Suma, Uncle and Maid – Part I
Hii Readers,
This is Suma again. For those who are new, a brief introduction. Im 27yrs , from Kerala. Hope u have not forgotten my earlier story named Suma, Daddy and His Friends, My Home 1 & 2, and all. I am here to share more with u. Do give feedbacks about my stories on xxxxxxxx

This incident happened a few years back when I was doing my degree. I had a project for which I had to stay in the city for a month or so. So I was left to stay with my uncle Vinod who was staying there. He was a divorcee and was staying alone there. The only other person was a maid servant who would be staying there since she came from a remote place. I went there and got acquainted with Rekha. She was very calm n quite type of lady in her late twenties. She had left her home with her lover at 20years but he left her after a couple of years. She had been working like this in various houses since then. She was a little dark complexioned but had a pretty face and definitely had good features which would make not only males but anybody horny (just like me). She had a long hair on a 5 7 body with maybe 60 to 65 kg. I could judge her statistics could be something around 36 28 36. I could not just imagine how uncle would be staying in control living with her. That day my parents stayed with us. Uncle came in the evening and we chatted a lot as usual. He was a good company.
Next day my parents went back and I joined my project. I would reach the firm by 9.30 and would leave by 2.30 or so so that mostly I remain take lunch after coming back and adjust with some snacks in between. I found that during daytime Rekha didi would be wearing just her skirt n blouse so that she would be comfortable during her household jobs. She walked around in that dress and served me my lunch. I was getting really excited thinking of my les days with my friends. When she served me her tits were very close to my mouth that I thought I would just grab it with my mouth. She stood behind me and was massaging my shoulders while I was having meals. My itch was growing minute by minute. I finished somehow and went to the bathroom and fingered myself to a couple of earth shattering orgasms. I slept a while and woke up to find her with my tea. I controlled myself and took the tea from her and sat to watch TV.
After sometime Uncle Vinod came. He was in his late thirties. I welcomed him with my usual hug. But he kept me in that position for unusually long as his fingers roamed over my back. He hugged me tightly so that my small tits were jammed between us. I didn’t give it much notice. He went into his room to change. Rekha didi soon followed with tea. She had worn a saree before uncle came back. I was busy in some movie. It took quite some time for them to come back. I tip toed to his room. It was not properly closed. What I saw made me cum then and there. There was Vinod uncle sitting on the bed and Rekha didi knelt between his thighs. Her head was moving ferociously up and down. Uncle was relaxing with his head thrown back and closed eyes. I just raised my skirt and fingered myself there. My climax matched uncles and he seemed to cum a lot. Didi never removed her head. She might have drank all that hopefully. I rushed back to my seat. Soon didi came out and I could see her wiping her lips. A few minutes later uncle too came out. I pretended not to know anything but I couldn’t help looking on the front of his dhoti. He sat near me and put his hand around me and pulled me close to him. I started feeling shy at him for the first time. We chatted for quite sometime. I had my eyes on his bulge quite a few times. It was really big I suppose.
After dinner Rekha didi went to sleep. Uncle called me into his room saying that he was having some new movie on his computer. I was wearing a short skirt just reaching my knees and a tight tshirt. He was sitting in front of the computer and there was no suitable second chair. I told him that I will get one from the other room. But he pulled me by hand and made me sit in his lap. That was not unusual before but today after seeing all the live sex I became really shy. He was just wearing a dhoti. I relaxed back onto him as the movie started. He put his left arm around me and held my hand. The right one was on the mouse. The movie had lot of kissing scenes and every time it reached there, I could feel a twitch beneath my thighs. Soon his right hand was covering my tummy between my body and my arm. I was getting really excited. He slowly started moving his fingers on my stomach over my t shirt. I was feeling horny like hell. But we didn’t utter a word to each other. His left hand moved to my thigh and was feeling it all over my skirt. I pressed myself to him more. His lips started slowly nibbling at the nape of my neck. I closed my eyes a bit and rested my head on his shoulder. His fingers started creeping under my tshirt. . His right hand moved up under my t shirt and squeezed my small tits over my bra. And his left hand moved in between my thighs right on my mount covered by my panties n skirt. I couldn’t control myself and moaned softly. He asked softly “Should I stop beti”. I couldn’t control anymore. “Ohhh please uncle… don’t stopp…. Pls continue what u r doing to me…” I thought I would cum just by his caresses alone. He raised my tshirt above my bra and started squeezing my tits openly. His lips moved to my ears and neck. I couldn’t control my moans. Meanwhile he had changed the movie to a xxx. I couldn’t take eyes off the screen. He raised my skirt and started playing with my clit over my panties. He turned me slightly and adjusted my position so that his cock was between my thighs and his mouth was on my bra.
There I sat shamelessly moaning on my uncles lap with his cock between my thighs and his fingers on my clit with his mouth covering my bra clad tits. I started pushing on his hand as I could not take all those sensations. He held me strong and kept stroking me. He moved my panties to a side and inserted one finger. “ooohhhhhh….. uncle Im not used to such big fingers…… plss be gentle….” “Its ok slut. U will get used to bigger cocks now” I couldn’t believe my ears that he is calling me bad names. But I was at the height of enjoyment. I started cuming on his fingers again and again. “OOhhhhh Unclee Imm cuminggg…..” “That’s it Sumaa…. Cumm on my fingers… U r such a real slut. U cant resist ur uncles fingers. Mein tujhe chodna sighaunga… Meri randi betii …. You are too sweet for a slutt…. Cumm baby…. and Cumm on my fingers” I was cuming over and over “Yeessss uncle Plsss don’t stoppp…. Yyeessss….” The girl on the screen was being fucked in all holes. I came like hell and collapsed on him. He kissed me hard on my lips with our tongues entwining. He took me in his arms, carried me to the bed and laid me down. He lay beside me and hugged me from behind. He hugged me from behind and started playing with my tits again. I was too tired for I had cum endlessly. “Are u happy meri Suma beti”. All I could do was to murmur yes. I could feel his cock bulging against my ass cheecks. He took my hand and made me hold his tool and started jacking his cock with my hand. “OOOhhh uncleee its soo hot”. “mmmm meri randi beti. I never thought u would be such a slut….” I felt ashamed though I continued stroking my uncles cock. His lips were all over me; on my lips, my neck, my tits, everywhere. “OOhhhh Sumaaa…. Kuthiyyaaa… You are playing with ur uncles cockk…. Make mee happy randii….. Aaj tujhe chodkar hi rahungaa…. Mmmm….” He pushed 2 fingers into my snatch. “OOhhhh Uncleeee NNNOOOO……” I screamed. He had inserted till his knuckles in one push and started finger fucking me hardly. I made my hand movement fast hoping to make him cum before he would fuck me for I was too tired. He tried to hold on but soon came in my hands. Uncle collapsed on me. He smiled and said “Raandi aaj tub bach gayi. Kal to tujhe jaroor chodunga..” I kissed him and said “Sorry Uncle Vinod; I got too tired from cuming. Kal agar aap mujhe nahi chodenge to mein aapko chudvaungi. Khush??” “Ohh Sumaa .. U r really a bitch in heat…” He lay by my side and kissed me. I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked his cum from them as the girl in the computer screen was doing. He said “OOhhh…. Raandii… u r a real good slut. U r learning very fast. Did u lke its taste.” “mmmmm…. Its ok uncle…. Its part of fun right….”. I kissed him on his lips one last time and went to my room to sleep.
In the morning I woke up late. I had surely missed my project. I called up Rekha didi for tea. She came in her usual blouse and skirt. Upon seeing her I started getting horny. She gave me the tea and asked “How was ur night baba? Did u sleep well.” I stood up and went to her. I put my right hand on her left tit and squeezed it. She looked surprised. With my left hand I took hold of her hair and pulled her face to me. I pressed my lips to hers and pushed in my tongue. We tongue kissed for quite sometime. She stood there very submissively. I disengaged the kiss and asked “what did u ask?” She said “ehh… did u sleep well baba?” I pulled her to me and pressed my body to hers. “Didi… can u sleep with a hot pulsating lund in ur hand.” She laughed and kissed me back. “Kuthiya….. pehle din hi unse chudvayi… Abhi meri kya hogi….” We both laughed and fell on the bed……………..
To be continued……………………………………..

Please do give ur views on my email. My stories will be real in part and fantasies for the rest. I am not planning to meet anyone whom I come across on net; so no need for requests of address, phone no: etc. If u would like me to write more (as per ur reviews) I shall definitely continue the same.

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