Sister Ko Choda
Hi, My name is Sunny. I am 24 years old. I am in job and stay in Ahmedabad. I am tall, good looking, fare color. I belong to a middle class family. I have a younger sister Preeti and she is 5 years younger to me. I am new to this website and writing this story of my life for the first time. I have real pain for what I have done and I have no one to share it, so writing it out here. The incident that I am sharing happened almost 1 year back when I was at home on 3 weeks’ vacation.

My dad is a business man and we have a two bedroom flat. One room belongs to my parents and i share the second room with my sister. My sister looks very attractive and have a perfect figure. she is 5.6″ tall. For some reason I had got special attraction to her when I had been to home this time. I don’t blame myself, could be that I am grown up now and have desires for a women. But still i have regrets and its my fault. during my vacation, I always tried to be at home in our room so that i may get a chance to see her in lesser clots and such chances were attracting me more towards her.

Throughout the day i tried to get changes to have a look to her body in a more proper way. She is really close to me and we are very good friends also. She will share her secrets with me, even those which she is not expected to talk to a guy and because of such a behavior of her, i was feeling helpless for what i was doing and for my behavior. I was so attracted towards her that just to see her naked once i was hiding below the bed when she was taking bath. We have a bathroom attached to our room. Whenever she goes for bath, she closes the room door.

That day parents were not at home and she went to the balcony for taking her cloths, a didn’t wanted to miss this chance and i rushed to our room and got under the bed. She came and locked the door unaware that i was still there. it was risky as our bed was high enough to see a person hiding there, but still i was ready to take the chance. She undressed herself and went to the bathroom. I was trying not too see her at this moment as i was a little afraid for getting caught. I had plans to see her while taking bath. I was real lucky that she did not close the bathroom door when taking bath.

I could not see her properly while she was inside as our bathroom is a big one and could manage to see only the back side of her body. Once she completed her bath, I tried not seeing her and tried to hide as much as possible. She opened the room and went to the balcony. Getting this chance i came out and went to the other room. When I was inside the room, I was afraid more then i was excited and though not to do any such stupid activity again. It was next day night and she was in deep sleep. We share the same bed at home. While sleeping she wears a short pant and a t-shirt.

I moved close to her and put my hands on her stomach. I was just trying to see how good sleep she was in. I tried to push her shoulder with mine just to confirm that she won’t wake up. She looked real attractive at that moment. I could feel her closely, could feel her breadth and she was smelling so awesome. I moved my hand near to her breast and waited to see any reaction from her. After doing anything i preferred waiting for 5-10 mins and pretending that i am sleeping, so that even if she wakes up she would think that I was sleeping.

After seeing no movement from her, i moved my hands and kept it on her breast. I cannot express how awesome it felt. Her breast was little bigger than average size and I could feel her nipples. I realized that she was not wearing bra. I again left my hand there and was pretending that I was sleeping. but this time it all went against my expectation and I could feel that she woke up and could feel the movement in her body. I felt as if she was looking to me and I did not open my eyes for a long time.

Suddenly something happened and she moved my hands to her stomach under the t-shirt. I realized that she was awake now and something really bad was going in her mind. I decided that I will not open my eyes and was just waiting for her to make any move. After almost 200 min she again moved my hands directly under her pants and kept it on her vagina. I was just shocked to realize what just happened and could not really believe it. I was very sure then that she felt as i was in deep sleep and left my hands there almost for an hour.

After seeing no reaction from my side, she slowly tried to mover her hand inside my pants and touched my penis. we were like that for next 20..30 mins and then I felt that I should stop this before it goes ahead and took out my hands from her pants and pretended as if I was trying to turn sideways. She suddenly removed her hands and did not move at all. I turned sideways having my back toward her and could not sleep for rest of the night. I was just thinking about what happened and what i should do next day morning everything was normal like rest of the days and I preferred as if I do not know anything.

I had a wish to do much more on the next night and was just waiting for the night to come. On the next day night, i decided not to do anything and let her make the first move. She was wearing a medium height skirt that day. After almost 2 hours of going to bed, i could feel that she was still awake. She again took my hands and moved it under her pants and kept it over her vagina, I could feel that she was not wearing her under wear. she left it there for an hour and then I decided to move ahead and do something myself as

I could see that she also had interest in what I liked. I suddenly turned towards her and pretended that i am awake now and I started seeing her. She had her eyes closed, but I could see that she was still awake and her heartbeats were fast. This time I gathered some courage and took control of my hands. i slowly moved my middle finger in her vagina and could not notice any reaction from her side. I felt as if she also wanted it and inserted the finger a little more inside. It felt really awesome and started moving my finger to and fro slowly.

Now I really wanted to lick her vagina and do a little more. She was lying straight on the bed. I really wanted to suck her boobs and wanted to fuck her. I couldn’t stop myself with doing what I was. I moved my hand to her breast and started touching her nipples. I wanted to feel them in real and moved my hand under her t-shirt and tried to move her t-shirt upward so that I could taste them with my tongue. I believe she understood my intentions and turned towards me.

We both now were having our faces towards each other. I moved a little lower and moved her t-shirt upwards as much I can. This was the first time I was sucking someone boobs and that two of my own sister. Somewhere I had shame for what I was doing but more then that I was enjoying it after almost 30 min of this I moved my head away from her body and she again turned straight. I thought maybe she does not like it and that why turned straight.

Then i tried not to do anything more and was lying on the bed thinking of her that may be she did not wanted what just happened just after 1 hour of time she again took my hands and kept it on her stomach. i was still awake having my eyes closed. Then i felt may be she wants me to touch her vagina. as she was wearing skirt it was easier for me to reach to her vagina. I took some time before doing anything and did some movement in my body just to let her know that i am awake. I then kept my hand on her skirt, i still remember that she had her legs a little spread.

I moved her skirt up and took my hands to her vagina. I could touch it properly with her legs spread. Then I took some time to get the courage to put my fingers in. I could feel that it was wet this time. I had a strong desire to lick it this time. Knowing that she likes what we are doing I decided to lick it finally. I slowly moved my body downside and reached till her skirt. I could smell her vagina easily and with no wait i just licked it was just awesome.

Never felt anything like that before. I continued for almost 30 mins and then I stopped. I stopped what I was doing and decided to stop everything. DO not know why but I was feeling badly from inside for doing all this to my own sister but I tried to think about it. I moved up and then lied down straight. I could feel that she wanted me to continue but I stopped. I was lying on the bed straight things of what really happened. But just after 20… 30 mins I realized that she still wanted more. She moved her hands to my stomach and then moved her hands under my pants again.

She was holding my penis. she was holding it. I felt that she really want me to do a little more with her. I decided not to do anything and left her hand there holding my penis. I knew that if i go more and fuck her, she might pregnant and thinking of the consequences, i did not do anything. That night went off somehow and I decided not to do any such thing again. Next day morning i could see the shame in her eyes and she could see in mine. After that she uses to move my hands to her vagina and will hold my penis every night.

But I never did anything from my side. I was strongly decided not to do anything. Days passed and my vacation was over and I had to come back to Hyderabad. It was my last night at home just after 1 hr of going to bed she asked me if I was awake. She started talking to me about her life, but nothing on what we did and then I remember her kissing on my lips. The kiss was real awesome. I will remember that kiss forever. I left home and almost 1 year over now and haven’t been to home after that vacation.

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