Sleeping beauty
Hi friends this a your friend gaavin my name is not true actually i doesnot wants to disclose my identity and as well as my aunts identity my mother’s sister she is 4 years younger to my mother she is a widower now and aged 41 now and i m 22 actually this story started 6 years back i forgot to tell you that she is a widower and a teacher in the school now she lives with his brother’s family in north india now and we have been shifted to south india now because of my fathers job i will not waste your more time and after introduction i will straight come to the point . This is the true story happened in my life.

My aunt is at that time 34 when her husband died in an accident only she had a married life of 3 years now she had one girl and one boy . Her figure will be 42-30-38 her tits are very big but she looks a lot younger than her age you can say she is very attractive but before that night i had never thought of her in that way i was 15 then .actually she comes in every summer holidays in may june to stay with us and and ont hat night my mom said me to sleep in firstfloor bedroom with my aunt and her 8 months old baby in one bedroom and rest of my family was sleeping on the ground floor hall in ac and what happen she was in the middle of the bed i was in one corner side and her baby on the other corner as in india we are very conservative we scares a lot and in the night what happen she put her hand on my pennis and it was the first time someone has put her hands on my pennis i was feeling very good and the whole night i was unable to sleep with that feeling it was very good few days.

After i got again a chance to sleep with her but this time her daughter three years of age was in between us and i want to touch her so as she slept there is no need in my eyes i wants to fell her body so i pull her daughter to my side and then slept in betwen the mausi and her daughter and then i played with my pennis a litlle and put my hand on her stomach i have no courage toput my hand on her tits i was scared so i just keep my hand on her stomach and than as her ass was towards my side i get to close to her and my pennis was touching her ass i was felling in heaven it was too good than suddenly she turned and put her hand on my pennis with my underwear on but it was rock solid at that time and after half an hour she walks to bathroom and then come again and slept on the other side of the bed i thought that she was very angry from me and she will complain of that to my mom but in the moarning she had not complained anything to me not to my mom also she was normal. This got me a litlle courage but i had not got any chance to sleepwith her again that year and year passed next year i was 17 and she comes but the whole month.

I does not get any chance the whole year passed same next year than i was 19 when again i got a chance to sleep with her as my brother got a job and now she used to sleep with me in my bedroom and mom and dad in other bedroom but as three years are passed i was a litlle scare but i tried one night and put my hands on her first on her stomach and then on her breast i used to touch her whole night and several nights whenever she says gaavin leave me and used to do that but still i was not able to do anyhing i wants to fuck her but unable as might she can say to my mom and i wil be dead than than one day my landlord goes to outstation and asked me to stay in their house as went down to sleep in their house in the night after 1 hour my aunt also come to sleep there as its hot upstairs and that night is the first time i touched her thighs.

Islept with my legs on her my hands on her breast and she on that night lifted his kameez to her breast as its hot that night i used to touch her bared belly and she turned and my hand was under her ass it was awsome feeling then that night even i kissed her breast from side with her kammez on but i was scared to go further but that night i have noticed one thing that both her hands was under her head but in the morning she was normal now i was 21 and she comes for the first time to our house in south india now the real story begains i used to sleep with her in the bed with her son i used to sleep on one bed with her son and she used to sleep on other bed with her daughter or sometimes alone and startes as usuall in the night with first touching her boos with my fingers than i put my hand on her boobs after playing a little with my fingers than massaging slowly with my fingers the whole night i played with her tits and she never complained and in the moarning she told me that she had a very good sleep last night this give me a litlle courage and next day i started of the same way but than i put my hand on her thigh.

Also than slowly taking it up with my fingers i reached upto her pussy a litlle above her i can feel the hair on her private parts i searched for the pussy lips with her salwar and panty on but i can feel the hairs down it was very hot ther i reached to her lips and played for some time then she put my hands off and i got very scared that she will tell to mom and the whole night i was unable to sleep but she behaved normal to me next day we gone to see movie and while sitiing with her in the car i was pressing her boobs with every speedbraker or brake but she never complained pressed as hard as i can in the end she put both her hand under her head and in the night this time i started with her thighs i reached to her pussy but this time i got her pussy and i inserted my finger inside played she was not wearing the panty and than i gathered some courage and tried to put my hands under his salwar from the top it had reached upto the hairy part suddenly she wakes up and through my hands off and iwas too scared that time what has happened i thought now she will definitely going to tell my mom and my life is over but she behaved normally and asked me one question in front of my mom does i got scared in the nights because i used to hold her sona nd her some times.

I replied no but i was very scared just rapidly got out of that place but it was normall and for few days i have not tried but again one day i tried this time i stated with her tits i pressed them hard but there is no reponse this give me a couarage than i reached her down she was not wearing her panty and it was easy acess to her pussy lips that night i inserted my fingers in deep and give them a deep jerks but she was still sleeping than i put my fingers in her ass hole but she was still slepping but i m was feeling very hot and than i tried again with her tits her suit was up than i tried to put my hand inside her kameez and reached upto the bra and played with her tits with just bra on it was too soft than i want to touch her nipple so i put my hand inside her bra from downside and now her full tits was in my hand the thing for which i waited for atleast 6 years finally i get that i played with bot her tits for half hour but there is no respond from her side she was still i sleep than i put my hand inside her salwar it was very difficult where she had waked up at that time but this time she was still sleeping than i touched her pussy for the first ime.

I had touched the pussy her pussy was very hot and very tight also at age of 40 it is also very tight i put my fingers inside that and played with her for lot of time and than masterbate my self and slept i dont want to rape her i want to fuck her but with her consent only but she never replies nor she complains in the moarning aboth the night than i gathered more courage and told her in indirect way that i used to touch her in the night knowingly and said sorry for that i thought she knows already and she replied with a strange look hoooooo you are like my son i had never thought of you like that this is not good and so i felt very sad that day why should i tell her that then she said your age is of this type thats why you think like this .

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