Special Gift From Babhi
I was living at my Cousin brother’s place in the city in order to pursue my studies in one of the reputed collages here.. My Cousin was married and he and his wife lived in one of the apartments in the city. My babhi was my best friend and I loved her a lot and she took care of me like a mother. She was 27years Old. Beautiful, lean and had very sweet voice.. She used to wear modern dresses and rarely used to wear saris. I lusted her and use to peak at her private parts whenever I get chance.

We were close and I used to tell her everything and we used to go out together whenever my cousin was out of station. We liked each other’s company a lot. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, my Babhi wished me 1st when she came to woke me up in the morning. That day my cousin was out of station. My babhi came to me and wished me “Happy Birthday”. I felt very happy and thanked her. I got fresh and went out. I returned home in the afternoon and went straight to my room as I couldn’t find babhi for a chat, probably she was sleeping.

My stupidity made me expect a gift from her as she was very close to me, but I received none. So was sad. So I went and slept in my room till evening. At supper, the evening of eighteenth birthday, I came down from the room in 1st floor and found babhi sitting in front of the TV. Seeing my sad face, Babhi said, “ Why are you carrying a sad face. I guess you are kind of disappointed for having a dull birthday so far”

“Nah, Babhi, nothing like that” I lied
“Well, you’re close enough to being a man now that I can give you what you’ve really wanted for a long time now.”I looked at her, a question in my eyes, what could she be talking about?

She was chuckling as she continued, “You’ve been trying to peek up my skirts and down my blouse since you were here a year back, and now I think you’re old enough to get your wish. But it isn’t completely free, you got to give something in return.”

“Huh?” I was blushing at being caught and confused about where she was heading.

“You want to see what I’m hiding under these clothes, right?” still chuckling.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Now I was getting excited.

“All right, you get your wish, but you have to show me what you’re hiding under yours. Agreed?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I repeated.

In less time than it took to type this, babhi’s dress was over the back of her chair and she stood there in her undies.


I was a little slower, but as I slid my jockeys over my hips, babhi’s bra joined her dress. And my shorts got hung on my rigid dick as her muff came into view.!!

“Ta-daa!” she sang and slowly turned, her arm outstretched, modelling her nudity for me. “Do I meet your expectations? My tits are kind of small, I guess.”

Not that small, maybe a B cup but fine for her petite frame, and at thirty-seven just beginning to sag a little bit. Thin waist and a gorgeous, thick V of black curls that thinned out and split when it reached the beginning of her slit. I couldn’t say a word, I think my tongue was as hard as my dick, and Babhi laughed happily.

“Wow!Your prick’s bigger than your brother’s.”

Looking at Babhi naked was arousing enough, but her talking about the size of her tits and comparing my prick size to brother’s was way over the top and I blurted out, “Damn babhi, you’re gonna have me cummin’ if you ain’t careful!”

“I guess we’ll just have to get dressed, then,” she said with a big grin, “Or else make sure you don’t mess up the carpet. Shall we dress?”

“Hell no!”

Grinning from ear to ear she pushed me back onto my chair and sat in my lap, facing me, her legs on either side and her wet pussy sliding down over my hard prick.

“Aaah!” she breathed, then gave me a long French kiss. “You do have a bigger cock than your brother,” she whispered into my mouth, “I almost feel like a virgin again.”

It was awkward trying to talk with a mouthful of her tongue but I managed to mumble, “You’re tight enough to be a virgin, and dammit, I’m gonna cum pretty soon!”

“Good! Now shut up and enjoy yourself!”

So that’s exactly what I did. Strange, but once I quit trying to hump Babhiand just let her massage my prick with her pussy muscles, I still felt like I was ready to cum, but I wasn’t getting any closer.

I squeezed my hands between us and began playing with babhi’s tits, kneading them and pinching the nipples.

“Mmm hmm!” she hummed into my mouth, then broke our kiss long enough to say, “That feels even better!” and locked our lips together again, and then, a minute or so later she whispered, “I’ll bet your finger up my ass would really feel good,” so I tried, but her asshole was too dry. By stretching I could reach her pussy and with a good coating of cunt juice I got my finger in up to the second knuckle.

“Oh my God yes…’m….cummiinnnggggaaaaaahhh!!!”

Babhi’s pussy sucked at my cock and her asshole squeezed my finger for what seemed like five minutes, then she slowly settled down and finally collapsed on top of me.

“Phew whee, I almost forgot what a good fuck feels like,” she whispered, and suddenly the thought hit me, this is my Babhi and I just made her cum, and that was the trigger that set off my own explosion, the most intense cum I’d ever experienced, my cock jumping and throbbing, my cum spurting and my heart pounding.

“Wow, Howlong have you been storing that? You really filled me up!” She kissed me, smiled and said, “Now let’s go to the bathroom so that we can wash ourselves, then we’ll start having fun in my room. We will have plenty of time to ourselves in the coming years. I am all yours honey”That’s all I wanted to hear..

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