lesson at the same time. We both win.” “Really?” he said concerned but still thinking about it. “You get a kick out of spanking me but it’s not a game for me. It hurts you know. It hurts a lot.” “Actually, it hurts you” she said laughing. “But then you should look on it as you being disciplined for being naughty.” “Bitch” He spluttered, regretting it immediately. “Careful my lad because I can sense you getting yourself in to trouble. Not very wise with Abigail on her way over. Now you apologise for that stroppy remark.” “Sorry” he said. He was browbeaten by his bossy sister, but was also sure his apology effectively admitted to her that she would now control him. “Good boy” she gloated. “Anyway, yes I did enjoy it. Having you across my lap, your bare bottom staring up at me, unprotected, being turned redder and redder whilst you cried away like a youngster. It was great fun. So this is how it would work. I will spank you when I think you have two timed your girlfriend or done anything else wrong and that really does mean when I say so, not something that is open to discussion. If I say I am going to spank you then you have to agree. Simple as that. “ “What, you get to enjoy yourself, at my expense, and I end up with a sore butt. Is that fair?” “Is two timing my friend fair?” “No” I conceded. Hannah smirked and added “Is lying fair? Is being naughty fair? Is being childish fair?” “No” he conceded again, then looked up and asked anxiously and asked “you are talking about my behaviour generally aren’t you sis” “Everything little boy. You really do need to sharpen up, and I will help you. If I control your bottom then I am sure you will soon be a much better person. I’m right aren’t I” she snapped. Yes she was right he knew. His behaviour deteriorated since their mother stopped spanking him. There was no real deterrent anymore and he knew he went off the rails. Maybe his sister could correct that. Maybe. “What about Mum?” “Don’t worry. I’ll be spanking you when she isn’t around.” Abigail didn’t mention she was only a few months away from her 20 th birthday when Mum would stop spanking her. Not that she had been spanked for several months but she didn’t want the age increased, and if Tim got spanked by Mum again she might increase the age for both of them. Tim looked doleful, not sure what he had let himself in for. He knew his sister had wanted revenge and he was sure she would get her own way but just hadn’t expected it to mean her spanking him on a regular basis. He also knew he had nothing to say really in his defence. He did two time Abigail and Hannah was right as he would two time her again, as he had all his previous girlfriends, until he learnt not to. He reckoned this is what he really needed anyway. Maybe it would work. Maybe being spanked will make him act properly. It was just being spanked by his younger sister. He was positive though. She would help him keep on the straight and narrow. He would stop two timing Abigail or pay the penalty. She would only spank him when he deserved to be spanked after all. It made sense. He supposed. Anyway, that’s how he had thought it through. “You will be fair with me won’t you Sis?” he pleaded, looking at the floor. “Of course I will you dolt. I’m your sister aren’t I?” “OK Sis, I agree.” “So you agree to obey me when I say I am going to spank you?” “Yes” I conceded. “Well there you are. Easy isn’t it? So while I enjoy myself you will not. You will spend lots of quality time across my knee, being given a very red very sore very hot bottom. You will cry, a lot actually. I will make sure of that and no mistake. But most importantly you will learn a valuable lesson. That you must not, indeed will not, two time your girlfriend, whoever she is. You will have to grow up quickly, and I’ll give you a list of other rules, just so you know when you earn a spanking.” Tim looked up when she said whoever it is. He was met by a very wide smile from his bossy sister. That meant it wouldn’t end even if he stopped seeing Abigail. It wouldn’t stop ever. “Can I still go out with Abigail Sis?” He was asking her permission. Another irony, but he now accepted she would have certain rights over him. Discipline rights. “No. You’ve blown it with her. That’s what she said when she phoned. A friend of hers told her about you and Susie. I should have been the friend who told her but someone else got there first. That’s really made me mad and all because I was trying to help you.” “Sorry Sis. Really I am.” “You better be” This had gone better than Hannah had expected so she was confident about the instruction. Tim looked downcast but obviously accepted his sisters’ decision. “What about Susie?” “What, the girl in the pub. Sure. Go out with her. Good choice. But not today. You will ask me before you can ask her out, just so I can check you are not two timing her.” He was going to argue but Hannah jumped in with “you better get out of here. Before Abigail finds out I have just spanked you. Go on, shoo little boy. We’ll have a chat tomorrow about your future behaviour. And you had better put your soldier away. It’s still standing to attention.” He blushed. He reckoned his face was now as red as his bottom. He had been turned on by being across his bossy sisters’ lap and there was no denying it. The proof was his erection. Just then the doorbell rang. He knew it was Abigail. He could sense that Hannah was proud of her victory as she went to open the front door and Tim had no doubt she was already planning his next spanking. Hannah opened the door and Abigail could tell from her wide smile it had gone well. “It went very well Abigail.” “Great” she answered, throwing her arms around her friends neck, clinching, and kissing her hard on the lips. They were comfortable in each other arms. Very comfortable. “Go on, tell” Abigail said. “Well” Hannah said, “he fell for it." Hook line and sinker. I had him across my lap and spanked him raw, tears flowing all over the place.” “No way” Abigail said gleefully. “That will teach the so and so for making you go out with him.” “Too right. Do I need to go out with him again?” “Nope. Dealt with it. He will go out with Susie, when I say he can, so you are in the clear. “Hey, great one Hannah.” “He has agreed to let me spank him. I told him you found out from another friend who saw him at the pub and that’s why you came over. To tell me. I made him feel even more awful and when he comes home I intend telling him he deserves an extra especially hard spanking, and I bet he takes it from me.” “Cool, and he is yours to be spanked in future.” “Oh yes. He was like putty. He’ll be across my lap so often I bet his bottom will be red forever. I made out I only just found out how much I enjoy spanking him. He doesn’t suspect anything.” “So, did you film the spanking Hannah?” Abigail asked, smiling, eager. “I sure did.” Hannah got up and flicked on the TV. A couple of clicks later and large as life Hannah was on screen with her older brother across her lap, squirming around, chest heaving, sobbing, tears running down his face. “Wow, you sexy thing” Abigail said to Hannah. “You are so assertive. That’s why I find you so sexy Hannah. You know what to do all the time.” Hannah looked at her friend and said “hey, I couldn’t have done it without you silly girl, and Susie.” “Ah yes, Susie. She was a lucky find at the gym. She was really good wasn’t she, but she likes boys so didn’t mind being mauled by your brother. She’ll use him for a while and through him away. You watch.” “Anyway, it’s over now for you and him. It’s just the two of us so shush and come here. Let me say thank you, properly.” Abigail and Hannah threw their arms around each other and hugged. Hannah kissed Abigail’s neck, pulled back her head, beamed a smile at her, then they kissed each other on the lips, Hannah edging her tongue in to Abigail’s welcoming mouth, their tongues intertwining, They had done this before. Many times. Hannah had the additional excitement this time of having spanked her older brother, and was already wet with anticipation of what she and Abigail would now do to each other. Hannah took off her top and unclipped her bra and as she helped Abigail out of her clothing Abigail took Hannah’s breasts in her hands, caressing them, squeezing her nipples gently. They hugged again, each helping the other out of their skirts and knickers. Giggling, laughing, kissing, licking, enjoying each other. Already knowing each others bodies, what they liked from the other. When the sound of Hannah’s hand landing on her brother’s bottom and his gasps and yelps and sobbing echoed around the room again from the TV they sat up, cuddling, stroking each other, but watched, laughing when Tim was so obviously struggling under the onslaught, ogle eyed when his erect penis came to view even when tears were running down his face. “It’s such a turn on Abigail, spanking the little boy. I was getting all excited just listening to him sobbing as I spanked him” Hannah said running her hand through her friends’ hair as Abigail kissed her stomach, gently licking her smooth skin, edging down to her thighs and between her legs to the soft lips of her lovers vagina. “You still are Hannah and tasting great with it” Abigail said, licking the moist vaginal lips of her friend, giggling as she drew gasps of delight. Hannah laughed. “That’s all boys are good for Abigail. Having their bottoms spanked by us women so they behave well” and said softly “come here you, I need sorting out darling.” “Me too Hannah” Abigail replied as she turned to her friend and opened her mouth to take in Hannah’s eager tongue. Tim had shot out the back door and headed for the pub. He needed time to think. He knew that his younger very bossy sister would be thrashing his butt again and again. His erection returned as he thought about it. What a quandary. He went back to the alleyway and thought about being across those cool thighs of his younger sister, being spanked. This time he undid his trousers and grabbed his erect penis and rubbed himself until he blew his cum against the wall. He was really looking forward to his next spanking from Hannah. Calmer now he went in to the pub and ordered a drink. He thought about Susie and hoped Hannah would let him call her soon. She’ll be more fun than Abigail. She likes boys for a start he thought, laughing to himself. His mind soon returned to Hannah. He knew she would think she had played him and not suspect how he had played her. A dangerous game, but he knew Hannah and Abigail were lesbians and pictured them now, in bed, naked, enjoying each other’s bodies whilst he daydreamed about when he would get his next spanking. He knew Hannah would impose lots of difficult to follow rules that would lead to many many spankings and his erection returned just thinking about the pain and the arousal he would feel each time he made the trip across his bossy sister’s lap.

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