Step by step sex with sister
Hi this is sameer form pune. This is a true story. This is my first story I am big fan of O9L. Let me tell you something about my sister her name is kavita she is good looking girl with physic 32 28 34.she one year younger than me, i never thought that something like this will happened between us we live in flat me and my sis we sleep in one room, it all began like this
One night when we where sleeping I suddenly wake up as I want to go to pee when I come back from bathroom and I was trying to sleep in deem light I saw my sis sleeping and as I was bit hot she had wear less and small clothes and suddenly what I saw was my sister due to hot weather she was berating heavily and due to that her two nice Mounton like boobs was moving up and down I went near to see the seine and what I saw was the beautiful round ball of my sister and a log cleavage and turn me on
I never thought about my sister in this way before and in one second all those beautiful stories which I read on ISS went across my mind and I decide to take enjoy this moment I checked my sister was in deep sleep so I slowly kept my hand on here boob first I try to check the size of the boobs the I try to press them and guess what I got was the nipple of the right boob when I try to press it my sister got up and ask bro what is going on first got scare but I gather some courage and told remain laid and I again try to press the nipple this time I was pressing both the nipples together she tried to resist but I applied some more power and kept press boobs and nipples
Some time latter I realize that she also likes it as her nipples where getting more harder then I unzip the upper part of her nightgown and what I saw was naked chest of my sister first time in my life then I took control of boob a started licking her boobs and nipples. Later I move my hand towards down she hold my hand told me dad or mom will come I told her let me check if they are sleeping I quickly went and checked that my parents are sleeping I came back and told her that ever thing is ok then over her cloths I touched her panty this is the first time I was touching any woman in her private part I remove here night completely she was only here panty that day she was wearing a blue panty I insert one finger over panty in here pussy she told me that we should be doing this it is not right I told her why you do not like it she just smile I kept fingering her pussy later I remove the panty I was shock with the view she had a little public hair then I directly insert my finger in her Vagina which was wet by this time I finger fuck here later I release that I did not have safety(condom) with me and I was not willing to go with a unsafe sex so I inform my sister to shave her pussy and we continue our fun next day
I was eagerly waiting for the night we had our diner we waited for 1-2 hours once our parent went to sleep then I conform that they are deep sleep then I enter in the room again I started with sucking the boob and then finger fuck I told my sister to give me a blowjob she refuse saying she had not done it before as I am ready wet and did want to loose the time today my sister had shaved her pussy I was looking dam sexy I remove one condom for the packet told her to place it on my dick she did that without any compliant I told here to spread her leg as I keep my dick at the entrance of her pussy she told me that be genital as she is virgin. I slowly pushed the tip of my dick in her pussy, but it wasn’t entering easily. her pussy was very tight as it was her first fuck, then I applied some oil on my head on the condom and some on the entrance of her vagina again a kept my dick on the entrance of her pussy. I applied some pressure then my dick head went in and a small stream of Blood came out I hold for a second then I applied some pressure within 3-4 thrusts, my whole dick was inside her. She started momaing loud ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Please stop I is hearting I will die stop but I started moving slowly in and out and I enjoyed her moaning and slowly increased my speed and didn’t know where I got that speed from .She was moaning and screaming like anything”Oh fuck me ,Fuck me yesssssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss”. I kept going in and out some time later she screamed ” I am Cumming ” ” I am Cumming ” I waited for a minute again I started jerking her she said don’t stop and she pulled me towards her . Now she beganr to enjoy it. Telling to me yes fast fuck me very hard by hearing i increased my speed. I am fucking her like that for more than half an hour she cummed on for three times at last and me too. later i tried her anal hold at she didnt agreed later she said ok. I fucked her whole night. I tried different styles on it.

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