The experience of an older woman
It was a Thursday night, my 18th birthday and I was out clubbing with some friends.

After flirting with so many girls and women of all ages and drinking quite a lot I became very tipsy and each female blurred into the next.
Then I saw her, standing near the dance floor a goddess a sculpture of perfection what sort of chance would a boy like me have? I’ll tell you non, zero, zilch not a fecking hope.

I am 5’10, weigh around 168lbs, no muscle definition (Though i have muscles and i am no weakling), not bad looking but by no means a model type, and as you can probably tell i have a low self esteem too.

Anyway enough about me, let me tell you of the vision i saw before me.

She stood about 5’4”, shoulder length light brown hair, rich green eyes, firm looking boobs a little more than a handful at a guess, infact they would be what I call perfect tennis ball tits. A slim waist line, great looking ass with athletic legs.

Being in a semi drunken state I actually had the nerve to approach her and as I did so her face became familiar to me, Mrs Dove my old Drama school Teacher, wow I had many a hard-on over this woman, she is about 42 years old.

“Hello miss” I stammered

“Hello Tim how are you? And I think we can dispense with the Miss bit now you have left school, you may call me Anna”

“Hello Anna, I am good Thankyou, celebrating my birthday so please forgive me being a little worse for drink, how is yourself?” I was trying to speak as fluently as possible

“Happy birthday” she said and gave me a peck on the cheek

That peck was all I needed to smell that familiar smell from her; I have no idea what perfume she wears but believe me its hypnotic and such a turn on, my cock began to stir.

“Thank you” I blushed knowing my cock was now pushing against my boxers,

“May I buy you a drink Anna?”

“No But I will buy you one Tim what are you having”

“Jack Daniels and coke please” I replied

“Still as polite as always I see, that’s one of the things I always remember about you Tim, such impeccable manners”

“Why thank you” now blushing even more, even in the dim lighting of the club it would be obvious

I watched her walk to the bar, Mmm wow that fine ass swaying, then as she returned I could not take my eyes off her cleavage, she must have caught my eyes looking because as she handed me my drink she said.

“Like what you see Tim?”

“Err yes actually you are as gorgeous as ever”

“As ever” she looked a little shocked “you mean you have always thought that?”

“Yes I have always thought of you as a very attractive lady” the drink had kicked in now and my bravery level through the roof, my cock erect in my boxers again, if blessed with anything it was a 7” long cock about 3” thick.

“So it would seem” she said as she put her hand on my crotch, “that’s a very nice compliment to pay someone of my age young man” she giggled

“I’m sorry Anna”

“Don’t be sorry I’m flattered, with all these hot young females around and your standing here talking to me and its me who’s given you an erection, infact I thank you” she said this as she continued to rub my shaft through my jeans.

We continued talking for a while had a few more drinks and then she said “come on lets dance Tim, the music is slower now”

She grabbed my hand led me onto the dance floor pulled me close to her and we started to move to the music, she was pushing her pelvis into me and rubbing those wonderful breasts against my chest, my cock was now screaming “Let me the fuck out of here” as it began to dribble with excitement.

Anna moved her lips towards mine and we started to kiss her lips where so soft and supple, her tongue eagerly searching for mine, my hands moved all over her back and then with one hand I moved a finger around in circles on the back of her neck, she let out a little moan as we kissed, then moved her head onto my shoulder and whispered.

“Tim I want you, will you come back to my place and I’ll help you celebrate your birthday in a very special way”

“Try and keep me away Anna” I laughed

I went and said goodbye to my friends and they all said "you lucky bastard have a good night."

Me & Anna got into a taxi and we set off to her place, as soon as the cab began to move, Anna put her hand on my crotch and was stroking my still stiff penis, then she pulled down my zip and put her hand inside my jeans, she felt a wet patch on my boxers from where my pre cum leaked from my cock, rubbed her finger of the patch then put the finger tip into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“Mmm I have had an effect on you haven’t I”

“Yes miss” I said forgetting myself for a second

We pulled up outside a semi detached house on the edge of town; I paid the driver and climbed out of the taxi without even doing my zip back up.

Anna Grabbed my hand and we ran up the pathway and she couldn’t open the door quicken enough, as we stumbled inside shutting the door behind us we fell to the floor and basically devoured each other in Hot passionate kisses.

She was pulling at my clothes to undress me and I her in return, in a very complex manoeuvre we some how managed to get each other down to our underwear.

Anna was wearing a matching Black lacy bra and Thong, Man I tell you those tits where absolutely amazing, I cupped each one in my hands and kissed the flesh that was not covered by the bra.

We stood up again and embraced in another kiss, this time I lowered my hands to those firm butt cheeks, they could crack walls nuts they was that firm, my cock head found its own way out of the buttons at the front of my boxers and was nudging against her lacy thong, This woman might be 42 but her skin was as soft and smooth as any girl I had been with up till now.

The scent from Anna’s Body was having a very strange effect on me, nothing like sweet sickly perfumes some women wear at all.

Anna pulled back from me & led me into her living room where she knelt before me, taking the waist band of my boxers in her fingers she lowered them to my ankles kissing around my navel as she did so.

I kicked my boxers away, and Anna cupped my heavy balls in her hand and took hold of my shaft with her other guiding it to her mouth, Anna reached out her tongue and flicked the head of my cock as if it was an ice cream. Slowly she took my whole 7”s in her mouth, pressing her tongue against the underside of my throbbing shaft, she was able to take my whole length into her throat, she began to suck back and forth stroking my balls as she did so.

I held her head as she gave me the best ever blow job, I could feel her tongue working all round my stiff tool. Anna sucked me for about 5 minutes but I pulled out of her mouth as I did not want to cum yet, I wanted to taste the hidden fruit within her thong, so I lay her down on the settee got down between her legs, kissed her breast as I undid her Bra, once they was free I took a nipple in turn into my mouth and sucked on them, pulling on them gently with my teeth.

Anna’s nipple grew in my mouth, large long nipples with areolas about the size of a two pence piece, I then began to trace kisses down her Trim body slowing around her navel, then in a direct line from navel to top of her thong, I hooked my fingers inside the elastic and pulled the lacy thin material down.

I now got my 1 st look at this well trimmed little triangle patch of pubic hair, I kissed it gently, then lowered my attentions to the hood that covered her clit gave this a little nibble between my teeth before sucking it into my mouth, i then poked the tip of my tongue under the fold of flesh feeling her clit.

“Mmm Fuck” Anna groaned as she arched her back up

I sucked and liked around this area till I could taste her juice flowing from her mature pussy, I pushed my tongue between her lips and entered into that heavenly place I had been longing for years to have.

I was not disappointed she tasted divine.

Even though I still had the taste of my friend Jack Daniels in my mouth I could taste the sweet nectar from Anna’s pussy.

I slowly pushed a finger into what was becoming a very moistened area, exploring Anna’s inner pussy walls with a finger tip I soon was pushing in and up towards that G spot that I knew women loved to receive attention.

I could feel it swollen with blood, as soon as I made contact with it Anna moaned again lifting her buttocks.

I rubbed her G spot for a while as I sucked and licked her clit for several minutes then suddenly her body stated to shake, her back arched her pussy flood gates opened and Anna screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Before she had time to relax I lifted myself up and pushed my whole length into her waiting drenched pussy in one quick movement, I saw Anna bite her bottom lip as I entered her and her legs wrapped around my waist like a python on its prey.

The warmth and wetness along with strong muscle grip was almost to much, I slowly began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy, pulling out just so that my swollen cock head was barely in her and then thrust as deep as i could, I am sure I felt the neck of her womb a couple of times.

I lowered my face to Anna’s and began to kiss her as if she was a long time lover of mine, she returned my kisses with just as much passion, then we both began to pant heavy as our orgasm approached.

“Oh God Yes Tim Cum in me please, it feels so wonderful, I have not cum like this for ages”

“I’m cumin Anna”

With that our lips locked my cock jerked and I felt my sperm leave my cock with some force at the same time I could feel Anna’s pussy tighten its grip on my shaft.

Beads of sweat on my brow and I could feel moisture down my spine, Anna’s body relaxed and her legs lowered, I lay myself down along side her, holding her in my arms.

“Thank you” she said

“What for” I replied

“For making an older women feel good”

“you should feel good and you are not old, more mature yes but not old, and you are amazing sexually”

“You really think so”

“Yes Anna, your such a turn on”

“Maybe we should move to the bedroom and be more comfortable for the next round then Tim” Anna smiled, got up from the settee took my hand in hers and escorted me to her lush bedroom, all fur and silk with an amazing four poster bed.

We made love again before falling asleep in each others arms, this time it was more sensual relaxed and unhurried.

Waking up in the morning looking at the beauty before me made me think how lucky i was.

Anna opened her eyes, "good morning stud" she smiled and kissed me gently on my lips.

She climbed out of bed completely naked i could do nothing other than stare and admire her amazingly toned body.

"Would you like a cup of tea Tim"

"I'd like more than a cup of tea" i thought to myself "err yes please" i replied

Well this was a little different to my normal stories but great fun all the same, I will write the next chapter soon.

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