Sweet and Sexy Daughter in Law
Krishnan was upset with himself. For the past 27 years he has been working almost every day. His promotion three years back, ensured that he has to travel more, chair more meetings but do little physical exercise. Three years of meetings with cookies, pizza, tea/coffee and juice made him put a lot of weight on the mid section. About a month back, he started to get excruciating pain on the lower back and he found it difficult to get up from bed after sleep and also sometimes while lying down he had pain and then pray that sleep engulfed him quickly.
At 48 years he was not very young but was not old either. The back pain also made his sex life almost non existent. For his wife Padma aged 44 years, Krishnan's back pain was a relief as she could not be disturbed during the nights or in the early mornings for sex. For her, bringing up her only son Kumar for the past 24 years was itself a full fledged commitment which she did with aplomb. Kumar got married eight months back and he is an IT professional. The daughter-in-law Ramya stayed at home and kept herself busy by dabbling in vocational courses like Music, Painting etc. Coming from a small town (Palghat in Kerala) she was loving the city of Chennai for its buzzing environment and the beaches and malls filled her with excitement.

Kumar and Ramya were quite happy and had a decent sex life. Ramya was brought up in an environment wherein it was an unwritten rule that the husband was considered the master of the house and the in-laws should be respected at all times. Her parents were quite strict and she was brought up as a typical middle class aspirational girl. Kumar was smitten by her fair skin, big eyes and thick lips. Though Padma had reservations on Ramya's looks, Kumar was quite happy and when he met her, he quickly said that she liked her. Ramya felt happy that Kumar's decision was very fast instead of the usual "please give us two/three days to comeback". Ramya's parents gave her loads of advice and she in turn took it in a very positive angle and decided to be a good daughter-in-law.
Padma slowly warmed up to Ramya and was very happy that after her coming she could get out of the house for a few hours and spend her time with friends and relatives.
But with Krishnan's back pain, Padma was forced to cut down her outdoor visits and the visits were more for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres. Krishnan had the habit of exaggerating the pain and finally many of the doctors suggested surgery for him. Though he was afraid, Krishnan was more in favour to get surgery down at a leading hospital in Coimbatore. A chance meeting with a childhood friend of Krishnan, who was a leading physician changed everything. His friend gave him enough reasons why surgery is not the right option, but getting treatment through a combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and diet. He also suggested a place near Palghat where a famous vaid was available and who has done wonders for patients with such ailment.
Padma, Kumar and Ramya wanted Krishnan to give a shot at this and if things do not improve in a month's time, the surgery option could be considered. Though inwardly relieved Krishnan made such a fuss and ultimately consented saying he is doing so to make them happy. Krishnan applied for three months leave which was also granted.
Ramya spoke to her parents and it was decided that all of them will go to her parent's place and then Kumar and Ramya will return after a few days of stay there. Ramya's parents were overjoyed and they made all the arrangements. Krishnan's visit to the vaid went of well and after the second day, the vaid suggested breathing, bending exercise followed with oil massage along the spine region by applying pressure with the thumbs in a linear motion starting from the neck region to the end of the spine. He said he will depute his assistant who will come to their place and explain the things.
Krishnan's in-laws were very happy that everything will be done at home itself. The next day the vaid's assistant came. He was a twenty year old young man and he demonstrated the exercise and made Krishnan do it. Kumar, Padma and Ramya were watching. He then made Krishnan lie on down on his stomach and gave Ramya a bottle of oil and asked her to get about 15 ml of the oil mixed with 50 ml of coconut oil and warm the mixture. He instructed that the oil should be heated in a clean brass vessel and the temperature should be bearable and not too hot. Ramya went to the kitchen to get it done. In the meanwhile Kumar excused himself and went out for his morning walk.In the meanwhile, the young vaid asked Padma to learn how to press the spinal area with thumb and how the movement has to be measured while moving from the top to the bottom. He did couple of demonstrations all the while enquiring with Krishnan how he was feeling. Krishnan said he got a tingling sensation when the thumbs were were applying pressure and was able to sense their movement. He asked Krishnan to relax himself. He then asked Padma whether she would like to try and get see whether she will be able to do it well. Padma who was wearing the sari, sat down besides Krishnan and started to knead the spine with her thumbs. The young vaid was asking Krishnan how he was feeling. Krishnan said though he was able to feel Padma's hand movement, he did not feel the pressure. The young vaid sat on the other side of Krishnan and was facing Padma. He then did a quick stroke again, Krishnan gave a moan and said he could feel the pressure. He then told Padma how to hold the thumb and again do the message. Krishnan said he did not get the tingling sensation. The young vaid quickly went and sat on his hind legs near Padma and took her hands on his and said "Amma, I will teach you, please remove the gold bangles. I will apply pressure on the top of your thumb and we will get Sir's opinion whether he feels okay?". Saying this he took her hands in his, held her two thumbs and made the massage pattern. Krishnan gave a moan indicating that the pressure was right. Ramya then walked in with the oil in a brass vessel. The vaid got up and took the oil. He rubbed them in his palms and then made the massage with his thumb again. Krishnan felt very relaxed, he was almost drowsy. Ramya excused herself and went to get the breakfast ready. The young vaid told Padma to take some oil her palm apply it on Krishnan's spinal area and do the massage with her thumbs. She did not get it right again. The young vaid sat behind her, and then held her hands and made the motion. Krishnan moaned again.

Padma was so concentrated on her work, she did not notice her pallu had slipped and the young vaid was bringing her hands closer. She was touching the sides of her breasts with her elbow and upper arm and it was making her breasts jut out. Since Krishnan was feeling good, he was about to sleep. The vaid kept Padma's hand in his and was almost embracing her while making her repeat the massage again and again. Padma was also suddenly feeling that her breasts were tingling with pleasurable sensation and her bosom was heaving and She had a feeling of suffocated. The vaid moved his arm to her forearm, thereby making Padma apply the right pressure. His forearm was touching her breast and when she was massaging Krishnan's spine, the young vaid's arm was crushing her breasts. She was feeling sweaty and her pussy was tingling. After fifteen strokes or so, she cummed and the vaid feeling the sudden tremor in her hands and back quickly got up and said that is enough for the day, loudly. Krishnan was snoring and the Vaid then told Padma please give him a bath after one hour in warm water. He refused to have food and said to Padma and Ramya that he will be coming for two more days and after that they have to do the massage themselves. Padma did not even have the energy to acknowledge and she desperately rushed to the bathroom to wash herself.

Padma took long time to compose herself once she was inside. She was feeling nauseated with herself for allowing the orgasm to happen by the mere touch of her breasts by the young vaid. She quickly removed her clothes put them in a bucket and was filling it with water. It suddenly struck her that she did not even bring her towel and new set of clothes. Tears welled in her eyes and she cursed herself almost loudly for doing such a thing, without thinking. With her old clothes fully wet she cannot go outside wearing them. She composed herself with a few deep breaths and then decided to first wash the clothes, then take bath and afterwards call out someone to get the towel and new clothes.
By this time Ramya's father Jayaraman and mother Suganya were talking with their daughter. They usually get to talk freely with their daughter only when the in-laws are not around. Luckily today, Kumar had gone for the walk, Padma was taking bath and Krishnan was fast asleep. Jayaraman at 46 years and at 62 Kgs was just 5ft and 4 inches tall and was easily towered by his wife Suganya, aged 42 years and at 64 Kgs who was 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Ramya many a time used to feel awkward when her friends came home to meet her and she had to introduce her parents. She used to request her mother not to straighten herself and not stand near her father during those occasions. She was surprised that her in laws did not take this as a big thing and she was very happy with her husband for not remarking even once from the time she got engaged about her mother being taller than her father.
Jayaraman was very happy to see that his daughter has gained some weight and at 5 feet 5 inches she also was taller than him. Suganya wanted to know whether things are okay and how she was faring well with Padma. She said "tell me the truth, now no one is here. I was always worried and I was fearful that you may not be telling the truth while talking to me from chennai due to the presence of your husband or in laws. Are you really happy? How are they treating you?. Do you need anything from us for your own expenses?". Ramya looked at her parents and said "I am very happy. My MIL and FIL do not make me work much. Krishnan is usually away and Padma after breakfast used to come home only in the evening or late afternoon. Kumar's diet is not very demanding, typical south indian wanting idlis, dosas or rice with sambar etc. Kumar's salary and Perks are handed over to me and recently he opened a joint account in my name too. I am also to go out on my own and very recently MIL also has given me a spare key, so that I and Kumar can plan our outdoor trips as we please".
Jayaraman and Suganya were quite thrilled. They were happy to hear that their daughter Ramya is really been treated well and that she is happy too.
Suganya then blurted " How is Kumar? Is he making you Happy?". Ramya did not understand what her mother was referring to and said "He keeps telling me to learn and be independent. I was awe struck initially about Chennai, but he keeps encouraging me to venture outdoors and get new friends".
Suganya cut her short and asked " Is he really making you happy?". It only then dawned on Ramya what her mother was referring to and she blushed and looked at her with surprise. She felt awkward that her mother asked her this in front of her Dad. ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) She stammered " I am happy Amma. Don't ask such questions like this directly". She could see her father squirming by her reply but her mother, Suganya's face brightened further. Suganya just tapped her on the shoulder and said " I am thrilled. We should go to our ancestral temple and complete the offerings that have been committed. we are blessed to get such a place for you. You are an understanding person and we knew you could manage even if things are not too perfect, but this is really a blessing. How long Kumar will be here? It would be great if we can go all together. I will speak to your MIL and get her consent".
Padma meanwhile had completed scrubbing the of her clothes, the effort her tosweat more. She quickly rinsed the clothes and then wrung the clothes to remove the water. She put them on the clothesline and emptied the bucket and started to fill it with water to start off with her bath. As she felt the first impact of the cold water on her hot body, she shivered a little and then started to quickly pour water on herself. In her haste, she again had poured water on her hair. She takes head bath only twice in a week, but the bath then is preceded with oiling her lengthy hair, it reaches up to her lower midriff, and then shampooing the hair nicely and taking her time to complete this. But today she was not in here elements. She started to look for Shampoo in that bathroom but could not find any.
She then wet herself by pouring a few mugs of water and then took the soap and lather herself up. She thought of the morning incident with the young vaid. She reasoned that, may be not having sex for the past three months might have caused her to orgasm by the mere touch of the vaid. Though Krishnan demanded sex almost every day or every time when they are together in the night, he hardly did foreplay and it was usually the slam bang, thank you mam stuff. She felt pain most of the times which led to her inventing excuses to stay out of Krishnan's reach. She used to accede to Krishnan twice or thrice in a week, when he is not travelling, so that he does not get frustrated. She has got used to this type of Sex. Krishnan's salary and perks made her feel happy and Kumar's academic pursuits ensured that she did not even have the time to think about straying or looking for sex outside. She was lost in her thoughts and she brought her hands to soap her breasts, she felt her breasts again perking up. Her nipples were jutting out and were really hard. She kept the nipple of her right breast between her middle finger and forefinger of her right hand and started to pull it outward. She could sense a warm flush feeling across her body and slowly her breathing was getting laboured. She did the same on her left breast. After few moments she kept her right palm across her right breast and started to rub vigourously. She wanted to stop but the pleasurable sensation was not allowing her to do it and instead she was rubbing more furiously. She dropped the soap from her left hand and slowly started to rub across her pussy. Few moments later she had her second climax for the day and she was stunned.
Padma poured water and cleaned the floor with the help of the broom and hastily dressed herself in a Saree, so that no one's suspicious of the time taken. She usually did not wear panty or bra while she was in Chennai (at home) and in her daughter-in-laws place too she dressed the same. She had wet her hair so she had tied her hair with the white towel and went directly to the puja room. Since she had not dried herself the saree clung to her body in the midriff and her inner pavadai was clinging to her legs. There were wet patches in the blouse. She sat in her haunches, lit the lamp and bend over to pray. Jayaraman who was accidentally passing through the Puja room caught sight of Padma and was mesmerized by the view. Padma's pallu had fallen down and her ample bosom and cleavage were quite visible to Jayaraman. Padma was fervently praying to god and wanted the urges that she felt twice in the day to be forgiven and was inwardly seeking that such instances should not occur. She was not aware that Jayaraman was ogling her and she was giving him a view that the poor man was not able to shift his view. In the mean while unknown to Jayaraman, his daughter Ramya was coming and before he could gather himself she was besides him. Quickly gathering his wits Jayaraman moved off, but Ramya came to the same place and looked into the Puja room and was shocked to see the view. She knew that her father was ogling at her mother-in-law. Ramya grunted to make Padma realize that she was also in the Puja Room. Padma gathered herself and smiled at Ramya as she was getting up. Ramya knew that her mother-in-law was not aware of the presence of her father and she was really angry at her father for his action. At that time Kumar came back and he wanted to speak to her.
Since Krishnan was sleeping, Padma did not want to disturb him and she went and sat besides him in the floor. Kumar came with Ramya and motioned Padma to come out. Padma whispered to Kumar "the vaid has asked father to be given bath after a hour. But after many days I am seeing him peacefully sleeping. I don't want him to be disturbed. Let him take bath after he wakes up". Kumar said "I am getting bored here. I and Ramya want to go to the Malampuzha dam in the afternoon. Would you like to come". Padma said "No. Let me be with your father. You both go. Why don't you ask Ramya's parents? They can be of help too. We will go some other day". Ramya went and asked her Mom (Suganya) whether "you and appa are planning to come to Malampuzha with us?". Though Suganya wanted to go, Krishnan after being caught red handed by Ramya ogling at her MIL, wanted to avoid being with his daughter. He said to Suganya "Remember today, I have to be in the office. Let the young one's enjoy. We will go some other day with them. Ramya's in-laws also might need your help". So it was decided Ramya and Kumar only will go. In the next one hour, Jayaraman got himself ready and went on his way to the office. Ramya after assisting her mom in the kitchen, took bath ate breakfast along with Kumar and went to malampuzha in an auto. Suganya also took her bath and seeing Padma sitting near her husband decided to finish her puja, which usually takes around 45 minutes.
Just as Suganya entered the puja room, Krishnan woke up and he felt very refreshed. Assisted by Padma, he entered into the bathroom. The oil in the back was snaking to his feet, but the back pain had subsided a great deal and he felt good. Padma quickly filled the bucket with warm water and as was about to go out to get his new clothes and towel. Krishnan saw that Padma looked really beautiful with her hair tied in the towel and he went and embraced her. Padma was surprised by this sudden hug and she loudly said "what happened to you?". Krishnan quickly held her and kissed her forcefully and Padma was trying to free herself from his gasp and mouthing "mmmmm..". A part of Padma's pallu fell into the bucket and was getting soaked. Krishnan hungrily palmed her breast and started kneading her and she was almost wrestling him to leave her. She accidentally tripped on the bucket and it fell with a thud. Krishnan momentarily let her go and Padma gathered her pallu and dashed off. Hearing the commotion, Suganya came out of the Puja room and was surprised to see Padma coming out of the bathroom with her saree in disarray. Padma's bosom was heaving and seeing Suganya, she blurted out saying "she tripped on the bucket, but everything is ok". Suganya did not say anything and seeing the heaving bosom of Padma understood what might have happened and with a sly smile moved back into the Puja room.
Suganya once in the Puja room tried to concentrate on reciting the shlokas but the heaving bosom image of Padma kept coming back and she was getting frustrated as she was missing the lines she knew by heart. She found the shloka book and started to read from it. In the meanwhile Padma was getting angry with herself and Krishnan and tears were forming in her eyes. "What will Suganya think about me. This husband of mine has created such a scene. How can I look at her face? Let me try to be nonchalant and explain only when she broaches the subject. I hope she will have the decency to keep it with herself and not discuss this with her husband, daughter or friends". While her thoughts were on, Krishnan called up from the bathroom saying "Padma, my back is paining and I need your help". Padma quickly got into the bathroom and pushed the door back hoping that the door would close fully. But it did not. Krishnan was sitting in the floor, nude saying "I am unable to get back. Please soap me up and wash me". Padma though flustered by this request lifted her saree up and adjusted her pallu so that the saree does not get drenched fully. She pulled back her bangles, with a slight wetting of her hand started to soap Krishnan's back. She was sitting in her haunches and started to soap him. Krishnan was in seventh heaven, his back pain though was severe, (excepting during the first two months of Marriage with Padma, had never been able to get her into the bathroom for soaping his back), his manhood was raising its temper and was becoming hot and erect. He hid his member within his thighs, though the heat from his cock was radiating on the undersides of his thigh region.Oblivious to this Padma had finished soaping his back and moved to face him.
Krishnan looked lovingly at Padma and saw a streak of soap bubble across her forehead. He just touched her and Padma jerked back. She whispered or rather hissed, "Don't do anything now. I will otherwise go out. Your morning action was witnessed by Suganya and I am ashamed". Krishnan muttered "Paddhu, in the morning I felt good after the sleep and you with the towel tied around your hair like a bun (kondai), looked very sexy and I actually just wanted to feel and kiss you. You know I am addicted to you and for the past few months I never had the energy and inclination to even hug you, kiss you, forget about having sex. Today morning I thought I will satisfy the urge a little. But you only over reacted. I am your husband and you acted as though I am a third person". Padma blushed and said " aiye, saar feels very romantic today?, I also should not have over reacted". Krishnan grabbed her head in one motion and kissed her in the mouth. Padma felt herself giving in but was worried and was mouthing "mmmmf" and pulled herself. Krishnan slowly kept his hand on her breasts and started kneading her over the blouse. Padma tried getting up, but krishnan kept his left hand on her shoulder and continued kneading of her left breast. Padma said "don't do this. What has happened to you? Stop it." Krishnan tried to pull her towards him and in that process extended his legs fully and the throbbing cock came in full view of Padma. She said "cheeiyee, let me go".
Suganya by this time mumbled few shlokas and decided she will not get anywhere to recite the verses with devotion and did a bow to the god's idols and pictures. She did not hear anything from her sambandhi's toom. Thinking Padma might be feeling bad and so has confined herself, she thought she will cheer up without mentioning about the morning incident and slowly entered into their opened room without knocking. The bathroom door which was only partially closed gave her a full view of Krishnan's back and Padma's face. Padma's face was flushed and she had closed her eyes. Suganya wanted to turn back and go but stood rooted.

Krishnan's full cock in view (though its average in size only), made Padma feel hot and further Krishnan's kneading was making her breasts respond, her face was flushed and as Krishnan was pulling her she kept her hand in his cock. Krishnan was in seventh heaven. Padma understood krishnan's state and decided to do a handjob. With her soapy hands she started to move her closed hand from the base of Krishnan's cock to the tip. Krishnan relaxed and now had his hands by the sides and knew what Padma was upto. He wanted a release badly and if Padma's handjob will do that it is great. With her eyes closed Padma started to go faster and within twenty rubs, Krishnan's pulsating cock was ready to cum. She slightly opened her eyes and she saw the cock spurting the semen and cum flowing into the sides of the now deflating cock. She saw a relieved smile of Krishnan and felt happy and that made her face blush more. Krishnan quickly kissed her and sat back.
Padma quickly poured water, soaped Krishnan's chest, thigh, face and legs and again with few mugs of water cleaned him. When she gathered herself up to take the towel, she saw the outline of Suganya going out of their room. She quickly banged the door and started to towel Krishnan. She was confused, angry and was dazed. Krishnan said "rub the towel slowly". Padma was not in a state to listen and she was doing it hurriedly. She helped Krishnan to get up, wear his underwear and helped him tie his dhoti and went out of the bathroom. Krishnan was quite taken back by the change in Padma's behaviour and he slowly got out of the bathroom. Once Padma came out she realized that their room's door itself was open, she quickly closed it and went to change her drenched dress.

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