Sister Garima's Marriage
I was 17 years old then and was stepping into adulthood with all the harmoes working with full efficiency. I had started masturbating since te age of 13. Porn magazines, XXX movies, and other stuff started to look quite boring and I needed something more erotic and exciting to get the same pleasure. I was slim and not very handsome ans since I looked at all gals in the same manner I could never be friendly with any of the girls in my school. I was also very shy of talking about sex with my male friends and though I would listen to them with great curosity I would never say a word. I was a little good person in the eyes of all my teachers, my friends and my family that consists of my father who is a clerk, my mother and my sister. My name is Gaurav and my sister is Garima. We have a difference of 7 years in our age and Garima was 24 and I was 17 at that time. Since she was quite elder to me we had a quite formal relationship unlike many brothers and sisters. She felt I was a little cute brother of her and felt responsible towards my work and my studies. Since my parents were not keeping well, she was looking after most of the house work and my needs.

My parents were quite worried about Garima's marriage as we were financially not very sound and though Garima is very good looking she was not getting a match. She is the typical middle class girl who spends most of her time at home doing house hold work and taking good care of everybody at home. Since it was time for her to get married I noticed that she had started taking good care of her body as well applying face packs on her face etc. All in all she was not a modle type but pleasantly plump body and had just the right amount of flesh at right places.

I dont know when it happened or how it started but I started to develop a liking towards my sister. May be because I was getting bored of using my hand with the same old nude pictures in those porn magazines in front of me. I was not getting full pleasures out of it now and wanted to lay my eyes on a real naked girl. I had known none other gal expect my sister Garima, I started thinking of her most of the time. Initially I used to felt guity and as a sinner when I would masturbate thinking of her. But gradually the feeling subsided and I started looking at her as a woman first rather than my sister. The lusty feelings towards Garima started to rise and now I would seek oppurtunities to smell her panties and her bra when she was not around. I would sometimes get really close to her when she was sleeping but was scared to get caught so immidiately I would leave. Things continued and as I got more and more bold I decided to get a view of her beautiful body which she would cover quite well all the day. I would think of a way to sneak a view just once at her naked milky body. The feeling of guilt was not there in my heart anymore and I saw my sister Garima as a sex object to fulfill my new sexual desire to see a real woman naked.

We used to live in a small house which had 3 bedrooms on two floors. The two rooms on first floor were shared by me and Garima while the master bedroom on ground floor was our parent's. We had two bathrooms and toilets on each floor and since appa and ma were not very fit they seldom bothered to climb up the stars to the first floor. So that left the entire first floor to myself and Garima. After thinking hard one day, I decided to do something and get my eyes on my sister Garima. The only place where I thought Garima gets totally naked was our bathroom. I somehow had to make a provision to see inside the bathroom. Even the thought of it would give me a shiver but the lust was too much now to control myself. Our bathroom was quite secure and the only window on top of the door was made in such a way that no bod from outside could get a view in any ways. I thought of making a small hole in the door as in a pin hole camera but the could not gather the courage. A few days passed and I would just try to sneak in from the gap between the floor and the door but got to see only some movng shadows. My lust towads Garima forced me to do what I was really scared of but one day I got a swiz knife from one of my friends and made a small hole in one corner of the bathroom door. At that time I had to be really careful since Garima was home and working downstairs. The hole was quite easy to make since the door at that point was made of sheet and not thick wood. I peeped in from the hole and my heart bet got faster when I noticed that I was getting a good view of the bathroom. Now I had to somehow cover the hole so that no one else could see it. I painted the inside of the door with the white colour and it was not quite visible from inside unless someone knew it was there. from outside due to light from inside the bathroom, the hole was clearly visible. I blocked the hole with a small bindi that my mom used to apply on her forehead. It was not noticable now and I only prayed not to get caught. I had done the inevitable and could not revert it back. It was the sunday and after finishing the house hold job my sister got up and took her clothes to take bath. My heart beat grew faster as I was to have a view of the scene I had waited for so long. I was nervous but I knew that if Garima did not notice the hole, I had nothing to worry about since appa and ma would not come upstairs leaving me alone outside the bathroom door. The moment finally arrived when I heard the door slamming and the sound of the latch. I waited for sometime to make sure she doesn't come out immidiately. Once I was sure that she had started taking the bath I slowly reached the bathroom and removed the bindi from the hole. I was nervous as hell as I was to catch the glimpse of my sister having bath totally naked and it would be the first time I would see a real woman naked. I could hear my heart pounding and as soon as I placed my eye on the hole I was doomed. I did not see anything. I tried hard to peep in from both the sides but all I could see was some cloth covering the hole. Immideately it struck to me that the clothes she hung on the door knob must have hidden the hole and I could not do anything now. It was the sunday and if I had to try my luck again I would have to wait for another week. I had to. The wait was long and I could not wat for that long to catch a glimpse. I took leave from school that day pretending I was ill. After waiting till 11:00Am for my sister to enter the bathroom I got up and reached the door again.Praying that this I get the view. As soon as I removed the bindi from the hole I saw light coming out from the hole that meant that today was my day. The cloth had not covered the hole today. I immidiately brought my face closer to the door and felt my dick to shot up straight in the air when I saw my sister NAKED. She was totally naked and I could she her from the side. I saw her for a moment and removed my eye. It was too much for me to keep myself in control. Also scared I rushed towards the stairs to make sure my ma was not coming up to see how I was feeling which was unlikely. Very quickly I rushed back to the door and started peeping. My sister was standing naked under the shower and the wet coating of water made her skin shine like anything. I was in seventh heaven and automatically my hand went to my dick massaging it over my pants. I never felt my heart pounding so hard. From the hole I could see her legs, her thighs, her and upper body till her boobs. Her face was not visible to me till she was standing. She then sat down on a stool and now her face was right in front of my eyes. She looked innocent to me and for a moment I felt the guilt but there was no way back. I saw the left boob of my sister moving as she applied soap on her face. she had a perfect round brown nipple on her boobs and I thought she had a very supple body. She looked very different from the model type gals I'd ever seen on the blue films. Since the bathroom was small, she was sitting quite near to the door and the maximum distance between her naked body and my eye would be not more that two feet. I could clearly see her skin texture that was more fair than her hands and her face as it never got exposed. She was looking like an angel to me and I wanted her to take bath for as long as possible. The visibility went down a little as I understood because of the steam filling up the bathroom due to hot water. I was more stable now and my hand was massaging my errect and rock hard cock which was now out of my nickers. After a few minutes my sister got up and wiped her body with a towel. When she bent down to wipe her legs I got a glimpse of her ass which was very big and very fleshy. I wanted to touch it. It was the first time I had seen a woman naked and that too my own sister and I was already too excited. I wanted to see the pussy but she never turned towards the door and I could only get the side view of her nude heavenly body. But even that was too much for me. As soon as she wore her bra and panties I replaced the bindi on the hole and rushed towards the toilet to jerk myself. I just had to stroke myself for few seconds and I ejaculated a lot of semen in seconds. I was releived and also felt a little guilty for having seen my own sister naked in bathroom. But that guilt was a result of the release I just made. I came out of the toilet and saw the bathroom door open and lights off. My sister was in her room getting ready not knowing that her own brother had spied on her which she was bathing. I did not want to make an eye contact with her and stayed in my room but at 2:00, she brought a plate full of food for me and I felt my dick to be stiffening again seeing her. For the first time I was fully aware of what she was hiding under that piece of clothing she was wearing and what a curvy body she had. I was to have this view of her exquisite body a lot many more times.

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