Sexs with my friends mother
Hi my name is ajay sharma. I am 24 years now. I am writing from jabalpur. Ever since I got my adult hood I am very much fond of reading sex stories and watching photos on the websites. For stories I choose ISS as the best one where most are real incidents. Taking motivation of most members posting their own sexual incidents today I have decided to write my real story which happened four years back and continued till date.

I was 16 when I had first ever glimpsed of a naked women. Till then at school we used to read some stories and buy porn magazines and see them in a hidden place. In fact I and my friends started to see photos and read stories from the age of 14. We had a set of friends who keep everything secret and share everything among us. We also would comment about girls whom we pass on. We were passing nasty comments on each and every woman around us including our sisters and mothers. We were talking very indecent and vulgar about our mothers and sisters.

Out of all my friends most of the comments were to my and my closest friend Vimal’s mother because both of our mothers were very sexy and possess erotic measurements. We were very friendly among us so we never minded who ever give dirty comment on our mothers or use slang to our mothers. I and Vimal were so close that we both were masturbating together by fantasizing our mothers on bed. Vimal was so fond of my mother in return I was fond of his mother. Many times we both have exchanged our mother’s inner wears and we would talk very dirty about our mothers.

Once we were in our room and chatting something about sex. His mother entered our room our topic of discussion shifted to studies. His mother also joined us to know about studies. I was so horny by the time mom came in. I had full erection and needed to jack myself. I was little sad that his mom disturbed the phase. Sometime after his mom noticed I was less active in our discussion. She asked me why I am dull today. I didn’t know what to say I murmured like I am not feeling ok. She checked my fore head and throat and said no fever what you feeling (she is a doctor). I could not get any idea what to say her. I just said I have pain. She asked what is paining you. Is it your head or body? I just said body. She asked again from when exactly you are feeling pain? I said yesterday.
She said you could have told me I would have given medicine. She got up, said will get you medicine for you and went. My friend suggested use this occasion for an explicit sexual chat with his mom. I said I am fearful. He said don’t worry just go on. She came back with her kit. She asked Raj where exactly you feeling pain. I was thinking to say. She again asked common tell me where exactly you are feeling pain is it your entire body, legs, hands or back ache. I could not answer and my friend was signaling me from the back of his mother to say dick. I was not daring to say that. She catches my eyes contacting my friend. She said why you feel shy? Ok Vimal you go out and I will call you later. After he went out she again asked come now no one here you tell me where you feeling pain. I didn’t tell.

She said common there is nothing to hide from a doctor also I am like your mother right? I took courage this time I just show my crotch. She was quiet for a moment. Then asked, is it like burning or just pain? I was quiet she asked again. I said its pain. She asked did you hit there by hard substance like ball or something. I said no. She was asking herself then how you get pain. Later she said to stand. I stood. She said remove your pant. I asked what? She said you heard right, now remove your pant. Now I was really hesitating for it as my 8 inch dick was fully erect and standing like pillar. She smiled and patted me on head said, I am a doctor and moreover like a mom to you as I have my son vimal so now you don’t shy with me remove your pant. I am not able to guess the reason for pain.

If I check you then I may give you some medicine. I was still acting shy. She then catches me and told you are too shy of woman is it? I remove it. She unbuttoned my pant and unzipped pulled my pants down. I was wearing underwear. She without any hesitation pulled my underwear. Soon I was standing in front her showing my erect dick, my foreskin was moved back exposing my red tomb to the goddess of my sexual fantasy. She looked at it without any kind of hesitation or any kind of expression. I think she was thinking this entire act as natural without any bad intention of her kids.

She got up put on light, took a torch out of her kit, she switched on the torch. She was focusing the light on my dick. She held my shaft in her hand and was checking all the length of my dick. She held my balls she focused light on my balls she checked all around my bladder. Then she pressed my bladder and asked do you feel pain here? I said yes. Then she moved her hand back to my shaft, she pressed it hard asked do you feel pain? I said no. She asked do you find any difference in your penis now. I said I find. She asked what change you find. I said before it was not straight like this. She asked why it became straight now. I said I don’t know.

She laughed out loud. I asked why aunty you are laughing like that. She controlled her laughing and said nothing dear. Tell me from how long your penis is getting straight I said from about a month. She said ok honey, no problem it will get better don’t worry. She said now you just remove your pant and underwear completely. I removed completely. Then she said, come with me. I followed her, she went into bathroom I too got in. she asked to get near her. I went near her. She bent down. Oh gosh… I was seeing her white boobs now. She was wearing a deep cut nighty and she was not wearing bra!!! I could see her huge part of her areola as well her nipples.

She didn’t observe that I am watching her boobs. She bent down and held my shaft. She looked at me and smiled, dear it’s nothing; it is because you are growing. You don’t worry, its natural and you will get better and she held my shaft with her hand. She was giving me hand job. I took the entire advantage in seeing her boobs as well I was acting innocent and said her that I am not able to stand I am feeling weak. She smiled then said hold me and stand for few minutes. I held her arms and stood enjoying her hand job and her boobs view. The emotion was very high to me, I had to enjoy as well I should not show up that I am knowledged about sex to aunty. 5 minutes passed when aunty said ajay, keep your mind free, it’s nothing if you keep your mind free it will get over soon. Don’t shy its nothing. I said ok, but my mind was thinking to see her boobs more clearly.

I planned, at a moment I moaned heavily, held her arms tight and gave a movement that her nighty buttons torn, I said my sorry, she smiled, its ok and she continued her hand job. I was already in the move to ejaculate sperm. I was bearing it to the long so that I can see my friend’s beautiful round boobs. My time came to ejaculate my sperm I was in no position to withhold my sperm to splash out. I was breathing heavy. Now I groan and moan at loud and let my sperm to spill out of me but I moved bit towards my friend’s mom so that I can see her expression. My sperm were shooting like jets and it was falling on my friend’s mom and it was falling on her face and nighty. There were about 6-8 splash of my sperm that hit her.

I made my face pale and conveyed my apology. She just made a hush, its ok you, just wash your penis and go out. I washed my penis and went out. After sometime she called me, she said to bring a towel for her. I got the towel. I just opened the door quietly and saw the heaven. Though it was intentional to see her, but its pure thriller for me as I see my friend’s mom washing her naked body. She didn’t observe me that I am watching her. Oh, I was seeing those big buttocks which I and my friend admiring to fuck from a long time. I was not able to see her front portion. Then I got an idea. I closed the door as it was. Then I banged entered into the bathroom.

She in a mood of shame turned towards me, gosh oh my friend sucked those lovely boobs with light brown nippies and the pussy he came out was clean shaved, oh my mind was saying go fuck her. I was stood in shock. I heard she yelling after being shocked that I am seeing her naked. She sat on floor partly covering her beautiful body and she was saying keep the towel and go. I acted childish now. I went near to her, I hanged the towel in hanger and asked, aunty what happened why are you sitting like this and you are nervous. She turned her face to me, and asked ajay do you not understand why I am. I said no. she said common don’t joke.

I said really aunty I don’t understand. She was quiet and then said, ok then you remove your pant. I removed. She looked at my un-erect dick. She laughed. I asked why you are laughing. She said nothing, I feel you are still innocent kid and she got up and started to clean her body infront of me without hesitation. Wow I had a very good look at all of her body. Hmmm it was tough situation to handle but lucky to handle my dick un-erect. She then wears her nighty again and kissed me. Then she said ajay you should not tell any one about what you saw here and what the treatment I have given to you. I said even I should not tell it to Vimal? She this time lost temper and then said including Vimal you should not tell anyone about this okay? I said ok aunty I don’t tell about it.

She then went out of room. Then I and my friend went out to talk about what all happened, I said everything about his mom. He was excited to hear all these and he was very anxious to know about his mom’s naked body. That times we had a understanding that I should fuck her once while he watching. From that day his mom was not minding me when i am with her. She was not caring her dress also she wouldnt care to bath or change her dress in front of me.

it took some time to fuck her, but I fucked her like a beast and made her my slave by giving her such a nice fuck. On each occation i fucked her was during her son watching his mom being fucked ruthlessly. Also we managed to fuck her together, also we managed to fuck both of our moms together. I would like to share that experience bit by bit after seeing your comments about each of this story.

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