Shyam, Savita Bhabhi and Kajal
Kajal lay cuddled in Shyam's arms once again, having mopped herself off of all their combined love juices.

"Shyam Bhaiya..." She whispered in his ear as she felt him stirring.

"Hmm?" He responded, half awake. His palm rubbed across her bare breast.

"Ek baat poochun?"

"Can I ask you something?" She asked hesitantly.

"Haan, kya baat hai?"

"Yes, what's it?" Shyam responded, fully awake now.

"Uss din jab aapne Didi ko apni peeth ragadne ko kaha tab kya hua?"

"What happened that day when you asked Didi to rub your back?" She asked.

That day, she had seen Shyam & Savita disappear in his flat. They had returned after a good couple of hours. She had been dying to find out all the details but so far Shyam had not obliged, as he was usually wont to do. So, she had finally gathered enough courage & asked outright.

Shyam threw his head back & let out a bellow of hearty laughter. He slapped her ass playfully as his laughter subsided.

"Yeh jaan kar tu kya karegi?"

"Why do you want to know?" He teased her, smiling mischievously.

"Aise hi..."

"Just like that..." She said diffidently, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Baap re! Aap dono behnen toh meri poori chutti karanewali hain. Achha baba, le sun..."

"My God! You two sisters are going to be my undoing. OK honey, listen." Shyam exclaimed, his mind wandering back to relive the delicious memories of that wonderful afternoon, when Savita had followed him into his apartment, ostensibly to give him a back rub as he bathed.


"Savita Bhabhi, yeh kya aap toh khali haath aa gayi! Meri peeth kis se ragdengi?"

"What's this, Savita Bhabhi, you've come empty handed. What are you going to scrub my back with?" He had enquired when Savita had followed him into his apartment.

"Bhabhi, thoda besan our doodh le ke aaiye. Usse peeth ragdi jaati hai."

"Bhabhi, please bring some chickpea flour & milk. That's what is used for back scrubbing." He explained when he'd seen her confusion.

He had stripped down to his shorts & seated himself on a small stool in his bathroom by the time Savita returned with the stuff & locked the door of his apartment behind her. She knew they needed privacy for what was about to happen.

Under his guidance, she had mixed the coarsely ground chickpea flour & milk into a thickish paste & squirted some coconut oil in it.

"Haan, ab issko meri peeth par lagakar achhi tarah se ragadiye."

"Yes, now put some of this on my back & give it a good scrubbing." He had commanded her, after having tested the consistency of the paste & added a bit more oil. Savita had obeyed and started to diffidently rub his back. She had never done this before & hence was rather awkward and too gentle.

"Aise nahin. Rukiye, main aapko dikhata hoon."

"Not like this. Wait, I'll show you." He'd said.

He'd then seated her on the stool with her back to him. He'd asked her to tie her hair high up on her head so that her neck & a wide expanse of shoulders & back were exposed above the neckline of her blouse. He had then smeared some paste on her skin and started to rub it in, using firm yet gentle strokes of his fingers, occasionally pinching & kneading her flesh. Although Savita was initially a bit nervous & apprehensive, she soon relaxed and started enjoying the pleasurable sensations his massage was evoking. Her eyes half closed and a small moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She'd taken her pallu off her shoulders and held it up against her bosom, so that it wouldn't get soiled.

Soon, Shyam had forgotten that he was supposed to give her only a demo, and had really thrown himself into the task at hand. She'd sensed Shyam gently undoing the hooks of her blouse & unclasping her bra. Dreamily, she'd allowed Shyam to peel her blouse & bra off. He had also eased off the ornaments she'd worn around her neck and on her arms & wrists. He had then led her by her hand into the living room. He had cleared some space & spread a sheet on the floor. He'd then made her lie on her stomach, her head turned to one side, resting on her folded arms. The fair skin of her bare back & shoulders lay exposed. Her full breasts swelled out from her sides.

Shyam had gotten down on his knees and massaged her back & shoulders, starting with light, feathery strokes of his fingertips & then gradually working up the pressure & length of his strokes until he was using the heel of his palms and putting his entire weight behind the strokes. He'd started sweating & grunting with the exertion. With the heat being generated by the massage, tiny rolls of dried paste combined with exfoliated skin had started to rub off, exposing a healthy, glowing, clean skin that had turned pink with the stimulation.

Savita could hardly categorize the feelings the massage was evoking. They teetered between light tickles to warm, pleasurable kneading and occasionally went close to being painful. She didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. What she did know was that it was intensely pleasurable, something she'd never experienced before. It was just the thing she needed to unwind after a long morning of hard work.

"Unnhh, unnnhhh... aahhh..." She went, squirming & twisting, not wanting it ever to end.

"Achha lag raha hai na?"

"Doesn't it feel good?" Shyam'd asked, pausing while still maintaining a grip on a generous fold of flesh.

"Haan... AIEEEEE.....!" Savita had screamed as he'd suddenly squeezed hard. And so he'd continued to pleasure her with his sensuous massage until had to pause for breath. Savita had almost dozed off. He however had no intention to allow her to sleep. He had turned his attention down south. He'd raised her saree to expose her legs up to her thighs & gotten down to work again. He'd paid particular attention to her feet, making sure to get to the hidden areas between her toes. He'd tried to get her silver toe-rings off, but they were too tight. He had massaged the soles of her feet too, causing her to squeal aloud by the ticklish sensations he'd caused.

On an impulse, he had suddenly bit her hard on the thick skin on the ball of her foot. Savita had squealed aloud at the abrupt, unexpected assault and had suddenly felt warm fluid trickle out of her pussy. Till that moment, Savita had been just pleasantly woozy, but now she was all of a sudden sexually aroused.

Shyam's nostrils flared as he'd sensed her arousal and he'd felt an answering awakening in his crotch. He'd worked his way up to her slender ankles & firm, shapely calves & then up above her knees to the back of her thighs. But the bunched up saree was an impediment. He'd reached under her and pulled the saree out of the petticoat. Sensing what he wanted to do, she had raised her hips off the floor to make room for his hands. When he'd fumbled with the knot of the drawstring of the petticoat, she'd obligingly reached under & undone the knot for him. He'd then pulled her saree, petticoat & panties off of her hips & down her legs. Savita now lay bare before him, lying on her stomach, eyes closed, waiting with bated breath for what was coming next.

Shyam had started working on her full, curvaceous hips, well rounded ass & the back of her fleshy thighs, applying the paste & vigorously massaging it in till the skin glowed & shone like polished pink marble. He'd parted her buns, squirted coconut oil on her anus & gently started rubbing it with a fingertip. Savita had felt relaxed enough to allow him to play with her anus for some time, but as his finger tried to explore a bit deeper, she had suddenly stiffened. Immediately, he'd backed off & ended that part of massage with a resounding whack on her rump, eliciting a loud squeal that was abruptly cut off by a hurriedly stuffed wrist in her mouth.

He'd then flipped her over on her back. She'd immediately covered her bosom & pubic area with the end of her saree, suddenly feeling shy & looking at him thru' heavy lidded eyes. He'd laughed at this, but had allowed her to preserve her modesty. He'd then gently massaged her face, taking great care while working around her eyes. He'd continued the massage of her arms & hands, not forgetting her palms nor the hairy armpits, ignoring her squeals as she felt ticklish. He'd spent some time running his fingers through her armpit hair matted with the drying paste.

He'd then pushed the saree off of her belly & had gently massaged the soft skin, paying particular attention to the stretch marks of her pregnancy. By now, Savita had gone almost completely limp and lay unresisting as he'd finally yanked the saree off, exposing her fully to his gaze. Although they had had intimate relations many times before, this was the first time Shyam had seen her completely naked. He was fully aroused now, but he wasn't done with the massage yet.

He'd then turned his attention to her full, turgid breasts, applying the paste & working it into the skin with gentle, deft strokes of his magical fingers, rolling & pinching her thick nipples. He'd then cupped her breasts & squeezed them hard, causing tiny jets of milk to spray out, accompanied by a twinge of indescribable pleasure shooting through her nipples. Finally, he'd gone to work on her pubis, massaging the paste into the thick mat of her pubic hair and also the crease where her thighs joined the torso. The only part he didn't massage was her vaginal slit.

With all this work, Shyam'd become out of breath. He'd sat down on a chair beside Savita & admired his handiwork as she lay sprawled out on the floor, looking at him through sultry, heavy lidded eyes, a faint smile on her lips. He took in the sight of the fair, beautiful, plump, mature young woman that Savita was, now fully aroused and awaiting his pleasure, wantonly exposing her naked body to his gaze. He'd felt proud & lucky.

He'd playfully rubbed his foot over the naked expanse of her body, sometimes massaging her soft breasts with the rough soles of his feet, sometimes rubbing them over her thighs. At one point, she'd grabbed his foot & kissed it all over & then sucked his big toe. As his foot had traveled down south to her pubic thatch, she'd opened her thighs wide, giving him a glimpse of her swollen, red inner lips drooling her secretions. She had grabbed his hand & pulled him to her. She'd had enough of the massage & was now eager to be mounted.
Shyam had slipped out of his shorts & knelt between her open thighs. He'd poured a generous quantity of coconut oil on his hard, dark, fully erect cock & smeared it all over, pulling back the foreskin. He'd then poured some more oil on her pussy & worked it into her slit, making sure that her already wet inner lips were fully smeared. He'd slipped a cushion under her hips, spread her thighs further out & rested her legs on his shoulders. He'd positioned his cock at the entrance of her cunt & said,

"Ab main aapki andar se maalish karoonga."

"Now I'm going to massage your insides."

A gentle nudge was all that was needed for his thick cock to spread her well lubricated petals apart & enter her hot pussy. He'd worked his hands under her body & grabbed her shoulders so she wouldn't slip out from under him. A single hard thrust of his hips had fully buried his cock inside her. He'd lowered his head & shoulders until his face was inches away from hers & she was almost completely doubled over, with her thighs pressing onto her breasts.

He was no longer the considerate, gentle lover, who had so lovingly massaged her body. He'd commenced to punish her with hard thrusts of his hips, his cock working like a jackhammer, mercilessly pummeling her cunt, intent on taking his own pleasure. Savita had tried to clench her pussy muscles around his hard cock, but couldn't keep pace with his energetic thrusts.

Soon they were both sweating & grunting like pigs. Streams of sweat rolled off his body & dripped onto hers, stinging her where he'd inadvertently bruised her skin. Only occasionally did he pause to catch his breath or to readjust his grip on her shoulders or to squeeze her breasts roughly. Savita had instinctively understood his need to take his pleasure, unmindful of her needs & had surrendered herself to his will, allowing him to do as he pleased. Oddly enough, as she submitted to him, she felt waves of pleasure rolling in & was soon immersed in a pink haze of multiple orgasms following one another in lazy succession. So intense were her emotions, she broke into tears.

Shyam had ejaculated at least four times in the past 24 hours. So it was a real miracle that he could work up so much energy & ardor again. In fact, his previous ejaculations merely served to increase his staying power & he was able to continue pounding poor Savita's pussy with his thick, hard tool for a really long time. Even so, he once paused when he felt the onset of ejaculation & gripped his cock at the base & held it off. He then started his jackhammer act once again & finally allowed himself to climax when even he ran out of breath & couldn't continue. He collapsed on top of her, panting hard, his cock spurting semen deep inside her bruised cunt while he sweated & slobbered all over her face. She cradled him in her arms & gently stroked his sweaty back, feeling drained, weak, exhausted, utterly happy & fulfilled.

After a long time lying in her arms, Shyam got up. Savita had no strength left in her legs & had to be helped up. Shyam walked her to the bathroom, seated her on the small stool & proceeded to give her a bath, starting with shampooing her long, thick, jet-black hair that had come undone at some point in their hectic lovemaking & was now oily, damp & sticky with body fluids of indeterminate origin. Savita let him soap & rinse all the planes, clefts & crevices of her beautifully plump young body, turning & bending this way & that, raising an arm now & leg then, lifting her ass off the stool as needed.

When at last he was done, she wrapped a borrowed towel around her damp hair & threw her saree around her shoulders. She then tiptoed, planted a long kiss on Shyam's lips & scooted off to her apartment after checking that the coast was clear. That was the only kiss they exchanged that day.


Kajal had looked on as Savita had returned & shut the bedroom door behind her. When Savita had re-entered the living room she was dressed in fresh clothes, her damp hair still wrapped in a towel. She wore no makeup, but even so she looked devastatingly attractive & sexy even to Kajal. Kajal read the expression in her eyes & knew that her Savita Didi had been through an intensely pleasurable experience. Before she could ask Savita anything, Shyam had entered. He too had showered & changed into fresh clothes.

"Bhabhi, khana parosiye. Bahut bhookh lagi hai."

"Bhabhi, give me something to eat. I'm very hungry!" He'd announced.

That had sent the sisters into a flurry of activity as they warmed up the lunch and arranged food on the table. It was well past four o'clock in the afternoon by the time they all sat down to eat. The delicious food was polished off in no time. After all, Shyam was not the only one to have worked up a big appetite.

He then insisted on returning to his apartment, saying that if he didn't sleep alone that night he would be dead. The sisters reluctantly let him go, trying to hide their disappointment and their sly smiles from Shyam & from each other. After all, they too wanted him to regain his strength & vigor as soon as possible. Savita had had to change her panties twice that evening as Shyam's residual semen continued to trickle out of her pussy.

It was just as well that Shyam had begged off, since Savita's hubby returned from tour the very next morning. Shyam never did get the back scrub he had asked for...

-- END ---

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