Sister ki sexy classmate
Hi, I am Rupen, from Mumbai I am 28 now. Let me describe how I was obsessed by a friend of my sis and eventually made love with her. I still remember the day I first met her. Then I was studying eighth standard and I was slowly getting used to all funny thoughts and feelings. That is the day I saw Maya a classmate of my sister. She was doing her +2 then. At that age, I was not even aware of sexual intercourse. It was the send of party of their batch; they dressed up in our house as it is close to their school. So Maya along with some 3-4 classmates of her came to our house. I was a bit close to her then, like I used to speak with her. My childish looks and behaviours made her feel more jovial whenever she spoke to me. She never realized then that I had a liking for her. So once they dressed up, they started to take photographs. She is short and I was tall for my age then.

So I was almost her height at that time itself. During this photo session, Maya was standing in the second row (as three others were sitting) and they wanted me in couple of photographs. I went and stood near Maya. Suddenly my Elbows hit against her Boobs. Woow what a wonderful feeling. I thought that she would shout at me, but she did not. That was my first touch on her. Time passed by and I had completed my two now. I was vacation and was waiting for the colleges to start. She had completed her under graduation by that time. Now we are more closer with each other (playfully I call her my dear, etc…). One day she came to our house wearing Saree. She was adjusting her saree; I could see her deep navel and those wonderful cleavage of hers. She noticed it and to my amusement winked at me. This gave me more arousement and I instantly got a hard on. But I could not do much as there were others also in my house at that time. I was waiting for the right time to come. Within a few days, she again came to my house and lucky fellow I am my sis and parents had gone to our relative place. Since they had gone to attend a function, which is related with a girl’s puberty, they did not take me with them. I was busy masturbating in our house (90% of those time it was Maya whom I fucked). Now Maya came to our house.

I welcomed her and told that no one else is in the house. I expected that she would just say a Hi and go back, but she came in and volunteered that she would prepare me some dinner for that day. I decided to take her itself as dinner :-) . I was pretty much sure that she will not hesitate if I touch her, but still there was a huge sense of fear before making the first move. But slowly I gathered courage and started the press against her when she was chopping some vegetables. She moaned and said that my smell does something to her. Its now or never, so I slowly started to play with her. I first put my hand gently on her back and started to caress it (all the while I was speaking some thing to her, our eyes never met all these time)… Slowly I gathered courage and took my arms and put my hands in her armpit, she resisted, slowly I opened her armpit and held her boobs. She stopped chopping the vegetables and she was enjoying my move. I slowly took of her saree pallo… Those boobs are even bigger now. I slowly started to unhook her blouse. She had her eyes tightly closed. I sucked her boobs with her Bra on and I took them also. She was standing topless in front of me. I moved back a bit and took off my shirt and lungi.

I was standing nude in front of her and slowly called her by name. She moaned, I asked her to open her eyes. She slowly opened. And she was a bit ashamed to see me nude in front of her. But she did not show it off too much… She came close to me and hugged me. Now I slowly started to tease her. I ran my fingers from the top of her for head and made mild movements of it towards her lips… On reaching her lips I took my finger and replaced it with my lips… First Kiss… It was too good… She did not open her lips to begin with, but slowly I started pressing her buttocks…now she also was getting aroused and her arms were making circles in my back. I took her from the kitchen to the bedroom. Took of the remaining of her clothes and asked her to suck my cock. She immediately bent down, took it in her hand, and started to kiss it… Slowly she took my entire cock inside her mouth and was giving me a great blowjob. I exploded in her mouth itself… She gulped it and began to lick my balls… Slowly I was getting hard on again…. I made her lay besides me and started to massage her boobs gently… She was totally made by then… I slowly ran my hand down to her vagina and played with the hairy vagina for a while.

I wanted to fuck her and asked if I can have a sexual intercourse then (fearing safety reasons); she said that it was okay… So I instantly got on top of her and started to explore her pussy with my rod… It was a big tight, I licked it and made it wet with my saliva and now my cock was able to get in a bit more easily. I was having the greatest night of my life. We both broke into orgasm at exactly the same moment. She stood up and smiled at me. She said that she was expecting this ever since I completed my two. We had regular sexual encounters until she got married. Now she is settled in the US. Couple of months back when she came here, we had another sexual encounter. She said that her hubby is really wild when it comes to sex and asked me to give that gentle type of sex, which we used to have.

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