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Hello everyone this is Akash at your service with my sexual fantasy that came true. I am 28 year old male, 5’7’’ tall, medium built, 65 kg, fair, with normal Indian-sized penis and moderately hairy. My wife who is a year younger to me, is 5’5’’ tall, 37DD-32-38, coffee coloured big nipples, 80kg, clean shaved and horny as hell. There are two things that I like about her one, she is fat which is a complete turn on for me; and two, she looks like a complete housewife with all the discipline in the world but real

Raksha comes out in bed, anyone who saw both her forms would not believe that a pious looking woman in the household would be so bitchy in the bed. We both love each other and are completely sex crazy, though using the word ‘crazy’ would be a complete understatement. We wake up and have a morning quickie, after which, when departing for our offices we almost always have a small round again or at least oral.

Then if either one of us gets free at work for a while we would rush to the other’s place and manage to have sex there as both of us are at post in our companies where we possess personal offices and no one questions us if our offices are locked for a while from the inside. After this, we go back home for lunch, and as the reader by now would anticipate calculating what kind of people we are, we have sex again. After siesta we get back to work. At night after the dinner it would be our fun time.

Friends, we have been married for five years and this has been our routine all along, with plus or minus one session. This keeps us loving each other, as we quench each other’s thirst. The tale which I am about to narrate is the one which occurred this winter. With all the sex that we were having, Raksha had been developing an expanding appetite and it was becoming tough for me to cop up with the pace and magnitude of her requirements. As both of us are very sincere and frank to each other, once upon a time after our morning quickie,

I dropped in a proposal for Raksha. I said “Baby, I know you are not getting enough of it and I want us to open our marriage, so that you can have more fun while I am busy working”. Raksha was completely startled and was quiet for a minute and looked into my eyes saying not a word, but her eyes were bombarding a million questions. As soon as she came out of her shock she asked me “

Akash, have you been drinking or taking drugs lately? Or you are completely out of your mind?” I said “Rakshu, see, I love you and you love me too. And both of us know no matter what happens, nothing in this whole world is going to separate us. I have been thinking of this for a week or so and I think it is a feasible idea to have sex with other persons as long as both of us consent each other to do so. And having sex with a loving person at a time would cause no harm to anyone of us.”

She looked bewildered and didn’t quite seem to conceive this idea, and asked me to give her some time to think as I had mine. I said she could take all the time she wanted. Her body language said she didn’t want it. But it was my Rakshu and I knew what she was thinking, if she hadn’t tried to conceal her feelings, the ideal response would have been, “One loving person at a time? That is for you sweet heart I need more than one horny studs shoving their rods in all my orifices.” That day we didn’t have any sex.

Then, when I came back at night, we had dinner and she went to take bath and I was watching TV. After a while I went to my room and was taken aback. She was lying nude in her Venus pose on our bed. She swirled her finger in the air like a horny goddess of love making and invited me to herself. That night we made love like hell. She seemed so horny that, for a moment I thought if I would be able to go to work tomorrow morning.

Anyway after having tremendous sex for four hours, we went to sleep at about 1 in the night, before which she told me she was ok with the idea, after which we had one last round. Next day we woke up with a new zeal, and discussed things at our breakfast table. Our first candidate or say victim was going to Amar, who was a real old friend of mine. We had to go through a bulky list of men whom we knew.

The reason why we picked Amar was, he was a healthy man, was married, the couple were similar in likes to us, and of all he always had something for Raksha and never missed a chance of feeling her lovely flesh. That evening, we left the office soon and bought all that we thought would be required. Then we reached home and had dinner and we set everything up. Then we executed the first step of our plan.

Raksha called up Amar and an cried on the phone saying that both of us had a real big fight and I have left the home leaving her behind, and that she needed someone to comfort her. Amar agreed to come and we were happy to see our success. We had planned everything in such a way that he would not know that I was in the house and still I would be able to see everything they did. I made Raksha wear a real short and real thin night gown. The door bell rang and I hid myself inside the bed room and started watching everything from the door crack. It was Amar. As soon as he stepped in,

Raksha leapt on him, hugged him and started crying. He at first was hesitant but then he hugged her too and started rubbing his hand on her back, during which he realized that Raksha wasn’t wearing any brassiere. He gave a wicked and kinky smile as if he saw what was coming. Now he made Raksha sit on the sofa and asked her about what had happened and to my wonder, Raksha was lying to him like a bitch. To be honest she made a very convincing story.

During their conversation, we also learned that, his wife Neeta (who didn’t have as much a good figure as Raksha’s but I had overheard someone saying she was a real animal in bed) had gone to her mother’s and so Amar could stay there for the night. After this, Raksha started a second round of weeping. Now, Amar hugged her again such that her face was on Amar’s right shoulder, and started caressing and consoling her.

Now Raksha came a little back and placed her face close to Amar’s. Then she slowly proceeded and both of them started kissing each other. At first this was mild, but within less than a minute, they were kissing each other like lovers who have met after a long time. Then, Raksha took Amar’s one hand and placed it on her left boob and Amar gave it a loving squeeze. Raksha twitched in pleasure. Just when Amar was about to say something,

Raksha removed a strap of her night gown and placed his mouth on her nipple and Amar without any hesitation started to suckle her nipple like a baby, and was pressing her right boob. This gave me a hard on. After a while he swapped the boob and gave proper justice to both the breasts. The widespread legs of Raksha made it really apparent about how aroused she was. Drenching like a rains in the monsoon, it seemed there were rivers of juices in her love hole today.

Now, Amar undressed her completely and started licking her pussy. He slowly slid his fingers one by one and penetrated 4 fingers at last after this he started teasing her clit with his tongue. It seemed he like unshaved women too as he would sniff every now and then, in my wife’s thick bushes. In a matter of minutes Rakshu had a large orgasm. Then Raksha got up and made him sit.

She sat in his lap and they again started kissing each other erotically. After a while, Raksha came down on her knees in front of Amar, undid his waist-belt and opened his zip and planted a kiss on his penis over his underwear. Now, Amar got up and Raksha slid down his pants and underwear. His penis was already erect and sprung next to Raksha’s ear. It was almost of same size, but the head looked a little more round and bulky, and it was a little thick. Raksha planted a kiss on the tip of his cock.

This sent shocks down his body and he squeezed her boobs hard. Raksha gave out a moan, and as soon as she opened her mouth, Amar pushed his penis inside her mouth. Raksha took it with all the pleasure in this world. Now she started sucking it like a machine milks a cow. After a few minutes, Amar’s body underwent a spasm, I understood that he had ejaculated in my wife’s mouth. Even I was horny by now and had started stroking my organ.

Raksha got up and they kissed each other. Amar lifted her up in his arms, and started moving towards the room where from I watching them, I hid myself behind the curtains. Both of them were kissing each other vigorously. Now, Amar let Raksha down on the bed and kissed her saying, “I love you. I really hope you were my wife. Neeta is very loving and she is good in bed too, but isn’t as sumptuous as you are. She has no flesh on her. I like your curves and elevations. I always wanted to make love to you.

Akash is a lucky guy.” Saying this he went on kissing her. Now he positioned her at the centre of the bed and got over her. He placed his cock-head on her pussy and rubbed her clit till she was wet enough. I was horny as hell and already had ejaculated once, and was still stroking my organ as I saw this fantastic sight. Now Amar tried to push his cock head inside Raksha, and as soon as he discovered that

Raksha was ready, he wasted no time and penetrated her completely. Raksha was hot, and started begging to him to stroke hard and fast. But he wouldn’t do that. He started slowly and was taking all his time. He would bring out the whole length and then put it back in completely. Raksha was roaring like a lioness and asking him to make it faster and harder. It seemed as if sex took over his senses after a while and

Amar started pumping her like a beast. Just when he started doing that, Raksha signalled me. I stepped out of the curtains, and walked down to them. Amar saw me and went completely white. But to his surprise I shook hands with him like I always do and said, “Chutiye, tuhje kya lagta hai mujhe nahi pata tu meri biwi ko chodna chahta tha? Chal, ab mera muh kya dekh raha hai? Maza aa raha hai to lele na.”

We looked at each other for a while and then laughed. I took his dick and sent it back to the place where it belonged, and started stroking my penis watching this. All of a sudden Raksha got mad and pulled me by my penis so hard that I fell on her. And as soon as I did she opened her mouth and took it. She was sucking hard on me and Amar was fucking her hard, and I was stroking her clitoris and playing with her breasts.

All of us were proceeding towards the point of no return. In a few minutes, we all shook and I came in Raksha’s mouth, Raksha came on Amar’s dick and Amar came inside Raksha. Then I kissed her and said, “I love you honey”, she said, “I love you too baby. Thanks for understanding my needs.”, and kissed on my dick. Then all three of us went outside, still nude, and sat down on the sofa. Raksha sat in the centre, I sat to her left, and Amar to her right.

Now both of us started sucking on her breasts. And it was apparent that she was enjoying it, from the way she was ploughing hands in our hairs, and planting kisses on our heads. Now she got up and made me lie down on the sofa. She came and lied down on me. She spat a lot on my dick and lubricated it well. I took the hint and made her lie down on me and tried to penetrate her asshole, but didn’t get through. So she brought some oil and lubricated my cock. I tried again and this time it got in easily.

Then she asked Amar to get over her and penetrate her vagina. He did it just right and then both of us started making love to her. We started pumping her now, myself from the below and Amar from the above. All of us three were breathing deeply and moaning like anything. Just when all of three had set a correct rhythm of motion, the door lock cracked and what we saw scared hell out of us.

Out of no where Neeta had shown up. She too was shocked. Raksha looked at her and then held Amar by his hair and French kissed him. While doing this, she squeezed his testes and gave an upward jerk. This was a clear signal for Amar, according to which he started fucking her and so did I. Now Raksha broke the French kiss and muttered in my ears, “Go do her”. Amar overheard this and winked at me. I got out from under her and in complete nude started walking towards her. Looking at me coming, she gulped, realizing what was coming her way.

I reached to her and kissed her on her chick. Then holding her by her wrist, I brought her to the central sitting arrangement, where Raksha and Amar were making love. I started kissing her all over her face, and finally, reached to her lips. I planted a soft kiss on her lips. Perhaps, that was all that required to ignite the fire in her. She went mad all of a sudden; she threw her purse away, hugged me tight and started kissing me madly.

They were normal kisses at first but gradually it was our tongues battling with each other. She broke our embrace of love and started slowly shaking my penis. After a while, which seemed quite a while, we broke our kiss and I started to take her clothes off. I ripped off her clothes one by one as she enjoyed the whole foreplay. I was enjoying this too, as at least at the back of my mind; I had always wanted to see her in nude.

Very patiently I took off all her garments, including her underwear. During this process, I learned that, she was unshaved both at the underarms and at the vagina, and her hair growth was very thick. This turned me on, because, I liked hairy women because of the smell of sweat that the hair would create (The Scent of a Woman), but Raksha didn’t like it and was always clean shaved at both the places.

Due to this major turn on, I went wild and started kissing her like crazy, making my way down. I started from her forehead, then kissed her chicks, lips, chin, and the whole neck and finally reached her breasts. Her breasts were good but they looked tiny as compared to 37DD of Raksha’s, must have been 31 or 32 not more. I started with kissing, and then I licked them and then started sucking on her nipples.

Neeta was moaning by now and was enjoying all this very much, which I could say from the way in which her hands were raking my hair and upper body. After feasting on her love-bags for a while, I violently pushed up her arms. She smiled at me as she knew what was coming, and guided my head to the direction it was going. I moved my head to her left armpit and sniffed. That scent of Neeta still remains in my nostrils. It was so amazing. It was my dreams come true.

I felt as if I achieved all the pleasures in this world. This sent an electric shock down my spine. And I started sucking, licking, and nibbling on her armpits, both of them one after the other, being equally just to both. Neeta had closed her eyes and was enjoying all that I was doing to her body. Now I started kissing her abdomen and moved downwards again, to my next destination of dreams, her hairy pussy.

As I reached there my penis seemed to be on fire. It gave a mixed smell of sweat, sebum, and urine and by then added vaginal fluids. I lost myself and started biting and licking her pussy, not letting go of her till I licked away all the fluids which soaked her vagina. Neeta was jumping by now. I knew where she was up to, and I kept endowing her with my loving tongue. Within a few movements, she started arriving, and being very desperate, I didn’t let go of her and licked all that came out of her vagina.

Now, I soaked both, the hair of her armpits and vagina with my saliva and she like it very much. Then both of us got up and she came on her knees. She positioned my dick near Raksha’s face and started sucking it looking at Raksha. With this expression of her Raksha started jumping upwards and started French kissing Amar, which made Neeta suck on me more vigorously, till I came and she swallowed all my cum.

Now Neeta made me lie down on the floor and sat on me. She planted a soft kiss on my lips and then took my organ by her hands and shook it till it grew hard enough and guided it inside her. All this time, Amar and Raksha had already came once, and were having their second round just like us. As I entered Neeta it seemed as if my penis was caught in some hot pipe. God it was so tight. May be it was due to her body configuration, or may be because

I felt so because I was used to Raksha’s pussy, which had greater dimensions because of her sumptuous body, but it was so pleasurable that I didn’t give a damn to what the reason was. Neeta lied on me and started making upward and downward movements. It was feeling so good. Within a few minutes, her movements became faster. All of us were panting like anything and sweating had no limits.

Responding to her rapid movements I too started stroking her from below. Raksha and Neeta started playing with each others breast and started smooching each other. Both of us got violent and were going towards the point of no return. Then all of a sudden both of us freeze in time, and as per the rule, I ejaculated inside her vagina, as she did the same around my dick. Oh! It felt so good. As we lied there, we heard moans from Raksha and Amar, and we immediately turned our heads towards them.

And just like us, both of them came together too. Now, all four of us lay in each other’s arms. After a while we all got up and sat on the sofa. With a suggestion of getting something to drink, Raksha and Neeta moved towards the kitchen, as myself and Amar sat and watched the asses of these beautiful women sway in the air as they walked, and we kept stroking our cocks lightly.
Raksha and Neeta got us soft drinks to drink in no time. Raksha handed the glasses to everyone and then went and sat on Amar’s lap and planted a kiss on Amar’s lips.

Neeta came to me and sat on my lap, and gave a few strokes to my dick as she kissed me. Sitting in the same position, we all chit chatted till we finished our drinks. Amar got flaccid, but I didn’t as Neeta was lightly stroking my dick all along. After finishing our drinks, we kept on fucking the whole night swapping Raksha and Neeta all the while and finally all of us fell asleep, with me inside Neeta, and Amar inside Raksha.

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast together, still in nude after which, we had yet another session and then we took bath with each other’s wives. Then we decided to do this every week end. But after a few weekends, the women wanted some change in it and as crazy husbands of crazy wives, we enabled it. I’ll tell you about it, but on other occasion. Please send in your suggestions to know our other escapades on: xxxxxxx Thank you for patience and hope you enjoyed our experience as much as we had. Lots of love from Akash, Raksha, Amar and Neeta.

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