Tamanna Takes on Love to Sex
Being the most popular beautiful busy and sexy hot actress, tamanna now is unhappy about her upcoming film's postpones and the refusal of directors to give her 1 crore for her call sheet.Truly, this is not the right approach for the most popular and beautiful actress of kollywood.Her cute eyes triangled face her white pale skin and her hot chilly red lips just surpass the 1 crore mark.

So she decided to have a break up in her filming and spend some time lonely.She decided to go to switzerland and spend some time there.Since it was a personally motivated trip she went alone.After landing in switzerland she called a taxi and went to a luxury hotel, booked a room and took a nice little nap.

After waking up from the nap,she went to the streets os the swiss and just roamed across.She was wearing a tight white jean with green shirt which was a zipper type.Even the guys living there dropped their jaw low in respect to this scintillating beauty and thought that she was their country girl due to the whiteness.The scene of the zip jumping across her chest when walkiing and her sexy walk with her hands at her pockets situated on her ass cheeks made the guys cum at the moment they saw.

As always due to her wide stardom in the field she was surrounder by a crowd of fans even in the streets of swiss.She gave the usual annoying look of the older and younger ones coming to her with a stupid grin begging like dogs for a photo with her and some idiotic looks from the old guys who would stare at her deep sexy impressive and gorgeous navel which is a god's gift and one of the best in the kollywood town.She was sweating in the shirt and had some patches of soaked shirt.Feeling discomfort and disgusted she quickly ignored the crown with a flaunting sexy smile and went back to the hotel.

But on her way to the hotel she decided to hang out for a while in a pub and enjoy herself in the disco-the.She went there and sat on the chair and enjoyed the ambiance of the hall.She ordered for a couple of drinks and then went to the disco arena and started dancing with the guys and ladies out there.But the problem is that she did not have any partner so she had to do it.

So she searched for a partner.All of them were foreigners but she did not feel secure.So she searched for an indian or at least an asian.There were some indians hanging around.But most of them were old ones who were staring at her and were asking for autographs and photographs with a stupid grin.Fortunately, she was able to find a perfect partner who is good looking and has a nice body.

Interestingly,he was the only guy who just said hi and returned to his place calmly and just enjoyed the drink.He looked calm and composed and very strong in his mind.Without her knowing,she fell interested in that guy and started moving towards him.Her heels touching the floor with a single move did not make a sound signified that she felt awkward.She went near him and said "Excuse me if u don't mind,can u hook up with me in the disco_the?"."Oh with pleasure" said the man.The man reached his hands streched for holding her hands.Tamanna gave her hands to him with a smile in gratitude.Both of them walked to the disco hall.While going to the hall tamanna asked about him and his personal life."I am Jorfan Evin living in chennai.I am married and i'm 28 yrs of age.I'm a business man just came here to relax my mind."said the unknown man.

"You are beautiful if u were halter tops and tube tops, tamanna" said Evin in a cool and strong tone which mesmerized tamanna. Both of them raised on to the stage where many people have been dancing and doing some real hard fucking in the corners.Tamanna still did not see these things.Tamanna took his hands with hers and started to move and sway her body according to the beats of the music all the time gazing at the looks of the body this man had got.His well shaven face strong body made him special but more than that his attitude he showed towards tamanna was impressive.Soon the song began to catch up and both of them danced and had a good time.Then for the last special theme in that pub it was the rain of alcohols from the ceiling.The DJ asked for some noise and support as the count down ended and alcohol poured down from the ceiling.

The first drop which fell down hit tamanna on her long sexy forehead and glided down smoothly to the side of the eyebrows and went above her nose and slipped across the lips and took a escape through her shirt and hit the bra at the nipples which made a small soaked patch there.Then the sounds rose turning on the party at high voltage for the last 30 mins.Every body were dancing and enjoying the alcohol falling down.The shirt was drenched and her erect nipples were urging to come out from her shirt.Evin was able to see her erect nipples while tamanna was enjoying the dance.But the drinks and the aroma of the alcohol and the ambiance turned on both Evin and Tamannah.

Now tamannah moved her long thin fingers from Evin's shoulders to his neck and then to his chest.Evin who kept his hands on the most sexiest part of tamanna, her waist was pushed above to her face by her hands.Both of them were aroused,their attraction towards each other and the surrounding turned them on.Tamanna was able to see his eyebrows standing up and also his cock poking his pants while Evin was able to see her nipples erect and her waist moving in circles.Both of them locked their eyes and smirked at each other.
Tamanna raised one of her eyebrow and looked at him.

"UUUM" tamanna pulled evin closer and planted a kiss in his lips. Evin also kissed her back in passion as both of them pulled themselves close to each other and stuck their tongue out and started caressing each others tongue."UUWAAGUMM" both the tongues just rolled across each other with saliva sticking on to is tongue and his teeth.Both were bringing their bodies more close to each other.Tamanna wanting more support quickly jumped and got hold of his waist with her legs.She pulled him closer even more.He recieved her ass cheeks made it stick his hands and he gave her the thrust against him."UUUWAHMUU" both of dragged their mouth away for a sec and resumed their fierce kissing.The tongues rolled across one other their teethes bit each others tongue and licked their upper throats."ussssh" their lips opened the way for their tongue.In th end their pace slowed down their lips tasted each others buds for the last time so slowly.Their toungue kissed each other's end their lips separated slowly with their sticky saliva dripping and connecting each others lips.As the music ended, tamanna dripped down from his hold and stood there gazing her eyes into his.Both of their lips were wet waiting for an other chance to lick each other.

Both of them left the pub and called a taxi and came to know that both were in the same hotel which pleased tamanna even more.But still Ervin was calm and strong in his mind as he was which aroused her and made him more attractive for her.But something in them blocked them from having another fucking things.They went around swiss for a couple of days together.

As the third day commenced,Tamannah woke up at 9 AM as she slept late since she kept on thinking about Evin and herself.Especially,the kiss they shared in the pub was reverting her mind.Her heart would pound faster whenever she thought of this.After that beautiful incident,they were not able to do it again.It was may be that he was married or something else that blocked their sexual desires.After waking up,she ordered a cup of coffee and went to the balcony for a little sight seeing.She placed her whity pearl hands on the rung and supported herself on it and eased her ass which busted back a little.

"TICK TICK"the door knocked "Mam i'm the room boy ur cofee? said the boy."Ya come in"said tamanna standing still in the same position.The boy opened the door and turned to see her.Even though he was an swiss he was amazed at the sight and got a hard on the moment he saw her.He dropped his jaw on seeing her ass just pose for him.Her bent knees made the ass to pound back even more.The tightest ass he could have ever witnessed.She also changed her hands on which supported the chin which made a slight movement in her ass.The pink tight 3\4th pant made it too perfect for the ass to be the best attire.The line of the cloth which was between the ass cheeks made it more vulnerable to the boy as he began to rub over his cock.

Meanwhile Evin was on his way to her room.After arriving at the room he found that the room boy was stealthily behind tamanna.He quickly rushed to him and beat him and warned him.After witnessing this tammana.s love and his love got even more intense."OH thank u evin" cried tamanna as she leaned on his chest for a little hug from him.She hugged him taightly and drenched his shirt with her tears.Tamanna asked him to accompany her for a 4 day trek to the sanetsch a mountain in the swiss alps.Both of them packed the things and started their trek from the low hills.The first day night they were able to travel half of their destination.The beautiful place of sanetsch was simply too good for tamanna as she lost her mind in the deafening forest and grassland.

Soon the sun settled down as Evin started to make the tent for their stay.He told her and went into the forest for collecting fuel wood.Tamanna was enjoying herself in the lake bathing there with her shirts on.Being an inhibited area human life was spotted here and there.But due to the wooden pole stuck on her shirt which she did not realize, her bra got torn apart as she was trying to make her way out of the lake.The young men from the woods watching this were turned on immediately as they began to march towards her.

After realizing that her bra was torn she covered it with her hands in shame and started moving towards the half build tent.As she saw the looks of the young men walking towards her she was sure that they were not in a mood to help her.She quickened her pace but the inhabitants were more faster than her as the first one to reach her pulled her down as an lion hunting a deer.Soon the others members joined the party.Tammana closed her eyes in disgust and made her hands firmly pressing her tight soft boobs.But the wild men who were longing for hard brutal fuck easily pulled her hands off her b reast.As the leader pulled her hands off the next 2 men who arrived just started to taste this beautiful deer by bitting her nipples and slapping her tits brutaly.The white breasts of tamanna turned pinkish red."AAAAAH MY GOD WAHT THE FUCK UWWAGH" tamanna's scream was cut short as the 4th man choked her neck making her to beg for breath.Soon the leader went for her trekking pants and removed it.

"wwwuahh naotas" tamanna tried to scream for help but his strong grapple was not allowing her.Both the men who were licking and slapping her breasts now changed their breasts and kissed it and sucked her nipples."SLURP SLURP" the raw flesh muscles which was being sucked by these 2 men created the sounds which was not even crossing the woods.One of them pulled her nipples and then swallowed it fully and caressed her nipples.Even though it was a pleasure for her she felt embarassed and wanted men of top calliber to fuck her.She tried to shout but cant.Whenever she tried she was slept hardly at her face and also at her breasts.The leader who was undressing her pants after seeing the slaps went near her face and saw her being tortured.

He loved this more than fucking a women.He ordered more slappings from the man choking her and also slapped her continuosly at her cheeks.He could see her tears coming from her eyes going straight to the nippleas which were licked by the men sucking her breasts."Oh yaeh u like it fuck damn suck those breasts hard guys i wanna see her cry more." shouted the leader.He suddenly started her slowly for a while and then kissed her liske a beast.This was certainly not a tamed one as she could fell this as the disgusting sex in her life.She was being damaged by these men.Her mouth was bit hardly,her breasts licked,her neck choked and liked heavily.

Quickly after a hard disgusting kiss,The leader shifted his attention back to here pants and continued his removing process.He finally was able to remove her pants.He quickly pushed the pants down to her ankle and stared closely at her pussy with his lips just an inch away.
The guys were tormenting her.The leader smelt the aroma along with the smell of her pussy.He took a deep breathe in before he is going to make her bleed.Tammana who is a kissa was made a whore now.Just as he poked his tongue out to lick it, she raised her leg up and hit him directly in his face with her shoes.The shoe's trace was stamped on his face.The soles were pretty hard which made his face turn pink.

Suddenly the atmosphere was made quiet.The men were looking at their leader still without even leaving a breath. Then the leader stared at her after rubbing his forehead.He then shouted something which was not understood by tamanna.Then the guys turned to her and stared at her. Quickly the men who were sucking her nipples stood up and turned her down and made her lie on them such that she is facing the ground.

Her breasts were loose due to their constant sucking.They fell perfectly on the 2 guys.They then continued their sucking as tamanna began to sob again.She was literally flying now.Suddenly the leader whispered something to the other one who was then strangling her.He then quickly moved across her neck and sat on her neck as if he was riding an elephant.He then grabbed her hair with one hand and started stretching it.While with the other hand he strangled her again.
"UUUUWAGGH" tamanna who was breathing deeply was strangled suddenly as she suffocated a closed air flow which resulted in spitting saliva on the ground.

But the guy paused for a second as he undressed himself.He then resumed his treatment with jerking his cock.Watching all these things,the leader was not able to get out from that shameful experience.So he then removed his shirt went near the lake and drenched it.Soon he came and stood behind her ass cheeks.Saying some passionate sentences he slapped tamanna's ass cheeks with the drenched cloth with an ultimate force."WWWWWWAUGGGHH" saliva splashed out from her mouth that it hit the guys in the front.Since being an woolen cloth which was drenched it gave a severe pain on her ass cheeks.Not pausing a second the ass cheeks were treated brutally.Slaps after slaps the ass cheeks were turned reddish.She was spanked like an hungry beast as she was left with no energy.The sweats thru her eyebrows dripped through her chin and went to the breasts which fell on the 2 men who were sucking.She was experiencing raw sex now.AS she was ...............
As she was being cornered by sex, she also felt the pain.The pain of the raw tortures made by these men were unable to be resisted.Just as the leader poked his tongue out to lik the ass cheeks,"THUMP" he was hammered from behind.To the much anticipation of tamanna it was Evin who hit the leader with the fuelwood.He then quickly hit the other three guys who were playing with the sex queen and the popular idol of south india.

He then quickly woke up tamanna by just patting her face and asked her to go to the tent.She quickly rushed to the tent.But now Evin was facing the danger of the 4 guys.He was fighting hardly with them while tamanna in the tent was praying.But he was getting more blows from the guys.He then quickly grabbed a stick from the ground and knocked them on their heads. Bleeding heavily all went back to their village naked.He quickly ran towards the tent to see what happened to tamanna.He made the tent properly and lit the firewood.It was 8 in the night now.

There were not a single word shared as tamanna went to sleep before he could come and he was guarding just standing infront of the tent.Some sound occured inside the tent.He saw tamanna waking up with nude breasts.She quickly covered it with her arms as he looked at him.He then gave his shirt to her.He asked her about what happened.And she told it with loads of tears.Then it was 9:30 in the night.Both had a small dinner and started to make bed.After making the bed he went to low the firing.After that,he came inside the tent to sleep.

All these incidents were making them more bonded.They were unable to stop staring each other.The ambiance was so calm and tensed which increased their adrenaline secretions. Tamanna quickly pushed Evin towards her and pushed his lip towards her and kissed him on his lips.Soon his mouth opened and then closed with her lips in between.While she also did the same and the saliva were shared as both were wet.Soon this was carried emotionally.Soon she jumped and placed her ass on his cheeks and wrapped him around his wasit.She then let her tongue out which just licked the lips of Evin.Then both of them began to kiss passionaely as the tent was reverberating with the moans of tamanna.Their tongues rolled over other and kissed deeper.Tamanna leaned down to plant her kiss even more as she licked his throat wall with his effort as he raised her ass up which made her easy to do it.She then paused her kiss and looked at his eyes with immense passion her eyers glittering in tears locking deep into his eyes.Her lips still in the shape of kissing, she said in a soft tone"Thanks Evin.I love u.".Evin not replying anything just resumed her kissing by pushing her closer to him and laying down with tamanna above her.

Tamanna then kissed him so fiercely and passionately giving him his slaiva which just flew from her mouth and hit him on his throat.She then moved her head up and kissed his fore head and then dripped downwards to his neck all the way kissing him. She then bit him in his neck and went town to his bare pack chest.He then kissed his bare body and grabbeed his nipples with her mouth and pinched it with her teeth.Feeling the sexiest kiss,Evin kissed tamanna's hair.When she kissed his nipples the saliva ran from there to the waist and through the pants into the boxers and drenched his boxers.She then quickly stood up and sighed him through his eyes and locked his eyes while just moving her waist.She then took his hands to her breasts and "HHAUM" she moaned looking at his eyes as he just caressed her breasts.He then began caressing it so smoothly that it forced to tamanna to undress herself.She then was given the most softest of caresses as Evin was now playing with her boobs.He just outlined the boob with his index finger and then pressed it along the curves.He then kept his palm on her boobs and uused his thumb to just manipulate her nipples."AAH UUM For ck" moaned tamanna as she placed her fingers on his lips.He then began to caress it smoothly with his palms and touch her nipples and twist it occasionally with his fingers.

After experiencing her boobs in his hands he then moved his hands down to her sweating navel which he outlined with his hands.He then clubbed his navel to see her moan in ecstasy. She then twisted his nipples in ecstasy
Tamanna was in the pleasure of her life as she was really close now with her beloved person.She looked at the heavens in gratitude with a soft moan.Evin looked at the scotching beauty look at the skies as he caressed her navel even more.She then leaned down and planted a softest kiss with her unique wide soft lips which looked glossy at the reflection of the moonlight.WOW it was not even a kiss she just placed her hands on his chest and leaned down and just placed her lips with his lips and just rubbed her lower lips with his upper lip.It was not even for a second it was just a rub of her lips for a second but it turned him on so much."AHH" moaned so soft Evin feeling the kiss and his cock grew an inch due to it which lifted tamanna little bit who was sitting on lips.The flavor of the lips made this an extra ordinary kiss which also showed that she was the best kissa in the world.

Her hands in his chest felt so good.The occasional twists of his nipples by her hands due to his cuddling around her slim and sexiest navel turned him more and more.Still her lips was above his upper lip as she was looking at his eyes constantly just bringing him to her concern strangling him to sex with her eye sight making him to come to his feet by her looks.What can he do? he completely surrendered himself to her.She continued locking her eyes into him as she lifted her lips and kissed him at his soft charming cheeks which a pasted a trace of her lip in it.The ambiance which felt perfect for the occasion was filled with the occasional cool breeze from the swiss alps and the luscious full moon which gave a perfect look and lightings for the occasion and then the soft grassy land on which they laid.This made the kiss on his cheeks even more beautiful.She then dragged her lips form his left cheek to right cheek all the way pasting her soft lips via his lips.Once again the soft touch of his lips on her dragging lips made his cock grow even more.

After getting lifted by the growing cock she just leaned above and saw his eyes and talked through her eyes.Her eyes told him that she had been lifted by his growing cock even more with a slight smile with her lips tilting at one side and that she wants more.She then leaned down again and rubbed her nose with his nose in happiness and signing him that she wants more.Shen then kissed him at his forehead and leaned her head up and started to rotate her navel waiting for his next move while locking her eyes into hers.He then locking his eyes into hers said "I want that once more" in a soft and husky tone.She then leaned down again showing her whole body coming towards his eyes with his hands on her waist.This time she rubbed her upper lips in his lower lips.But this time he was unable to bear it as he dragged his hands from her waist through her shirt and grabbed her hair and pushed her towards him and planted a huge kiss at her lips.She then welcomed it with a smooch which he also began to do.She then laid on his body fully and started smooching deeply.He kissed her lips just kept on kissing.She then let her tongue out and started caressing his lower lips with her tongue.Then he let his tongue out and caressed her upper lip until their tongues met each other after which they just licked their tongues so coherently letting each others tongue inside their mouth and sharing their saliva to one another.Her wide lips were able to swallow his lips which then went inside played with his tongue inside her gorgeous cave which was opening and receiving his tongue.

All the way during their smooching it was not only their mouths playing but also their hands.His hands which was dragged to her hair experienced the curves and sweats and her bare back.His hands were inside her shirt and through her collar to her hair.His hands experienced the most impressive body design in the world as it rubbed her navel and bare back which was sweating due to the experience they are having now.His fingers automatically surrounded her curvy long thin hairs and started caressing it while his other hand was happy staying on her waist and just pushing her closer to his body. While his hands were playing her hands were placed deeply on his shoulders making sex marks on his shoulders.Her nails were carving sculptures in his shoulders as they both were kissing passionately and ferociously.Her hands were pressurizing his shoulders to kiss even more which was accepted by him.

Not only their hands,their whole body was hot and was ready to be connected.The feeling of going to be loved by each one at the top most sex way and the beauty of the tamanna and their beautiful kisses and the surrounding atmosphere were enough to make them to shake their bodies. While having the smooch of their lives,Evin was unable to bear the pleasure as his waist began to move to and fro against tamanna.Tamanna's hand went down to his waist and started pinching his muscles in his pubic region.The unique thing done by tamanna gave him pain and pleasure as he was unable to bear the pain and bit her lips in ecstasy.Soon she got hold of his cock over his pants and then just pressed it.Only then the smooch was stopped as he moaned looking at the skies "AAAHH my goodness um". Then after thanking the god he locked his eyes against hers.Then there was a series of looks with their eyes which was interrupted by Evin's moan."HA UUM No dont HAA fuck taht AAH" moaned Evin.Tamanna while caressing his cocks through his pants locked his eyes and said to him"Do u love me? HMM".She moaned as he lifted her hair up which was disturbing her beautiful face.But she didn't allow him to speak as she began to twist his clockwise and then stretched it back and then pushed it down and pulled it up and said "I love fucking love u today man HHHHM" tears went down her eyes as she began to shag his cock even more faster and faster.She stretched it,pinched it,jerked it,pulled it and pushed it down to make him happy.But Evin was in cloud heaven moaning loudly out of his throat due to the pleasure he was getting.He saw tamanna's face which grew his cock even more.After hearing tamanna speak he was not in a position to speak as he being pleasured by her so he leaned down and pushed her towards him while he was being jerked by her and planted a kiss.Tamanna accepted the kiss and started shagging even faster in happiness.He after kissing saw her eyes glittering in pleasure and licked the tears out of her cheeks.He then quickly grabbed her shirt by her waist and then removed it.After removing her shirt he was able to see her navel and cleavage clearly which was sweating as if they were kept in a burner.But he was unable to react as she was shagging his cock and caressed it so nicely that he didn't want to leave it.

But with all his courage he touched her navel and lifted her up and made her sit on his chest while she was jerking his cock.He then held her face of her cheeks just gliding her hair to the said with one hand and caressed her navel with the other.He then glided his hand on her navel up and then slid it to her neck and caressed her collar bone.His hands were roaming around her neck while his eyes were pleading something to her.Knowing his intend,she approved it by dragging his hands onto her breasts and begged him to caress it with her eyes. He quickly brought both his hands and felt the first touch of both the breasts. His fingers then automatically started to press against her boobs ad felt the soft touch of the most whitest breasts a women has had.Tammana being touched so softly raised her eyebrow and closed his eyes in ecstasy as she began to slow down her jerk.Then both of them began to caress their parts in accordance. Even though they were caressing slowly it gave more pleasure than that is got by fast caressing.Tamanna's waist began to move against his waist as he also moved his waist to and fro.New flow of breasts were exchanged.
Then both of them began to caress their parts in accordance. Even though they were caressing slowly it gave more pleasure than that is got by fast caressing.Tamanna's waist began to move against his waist as he also moved his waist to and fro.New flow of breaths were exchanged.He moved his hands against her breasts.Those two balls were pink and fit and tight which were ready to be squeezed after the squeezing done by the rogue guys.Tamanna was looking at the skies searching for the god as his fingers started to play her nipples.Without wasting anymore time he twisted her nipples with his hungry fingers which created a soft moan but a long moan from tamanna.She pinched his cock in ecstasy and sighed him begging him to do it even more.He then raised himself above and reached for her boobs and licked the breasts with his tongue spreading a paste of saliva on it."HHMMM Evin i need you"moaned tamanna as he began to explore her breast while tweaking the other one with his fingers."Slurp" he was licking the soft white skins that made the breasts so passionately as if it was his duty to pay her back the kisses she had given her.His mouth just rubbed and dragged across her breasts and then slipped down to her nipples as his lips was placed against her erect and poking lips.His fingers which were twisting her nipples clockwise stretched the nipples and did a couple of sexy moves to make her cum now itself.But tamanna was holding her cum not wanting to go off the pleasure.His lips slapped against her nipples and revolved around the dotted circles around her nipples."HHAA HUMM Dig in more i love it Evin" moaned tamanna in a soft tone.The full glowing moon the lake nearby the occasional breeze flown from the alps turned them even more as they wanted to stick their bodies even more closer to maintain their body temperature.Quickly both of them stood on their knees but he kept on licking her nipples as she also kept on stroking.Tamanna removed the button in his jeans and dragged his cloth and threw it out of the tent.She also did the same for the boxers.She then resumed her shagging.The first touch of her fingers on his cock made him to pause his sucking and stare at her as if cursing her for tormenting him which allowed him to change the breasts. "AAAAAH it's fuck UMM good" moaned tamanna which was joined with a moan from Evin.She then pulled his cock and let it to and fro making it act like a spring.He now licked the other breasts and around swallowed some muscles by sucking it.She then licked the nipples with his tongue and began to caress her nipples.Tamanna then touched his cock head and his hands were now spread with his precum juices which she applied it on her left breast and tapped it across her breasts.She could feel her milky nipples mix with his hot cum."I HHM want more Evin" moaned tamanna in a husky tone. He then quickly removed her panty and started rubbing his fingers across her pussy just to tease her."AAAAAH dont do that AAAH please no UUM Put it in HHM" moaned tamanna begging him to fingerfuck her.But he was licking her breasts and sucking her nipples very hard wanting more and more milk from her like a hungry pup.He was pushed further down her boob by her hands as she wanted the maximum she could take from.She was in a verge of attaining a sexual fuck with him.Both of them stared at their faces occasionaly just giving themselves a sexy tempting looks to arouse themselves
Evin touched her pussy and started excersing some moves over her pussy lips as she began to moan in pleasure bringing his head more closer to her boobs by pushing him.The more he licked and the sucked her boobs the more faster his fingers pierced through her pussy.Her sweet pinkish pussy lips were hard to stick his hands on as his hands slipped a several times often when tamanna would give a unique moan to make him try again.After trying a couple of times he got hold of her pussy lips as he slid an another finger into her pussy making her moan in a high tone.He was licking her milfy boobs as much he can and especially he played with the rarest nipples in India,the pinkish red one whihc was slapped by his tongue and then tickled also.Tamanna's mouth was open letting the cold air inside her mouth as she felt the pain of being bit in her nipples but the pleasure overwhelmed her.But Evin loved the way her curly hair would fall on her nipples.He then took her curly brownish black hair along with the nipples and licked with his tongue for which tamanna clucked.Her curly which always rests on her shoulder which was an icing on the cake part of tamanna.She released her grip on his head and let him to have her breasts which gave her an unique pleasure as Evin bit her nipples and stretched it a little bit to see her moan.He also hit her pussy with his fingers as tamanna's hands went to guide his hands where to strike her pussy."AAAAH harder UUUM Evin" moaned Tamanna as she pleaded him to push his fingers deep inside her pussy by stretching her pink pussy lips.
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As tamanna stretched her pussy lips wide,Evin while kissing her boob inserted her fingers as she wanted by hitting random spots at her pussy."HHHHUUUUM fuck yeah HAA HMMMM put ur fngaAArs inside me UM" moaned tamanna breathing heavily after finishing her words. This moan aroused Evin as he buried his head deep into her breasts licking and biting it and increased his pace quickly in fucking her pussy.But he didn't let his finger out as he just thrusted his finger only to go inside and not come out.But the juices were secreted in large amounts as his finger would try to slip out from the Bermudian pussy hole.Tamanna was unable to compose herself as she began to shout hoarsely "AAAH AH AAAAAH Fuck HHHHM MAAAA god fuck OOAAAH". Finally she had to bite her lips to stop her moan.Encouraged and turned on by her moans,he was unable to resist his growing cock's urge to release the storage.So he began to jerk his cock and stopped licking her breasts as he watched tamanna twirling her body round shaking her naval hard not to cum looking at the heavens in ecstasy.It turned him even more as he began to jerk his cock even more harder looking at tamanna's reaction to his strikes in her pussy with his mouth open."AAAAAAHHH just a little more AAAAAH evin i wanna cummmmaaaaaaa" moaned tamanna urging him to strike her even more faster with his hands.Quickly he made her lie on the bed and went through his legs and smelt the aroma of her pussy leaking with her cum juices.He then released his fingers from her wet sexy pussy and kept it on her waist as he moved forward to enter into her pussy with his mouth.Before he could enter her pussy,she dragged his cum-coated fingers to her breasts and tapped it against her nipples and started to rub it against her nipples."HHHAAA HAAA HAA UMM fuck put in ur tonguAAAH",tamanna gasped for breath as her never ending moan was slowing down as she was unable to breathe.He quickly opened his mouth dragged the outer labia and then pushed his tongue forward to lick the inner labia on the other pussy lip after which he kissed the clitoris with his tip of the tongue and spit his saliva on her pussy."HHHAAAAAAAUUM HAA HAA YYYUMM I'm" moaned tamanna as she fought hard not to cum but had cummed the half of her storage already as she was struggling for breath.The little cum which was white as a pearl slid across the open vaginal hole which Evin used to poke inside her vaginal hole and licked her G-spot.
"AAAAH UUUM UUUM i'm cuming cuming aaaah" moaned tamanna as she closed her eyes and looked at the heavens as if she attained the unattainable."UUUUAAAAMGH" the flowing cum hit his licking tongue as he lifted it which splashed the cum up to his mouth which was already open with the teeth being duller in colour than the cum as it hit the uvula.He just chewed the semi solid cum with his tongue and then went for the spilt one around her pussy.Meanwhile tamanna's concerned close face was gradually started to smile as she released her cum to her partner.
After releasing her pressure he raised herself and looked at Evin licking her thighs which was made dirty by her cum.He then with the coating of cum in his mouth looked at her with a wicked smile.She quickly pulled him to her and kissed him at his lips and stared at him with his eyes locking deep into her eyes.She then rubbed her lips against his lips just taking out the cum coating into her lips."Damn u r fucking sexy" said Evin in a silent down as he pushed her with his hands on her cheeks and planted a smooch. Their tongues rolled once again tasting each other's saliva along with their cum.Meanwhile tamanna's hands went to his cock and started teasing it by drawing some lines with her nails.Then suddenly he began to bob his up and down with her fingers enclosing his cock.Slightly their kiss separated by layers as their sticky saliva joined their mouth as they stuck their eyes on each other.She quickly leaned her head down bent her back making her waist go back raising her ass up and leaning down her head and started jerking his cock with her hands with her lips inches away from his cock head.His w=mouth was watering as he supported himself with his two arms placed on the bed."Please dont tease me just get the fuck out of it" said Evin in a begging tone.But tamanna was looking at the pre cum juices floating on the cock.She jerked the cock up and down so slowly tilting her head from left to right thinking what she can do to this cock.She then licked the precum juices by poking her tongue out and rubbing it against his cock.She scooped the cum with her tongue and looked at Evin who closed his eyes and looked at the heavens in the pleasure of getting licked.He then while moaning pushed tamanna's face close and made her lips touch his cock and started to rub her lips with his cock."AAAHHH yeah rub it AAAAh" moaned softly Evin as he caressed tamanna's hairs. Tamanna moved her looks to his cock which she was jerking and licking it's head.She then without wasting any time let her mouth open and took Evin's cock in his mouth as she started to thrust forward to absorb his cock. "AHHHHHHH AAAAAH Fuck yeah go deep AAAAAHHHH" Evin's moan increased in volume as more and more of his cock was being covered by Tamanna."UUUUWAJJJHG" the sounds of the liquids colliding and touching the throat was heard from Tamanna's mouth as she forced her head down making a huge gulp sound as she now absorbed the cock fully and now was aiming for the balls."NO NO no AAAAHHHHHH UUM ah please" shouted Evin as he took tamanna's face out of his cock.Her mouth was oiled by cum juices as she spread it across her whole face."AAAAH just come from the balls" said Evin.Tamanna leaned down and bit the balls and took it in her mouth making him secrete more cum.The sounds of air being sucked in his balls sent shivers across his whole body.He was meanwhile adjusting her hair which fell on his cock as a disturbance.As he combed her hand to one of her side he was able to see her other side cleanly with the ear moving here and there as she was kissing sucking his balls.After seeing this,he quickly leaned down and kissed her ears and bit it.Tammana felt the bite as she moaned while having his balls in his mouth.He was playing with her ears sucking and licking it as she was playing with his balls.But this did not last long as she quickly took his cock within seconds into her mouth and started thrusting forward and backward. "AAAAAHHH fuck HHHM HHHM HHHM" moaned Evin as he left his hold against her ears and began to thrust his cock into her mouth.The way he moaned also made her horny as she began to increase her pace.He moaned slowly and said her to fuck the shit out of him and helped her get rid of her hair as she forced her mouth to and fro.He quickly when moaning said "Hold your held still" as he held her head with his hands. "AAAAHHH fuck UUUM AAAHH" moaned Evin as he experienced his cock moving to and fro against her mouth slowly and in a caressing manner.He then fastened his pace and moved his cock to and fro hitting the wall of tamanna's throat piercing through the uvula."HHHM HHHM HHHM i'm gonna cum cum AAAHHHH" the moan expressed his relief as he unloaded his cum directly into tamanna;s mouth which was spilling with his cum as it dripped down to her sweating breasts and nipples.Evin relaxed as he fell on the pillow with his head landing on it.Tamanna meanwhile was sucking her body and also his cock to clean up the sperm-mess that occurred.

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