South Indian Twin brother and sister
Hi friends am Srinithi from Chennai I am going to share my experience with you. This about me and my bro we are twins my family consist of my elder sister me and my brother. My mom is housewife and my dad died when I was studying 10th . This is how started as my elder sister(janani) used to bath both of us at same time in our childhood.i always wonder why my bro(Sriram) has different shape at the bottom. I also used to see my elder sister naked but both having same.I used to and play with it. This was continue till 6th as my elder sister advice I completely understand about male and female.we start bath ourselves but at same time in same bathroom. But now thinks totally changed Sriram used to touch my cunt and used to put soap I saw many times penis will get hard and I confused I asked about this to my elder sister she shocked and she not allowed me to take bath with him. And this changed in two years my dad died and my sister got married when I was studying 10th.after some days my bro me and mom sleep in one bed.he used to feel my boobs and cunt but I did not show him that i know. But I was enjoying  I got in relationship with my friend he used to fuck everyday and left me within 3 monts.I managed to get other boy friend but he didn't touch are fucked me I got more depressed and with no idea I stared to show my assets to my brother. I bored masterbate myself I desperately need a fuck. One day me and my bro left alone in home. I thought this is the chance. I went to take bath and I acted like seen a snake I ran naked out of bath room and hug my bro naked.he enjoyed then gave me a towel to warp around he then checked the bathroom told that nothing here. But I acted like something bits me in my butt. He told that shall we go to doctor but hesitate. I told him to check my butt as I told him that am shy to show my butt to anyone except you and sis. He understand and started to search for any bit . I selpt in bed with butt open he searched but he afraid to touch and I told that don't shy I your sister touch and see otherwise u will not find the bit. He searching and I was started to masterbate myself .He asked what happen I said it's pain in cunt I showed my heaven to check he started to check I just pull his head near to cunt he started to lik my cunt and we got in to sex life I left my boy friend useless now my bro is my boy friend still continuing.

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