Story of my Brother and Sister
Hi this story is of my uncle’s family while I know all this things from my brother
Though the story is of my bother he forward this to my sis who is involved in this story so enjoy the story.

Hi! This is Neo (name changed) from Ahmadabad. I am male, 24, 5 feet 9 inch and an MBA. My family has four members, father, mother, my sis, and me. We are middle class family, living in a bungalow. Not going too far with family intro, lets get started with real story.It’s been told, as a boy enters the age of 14, his male hormones gets activated, his penis starts getting erect, and in short his sexual urge wakes up. This is general scenario with almost all males. Then, boys start watching blue films, look at girls boobs, talk dirty about girls, and all sorts of things. Well, the same thing applies to me. My sister is 6 years younger than me. When I entered age of 14, the all above thing happened to me. I never talked, but would like to listen to other boys when used to talk such thing. I had not watched blue film till I was 17. But, surely at 14, I was musturbating, jerk off when no one was in home or at night. And, want to see a girl nude or her pussy get into me. I know this seem weird, but my eyes fell on my sis. She was just 8 and innocent, mostly wearing frocks.

It just started happening to me to touch a girls pussy or play with it. And, my toy became my sis. At that time I never actually made her nude or did anything with her body. Yes, but I introduced one play with her, like I lay down on bed, and she sit on my lap, over penis and my penis would get erect and I would make her jump on it slowly. She enjoyed this play. Then, one more play introduced, where she used to lay and I would slowly crawl over her and press my penis over her pussy, from over the frock. She loved this one too. But soon I stopped such thing.Sooner, my sexual urge increased and as talking to boys like about fingering to pussy, boobs touching, I again got into such acts. It was different this time. I was 17 and she 11. I did this for some 2-3 times. While sleeping at night, we used to sleep together. As usual she used to wear frock. At night, I would check her for sleep, then slowly get my hand on her panty side, touch there for few seconds to see if she moves, then move forward to side line her panty from side and move my hand to her pussy area. Slowly moving it towards hole and insert my finger in it. I actaully never motioned inside/out, but remained there for a while. Really, it felt hot inside and then remove my finger.

As she became 17, her boobs had grown and I touched his boobs while at night, pressed them slowly and sometimes even tried to enter finger in her pussy. In boobs pressing I would not get any motion from her side. But as I slightly touch her pussy, even from outside cloth, she used to motion, may be her hormones are much sensitive towards this touch. So, never succeed in this.Now, this happened, few months later. The last time I touched her, I never thought she will be just acting of sleep. One fine day, I was just sitting and we were alone, and watching TV. She was changing channels round by round and then stayed at one channel, I stopped to stay there. It was English movie. There was nothing much sexy in it, just kissing scene. We watched it and suddenly she asked me, “how would this feel to kiss?” I said, “may be after marriage you can experience or with some boy friend in future.” We didn’t talk much about kiss and then again started watching TV. At night, she came to my room and said she can’t sleep. So, we sat without light and just talked. She said, “I want to experience kiss with you, now.” I was just speechless. She said after few seconds silence, “You know something, I am aware of things you did to me at night in sleep. So, just don’t hide yourself. I really want to kiss.” She came closer, and closer, and Our lips met we slowly opened our mouth, tried to suck our tongues, but fail. We broke and laughed. She said, “let’s try again.” We again kissed and slowly, sucked lips, then entered tongue and remaining kissing for few minutes. While kissing my hand was already on her one boob and pressing it slowly.We broke kiss. She was wearing night suit, top with buttons and payjama. She said, “wait I will be back.” She went to bathroom and came in couple of minutes. She said, “let’s kiss again and I want you to touch me really hard, this time.” I was enjoying this and she too. We again started, and as I touched her boob, felt there was nothing inside her top. I moved my hand from under her top and found bare boobs, without bra. That night we kissed for some 20-30 minutes and I played with her boobs. Then we slept at our own room, she went to her room. Before going to sleep, she said, “Tomorrow our parents are away for whole day, we will continue tomorrow.”

Early morning our parents left and were going to return only at night. We both wake up and as she was going to bath, I just made a request, “I want to see you nude.” She smiled, “its time, my bro. Not so early.” I went to other bathroom and as I came she has just came from bath, and in towel only like heroine. I too was in towel. She smiled, and removed her towel. There I was looking at one young, virgin and beautiful girl, as fresh as rose in early morning. She said, “now yours.” I too removed my towel. She felt shy looking at my bulge. I saw her from top to bottom and looked at her pussy again, “you have hair there, let’s remove it.” I just made her lay , applied hair removing cream and removed her hair. She too was surprise to see her pussy so pink and nice looking. Then we went to room and started playing with each others body.

We kissed, I pressed her boobs one by one, sucking her nipples and running my hands over her pussy. She had starting feeling really horny and wanting more. I slowed down her and then moved down, she just remained looking at me and my action. “Giving you more pleasurable thing, wait and feel.” I spread her legs and moved my face on her pussy, slowly parting her pussy lips and started licking it. She first felt awkward, but slowly started enjoying. My every lick was making her moan, “uummmm aaahhhhhh yessssssss” She was really enjoying and I was going slow and steady, inderting my tongue deeper inside, and more deeper, and she was getting wet and more wet. Preparing her for the ultimate thing. And, she climaxed for the first time. I licked her clean. She had wide smile on her face, of pleasure. “Bro, this was really the most pleasurable thing. Now, its my turn. I yesterday, after you slept, I surfed internet to find boys get most pleasure when a girl sucks his dick, so its my turn now.” Without waiting for my action, she made me lay and took my dick in her mouth, took tip of head and slowly took it inside inch by inch. I guess she has really watched some videos as she was doing like an expert.

And, soon I shoot cum in her mouth. She took it all.We remain playing with each others body part for few moments and I was already rubbing my dick over her pussy entrance. She, “what are you waiting for, get inside. I want to feel you deep inside me. Come on.” As I position by dick, 7 inch long and 3 inch fat, over her pussy entrance, “sis, this will hurt first time as you are going loose your hymen.” She Smiled, and opened her pussy lips. I stood and brought some cream to apply in her pussy. Took cream in finger and applied it deep inside her pussy, then again positioned my dick on her entrance. Slowly I puched myself inside, due to cream and intial foreplay it was easy to slide, so not much pain happen. Reached near hymen, warned her, “now its going to happen, get ready for it and the gate for pleasure.” She was breathing fast due to real thing and I pushed hard, loud cry came from her mouth and her hymen broke. I rested there for few moments, kissing her forehead, slowly caressing her boobs, nipples to make her feel good. Soon pain released and she signalled me to move forward. I started making to and fro motion slowly intially and increasing pace then after.

She was moaning with pleasure, “aaahhhhhh yesssssssssss ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss bro….fuck me harder……….yes deeper……….oohhh yesssssssssssssss.” In few minutes only I was going to cum, took my dick out and shoot on her boobs and face. We remain lay, in each others body and making light caressing. She was happy to feel me inside and be first to make her feel pleasure.The rest day, we spent as usual and decided to find out and try new positions every time. We had tried other positions too, will tell you in next story.

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