Softcore My affair with wife's friend
I am rajat. I am 48 yrs old. Of late I am reading stories on the member’s intimate encounters. Though by nature I am an introvert & sober, my experiences are worth sharing.
I am engineer by profession. After finishing my engineering I got a job in north India. I worked in north india for 4 yrs. Before or during studies my interest on females, sex is up to reading porno books or blue films. However during my stay in north India, I became a disciple of a yogi. He taught me different yoga, ways to keep longer erection, ways to stimulate females, yogic technique to master orgasm, ways to avoid pregnancy without using condom and ways to achieve maximum bliss with females. After learning the techniques I never tried these techniques- I believed that I will be able to try with my wife after getting married.
I came to Bangalore in 1991 after getting a job in leading MNC, manufacturing engineering products.
I got married in 1993. I was very much excited to screw and fuck my wife. On the first night, she was very much excited by my closeness but was not keen on further any close intimate action. All my expectation and excitement was drained. Any way we continued our married life in a normal way.
We were staying in Malleswaram area in rented house in the II floor. The house is in a corner site & well ventilated. In the I floor a kannadiga business man by name raju with his gujju wife sonu moved in the end of the year 1993. As their was a love marriage and against the wishes of raju’s family who were staying in near by sesadripuram area they decided to live separately in our bulding. Sonu can speak only Hindi. So me & my wife are regularly interacting with her. Time moved on. My wife & Sonu became very thick friends. I was busy in my work. Occasionally I used to hear from my wife about Sonu’s comment about me. Sonu delivered her child in Sept 1994. My wife delivered first child in May 1995.
In oct 1995, my wife with the child to her parents place. After 2 days, around 10.30 pm in the night, I was fast sleep. I heard a loud banging noise from the Ground floor. I got up and went down and saw every thing is normal. I got confused and came to I floor and knocked on the Sonu’s door. She opened the door in a angry mood and saw me standing there. A smile light up on her face and said “sorry rajatji”. I asked her about the noise, she said “raju gusse me darwazo ko jorse band kiya”. I said “any problem”. She said” Kuch nahi” I said Ok and came up & closed the door and I was lying in the bed.
After 10 minutes, I heard a knock on the door.I was puzzled and opened the door. Sonu was standing their. She said:”rajatji, aap thoda neechey hamari ghar asakthey hai. Thods durr lahara hai!:. I simply closed the door and went with her to her house. She locked the door. I sat on the sofa & she pulled a chair and sat opposite to me. All the widows are closed & the curtains were on and only the night lamp was on. We were chatting for some time & I realized that she was hesitating for some thing. So I asked & encourage her to speak out. I realized that she is bit aroused. She was wearing a nose stud. The stone was getting illuminated in the light. I told her the nose stud is looking pretty on your nose. She blushed. I got encouraged by her response and told her I want to touch her nose. She said nothing. Slowly I raised my hand and touched her nose with index finger. She closed her eyes. I juse with my palm touched her cheek and she tilted her head slightly and said “Rajathji’ I love you so much”. I got carried away by her love for me. I slowly with massaged her cheek and gently rubbed her lips with my thump. I got up and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She held me tightly.
I sat back on the sofa and made her sit next to me. I put my left hand over her shoulder and pulled vary close to me and started kissing her gently and deeply on the lips. She started enjoying my touch. Now I remembered all my yogic training and I decided to make use of it with Sonu.
As I continued with my yogic touch, I put my hand into her nighty and gently touched her left boobs and made slow circles with my left index finger nail around the nipple. She started mourning. I opened the nighty button and took the other boob in my mouth and slowly made circles using the tongue tip.
By the time her child got up and started crying. She immediately got up and went into the bed room and told me wait. After 10 minutes she came with the child. The child is completely awake. She told me “ priyanka ko dhood pilaya hai maine. Abi thodi ther oh khelke sojage” aap yagi is rath so jao” I said “Ok- I will lock my house & come.”
I went up, locked my house & came down. By the time sonu has made ready bed for me on the hall floor. I lied down and slept in no time.
While in the sleep I realized that I am ejaculating. Opened my eyes and saw that sonu was vigorously sucking out my cock and tasting my semen. She licked the last part of the semen.
I made her to lied down on the bed. Gently kissed on the lips, she started opening her nighty. I slowly lifted her nighty up to her pussy. Gently caressed her pussy with my hand. She started mourning. Used my yogic techniques for the next 15 minutes and made her reach orgasm. Through out the time my dig was rock hard and she was holding it tightly.
Next I made her to lie on her stomach. I lied on top of her. Gently kissed her on the cheek from behind. Then kissed on her back neck. Lifted her hair and put my hand into the hair and gently but firmly massaged her head at the back. She was enjoying and became very hot and became half unconscious. I pulled her nighty half up to her ass. I realized that she has reached orgasm again and got her juice is dripping from her cunt with her unique aroma. She was having bulky ass. I put my hand in the crack and started caressing her. Slowly my finger could find out the ass hole. I forcefully seperated the butt crack and saw her anus. I slowly put my tongue on the ass hole. She shivered for the first time. I asked her what happened? She said” Current luggaya”. Mein bahut enjoy karrahahoon” I continued my ass hole licking for next 5 minutes. Her ass hole and the butt is totally relaxed and loosened. She also became loosened and shed her inhibition that she is being with her friend’s husband.
Now I made her to lied down on her back now. Removed her nighty. She was not wearing anything inside. I asked why she is not wearing any thing inside. She said” mereko malumein hai ki appko nighty withot panty achcha laktha hein” Nimmi our mein amesha appko baramei bath karthehein.” I asked her are you going tell nimmy about my fucking with you. She said I will not tell. I dodnt want to loose you in my life.
By this I got charged. I decide to satisfy her as much as possible. Then slowly I put my hand in her pussy. Her pussy was different from my wife’s pussy. I bend towards her kissed on the pee hole and started caressing with my tongue in alternate circles for 10 minutes. She got charged and dischrsged her hot juice and once again reached her orgasm and held me head tightly with force that my mouth was inside her cunt. Slowly I started licking her hot cunt deeply. She loosened the grip. She told me” appka hot rock tool ko mere pussy ko anther dalna chaatha hoon but darr laktha hain” I understood her concern. Don’t worry. I will not do that till you are comfortable. She said” aisa nahein hai gar pe condom nahi hain isliye soch raha hoon’ I said don’t worry. I will do something interesting for that. You will enjoy it. But for now take my cock in your mouth or in you ass hole.
She said I like to suck your cock and feel it again.
She sucked my cock nicely for 40 minutes till her heart content and came on her mouth and pulled it out and spread it on her boobs.
Then I massaged her boobs with my semen and sucked her boobs and drank all the milk shed has stored for her child.
I will continue my next day yogic sex session with sonu in the next writing. Meanwhile whoever interested in the yogic technique you may please write to me at Also leave your feed back in the same e-mail id. I would love to know your feed back.

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