Stripped and got Fucked in a Nasty Bus Journey
part 1
i am neha from hyderabad.i am 26 yrs old married lady and married for 1 yr.i am fair(but not very fair),my fig is 36 29 38.i am little taller...5' 6''.my husband has been outside india for last 6 months for his i stay alone at home.
i work in a private firm in the home is away from city. i generally travel by my car. it was the incident one month ago.i generally leave office at 6 p.m and by car it takes 1 hour to reach home. but on that day while starting my car from office i found there is some problem in enjine. i contacted a local mechanic there..after looking into it he told that it will take one day to repair. so for that day i had to return home by some otherway.
the only suitable conveyance was bus. so i went to the bus was almost 7 when i reached there.for almost half an hour no bus came.i came to know from other locallites that there was bus strike on that particular root. however after some time one bus came which is for some other root but it will reach upto my home though in different root. as there was no bus and it was highly packed up.already it was 7:30 ..i decided to get into it. after going into the bus i found no place even to was so much crowded.however managed to hold one rod and able to stand by any next 2- 3 stops the bus became more and more packed up.suddenly i noticed a hand is resting on my hip.i was wearing a pink saree with matching sleeveless blouse.i generally wear saree below navel.when i noticed the hand resting on my hip i did not care thought it was due to heavy crowd and not intentional.but within a minute to my surprise the hand began to move very slowly over my butt.i tried to move away but there was no place.i did not want to create any sceene there for this type of molestation due to i remain standstill. the person understood this and took advantage.he was now moving his palm more smoothly and fast.i was sweating feeling the situation.i was holding a rod upwards, so my underarm and armpit was fully open as i was wearing a sleeveless blouse.i found a man's face very near my underarm and he was sniffing my armpit.i wax my underarm so it was smooth, though i waxed one weeks ago there was little hair on it.i tried to move but no place. i let them continue thinking that they habe to leave me after my stop come.i asked the conductor , he told it will take 2 hrs more to reach my stop as it was not normal route bus.hearing that i tjink the two men became more excited and contiued their job more fast.i found no girl neaar me. only 2-3 ladies were away from my shock those kadies got down..and i found i was the only woman in the packed up bus.
now i noticed one new hand is going inside my pallu in belly area nad rested on my belly is almost flat,very little plum and have a big round deep the new hand is roaming all over my belly and puting his finger into navel.there were around 6 people arond me.3 of them doing he nuisance to to my shock one new more hand rested on my smoothly came down and touched the side of my 36 boobs.i horrified.there was no escape.i did not want to create any scene due to shame i became silent.the people understood this and became more excited.the hand on my boob moved more sater and fondling my 2 my shock one more haand joined on my boob.they were lifting my boobs as if measuring the weight of they are squeezing my boobs more hand now trying to unhook my blouse , 2nd hand also joined.within 2-3 mins they could be able to open all my hooks of blouse. now my white lacy bra i noticed all the 6 ppeople around me noticed the fact what was happening.they were all now attacking my i found few hands were trying to pull out my blouse. but it was not possible as i was holding the rods, so there was no place to detach my blouse from my body.but now to my shock and surprise 4-5 hands was trying to tear my blouse. as my blouse was of thin material within 5 min they teared off my blouse and made it into pieces and detached it from my i was wearing only bra on top covered by saree it was the turn of my lower part.

part 2
i realised one hand came inside my saree in the waist area and caught the string of my
pettycoat, he pulled the string of the pettycoat suddenly,but knot did not open rather it several hands became busy in lifting my saree and then those hands pulled down my
pettycoat as already string of it was torn.soon they opened away the pettycoat from my body.
now i was only in white lacy matching bra and panty inside with covered with pink thin
saree.meanwhile few hands started massaging my boobs puting their hands inside my i
realised that not only the people around me but also at least other 10 men around came to
know around the incident. they all trying to fondle i was feeling their hand in every
part of my body.suddenly in found one hand on my panty and trying to put his hand inside it.
i shocked and move away the hand from was my most private part that i cant let other
to touch. but now they made a trick.suddenly one hand moved at the knot of saree in the
waist area where it is tucked and and open the knot of the saree in the the saree
became fully loose. previously i was saving my vagina by one hand,but now i had to hold the
saree in waist as it became very loose as the knot was my one hand was holding the
rod upwasrds for balance and other one holding my it became very easy for them to
open my bra and panty.several hands snatched my bra with some effort.meanwhile while
struggling to save my bra,one hand very smoothly pulled down my panty and opened it away.i
could not do anything. now i was standing only in my thin pink saree which was covering my
completely nude body. then i noticed two short height man accessing my one boobs the
right there was a shrt height oldman was squeezing vigorusly my right boob. at the left a
teenager was doing the same to my left boob. now they put their head inside my saree and
started suck my nipples. i have big round areola and nipple,seeing that they became excited
and started sucking hard. meanwhile my saree has been lifted up.i found few hands pressing
my smooth round ass so hard.i found few hands on my pussy roaming. as if there was a
competetion going on who can put his finger into my pussy hole.within few seconds one hand
succeded to locate my pussy hole and entered 2 fingers into it. i had little layer of small
hair on my pussy. other hands began to roam on the pussy from outside and csaressing my
pussy hair.when they were fingering my pussy it became wet as love juice was began to flow
from inside my pussy.
part 3
suddenly i found few hard thing was rubbing against my ass cheeks, those were cocks.when
they were fingering me i was having some sexual pleasure and stimulation,though it was a
shameful and humiliating experience and love juice was flowing inside my vagina. suddenly
one who inserted finger into my pussy removed it,i relaxed but to my shock the finger was
replaced by a pussy was tight.two hands helped my pussy apeture to widen and the
cock entered into my pussy, with few jerks it otally entered into my the man
began to fuck me in rythm.meanwhile the cocks that was rubbing my ass chheks ejaculated on
my ass. my ass cheek was filled with semen.thogh it was very shameful i began to like the
sexual pleaure and i reached an orgarsm,and the man ejaculated into my pussy too.then
another cock replaced the previous one and began to fuck me.meanwhile at least 20-25 people
around me understod the incident. they all wanted to fuck me. i was horrified. one man was
fucking my pussy,few were rubbing heir cocks on my ass. one old man put his cock into my
deep round navel and began to fuck my navel.few were sucking my 2 boobs in sharing basis.the
people who could not access anyone of these,was licking my armpit,neck next 20 min i
had 4 fucks in my pussy,10-12 people ejacluted on my ass,2 fucks on my body was
filled with sticky semen and saliva of the hungry last the conductor fucked my pussy.
now almost all people in the backside of the bus understood what was going on. they saw my
almost nude body , covered witn a thin saree. meanwhile my stop was coming. i came out from
the jungle pof men by lot of struggle ,and could be able to get down from the bus. i was
only wearing the thin saree whose knot was very loose in waist, anyway holding the saree ,
and wrapping over my body to cover me. the all people of the bus was looking at me lusciously when i got down. the bus passed then.
it was 10:00 p.m at night, so the bus stop and locality was lonely, no body was there. otherwise it would be a problem if some body saw me in the area with that semi nude state. however i adjusted my saree there, which was my only covering. i understood that if i wear my saree properly no body able to understand that there was nothing beneath the saree as the light was also very less. i adjusted and properly wear the saree like that. now i started walking along the road towards my house. then for my surprise i saw the bus stopped after going to few distance and noticed 4 men got down from it.
part 4
i understood that they got down just because of me,to get me or to follow me.the 4 men were
their mid 40s.i began to walk along the lonely street and the 4 men stated follwing me.then
they satrted running and chased me. i ran but they could be ebale o catch me.but when i
tried to escape from their hands they began to pull my saree pallu.all joined to remove my
saree.within a minute my saree was gone away from leaving me fully nude on the lonely street
at night. i requested them to give me my saree.they knew that i could not ran away nude.they
told if i would co operate with them then they will give me my saree.there was no other
option.they took me to one nearby smalll field surroundd by bushes.after reaching there they
started fondling my body. one put his face in between my thigh and started kissing my
vagina.other was joined and started sucking my boobs. thogh i had no clothe,i
had my small bag with me.i had my mobile there.suddenly my mobile rang.i got rid of them
and opened the bag and picked up the mobile. it was my husband calling.i did not want to
disclose the shameful act, so told him that i am at home,going to sleep now. we talk some
other formal thing also.while talking with my usband onemman was caressing my ass and body.
after i had talk with my husband, they understood from our conversation that i stay alone at
home.there eyes became brightened.they told me that they will enjoy me not in the field
rather in my home,as there was no body in my house.they snatched my mobile and told if i would not tae them to my house they will disclose all the incident to my husband. there was no ther option other than taking them to my home
they gave me my saree and i wore it,and went home with the 4 men silently.i entered my home with 4 men and locked the door.they told that they want to have me on my bedroom.i obeyed them.before that o told them i want to have a shower as i was exhausted.they agreed.i went to bath.
part 5
they sat on the sofa in my drawing room and started to watch tv. meanwhile i went to take bath.i removed my
saree and took towel from my bedroom and wrapped it against my bodyand was going towards bathroom.this was my
normal way to got to bath. to go to bathroom i had to pass through drawing room where 4 bustards were there.
my towel was pink,it was bit short,so my cleavage and ample portion of my thigh was exposed.while walking
through the drawing room seeing me in that dress, the eyes of the 4 men were glistening.however,i didn't waste
any time,and fast walked into the bathroom, and closed the door.i started bathing,after few min, i had knock on
my bathroom door.i understood, that they were asking for something.I said "what happens?"
one man shouted "open the door.we want see u while bathing"
i replied " pls no. i can not"
they replied " if u don't obey then u know what we can do"
there was no way to escape. i was bathing naked, now wrapped the towel on my body and open the door. they were
licking their lips seeing mw in that situation. it was very shameful but continued bathing. one told then,"open
your towel". IO hesitated but no option was there.slowly i removed
the towel which was the only covering on my body and started bath. it was great feast for their eyes. they were
masterburating seeing me bayhing nude. after they completed their shagging, they went back to the drawing
room.meanwhile my bath was also over, i wrappped the towel again and went to my bedroom.I wore a sleeveless
nighty that i usually wear at home.applied some body spray on my i became fresh.
I went in the drawing room. when they saw me, they told that they were hungry and told me to cook food for
them. i went to the kitchen and started cooking.after 5 mins 2 men entered into the kitchen. they standed
behind me and started caressing my body. i shouted" what r u doing".
they replied in a commanding voice "continue ur cooking".
I continued with cooking and they were caressing my body,sqeezing my boobs.suddenly one of them lifted my
nighty and felling my thigh. he lifted it bit more, my white panty was exposed to them. one started feeling my
pusssy over panty. then he hold two sides of my panty nad smoothly pulled it down.i was going to tell some
objection, but they commanded " do ur cooking" he opened the panty and took it in his hand and started feeling
it . i generally wear costly branded undergarments.
he told to other man "this panty is costly one, the material and cut is so good and sexy".
other one replied " later we will have to see her stock of bra and panties". both laughed.
now they one was caresssing my naked ass and pussy and another one was licking my armpit as i was wearing a
sleeveless nighty.I was cooking at the same time.
part 6
gardually they removed my nighty, i was only wearing a bra and nothing inserted his
dick into my pussy from behind and started to bang my cunt. within few minutes he
ejaculated in my cunt. then next person did the same to my pussy. i was cooking at the same
time while being fucked. when the went away from my kitchen, they took my removed nighty and
panty along with them.meanwhile i completed my cooking. there was nothing to cover my
bottom. at last i found a very small piece of white colored cloth in the kitchen. somehow i
managed to cover my bottom part with that scanty cloth. after wearing that cloth piece it
was just covering my pussy and ass, that's all. the width of it is less than 3 inch ,so it
was unable to cover my lower abdomen and upper portion of upper portion of the
round ass was also visible.and top there was my bra to cover my boobs.suddenly one of the
four men call from the drawing room to bring food. i brought food to drawing room on a table
there. seeing me in that dress they were licking their lips. however they started to eat
food. i was serving them. while eating they continued caressing my body and private parts.
while caressing somebody removed the cloth that i was wearing bottom. i was wearing only a
bra and serving food to them at the same time. after finishing dinner,i cleaned the
table,they washed their hands and asked me for cold drinks. there was coldrinks in the
freeze, i brought the bottle out and started distributing that in glasses. then one man
he told " we will have the cold drinks not in the glass, rather in a different way".
others's agreed.
then he asked others to remove my bra that was my only clothe and wihtin few seconds i
became completely nude.
he told "madam lie down on the table".
i hesitated, but they all shouted again.
i had to obey, i lay down on the table on my back.
then the man opened the bottle and poured the coldrinks all over my body, mainly on
myboobs,belly,vagina(pussy) and thigh.
now all of them jumped on my body and started licking the colddrinks from my body. one was
licking the drinks from my from navel and belly. one from pussy. and last one from
thigh.i closed my eyes in shame.i was feeling sensualtickling effect in my pussy as one
bastard was licking coldrinks from there.soon i became wet and had an orgasm.they started
laughing, meanwhile they cleaned all the coldrinks from my body with their tongue. i was
sfeeling like a whore while being enjoyed by those lower class middle aged men. however now
i could be able to get a curtain of the window and opened the curtain, and wrapped that
cloth onmy body to cover me.
now they told "madam let us go to your bedroom." then they all entered my bedroom along with
now one man told " where is your wardrobe where you keep your dresses Madam?"
Part 7

I asked "why u want to know about my wardrobe?"
they shouted "u just tell madam where u keep ur dresses?"
i showed the almirah, they opened that.then they started exmining my different dresses. then
they opened a rack in the almirah where i keep my lingeries(undergarments).they bring out
all my under garments and exmined thorughly all the bra panties.after 10 min they took out a
set of bra panty ...thsi was one of the most costliest bra panty set i have. colour is light
blue. it was of netted lacy material. the most important part of the panty is it was of
bikini cut. bra is also small like bikini bras. they took the set and started moving it in
front of me and started laughing. i put my head down in shame.
"it must be very costly" one added.
another one told " so madam, we have stripped we want to give u the opportunity to
wear something course a costly one "....they burst into laughter.
now they told me to wear the set of bra panties and nothing else and also told to wear some
jweleries and put lipstick and do some make up. i astonished but there was no way other than
obeying them. they left me in the room and told me "after getting ready come into the
drawingroom in that dress. we are waiting in drawing room". i hesitated for few minutes..but
as i was helpless i had to to do whtever they were ordering. then i wore that bra
panties.aqs it was of netted lacy material it was semi transparent. when i stood infront of
mirror i could not believe my eyes. i was looking like a damn sexy whore. i combed my
hair..put lipstick on lips..did some make up. as per their order i put earings, one
necklace, one gold waist chain, and set of bangles in my wrist. i was looking very hotand
sexy. meanwhilke they were shouting from drawingroom "r u ready madam..we r eagerly
waiting..come soon". i came out from my room and entered the drawing room. seeing me in that
dress and outfit...they standed up and became speechless. they were licking ytheir lips
seeing my semi nude body. in shame i tried to cover my semi nudity with my hands...they
shouted "dont put ur hands in front....let us see ur sexy body madam in this sexy bra panty"
i put my hands side nad put my head down. now they started the music system..and music
one of them asked "madam come in the center of the room and start dancing with the music"
I said "no pls ..pls dont ask me to do this shamefull act"
they started laughing and reminded me what they could do if i did not obey them.
I had no option, i came in the centre of the room. once i used to dance. i started dancing
with the music.
one added"wow madam....wat a sexy performance"
another one told "move ur ass and waist more sexily madam"
i obeyed them. i continued dancing moving my waist and ass more sexily. my gold waist chain
added extra sensualty in it.they began to shout praisingly with dirty words.they were
licking their lips seeing me dancing in that semi nude sexy outfit.
I was feeling shame but at the same time i was becoming hot to exhibits my body to 4 unknown
middle aged low class man. I a rich,upper middle class, educated beautiful, sexy young
married woman was being stripped and used by 4 uncultured lower class middle aged ugly
men...thinking this i was feeling a hotness in my mind. my heart became pouncing.
they were prasing my semi nude dance in dirty words, licking their lips and rubbing their
dick on the pant while i continued dancing.

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