Son Caught Mom with Stud
I was sitting with my friend in the forest and he began to tell me one of his deepest secrets.
He told me:
I want to tell you about how my mom was seduced into cheating on dad with an army soldier.
Near our house was an empty apartment. The landlord rented it one day to a soldier in the army. This soldier was 25 years old, tall, handsome, muscular with a hairy chest and a very macho and masculine attitude.
The day he arrived he came to say hi to u, his new neighbors. He stood next to dad chatting with him but I saw his eyes were roaming all over mom’ body. I understood his intentions. He wanted to fuck mom.
The next day dad was at work. Mom was in front of the house putting the laundry on the rope to dry. I was watching from the window. In the backyard of the soldier’s house, mom saw the young stud peeing in the grass. He was shirtless showing his muscular hairy pecs, the hairy jungles in his armpits and his tight muscular six pack abs.
I saw mom was transfixed on the sight in front of her. The young soldier had his big cock out of his boxer fly and he was peeing. Mom saw the head of his cock was as big as a small apple. The cock was so veiny and thick it looked like the trunk of an elephant.
The bold man saw mom looking at his cock while he was pissing and in a bold move he took his balls out of the boxer and kept pissing. I saw mom’s eyes become as big as saucers when she saw the hairy huge balls that were freed.
I saw mom licking her lips unconsciously at the sight of the huge cock and the big balls of the macho soldier in the neighboring house. The soldier knew that mom, like all the other married women, could not resist his muscular hairy body and his big cock.
This soldier decided to fuck mom in the bed that she shares with dad.
He put his cock and balls inside the underwear, threw the cigarette he had in his mouth on the ground and went toward mom.
Taking her behind the house, I saw his muscular arm disappearing under her robe as he began playing with her pussy. I saw mom moaning and licking her lips and shaking her head from one side to the other from the pleasure.
She tried to stop him telling him that she is married and that she loves dad but he laughed saying that he saw the hunger in her eyes and that dad must not be able to satisfy her. He told her dad was not a man. He will show her a real man.
Leading her to the bedroom, the soldier ordered mom to take off her clothes. As soon as she took off her bra, he began mauling her breasts and pinching her nipples, and then his rugged face was lowered and he took each nipple in his mouth and began to suck it.
I was furious. How could mom allow this strange man to touch her body like that, to finger her pussy and play with her breasts. She should be faithful to dad. She belongs to him only.
Whispering in her ear, I saw mom kneeling in front of this man’s hairy tree-trunk legs and lowering his dirty boxers on the ground. The 10-inch cock slapped her in the face but she didn’t care. She smelled it a little and began kissing the precum-covered head of his cock and then the veiny shaft, until she arrived to his balls.
She put his balls over her nose and began to touch the underside of the balls with her tongue, then she took each ball in her mouth and sucked it.
The soldier was caressing her hair and was smirking seeing mom debasing herself to please him in the bed that she shares with my poor faithful dad.
A few minutes later, mom got on her back, spread her legs showing the soldier that she was ready to get fucked. In order to enrage the lusty bull soldier more, she licked the palm of her hand and scraped it over her pussy.
The 10-inch monster was rammed in one shot inside of mom’s cunt and the soldier began to flex his big hairy biceps as he fucked my mom.
Mom began screaming from pleasure forgetting that I was in the house and begging him to fuck her more.
After 15 minutes, the soldier climaxed and shot spurts and spurts of thick cum in mom’s fertile womb. Mom regretted that the hunky soldier stud didn’t wear a condom because she was fertile and not on the pill and she could get pregnant.
After finishing insider her, the bold soldier got up and went to his house leaving his underwear on the bed.
Mom closed her legs with all the potent sperm of a man other than dad inside her and took the dirty boxer and began smelling it. She was having orgasms smelling the smell of the stud’s balls and cock in his underwear.
Mom would keep this underwear unwashed and would smell it every day to remember the stud who fucked her.
This affair continued for several month behind my cuckold dad’s back. The soldier wanting to assert his authority began to fuck mom on dad’s bed and each time he wanted to cum he would cum on dad’s pillow so that his cum would stick to dad’s hair when he sleeps and so that he would smell the sperm of the man fucking mom behind his back.
Several times, I saw mom doing debasing things for this man, like washing his feet and smelling his hairy armpits and licking his muscular body. She even let him fuck her in the ass and deflower her. He was the first man to fuck mom’s mouth and feed her his milk. Mom has never done oral sex with dad.
A few months later mom got pregnant from all the fucking and I saw the proud and arrogant look on our neighbor’s face every time he saw dad walking with mom with her pregnant belly in front of her knowing that he took another man’s wife and knocked her up.

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