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My name is Sanjay. I rural area from Maharashtra but at presents staying in Mumbai, working for a company. This story which u r gonna read is a real story happened with me 1 yr back as I m working on the , I stay as a paying guest here in Mumbai very close to the airport so that it is easy for me to travel to my office . So from here the real story begins, the place where I was staying was a posh society with good and nice people around. And the neighbor family to my place was a Gujarati family, which had husband, wife and three year old son. This family was very decent. I liked them all. Meena was the name of that lady and her husband is having diamond business in Surat and his name is Rajat Patel, and son’s name is Akash, because of the business her husband used to be always in Surat and he used to come down in month of December for one full month other wise all the time he used to be busy meeting money for his family. Meena was very beautiful looking guju lady, her age was 28 well shaped and properly maintained figures, and it was 36 28 36. When she used to walk all the boys of the society used to hold their breath for some seconds. And yes of course because I was her neighbor she was more close to me. I was lucky that I had got this flat next to such a nice family staying as my neighbor. As the days passed she became more close to me and more frank to me.

She always used to ask me about my meals and my work. She used to call me for meals like some times lunch or some time dinner, as I m working in shifts. One day she called me to have dinner, when I went she was wearing black saree and black blouse which was very tight and was pressing her boobs so hard that it was coming up little and was looking marvelous. And of course she was as usual very beautiful. She then served dinner to me and sat in front of me and we started to have, the yellow light over the dining table was making the scene more beautiful and Meena was looking more gorgeous, I was continuously staring at her and she marked this asked me ” what happened sanjay r u staring at me like this is u r bhabhi looking beautiful ” and then she smiled at me. I was like up in the sky and I felt shy but that day she noticed that I have an eye on her. That whole night I shagged on her name for three times. Next day I had morning shift and I did not get up , when I woke it was 10:00 o’clock in morning, so I just went to Meena bhabhi’s house and rand the bell , she opened it and asked me ” what happened khan , how come so early today u rand the door bell ? Much aisi waisi baat tho nahi hai? And winked at me” I then told her ” aree bhabhi mai aaj office koo gaya hii nahi mujhe phone kaar kae batana hai kii, meri tabyat kharab hai ” and then I even winked at her, and she started laughing and told me ” u naughty boy going to tell lies to u r office” I called and then informed them that I m not well. Till that time Meena bhabhi bought tea for both of us, I asked her where her son was and she told me he is gone to school, he used to go to primary school. Then I finished the tea, and then bah asked me what m I going to do whole day? I told her rest and rest and rest.

She laughed at me and said let us go to supermarket and bring some vegetables , I agreed and went to take a shower , unfortunately it was not working so I rang bhabhi’s doorbell again and told her that I wanna use her shower at this she told me ” aaj kal tumhe meri bahut sii cheeze use karne kii adat hoo gayi hai ” and then she said in a wicked and naughty smile ” aab mujhe koo thoda saa dhayan rakh naa padenga ” and then I went to take shower , as I finished I opened the door and there was Meena bhabhi standing with her left hand rubbing her cunt and when I checked that she immediately removed her hand from there . I came to know that she was having an eye on me. I then went to my flat got dressed up and came back to bhabhi , she was wearing dark blue shalwar khameez and looking too sexy I told her ” aap aaj bahut hi woh lag rahi hoo ” she asked me ” woh matlab ” woh matlab sexy ” she told me ” chalo warna deer hoo jayengi ” I took her on my bike she was continuously pressing her boobs on my back , we went and came back from market , she told me to have lunch with her only so I switched up the TV and she went to kitchen , I hearer some one falling down in the kitchen I ran to see and there was Meena bhabhi on the floor with her nightly up till her knees . I felt some motion under my underwear. I picked her up and brought her to the bed room and lay her there and asked where she got hurt she told me back and waist and she told me to give her balm from the dressing table.

I asked her “kya mai laga duu, kyon kii aap se nahi lagega” at this she told me agar tum lagaonge tho tumhe comtrol nahi honga “I asked her y? At this she told me ” aree baba nighty upar karonge tho sabh maal dhikhenga aur tum pagal hoo jaonge ” I told her ” aap nahi chahati kya mai pagal hoo jau ” she told me ” mai chahati huu kii tum bahut shareer hoo gaye hoo ” and then told me to massage her .I picked up her nighty and started applying the balm to her back and I saw her nice tight ass under her black panty which was not able to cover her full nice cute ass. And I got little erection under my trouser and bhabhi noticed it, and told me “dhekha maine kaha tha naa tumhe comtrol nahi honga ” I asked her ” aab mai kya karu bhabhi ” at this she told me ” abb saab kuch tumahre hatoon mai hain ” I jumped upon her and slept on top of her and started rubbing my cork on her ass and put my both hands under her breast and started pressing them hard. She turned and gave me a long French kiss and removed my clothes and I removed her nightly and bra and panty they were black and looking sex on her body , then I went under and took her pink cunt between my lips and gave her a good lick and she gave me a nice blowjob and then she told me ” aab sirf yehi karonge yaa phir apne bhabhi kee andar bhi jaonge ” I told her ” andar tho jaonga hii warna bhabhi naraz hoo jayengi ” then I fucked her for 20 min and then we lay in each others arms for some time then I asked her ” bhabhi mai aap kii gand maru ?” she told me ” mujhe malum tha kii tum mera saabh kuch upar upar sae hii niharthe rehthe hoo iss liye main nae socha kyon naa tumhe saab kuch dee hii dalu , abh mai tumahrii huu joo karna hai karo paar pyar sae ” then I got oil from dressing table applied to her ass hole and fucked her doggy style . After that we used to fuck daily and I took her in every corner of her house and in all the angles .After some time her husband came and they went to Surat for he had got and I even shifted from that place then. Please write to me how was this real story , any females no matter aged wanna have sex affair with me can mail me at xxxxxxxxxx specially females from Mumbai coz at present I Am still staying near Mumbai. Marathi ladies pls. Contact me for… I am now experience of age 36 years married. I am also fond of group sex with my lovely & sexy wife.

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