Sexy Cousin Sister Seduced Me
Dear All Sex story readers, this is not a story and it’s my real incident.
This is my first incident in my life which I am going to describe which happened when I completed my college… I am not a good narrator so kindly excuse me if I am not able to put it across in a stylish manner which might arouse you, but this incident is true and reading all the stories inspired me to write about my incident.
I am Ajay from Chennai; I am 5’9” in height, well build body, fair with 8 inch long thick dick. I am fair and handsome. I have black eyes and black color hair.
I have few relatives staying in Bangalore and Mysore. After completing my Degree I got a job in Bangalore and went there. I was forced by my parents to stay in my aunt’s house where I had 2 cousins both elder to me. I had no other option but to stay. In fact I am seeing my both cousins after so many years and they have turned out to be very beautiful. Elder one is Rekha and younger one is Ramya. Elder one is around 6 ft tall, sexy structure 34, 28, 34, I became closer with elder one, and this created jealousy with the younger one.

Once what happened was, all 3 of us decided to visit another cousin sister who just delivered a baby girl and she stays in Mysore, so we 3 packed our bags and left for Mysore for a week staying. On the way traveling in bus we were chatting and enjoying the outside scenery and nothing special happened. The climate was also very cold and enjoyable.
Once we reached there we went out to roam and see places, later that night we had dinner and we went to our room to sleep. Since there were only 2 rooms available, all 3 of us were accommodated in one room.
Both the sisters slept in the bed and I slept on the floor. My elder sister was wearing a chudidar and I was wearing only a banyan and a short. We had closed all windows since the climate was very cold and light switched off, this made the room completely dark. We all were not able to see each other even in 1 feet distance, that much dark it was.

After few minute my elder sister Rekha came down and slept besides me and again after few minutes she hugged me and after sometime tightly hugged me. I felt it as a sisterly love and didn’t give much importance and thought it might be because of cold climate. I too hugged her and closed my eyes to sleep. Rekha later slowly kissed my cheeks. I never felt anything bad but was little aroused. She ran her lips from my cheeks slowly to my lips and placed her lips on mine. This act made me completely aroused and I didn’t know what to do. She brought her hand on my cheeks and pressed my cheek and slowly placed her one finger on my cheeks and pressed it. This made my mouth to open and she slowly inserted her tongue into mine. By this time we were vigorously smooching each other and carefully doing it without making any noise so that we don’t wake our younger sister sleeping in the bed. Smooching went on for few minutes and later I started kissing her cheeks and went down to her neck. By this time my sister was fondling my dick and it has grown big and she was really stroking it hard. She was touching the tip of my dick and rubbing the semen all over my dick for more lubrication. This was making me hot and my breath was also getting hot and she too was breathing heavily hot. The climate in the room was slowly changing from cold to warm and the room was slowly getting the beautiful scent of my semen.

I asked my sis whether can I touch her breast and she immediately said yes. I quickly put my hand inside her chudidar from top and into her bra. Wow there I felt her beautiful breast tightly wrapped in her bra and her nipples erect. I was not able to feel it properly since her bra was tight and holding the beauty tightly in it. So I took away my hand and try to enter my hand from below the chudidar. By this time my sister simply unhooks her bra and I ran my hand from her stomach tightly and swiftly to her breast and started massaging it and rubbing it. I was completely aroused and I was a hungry dog pouncing over a tasty meat. I was rubbing and massaging her breast and sucking her nipple over the chudidar and then kissing her neck. I pulled the chudidar above and started sucking her nipple and slowly started circling it with my tongue and started running my tongue to and fro direction and she was slowly moaning unable to control herself and not able to moan and express her feelings properly since her younger sister was lying in the bed above us. Her nipples, brown in color and standing like a pillar after me playing with it. I slowly removed my short and she pounced on my dick and started sucking it and taking it deep in her throat, she was sucking my balls and running her hands and rubbing my balls and then sucking my dick. My semen was coming out all the time and she came close to my ears and whispered that my semen tastes good and she wants to drink more and I ejaculated right at that movement and she got angry why I didn’t inform her that I am going to ejaculate as she wanted to drink it all. I was quite surprised that my sister is an expert. She made me come one more time by giving me blowjob and drank all my semen.

Later I removed her pants down and slowly started rubbing and massaging her cunt. Her cunt smelled very badly as she was wet and that smell was filling up the room. I rubbed her cunt and made it wet and I slowly inserted my middle finger into her cunt and she left a small moan and her cunt muscles tightly wrapped around my middle finger. I made my finger go to and fro and this made her wriggle her body and she came close to me and said she wanted to feel me. I quickly mounted on her and slowly and steadily inserted my 8 inch long and thick dick into her and she suddenly tightly hugged me with her arms around me and put both her legs tightly wrapped around my back. I started slowly pounding her and she was breathing heavily. All this was happening in the dark and I wished I could see her lovely breast and her beautiful cunt, but I did get to see her lovely body later. I started pounding to and fro and she was clinching on me tightly and after few minutes she wriggled and kissed me all over my face and neck and she told me she got the orgasm. But I kept pounding her for some more time as I didn’t ejaculate. So she helped me by allowing me to fuck her for few more minutes and I came inside her.

Later the entire night we were playing with body and we did sex 4 times but we were not able to do it freely since we had another cousin sleeping in the same room on the bed. We did the same all night for the entire week. And to the end of the week we were caught by the younger sister and we made her also join in the party which I will write about it later depending upon the responses I will receive for this story
I still have sex with both my sisters though they are married; both still wants my dick inside their cunt.

Now I am back in Chennai after 3 years stay in Bangalore and I am looking out for similar erotic experiences to happen and brighten my life again.

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