Sexual Exploitation by Guruji in ASHRAM - Swamiji ne Ashram me leli meri
I could not complete the sentence in the thrill I was getting. The old man’s hand below my fully naked ass was taking me to seventh heaven. I was thoroughly enjoying this threesome and especially sitting on a male hand!

Mishra-ji: I am there to cover you beti, don’t worry.

Saying this he pinned the last nail to my coffin and put his palm just in front of the dog’s tongue, which was licking my blouse. He did not wait a moment to take hold of my free left boob, which was now totally uncovered off my pallu. He grabbed it and gave it a very tight squeeze and two different men palming my boobs made me reach my orgasm. My body jerked in the hands of two males and the dog was watching now. At last Moti took his nose and tongue off my body!

Me: Ooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Stop pleeeeeeeeeease.

Frankly speaking the dog actually had no intimate part of my body to sniff now, as I reached the peak of my orgasm. Mishra-ji and Uday clawed my tits very securely; Mishra-ji’s other hand crushed under my broad ass cheek as I was sitting on his hand. Uday’s other hand now went to my panty front poking it. Both males were utilizing to the fullest this unbelievable chance to expose and molest a married woman. I could sense the heavy breathing of Mishra-ji near my shoulder, as it was probably too much for his age. I cummed desperately now and with my free hand grabbed Moti to my breast.

After some moments, I discharged every bit of my honey in Guru-ji’s pad within my panty and my body was giving way after this unusual indecent sexual build up. I noticed Uday also slowly took off his hand off my right breast and I felt my bra had completely soaked in the heat of his squashing, if I can say so. Mishra-ji was somewhat reluctant to remove his hand off my breast, he was still feeling the firmness of my left boob. His hand was still under me and my heavy ass cheek was pressing his hand with each jerk of the vehicle and he was truly assessing the roundness and firmness of my ass like anyone else had done before in my life.

The auto rickshaw driver warned us that we are again taking the main road. Fortunately due to the goods loaded he could not see me.

Mishra-ji: Beti adjust your sari, otherwise any driver coming from opposite side would cause an accident.

Uday laughed at this comment, and I also smiled as I had thrown off all my shame. I looked down at my body and delivered a long breath seeing my condition though I was feeling very satisfied. I was a bit puzzled as even getting this sort of a wild excitement and orgasm, I am not getting that huge urge to get fucked. Under normal circumstances, definitely if I had allowed that much liberty to this old man and Uday, I would force them to fuck me or vice versa, which any woman would do if she is taken to such heights of eroticism. I wondered may be Guru-ji’s drug is playing some role, because what happened in this moving auto rickshaw would definitely kick out Guru-ji’s preaching of mind control. In the morning I was definitely aroused to the full, but I would beyond doubt refrain from any further involvement with those low class people like Ramlal or Master-ji.

I regrouped myself quickly as I realized that I was on road. But my sari was stuck in Mishra-ji’s hand on which I was still sitting. The very thinking of sitting on a man’s palm made me blush, yes still, even after such slutty behavior and I lifted my ass a little and the old man readily pulled his hand out and took Moti off my lap. Moti was again the well-behaved dog, as he looked initially when I boarded the auto! I quickly pulled down my sari to cover my fully exposed thighs and legs. I was thankful in my mind to find that my sari pallu was still clinging to my breast. I appropriately covered my blouse-covered treasures and at the same time found Mishra-ji adjusting his crotch within his dhoti, probably stroking his lund and relaxing and consoling it for missing the free fuck! I smiled to myself at my own naughty thinking.

Mishra-ji: Beti it seems milk has sipped out of your mammary. Shall I give you a handkerchief to wipe it?
Me: No, its not milk, its your dog’s tongue-work.

Uday: Madam is still childless Mishra-ji and hence has come to Guru-ji.

Mishra-ji: Oh sorry beti. But Guru-ji’s treatment will definitely help you to get pregnancy.

‘I do not know about pregnancy, but if I go on allowing unknown males to touch my body so liberally, I will surely become a whore soon’, I thought to myself.

The auto rickshaw ride was soon over as we reached the ashram. Mishra-ji bid me good-bye and as I was descending from the vehicle, for one last time I felt very clearly he cupped the flesh of my round ass with his hand, as if helping me to get down. I could not meet Uday’s eyes and straightway went to my room and entered the toilet. In the twinkling of an eye, I pulled off my sari off my body, as I desperately needed a shower. My petticoat also reached the floor in no time and also pulled down my panty, the back of which was almost stuck in my ass crack. So I had to juggle my heavy buttocks to pull it down, which is now almost a regular phenomenon whenever I had to pull down my panty in the toilet for shower or urinating.

Then suddenly I noticed that one of the hooks of my blouse was broken and was hanging, which I did not notice in the semidarkness of the auto rickshaw. . It was not the upper one, but third from the top, must be due to Uday’s extreme pressing on my tits. I also noticed that the flimsy cloth of my blouse was also torn at that juncture, as if someone poked a finger through it. I never got such a long and constant squeeze on my boob in my lifetime, what I got today, and believed little that the blouse could do to sustain such cuddling! I needed to mend it via Master-ji. My bra was also moist with sweat and I was so relieved pulling that off and being completely nude. I put aside the wet pad at a dry place and took a very long bath trying to wipe off the guilt that I accumulated the whole day being a housewife.

Nothing much happened more and frankly I was not expecting any more! Nirmal did come once to take my pad and also served me the dinner. Meenakshi did come to ask me how was the fair and the wink of her eye told me that she was aware of my sensuous evening humiliation. Sanjeev came with a pair of spare blouses, which Master-ji had sent matching my size and also with the message that I need to attend Guru-ji at 06:30 am in the morning. I was so much exhausted after discharging fully twice in a single day with such a heavy dose of exposure and purposeful handling by males that I immediately fell flat on bed after doing my minimum chores.

I was feeling so hot that almost pulled up my nightdress to my abdomen and remained hugely exposed with no undergarments. I fell to sleep quickly, very natural, and honestly had a very tight sleep. I did dream that night, but that was very haphazard and I could not make out anything of it though remembered the presence of the snakes and Mishra-ji with his dog in the dream.
I wake up at Meenakshi’s call and quickly got up, adjusted my dress and opened the door. She told to be at Guru-ji’s room within half an hour. I used the conveniences and was ready with a bath by that time. I wore a new sari and one of the two blouses that Master-ji sent. This blouse certainly went befitting on my heaving bosom. I deliberately did not wear my panty now, as I would again have to pull that down while fitting the fresh pad. I was feeling refreshed and as if recharged after the herbal bath.

Guru-ji was performing some puja. The room was quite smoky and there was no one else apart from us. Guru-ji was as usual wearing his saffron attire. I waited for 5 minutes as he completed his puja.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. So Anita, tell me, how was your day yesterday?

Me: Jai Linga Maharaj. I mean, err…

I could not utter more. What should I say? I enjoyed the male massages and kneading enormously, much like a slut? Guru-ji probably understood that.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, I can understand it was morally very painful to adjust to such treatments you being a housewife, but seeing your wet pads yesterday I assessed how much pleasure you extracted.

Me: Yes I had heavy discharges both times.

Guru-ji: Good Anita. But I do not want you to concentrate on any other thing till today and as was yesterday you have to respond to situations appropriately.

Me: Guru-ji, can I ask you something?

Guru-ji: I know probably what you will ask. You had your discharges but you did not feel the urge for intercourse. Right?

I nodded my head in agreement, as I was about to ask that very question only.

Guru-ji: It was due to the medication that you are taking. I just want to measure your discharges and nothing else. For that you have to compromise a little, that’s all.

Me: Guru-ji, don’t say ‘a little’, I had to be extremely shameless to …

Guru-ji: Yes, yes, I take my word back, but afterall it will help me assess your position for pregnancy.

He paused very little and continued looking at my eyes.

Guru-ji: Today is Bodh Purnima and I want you to offer puja at ShivNarayan Temple, which is the largest temple in this area. Uday will take you there. I will have very heavy gatherings here, so Nirmal, Sanjeev, and Meenakshi will remain busy. In the afternoon, I want you to visit the Mukteswari Temple to attend the ‘aarti’.

Our conversation concluded and I alighted from his room. Again I had the feeling that Guru-ji was eyeing my undulating large hips under the sari, as he viewed me from ground angle. I was conscious that I was not wearing a panty and so was more alert probably. I went to my room, but did not have my breakfast, as I would go for the puja and after some loitering in the ashram and gossiping with Meenakshi, I went to my room to get ready to visit the ShivNarayan temple. Little did I know what sort of embarrassment and humiliation awaited me in a sacred place like a temple!
Uday: Madam, are you ready?

Me: Yes. How far is the temple Uday?

We both tried to act normally towards each other. I had taken my medicines and had worn the pad and was ready to move on. Uday had a good physique, as I already mentioned and after yesterday’s incidents, I was finding Uday quite ‘lovable’ if I can use that word. His presence was giving me happiness. He was clean shaven today and was looking handsome too.

Uday: Not much time Madam, we will take the bus and it should take 10 minutes.

We walked through the field to access the main road to avail the bus. Today Uday was walking much closer to me unlike the time we went to Master-ji. I was holding his hand at times to keep pace with him. I do not know what was happening in me, but I felt like spending more time with Uday. We took the bus and naturally it was a bit crowded. Uday today was protecting me in the true sense. We boarded the bus and Uday was just behind me with his arms on my side. I was also taking aid of him more than necessary now, for example, as I pushed people in the bus to get in I was holding him with one hand. As Uday held the rod above my head, I was holding the same area, our fingers touching constantly. As the bus traveled, I felt his muscular body was so secure to lean on and of course as I leant my heavy buttocks was directly pressing on his crotch. But unlike yesterday Uday seemed to be very well behaved today, may be as the bus journey was very short and our destination came in no time.

I noticed many people alighted from the bus at the temple stop and as I got out of the bus I did not hesitate to adequately press my protruding firm boobs on Uday’s back as he was in front of me. As I pressed my blouse-covered breasts hard over his back, Uday turned slightly and smiled back at me recognizing probably me effort to attract him towards me. I was really not very eager now to go to the temple, but to spend time with Uday, but my man seemed reluctant and was heading towards ShivNarayan temple.
Me: Uday, can I say something?

Uday: Certainly Madam.

Me: Do I really need to go to the temple? I mean is it a must?

Uday: Yes Madam. It is Guru-ji’s directive and everything has a purpose and a goal as you know also now.

Me: I know. But what I mean is… if we… I want to say…

Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say anything. Now you go to the temple and offer the puja.

Me: But Uday. I want to… how can I say that?

Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say that. I can understand.

Me: You are an absolute duffer. If you understood, you never would ask me to go to this temple now.

Uday: Madam, you go for the puja now and in the afternoon though Guru-ji has asked you to go to Mukteswari Temple, I will not take you there.

Me: Promise?

Uday: Yes Madam. It’s a promise.

I was happier now as I could bend this man towards my intention. I know that today I need two discharges for Guru-ji’s assessment and honestly, I wanted one of them to get through Uday.

Me: My god! Such a long line!

Uday: Yes Madam, it takes a long time to get in, as the deity is in the ‘garva griha’.

Uday and myself did not stand in the line and went behind the office of the temple. A middle-aged man was waiting for us there I presumed. Uday had a talk with him and introduced me to him as “Pande-ji”.

Pande-ji: Madam, do not worry much about the line. Actually the extra time consumed is because of the regulation of only one devotee is allowed at a time in the garva griha to offer puja.

Me: Oh I see.

Uday had left the place. Pande-ji was around 40 and was strongly built. He had thick beard and I noticed he had lots of hair on his arms and seeing that concluded he must be having a hairy body. Frankly I like hairs of male body and I am lucky that my husband possess the same. Pande-ji was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt. I also noticed there was a boy standing nearby watching us. He was a teenager 15-16 years.
Pande-ji: Chotu, you keep the line and then quickly have a bath. Madam, please come with me, no need to stand in this direct sunlight, let the line proceed inside the temple, then we can queue up.

Chotu went off and I followed Pande-ji on his way more inside the temple area. There were small hut-like structures and pandas of the temple dwell here I could understand.

Pande-ji asked me to sit on a ‘khatiya’ on the courtyard of that small hut. The cool shade was a welcome site for me with the small hut and a tree and two cows tied there. I sat on it and immediately realized that the hard coiled ropes of the khatiya were actually stinging on my soft ass cheeks. I was pretty uncomfortable and was trying to stretch my panty within my sari to cover my ass, but found that very hard to do in that position and could only shift my body weight from one ass cheek to the other to get some relief. I was also unable to tell Pande-ji the real problem out of womanly shyness. The rope was so coarse that it was poking me even over my sari and petticoat.

Pande-ji: Madam, are you not feeling okay sitting on the khatiya?

I had to admit ‘yes’ to Pande-ji and he readily came up with a bedcover.

Pande-ji: I can understand Madam. Since you are not used to khatiya, the rope is stinging your soft flesh.

I had to gulp that provocative comment from the man and since the khatiya was low down and as I tried to get up seeing Pande-ji coming up with a bed sheet, my pallu slipped. I must say I was a bit careless and though quickly covered my heavy blouse-covered bosoms, the man had a very distinct view of my deep cleavage and part of my big bubbly mangoes, as he was right in front of me and I was standing up from a bent seated position. In my mind I thanked my luck that at least Master-ji sewed me a fitting blouse, otherwise I would have been in a more humiliating position with two of my top buttons open. I noticed that my white bra strap was visible by the side of the left cup of my blouse. I slid my finger within the blouse and got the strap covered and this I had to do in front of this man’s eyes and naturally Pande-ji’s eyes were riveted on my tits.

As Pande-ji was putting on the bed sheet on the khatiya, I tried to adjust my panty and gently smacked my bottoms with my right hand and also massaged them softly, as it was still paining. I thought no one was watching me do that as Pande-ji was engaged in my front with the bedcover, but I never realized that the lad was back and was standing right behind me. I was more than abashed seeing him, as I knew what he saw and more importantly what I did. I saw the boy was smiling looking at me and at the same time looking at my flaring hips time and again. I could not look straight at him though he was a young boy because of shame.

It was a complete candid sequence and any woman would feel ashamed if such an action is capped by male eyes. I actually first stretched my sari pleats on my buttocks and traced my panty over my ass crack and tried to stretch it over my ass cheeks. In the process I bent forward very faintly accenting my round bottoms towards the boy and he must have seen my fingers scratching my sari-covered ass to search my panty line. Then I self massaged my ass cheeks one at a time with my right hand to feel comfortable. That’s all!
I sat on the khatiya with the bedcover on. Pande-ji went inside the hut and after some moments came out with a ‘thali’, which had all sorts of puja ingredients.

Pande-ji: Chotu you take your bath quickly and by that time I will get the milk for Madam’s thali.

I noticed that the tap was just few feet away from me and Chotu prepared to take the bath there. Pande-ji also went towards the tree some 10-12 feet away to get milk from the cow. Chotu was wearing a half pant and a shirt and he willingly took off the shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist and took off his pant.

Pande-ji: Chotu do not get the towel wet.

Chotu: But, then how I can take the bath?

Pande-ji: Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam?

Pande-ji paused a little.

Pande-ji: Madam, just see this little boy’s shame? He cannot take a bath in front of you.

I laughed softly and was about to say something, but Pande-ji continued.

Pande-ji: Is Madam a small girl like your friend Rupa that you are getting ashamed? Madam must have seen many boys like you taking bath in front of her. Isn’t it Madam?

That was a provocative hint I thought from Pande-ji and had to ignore it. Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a tumbler in between his knees.

Me: I will not mind Chotu. You go ahead. No problem.

I said innocently not knowing what Pande-ji and Chotu actually meant in their conversation. I never could imagine in my wildest dream that Pande-ji was indicating Chotu to take shower naked in front of me!

Chotu: Okay Madam then I also have no problem. Please warn me if Rupa comes.

Me: Who is Rupa?

Pande-ji: Rupa dwells in the next hut Madam. His girl friend.

Myself and Pande-ji had a mild laughter. Chotu now without any inhibition removed the towel from his waist. He was just a few feet away from me and probably deliberately he was facing me now. I was almost shocked to see Chotu completely naked now. His young dick was already tight, probably seeing my ass stroking. My eyes could not concentrate anywhere else but on the open hanging dick of this young boy. His lund was standing like a banana in the air as he started pouring water on him. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl.
I was already breathing quite heavily and my nipples growing within my bra seeing the bath of this 15 year old boy. Chotu was very crudely washing his pubic area, especially his raised dick, and the worst part was he was facing me. As he made the slightest moves, his erect tool was almost dancing and making me miss a beat. Out of womanly arousal reflex, my legs started parting a bit, but I made myself control that.

Pande-ji: Hey Chotu, soap your body properly.

Chotu: I cannot do it better.

Pande-ji: Wait then, let me come.

Pande-ji approached me with his tumbler of milk and kept it in front of me.

Pande-ji: Madam, these young lads, they are so naughty. Let me soap him properly. You just keep an eye on your milk please.

Pande-ji smiled while he said the above. I wondered what he meant by ‘your milk’!

Pande-ji went up to Chotu and started rubbing his body with the soap. I noticed the rubbing was very short lived on his upper part and came down to his penis soon. Pande-ji was virtually coaxing his lund with one hand and twitching his balls with the other effectively making me feel very hot. My hand was automatically on my boobs and my thighs were slowly parting seeing this erotic act. I thought if Pande-ji did it for some more time, Chotu surely would have masturbated. Thankfully it ended soon and Chotu dried off his naked body and was dressed up.

I noticed that he was not wearing any shorts and just wore a fresh half-pant and a shirt. Pande-ji came forward now after washing his hands and poured milk from the tumbler into a small bowl in the puja thali.

Pande-ji: Madam, just see, how thick the milk is.

Me: Yes. There is no added water at least as we get in town.

Pande-ji: No Madam, it’s absolutely pure, like breast milk.

Saying the last couple of words, he made sure to look up at my upright twin milk tanks below my blouse. I could not say anything to such comparison. Chotu saved me and as he was ready now we were on our way again to the main temple building. I was carrying the thali now as it was fully ready.

Me: Pande-ji, I see all women standing in the line with kumkum on their forehead. Why is that so?
Pande-ji: Yes Madam, you will also have that. It’s a custom of this temple. Now comes the tough part Madam standing in this queue.

We stood in the queue now and this place was within the temple. The long line went outside the gate in the open. The place was not adequate here as it was a thin passage and men and women queued up there. The line was jam packed, to say the minimum, and it seemed they are standing for a long time there as almost everyone looked tired and sleepy. Pande-ji stood right behind me and Chotu was in my front. The pressure of the people in the line made me stand in body contact with both the males.

Since Pande-ji was fairly tall in comparison to me and standing right behind me, my sixth sense told me he was trying to look down my shoulder straight into my blouse. From the corner of my eyes I noticed that my pallu had shifted a fair bit in the hustle and bustle of the queue exposing my wheat colored upper chest area. Since I was carrying the puja thali, both my hands were preoccupied and I had to helplessly allow Pande-ji peep into my blouse. Just then, another panda came with a bowl of kumkum and put a bindi sort of mark on my forehead.

There was quite a bit of pushing going on in the line and Pande-ji was taking every opportunity to press more onto my back. What could I say as I myself could see the pushing around in the line. So I stood dumb as if not minding this. My pallu had slipped quite a bit now off my shoulder and was partly resting on my arms exposing substantial portion of my upper treasures. As my ample breasts tightly filled my blouse I could bet Pande-ji was enjoying what he was seeing.

Getting no reaction from me, as per the natural nature of all males, Pande-ji also was encouraged. In the beginning he would only press during a pressure in the line, but now he kept pressing against my curvy figure even when there was no pushing. I could realize his crotch area was openly pressing against my soft full buttocks. I was a bit alarmed as Pande-ji slowly began to move his pelvis up and down against my ass. I looked around as I was standing in a public place, but was assured that everybody was busy with themselves and concerned about the slow movement of the line. I saw Chotu was humming a tune and apparently was not much concerned what was going at his back.

Pande-ji: Madam, there is a lot of crowd today. It will take time.

Me: What can be done. Fortunately this place is comparatively cooler since within the temple.

Pande-ji: Yes Madam.

The line crawled forward very slowly and we were in a place where light was also quite inadequate due to the thin passage. Pande-ji did not waste time talking and was soon up to his tricks, which kept my mouth shut too. I could feel Pande-ji’s face was close to my shoulder now feeling my hair almost. I could hear his breathing round my ears. The long breaths were making me breathe heavy. The back of my blouse was fortunately decently cut and was not exposing much of my skin. I felt for a moment Pande-ji’s chin touch my shoulder. Right at this moment, I sensed Chotu seemed to wake up! He was pressing me from the front now and I had to lift up the thali somewhat to accommodate his pushing.

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