South Indian Actress Priyamani Sex Story
"PISSSSSS" the water pushed itself out of the showers to hit priyamani's apple cut shaped forehead as it's contemporaries hit her cheeks."AHHHHH" moaned priyamani as she received them with her hands combing her hair back to her back.Her dark skin whitened a little as she rubbed her cheeks with her hand with her petticoat surrounding her like a passionate lover.Her legs rubbing with each other's foot as her thighs shake to her movement dripping down more water on the floor.Her petticoat drenched and stuck on to her skin revealing her sensual parts.As the water touched her breasts there was a tickling feeling that she had preferred a lot since her matured period which made her bite her lips.Her hands went back and removed her petticoat."HUUUUUM" moaned priyamani as the water struck on her big and stiff breasts which popped up after releasing.The water quickly dripped down and entered her pussy turning her even more."AAAHHHHH Hey" shouted priyamani in excitement as a hand surrounded her hip from behind and a lip kissed her at her neck.It has been 3 months since her servant had touched her and tasted her as she was busy on shooting."Hey good boy ahAHHH" moaned priyamani as she twisted her hip to allow his hands to grip her belly and pinch it."U r so sexy HMMM" said the servant who lips was dragging up and down on her neck as he smelt the aroma of her sweat which was washed away by the water.Within seconds her hands moved down to his waist as she began to jerk his cock over her hands.He quickly bent down and reached her armpit and started licking it as she jerked his cock with her right hand.Her fingers pressing deeply against his cock made him cum slightly as he controlled it by biting her armpit.Waiting no time he quickly removed his underwear and let his monster cock out to be jerked by her.He then went around her body with his tongue and stood infront of her as she quickly forced his head into her cleavage and pressed her boobs together absorbing his whole face."AHHHHH make me cum u fuck" moaned priyamani as she locked his face into her breasts even more.

"BUMP UMMA" moaned the servant as he tried to talk with his mouth pushed down to her breasts.She bit her meroune lips in ecstasy as his saliva spilled out and ran through her cleavage to her belly.She caressed his hair as she rolled his fingers across his head."UMMM AREY" moaned priya as she loved the way his thumb tickled her nipples while he was licking her cleavage like a dog. "CHUMP",he bit her breasts creating the sound that reverberated from the hi-class bathroom."bite it and hold it" said priya as he stretched him to and fro by pulling his hair,everytime his teeth trying to grab those round boobs.She then pushed his head down to her belly and pushed him and rubbed him across her hip.He then held her waist and smelt her belly.Aroused,he let his tongue deep into her belly and started tasting the water stored in there.Then he moved down and licked her hair above her pussy."u naughty boy just lick my pussy" moaned priyamani as he pushed down his head to her pussy."HAAAEH UMMM AHAAA" moaned priyamani as she was out of breath trying to catch some breath with her mouth.He licked her at the right places as she moaned so badly as she watched her pussy being licked by his tongue."AAAH AHHH I cant stand it anymore Chef come here" shouted priyamani as the chef came bewildered and shouted from the door "What happened madam?" with a blink in his eyes."I want u AHHHHH" said priyamani as she grabbed his head and jammed it even more forward and shook her pussy smoothly that it rubbed against his lips making him touch his clitoris which made her make a huge scream as the chef came with and open mouth."Quick come and do something" she shouted at him as he quicklyundressed himself.He quickly lunged at her and grabbed her from her behind and started licking her neck."AH FUCK getting pleasure from AHAAAH AHH" moanedpriyamani as he licked her G-spot as he began to spit at her pussy.Meanwile the chef was busy examining her back shape as he started to move her
Her back was quivered by the cheff while she was licked passionately by the servant."There is AAAAH a reason after all UMMMM to keep servants" said priyamani as she was shaking her curvy hip against the servant.The chef's dick was shaking at her ass all the time.She quickly asked both of them to come in front.She then smmirked at both of them and went down.She took both of their diks together and started shaking both of them with one hand."AAAHH" the men moaned in unison.She adjusted her haid and looked at the two big cocks zooming in and out of her eyes.She then took both the cock with a single try inside her mouth."GGGUWAAAGH" moaned priyamani as she widened her mouth more to let these monster cock haunt her cave.Her head was bbbing in and out of the cocks She held their asses for support and pushed herself into their cocks."MMMM MMMM MMMM" moaned priyamani everytime she bobbed her way forward.Her mouth slipped due to the wetness.She then leaned down and raised their cokcs with her hand and sucked the cocks making them fly to her mouth in unison.Her breath just created a chilly experience to the men who were thanking the gods by seeing the skies.

"Common guys,let's move to the bedroom" said priyamani as she cat walked her way to the bedroom while the men were following her with thier eyes stuck on her swaying ass and the hair which danced on her ass cheeks.The moment she reached the bedroom she quickly jumped on to the bed and spread her legs wide.But both of them asked her to lick their cocks even more.So she asked them to sit on the bed as she kneeled on the floor and leaned down to suck both the cocks."WUUAAGH" the sound of her throat being hit by their cocks sent shivers to their body as both grabbed her head and pushed her towards their cock.

"AHHH AHHH AHHH UJMMM" moaned the servant as he said "Fuck she knows how to suck a cock fucker!!".

"Sure he does AHHH UMM that's it baby shove our cocks" said the chef as she paused her sucking to glide her hair to her ears when she smirked at them.

"AH fuck waaaaaat a look" said the chef in unfamiliar tone as she quickly resumed her sucking with a lunge into their cocks.

"Ya UM UM UM UM" shouted the servant to each thrust he made as he forced his cock deep down to her throat.

"Time to shove my pussy guys" said priyamani as she took her mouth out a saliva sticking her mouth and their cocks.

"Come up baby" said both of them in unison.The quickly made her lie on the bed as the servant quickly lunged his cock to her black pussy.Meanwhile,the chef slapped her breasts and inserted his cock into her asshole slowly.

"AAAAHHHHA UMMM UMMM UMMM UMM" moaned priyamani as she felt the pain of a cock entering her pussy and then went comfortable as he smoothly ripped to and fro on her cock.

"Here goes nothing AHA AAAAH AAAAAAAAHHH" shouted the chef as he inserted his prick into her asshole.Being an old man he felt the pain along with priyamani.

Her legs were stretched,her muscles were strained,her throat went dry,her breasts was being slapped,her neck was strangled,her ass cheeks beaten,her hips always shaking, just a way she expected to finish a day in a high note.Both the men were pumping their cocks deep into her pussy and asshole closing their eyes and feeling the moment.She while being fucked by two men was pinching her nipples so hard just to make herself happy.

"UUUWAAAH UUWAAH" both the men were shouting and sweating out as they lunged their cock deep into him flexing their muscles.They were sweating a lot trying to make sure that they make their mistress happy.Their moans were shaking the glasses as they were increasing their momentum and screwing her cock.Priyamani's waist also matched both thier hits with her belly shaking to each of the shots they gave.Saliva was dripping out of their mouth without their knowing as they all were engulfed by the pleasure of a threesome sex.

"AHHHH FUCK cum into AHH fuck" a mix of words was heard as they both were shouting their intentions while priyamani bit her lips in the foresight of having their cum."HMMM UMM UMM come on guys cum now my boobs" shouted priyamani as the men stood up and and rose their dicks and "PISS" both of them shot their cum from their urinal opening as it cut the air and sped into her breasts and some on her mouth and some on her chin and on her neck."HUUUUUUMMMMMMM" moaned priyamani showing her ecstasy to the men as she saw her driver stripping himself in the door.


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