Suhasini’s honeymoon time
Hai friends, Suhasini here. Life is so beautiful after marriage with Sri. After our first mate, we continued that night there on the floor in the hall for four times. We got sleep and were sleeping on the floor only. In the early morning sri waked me up and we went into bed room. Then I understand the use of a big bed. We both covered under a same blanket naked. He is hugging me. All my body is aching with pain. But again I want sri to come inside me. You all might think how this lady got so much of love towards her husband forgetting her lover Rajesh. But this is the magic of marriage u feel so secured and bonded to that person and u start loving your wife or husband from the first day immediately after marriage. It’s a life time relation to share everything. Sri is mad of sex. He loves sex than anything else in life. That I understood with in two days of our sexual life. I wondered how this much sex interest and he doesn’t have any affair till now? Friends I should admit that Even though Sri knows that I had sexual experience with Rajesh before marriage he never talked about that and I feel he never remembered that. But I only asked Sri one day “Sri you are tooo good in bed, do have any experience before marriage?” He said he watched so many adult movies while in college, also went to call girls two times. But he never dared to have sex with them. He said his “tool did not cooperated actually” he said he was worried for some days that he is impotent and met a doctor also. The doctor told him” see dear, it’s because of fear your pennies is not cooperating. So wait till you meet your wife. There your heart will be filled with love and affection not with fear. Then your “Hero” will also show his power” we laughed discussing about this.Sri said he was attracted towards some girls in college but never felt this much of force of heart saying “I need her under any cirmstances” what I felt for Suha. Sri talks very sweet. The sweet talks will end up in hard intercourse. For the next 2 months we were completely mad in sex. He used to skip the office in the afternoon and come to my office and I also used to take half days and we will hurry to home. We used to go for movies and during the movie; he used to make me hot by rubbing my hands, thighs and licking my fingers. I used to scold him, but finally he will make me horny and we will suddenly leave the movie and go to home for an encounter. We kept some codes and signs to express the need when we are with people. If he or myself wants kiss we will just keep the index finger on our lips, if we feel wild and wanted sex we keep our middle finer in between our lips, if we feel want of soft sex we just rub the finger around the lips. Sri says lips are symbol of pussy lips. If one want to call other to meet privately, we just say will u give me your mobile?
The other needs to follow him. Sri is mad of sex I should say. Because of the work priority we did not went to honeymoon. But sri wants us to go for atleast 3 days honeymoon to any near place. So we took Friday leave and on a Thursday evening started to Aruku vally, it is actually a nice place to visit. It is Andhra Ooty. We started from Hyderabad station by Godavari express and reached Vishakhapatnam the next morning at 6’0 clock. We enquired and came to know that the train going to Araku is at 7 am. So we get freshened up in the railway waiting room and started to Aruku. We traveled in the tunnels. When the train is going in tunnels it is dark like night. Sri is sitting beside me and he is hugging me. I don’t like this type of behavior in the public places. But he never minded it. He says he is mad of me. I used to enjoy that. Since last night he is angry and desperate that we did not had chance to even kiss. Now suddenly when the second tunnel came I felt sri kissing on my neck. When the tunnel is over, I found he is sitting like a good boy and smiling at me. Again he did the same for the 5 tunnels. He is teasing me like that. He is kissing me on my neck, biting me, pinching my nipples and licking me with sound. The people who are sitting in front of us are looking at me with doubted faces. I am sitting in the middle of the seat. There is one old lady at the window and Sri is beside me. 6th time tunnel started immediately I shifted to the front seat. Sri kissed the old lady in the dark. She shouted very loudly. “Ayyoo” Every one is shocked and worried what happened. I knew what happened. When the tunnel is over I broke into laugh looking at sri’s face. Sri is telling “Sorry amma, sorry amma. Pls forgive me” every one is confuse what happened. Like wise sri and I enjoyed the life with his mischievous behavior and his mad love towards me”. After that Sri sat silently looking angrily at me. But I am not able to control my laugh. We reached Aruku at 12 in the noon. We checked in AP.Tourism guest house. My uncle made all the reservations and arrangements for us. Immediately after we reached the room, Sri closed the door and jumped on me and took me towards bed. He is tickling me all over. He knows that is the lovely way to punish me for my fault. After few seconds we turned horny, he started kissing me passionately now. I am also moaning and saying” Sri… lets take bath and then we will do.” But he is not listening. I am also loosing control on myself. After our first encounter we never stayed separate more than 5 hours. Now it is almost more than 12 hours. We needed each other so desperately. But some how I felt inconvenient with all the swet body. So I separated from him and run in to the bath room. I locked the door and started having bath. Its so cool water. Aruku is cool place. I shouted with cold shiver. But took bath some how. But I forgot to bring the towel and clothes. Now no other way, I should beg sri to give my dress. I know sure that he will not leave this chance. Then I decided why should I don’t use this chance and make him happy. I called Sri. “Sri, budhu maha raj….. Bath room door is opened. I am waiting for you”, with in seconds Sri is inside bath room. And saying” WOW”. I managed my chunni around me. When sri came in.. I pulled him under the shower. He is wet now. He is hugging me tightly and kissing me. But I separated from him and started removing his clothes One by one looking into his eyes. He is controlling and kissing me in between. Once he became nude, now I stated kissing him all over.
I kissed his face, we kissed and our tongues danced together for some time. Now I am also hot. Now the cold water is not bothering me. Sri removed my thin chunni from my body. He is slowly kissing me. I said – “u stop, I will do today.” He smiled and asked “what you will do? U don’t have any tool like this” he said that showing me his erect pennies. I felt like biting it. I calmly stated kissing him on his ears and bited them. I know he loves it. He is moaning slowly. I am kissing his neck and chest now. In between I am biting him slowly. He is enjoying it. I slowly bend my head and kissing his stomach. From stomach I moved to his back. All the time he is pressing my boobs now. And touching my crotch and pressing it. I moved to his back and pressed my boobs to his back. He said” ohhhhh” I started kissing again from the back. I slowly came down. I really love to look him from his back. A man’s body is soooo good and manly from back. Its broad at the shoulders and it becomes thin like lion at the bottom. I love it. I bited his buttocks. He shouted slowly. “Hey suha.. Come front and do it “he said. I understood what he means. I never did this to him. I came to his front side, now I am on my kneels. His pennis is erect and it’s near my face. I touched it with my hands. Slowly massaged the balls. Water is flowing from the shower. I opened my mouth and licked his pennies. The water is going into my mouth. Aruku water is tasty I thought. I slowly looked at the shape of his pennis. I felt Sri’s body is mine and I have to look at this perfectly. The tip is red. And there is small hole there. I kept my tip of tongue there. He is moaning “ohhhhhhhhh suha……” I took his pennies into my mouth as a lolly pop. And I started eating it like ice fruit. He hold my head and showed me how to do it. He moved my head front and back. I did like that and in between I am drinking the water flowing on his body from shower by chewing his pennies. He is shouting when I Do like this. He is now forcing my head towards him. I understood that he need it strongly. I loved the balls moving back side. So took them in my hand and continued this. Sri is forcing his pennies inside my mouth as if he is fucking my mouth. After few seconds he removed his pennies from my mouth and said. Stop stop. I stopped but I hugged him. By that time we became wet and I m shivering. He said we will go into the bed room. We came out and dried our selves. Sri came back to me and started kissing me. Still we are very horny. He took me to the bed and made me lay there. He came on me and removed my towel. He is also naked. He stated kissing my nipples. They are hard now. He is pressing my boobs. He came down and kissing my stomach. And he kept his tongue in my naval. And started fucking it. It feels so good. He came down and separated my legs. I understood that he want to do tongue fuck. I love it. He is kissing me on the pussy. I am moaning now. He said you will love it. He licked my pussy and bited slowly. Ohhhh my god he is killing me. He separated the pussy lips with his hands and inserted his tongue forcibly inside. I am mad…. I am becoming mad. He is fucking deep inside with his toung. I am shouting and pushing his head inside more and more. He is licking and fucking very speed. He is licking the whole part like dog some times by bringing out his toung and again inserting it inside and fucking and biting. His hands are separating my legs and pressing my buttocks. I am shouting like a mad woman. “ ohhhh sri ..fuck me… hard very hard…Ohhhhh my good” pls. Kill me……. I am shouting and he is increasing his speed and I am pushing his head inside and shouting “sri kill me, bite me…. Lick me…… “Suddenly he removed his head from there and inserted his dick inside me strongly. I looked into his face; it’s completely filled with lust. Ohhhh God….. He will fuck me very hard now. He put his hands under my buttocks. I rounded my legs around his legs. And I also put my hands on his buttocks and pressing me towards him. We both are pressing the other more and more inside. He is moving and pounding me hard very hard. He, in between chewing my nipples and inserting his tongue in my mouth and kissing me hard. We are like mad with lust. And both are shouting with pleasure. Ohhh ……. His kiss sounds pch and this moans and shouts are filled in the room.
We were shouting like that for nearly 15minutes and I came out first by twisting my legs around his legs tightly and I am completely pressing him deep inside me. I did not gave him any chance to move, but still he is trying to give stokes. I came out with so much of pleasure……… and I collapsed. I loosened my grip. But Sri is still pounding me, giving hard stokes and kissing my neck and I understood that he came to climax, even though I don’t have energy. I pressed his buttocks inside me and gave him strong strokes from the bottom… he shouted slowly … haaaammmaaa and came out. And collapsed on me…That was the nice starting of our small honey moon. Sri is not interested to go out. He wants us to be in the room always, and the condition is that we should not wear any clothes in these 3 days. But I did not agree. I made him come out of the room. I forced him for the site seeing. The climate in the Aruku is so nice and cool so all the time we were very close to each other and hugging. We went around and whenever there are no ppl around sri used to kiss me and I also fell completely in love with him and I loved his each activity. Previously I used to get angry to his mischief but now, I also became like him, funny witty… Honeymoon makes the couple more close than ever. We had very great time all the 3 days. Sri also agreed that the site seeing and kissing chori chori in the public place he loved and the time gap made us more horny when we reach room we will just make love nothing else. We understood what we like and what we enjoy.
Sri as I told you very much interested in sex. We did not showed interest to go to parents home. We are so happy with our life. Sri is so sweet. He used to give surprise gifts. He gifted me some night dresses, inner garments, perfumes. Sudden tours to nice places nearby. All the talks we had, all the experiences we had shows how much he loves me and how much he needs me. Even though he is in a good position and even though his friends used to make fun of him, he never spares time to others with out me. As my job needs traveling. By night he managed to come to me and in the early morning he used to go back. It was very tiresome job, but he says he cannot live without me. Some times I used to get angry why this much of mad of sex. I used to shout at him. Then he would not touch me for a day. He used to say that it’s not for sex. If it is only sex I can have it anywhere. But I feel you every where. I always remember what you would say for this or that. Ohhhh God, friends some times I feel I am not able to bare his love. Sri never allowed me to go out alone, he is always with me. Even I don’t find time to visit beauty parlor. He visited the parlor along with me and sat outside. Some times in life I felt embarrassed. Some times that much of love is also unbearable. I will be very much worried whenever there is any meeting or tour program or party in office because I have to think the ways to escape it. Otherwise Sri will feel bad. You can say I almost lost my social life mentally and physically. Previously I used to go to libraries, shops, and restaurants with friends. I used to listen to them; I used to be helpful to them when they needed me. But now…, Sri will never object me to meet friends or help them but he doesn’t feel that I have a separate private life of my own. Guys I know so many of you will think Suhasini is too much… she is blaming the very nice person. She is taking advantage, women are like this only… but friends just relax.. Try to understand what will you say If your girlfriend or your wife is always with you 24hours. Feels bad when u are away even for a saloon, having talk with your friends, don’t want to waste the time with your friends and relatives and wants you always with her… I just want to tell you all that women need their private time too. They have so many personal works. Even though she is your own wife, her official life is different where she has a different life and different profile. She needs to keep it up. She needs to visit beauty parlor for waxing, threading, facial etc monthly. She needs to update her with the modern fashions. Otherwise she will become out dated one day.
Then you guys (husbands only ) say, my wife never maintains her figure, not like my office secretary who always follows modern fashions, who always keeps her clean and trim. As I am a working woman I have very less time for me in life. In that I managed all the angles of my life. Now Sri became the main focus of my life. We are happy with our life even though there are some little misunderstandings and small discomforts. I respect his family my in-laws. They used to visit us regularly. I found my mother in law is a very different and a complete woman. She used to tell about all the relatives, family members, problems they faced etc. Which gave me a complete idea about my home now. My parents love me very much. They also used to visit often. I am the elder daughter in our family. And I am the different person in our family who first time in the family history studied well and working outside and so on and so many. So all my sisters and brothers feel me as their role model. Because of my self confidence my father likes me so much. My uncles and aunts want their children to be like me. But only thing that hurts me is when my parents visit me, sri never spend time with them. He says what to talk to them, I don’t have any topic or I feel uncomfortable.. How to understand him. The quarrel starts there. As I am forcing him to give respect to my parents and talk to them, he started developing some sort of difference with them and started blaming them or making fun of my parents for small reasons. It hurts me a lot. Guys I am telling You, please take care in this matter. When ever my parents come to us, Sri is not comfortable that makes me feel very bad. Then I used to avoid him. I never allowed sri to come near me, during those days. But how? How can I bare that he is insulting them. I really tell you I wanted to do the same to his parents. But my mother in law is so nice, if I don’t talk to her; she used to talk to me more. If I start making comments on their family… she used to be silent but never commented my family. Then I understand from her that my relation with each person in this family is separate and has its own value. I should not link that to different disappointments and behave. My parents as elders understood may be, they started developing their own relationship with Sri and now Sri Talks more with my mother than me, they both discuss what are the best business opportunities around as if they want to start a business.. Sri will watch cricket with my father and they discuss about that. Sri makes comments to girls along with my brother. I doubt they both drink together. Sri is very comfortable with my aunts and my sisters. He is the hero—first Son in law.. Like this after 3 years, after all the uncomforts, misunderstandings we came to a peaceful state of marriage. Friends it may take much more time if the elders interfere in our quarrels. So be careful.The Actual meaning of honey moon is this only.. Facing all the new situations, struggling with new life and adjusting.. Every day and every second is a new excitement and experience of human relations… so mine is 3 years of honeymoon. It came to an end when I conceived… YES … I am Pregnant… carrying a small life inside me.. It may be a junior Sri or junior Suha.. Our whole family focus shifted to the new coming baby. But only thing is I was sick during pregnancy and doctors advised us to stay away from the sexual life… how can I control Sri… when I look into his face.. It became very small… but he is exited with the good news that we will have a small kid of ours. He said I have a good idea to satisfy doctor and at the same time satisfy myself…. I looked at him puzzled.. How..Do U want to know how we enjoyed our sex during my pregnancy even though doctors said a big “NO” to it…I will tell you all in my coming story… “Sex with pregnant Suha”

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