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while I was in my 18 we lived in a house which is present in a place ,.there we used to take bath in the wells on friend named kali had three sisters.of them the one named priya was looking too sexy with nice boobs and butts.she was in her 21.

Both the boys and the girls would bath together.this was the daily routine.many times I saw priya in her wet clothes and I would fantasize about her.she will be looking extreme sexy at that time. this continued for many days.

on one day it was Monday and I had no in the afternoon I went to the well to catch fish as it was boring in the house.i went to the well and started to catch fish.after sometime I saw priya coming there to bath.i felt lucky as I’m going to watch priyas sexy body today.

she came there and smiled at me and she started to remove her dress in order to take bath.she was wearing a white swimwear.she then jumped into the water.after sometime she came out of the water to apply soap.when I saw her I could see her boobs pounding.i got an erection immediately.while she bent down I could see her cleavage and her butts as the cloth got sticked onto her body.

I was getting aroused and I was watching her for about 20 minutes and I was about to I went near a bush near the well and I started to release my penis and jerked.i came within few minutes.after some time I put my penis inside my pant and turned and I was astonished to see priya watching me.

i immediately asked her sorry for doing that.she said that she is going to say this to my mother.i said I would do anything for her.she then said ok and asked me to do it again. I was surprised to hear that from her.i immediately removed my zip and started to jerk.but some one was coming around and I stopped it and we both went .while going she asked me to come to a half built house near my house .

I said ok and after some time time I went there.she was waiting there.when I went inside she asked me to do it soon.i said not now and called her to a browsing center so that we can see many jerking movie clips.she said ok and we went to a browsing center.there we both sat near each other and I opened a porn site and I started to play a clip.she was looking at that very eagerly.i just put my hand on her thighs.

she saw me with lustful eyes.i said now I sall do that for u.we came out of the center and we went straight to the house near by.she asked me to do it soon .i opened my zip and my cock sprung out like a snake.she immediately caught it and started to jerk it.i let out a light moan.after some strokes she took my cock inside her mouth and started to suck I was feeling as if I’m in heaven.

I told her to suck me hard and i sat down with my legs spread, giving her way to suck my cock comfortably. She knelt down in her knees was taking my cock deep in her throat. I can feel the tip of my cock touching the inner tongue of her mouth.

She was so good at sucking. She was sucking so hard that she finally chocked. I asked if everything is okay with her and she said she needs some water. I said i have loads of protein shake in my cock and she gave me a big smile started sucking me again. Finally i was giving it away loading shots and shots of cum in her mouth and she was sucking them all the way in her mouth. She had them in her tongue and showed me how much i has cummed in her mouth. finally she swallowed everything with a neat smile. I gave her a big hug at this.

I then pressed her boobs and started to undress her . I removed her dress completely she was naked in front of I asked her to show her pussy and I started to lick her pussy.she was shouting like oooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.i was completely buried inside her pussy.she said please don’t do that and said please fuck me……..i said wait for some time and I then asked to spread her legs. I slowly used my right hand and parted her thighs.

She was moaning and yielding. I put one of my finger on her pussy. It was so wet, soggy and flowing. I gradually parted her pussy lips and tickled her clit with my finger. She started screaming in excitement. She came. I still continued the act. I gradually inserted my fingers inside her pussy and started fingering quickly. She was moaning again.

Now I lowered my head towards her pussy. I started licking her pussy. I was squeezing her butts also with both hands. She was screaming again and in minutes she came again.she then pleaded me to fuck her.i then parted her legs. Then I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt and started to move back and forth.she screamed in pleasure. Fuck hard dear nice it is she was saying. I kept fucking my rod in and out of her cunt then she told me to lie flat and she came on top of me. She was sitting on my cock and offering her boobs to me to suck her nipples.

She was moaning, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.i was moving very fast in hers and after few minutes I said I’m going to cum and I came inside her cunt.both of us became tired and slept there for some time.after we got up once again my dick became hard on seeing her naked body and we continued to do extreme sex n she very much loved my big dick .

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