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Hi to all. Its ajay sharma from jabalpur &bhopal i am a student of law and had written many stories . Got lot of mails for advice on there problems in sex life . Few of them really thanked me for making their sex life more happy. This is the story of my sexual encounters with a young, energetic, sexy female . Wife of a famous doctor (surgeon) . As usual he is always busy with his patients, hospital, party, meetings . He leave home within 8 a.m. and returns back after midnight with fully drunk and no energy . As a result after 4 yrs. Of their marriage , she was never able to satisfied by him and day after day she was going depressed . She squeezed herself in the house . Suddenly , one day her neighbor mrs. Bannerjee came to her house to invite them for their wedding anniversary . After talking sometime she noticed her and asked what happened ? ! You are looking so down ? She tried to keep it in herself , but when she pressurized her . She began to cry and told her the true fact . She was surprised hearing the fact story .

Then mrs. Bannerjee advised her that what she need now . Mrs. Bannerjee frankly told her that she really need physical satisfaction but with full of secrecy, safety, and obviously with emotions . She advised her to search in different website with a different identity for a call guy or someone on orkut. As per her advice she started to search for the same . But all the guy she saw there, were not upto her liking or you can say , they all were very common type of guys . But at last she hit my id on orkut and i replied her back with my few details . She immediately called mrs. Bannerjee at her house. She saw my reply and told her that this man is perfect for her . Actually she was on fire again as four yrs. Back she was . As per mrs. Bannerjee’s advice she replied me with acceptance of terms and conditions and fixed the place in a resort near our city . The date was fixed after 22 days .

Now that particular day come . We fixed the at 3 p.m., and she had to wait near a cinema hall in her car . I appeared her in my elegant and fashionable dress . I am 6.2 ft. Tall and a average figure . And she ? The backside of her blouse with so deep cut that it rather exposed her smooth shining soft tempting sexy looking back . The front neckline of her blouse was more stimulating —- much wide and low-cut that left her deep sexy cleavage and upper globes of her exclusive mind-boggling boobs uncovered . I had noticed it through the pallu . The linings of the straps and cups of her sexy bra used to be clearly visible . I was sitting beside her . I wished her in a low clearly audible voice ..hello..good afternoon… She replied in a sweet low voice hello..same to you.. I was on mountain to get reply from her . I appeared to be good-humored yet captivating stylish and modish man . She again said in the same low but audible voice..hello..i am soniya ….and asked me my good name..?? I replied..pls. Don’t ask for that , me is only ajay. She replied with a smile..thanks..

After 5 minutes, we started to talk normally with different topics and as the time passes we both were very much free to each of us . I request her to stop the car near any tea stall for a couple of minute as i wanted to take a cup of tea . As my willingness her driver stopped the car and i got down and brought a cup of tea for her . Friends, she was really in heaven and seriously feel that yes this is that what she needed . After tea break we started to run again . I appeared in a frame of mind to be friendly with her. She gave me her introduction . In response , i also told her about myself . Friends , she was really surprised that i am a good businessman . She asked me with some curiosity that why i am engaged in this field ? I replied her that i am not a professional , actually i am also not happy in my sex life and so on there are unsatisfied women in this society too . So secured to maintain this relation secretly with safety.

We reached at the resort at 6 p.m. we got down and gone for the check in for our cottage . The waiter took our baggage and we followed him and reached to our cottage which she had booked before . After entering the room she laid on the bed and whispered that aaahhh … Nice room . After taking near 10 mins of rest we both washed ourselves and change our dress. I wore a nice pyjama with a red t-shirt in which i was looking nice . And she wore expensive deep red chiffon sari that was almost see-through and matching sexy fine see-through especially designed blouse — sleeveless, almost backless, too wide neckline and low-cut in the front leaving the shoulder of the blouse as mere bands that barely covered the straps of her sexy bra and had let open her smooth soft looking shoulders and arms . Major parts of the upper slopes of her hilly bulging boobs were looking inviting to me . I was looking intently at her . They were peeping enticingly through the wide and very low neckline of her blouse . She did had a lucid clear look of her deep sexy cleavage through her pallu . Her cleavage looked as if there was a sharp narrow valley created between to the two closest mountains with pointed peaks .

I was simply astounded to see her , so well formed boobs with pointed nipples ready to pierce her classy-nylon bra and blouse . The complete roundness of her boobs looked as if they were trying to explode and break open her bra and blouse. Ooooofffff… They seemed to split open her costly sexy stylish bra and skimpy sexy blouse .. Really looked like struggling to come out and be utterly free. Uuuffffff .. Accordingly her boobs were really provoking and inviting me . She had tied her sari much below her navel and waistline exposing generously the parts of her sexy slopes waist through down wide swollen protruding extensive mounds of her hips . I was stunned to see her in that revealing dress . Her lips were wet . I was looking in her eyes with a lust of sexual desire. There was visibly some kind of naughtiness in her eyes . She looked much more inviting than ever, so magnetic and impish, at that very moment . I was just unable to hold myself anymore . She welcomed me with a smile and bolted the door from inside .

I was still staring at her from tip to toe . And, finally my eyes were fixed on my shapely firm sexy looking amply but carefully exposed boobs and pointed nipples . She quipped with a naughty smile … Kya baat hai tum mujhe bade ajeeb nazaron se ghoor rahe ho…iiss tarah kya ghoor rahe ho tum ?. I was looking for the opportune moments to take a step forward her . Finding me in a naughty mood and hearing such words from her. I instantly said to her soniya..tum khoobsoorat aur sexy looking to ho hi ..lekin bhhi kuchhh khaas hi lag rahi ho tum..haan soniya…bahut hi khoobsoorat..aur bahut jyada sexy lag rahi ho tum . She just uttered sexily …iiiissshhhhhh.. She was also in too inciting and inflaming mood . The situation filled her with ample courage within herself . I moved a couple of steps forward to her , held by her smooth soft silky slopes down her slender waist . In such a way her sumptuous boobs came so closer to me that their tips (nipple) were pressing against my chest. And, he continued to say more frankly and openly to me in my soft voice looking in to her sexy eyes ..soniya tumhara boobs bahut fine hai..abhi tumhare boobs kuchh jyada hi jaanlewaa lag raha hai . I like such boobs very much, i am sure…you are too careful about the figure of your boobs..main tumhare boobs ko dekh dekh kaar bahut tars raha hoon..tumhare boobs ko apne hathon mein lekar dabane ko jee chaha raha hai… She said sexily are very naughty ..main jaanati hoon ki tum kya ghoor rehe ho …tum bade badmash ho .

And i pulled her closer, planted kisses in her pouting juicy lips . She just looked into my eyes expressively, igniting me to kiss her more . I planted kisses that were more intimate on her lips . She encircled my neck with my soft sexy arms . She was pulling me closer and closer . Eventually her fleshy boobs were being pressed against my chest . The pressures of her firm boobs were giving me feeling of being extra large oranges full of pulp and juice . She was enjoying every bit of my kisses on her lips fervently . I was still kissing her lips frantically and at the same time my hands started working on my extensive soft voluptuous hips . I was caressing every inch of her sexy maddening hips . I kissed her lovely soft cheeks also .

I started licking and sucking her lips well . She was caressing me in pleasure . I did it for quits some time . Then i started undressing her . She told me ..dear..yahan nahin please , and offered him openly…please wahan bed room mein le chalo na pehle phir jo jeee chahe kaar lena…. And i gave very sexy smiles on my lips . I immediately lifted her in my arms and took her on the bed and started undressing her . I took off her sari , her petticoat , her blouse , her bra and her panty in a quick fashion . She was now fully nude before me . As soon as i unhooked her bra , her boobs sprang out tantalizingly . Wow…her boobs stood firm in shapes not-drooping much without the support of any bra . Uuuufffff..ssoooo sexy boobs…ssoooo maddening boobs i told her . Wow your boobs stood bulging out straight with their perfect roundness like those of a porn star .

She had meticulously maintained them shape of her boobs so well – so curvaceous with pointed nipples . Wow..soooo sexy they were aaahhh . She had no embarrassment or discomfiture to be completely nude before me at all . Rather she was exhibiting herself bare boobs in special styles to me . She was making all sorts of sexy rousing movements in different postures . She asked me naughtily ..aab bolo dear…main aab puri tarah nangi kaisi lag rahi hoon tumhen.. Tum mere boobs ki yun laalach bhare nazaron se kya dekh rahe ho…kaisa laga mera boobs bolo to sahi mere sexy mannu..i was astounded to find her boldness . I replied looking at her boobs and hips lustfully ..soniya.tum puri tarah nangi bahut hi jaanlewa lag rahi ho..tumhara boobs itna sexy hai ki main kya kahun tumhein..soniya..your sexy boobs, despite being so fleshy about 36 in size …itna firm, itna round, itna shapely hai ki main to baas hairaan ho raah.haan soniya.. Tumhare gol gol boobs poore perfect shapes mein hain…yess .. You have wonderful playful pair of boobs..soniya.. Tumhare boobs suckingly hain..these are rare, a young married woman with such a pair of well formed boobs..i really liked them too much ..i really like such firm looking shapely boobs of young women (housewives) .

She smiled sexily looking with her sexy eyes into mine . She was bold enough to say to me…mere dear…mujhe to puri tarah nangi kaar diya..aur khud kapde mein ho abhi taak..kyun aise hi raho ge tum..tumne to mera saab kuchh dekh liya…ek hi jhatke mein mere saare kapde utar kaar mijhe puri tarah nangi kaar diya tumne..aab zaraa main bhi to dekhun tumhara saab kuchh.. Saying this fully nude she came close to me and started taking off his clothes . She made me fully nude . She was too thrilled to see my hard erect cock (lund) . She held it in her both hands and caressed it to give me sensation . She said in hoarse voice …ssooo hard…iiissshh..mere sexy dear tum isko abhi taak mujhse chhupa kaar kyun rakhe the.. It was too seductive for me . Well i ever wished that a young sexy women (housewife) should play with my lund like that . I was not behind .

I was caressing her boobs . I pressed them , squeezed them . I told her …aur soniya…aab to main tumhare boobs ko chhoo bhi raha soft but firm.. I pulled her closer . I kissed her again on her juicy lips and cheeks . I kissed her neck . I kissed all over her mounting round boobs with pointed nipples . I licked her boobs . I sucked her nipples one by one . She was in my ecstasy . I threw her head back in excitement . We both were still standing . As i was giving lip and mouth service to her well formed round shapely bulging boobs and she was moaning sexily aaaahhhhhhhhh my love i never felt so sexy like this oooohhhhhhh take me today the way you want my love uuuffffffffff i want to have the best of your love aaaaahhhhh give me all your hard cock , your sexy lips , your strong arms , kill me today , love me , love me aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
..uuuuffff…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..she was enjoying mouthing boobs well and was hissing and sighing sexily ooooooohhhhh..ttuummaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..haaannnn.. Ooohhhhhhhh.. Uuiiimmmm aaahhhhhh ..wwoooww.. Iiiisshhhhh.. Haaannn..oooohhhh.. Aur..aur karo. Ooooofffffffffff.. Yyyyoooouuuuuuuuu..mere dear..baaas yyiuun hi..aur karo..aur .haann..aur chooso…khoob chooso mere boobs ko… Khoob chooso mere nipples ko..main bahut dinon se chaah rahi thi yeh..aaaaaaahhhhh oooooffffff oooooohhhhh . And i was kissing and sucking her both boobs one by one . I was still kissing her nude sexy body .

Then i kissed her back . She was writhing and squirmed. I kissed her back all through , down to my waist , and further down to her heavy soft magnificent sexy hips all-over and silky soft smooth thighs . I kissed her front from tip to toe . She was fully excited . I made her laid down on the bed . I was also in my full nudity , overlaying right on top of her completely nude sexy young soniya , for which i was longing patiently . I asked her in that very posture… ready for what i am going to do now ?? She quipped cleverly and boldly said ..ooohhhhh..yesss.. I know what you are going to do me… you will fuck me..and i am ready for dear..main to kaab se iss din ka intezaar kaar rahi hoon.. Getting a open offer to fuck her.. I gained more audacity and told her more openly ..haan soniya ..aab main tumhari chodai karne jaa raha to bahut mazaa aajaayega chodne mein..kyonki tum puri tarah ready ho mujhse chodai ke liye.. She whispered dear..aaj mujhe jee bhar ke ley loo.. Mujhe pura satisfy kaardo aaj..mere dear..mere husband mujhe pura satisfy nahin kaar paate hain.. My sexual desire are not fulfilled by him ..meri jam kar chodai karo aaj..haan dear..aab zara bhi time waste maat karo na..please karo na meri chodai….

And i got up to my knees , parted her thighs which she also initiated herself , and positioned between her thighs and then placed right in front of her pussy and i started pushing my fully erect hard cock (lund) inside her– one, two and three gentle pushes and my cock was right in to her hot wet pussy . I kissed her time and again and then started moving my cock to and fro . And i started fucking her . In the beginning , i was fucking her slowly, gently and caringly . She held me and was caressing my back in a special type of stimulation . I went on fucking her . And gradually i increased my speed . My cock was working faster . I spread her thighs more . I was fucking her faster and faster . She was moaning loudly aaaahhhh yaaaa fuck me more more hard give me your hard cock deep inside ooohhhhh yaaa fuck fuck fuck me my dear love …fuck me and me flow aaaahhhh uuufffffff sssooo she was all praise for me . I was encouraged by that . I did it more forcefully. She lifted her thighs and encircled my waist with her thighs and legs in excitement . That gave me more room to enter into her . I pushe my cock further in . I was pushing my cock (lund) into her and she was lifting her hips , as if , to receive cock ( lund) each time i pushed . It was enlivening to me.

I increased my speed . I was in his full speed now . I was pumping her fast and fast . And , she was not behind at well . She was continuously encouraging me for more and more . My thrusts were strong . I fucked her for near about 25 mins. While she felt she would explode , she whispered.. Dear i am ready to cum , pls. Mujhe jor se , meri pani nikalne bala hai… I am cumming, yaaa oooohhhhh i am going to flowww uuuuuufffff feelll meeee . And finally she cumed . But surprisingly i was still in action . I decreased my speed to give her some relaxation for the second time . And started sucking her nipples and took my one hand on her bums and tried to feel her sexy ass hole aaaaahhhhh so sexy it felt..even she also got exited again for the second action and told me, pls. Dear mujhe karo, nehi to mai mar jaungi , i started to move my cock in-out.. In-out… In-out… And friends a beautiful sound are coming from there fuck fuck fuch fuch fuch aaaaaahhhh wahat a sexy soung .

She was excited more and hearing that sound , she told me aaaahhhh dear fuck me hard and try to put your fingure in my asss fuck me both way oooohhhhhh killl me today . I think every women hear that particular sound when they engaged in chodai with full of satisfaction . As the time passes she started to ride on heaven again but this time i decreased my speed in order to stay for maximum time . I managed to prolong my duration of fuck her in a stretch . And after 45 mins of satisfied fucking , finally we both were ready to explod and we were gasping heavily . Yyaaaa baby i am cumming oooohhhhh feel me ..i am gonna flow deep inside your sexy pusssyyyy … Even she also moanned yyessss dear cum cum cum deep in my pussy fill it with your love juice…i need your love juice aaaaahhhhh ..we both came together and took some rest . We regained energy . I asked her soniya..kaisa laga was it..did you like fucking … Kya chodai mein maza aaya tumko.????. I whispered lying in the bed … Mere dear..tum to expert ho chodne mein…really bada maza aaya tumse chodwa are a great fucker my dear..aaj taak inta mazaa kabhi nahin aaya tha.mera husband nahin chod paate hain theek se..i am lucky ki tum mujhe mil gaye ho.. By then we were fully recharged and energized . We started kissing each other fervently . I kissed her all vital parts — boobs, belly, navel, back, hips, thighs, etc.

Yet again, we both got aroused for fucking session . As i kept on kissing her , she was in my full excitements muttering in low sexy voice uuuuffff .aaaaaaaahhhhhhh..ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh..yyyoouu.. Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.uuuuummmmaaaaahhhhh..dddeaarr.. Pplleaasee.. Ffuucckk mmee ooncce aggaaiin.. Haaannn my dear.. Meri chodai phir se karo . He became too hot now..please phir se ussi tarah chodai karo naa.. I was also in full mood to fuck her again . That time she laid in the posture such that her back was facing me . I laid over her back . She was feeling too much pleasure as my hard erect cock was pressing against her sexy wide heavy hips . She rubbed my cock (lund) against her sexy hips again and again .

I was squeezing her boobs . She was again mumbling sexily..uuuummmhhhhh..please.aabbb karo na… Dear..pleaase chodo na..ghusao na apna lund mere chut mein dear..dekho tumhari soniya.. Kitna taraf rahi hai phir se chodai karwaane ke liye tumse.. And this time i pushed my erect hard lund into her chut from behind , which was totally a new & different feel for her . I started making gentle moves .

My hard erect lund was going in and coming out well . After making few strokes i asked her to raise her hips resting herself with her elbows and knees . .apna hip uupar uthao na.. She raised her sexy hips up .
I pushed my hard erect cock (lund) right into pussy (chut) again . I started making gentle strokes . I was fucking her smoothly . She started making to and from movements of her hips making me feel that she wanted more and more penetration of my hard erect cock (lund) into her pussy (chut) . She was moaning uuuuffff…uuuuuuffff..uuuuufffff..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. Uuuuuuuffffffffffff..uuuuufffffff.. . I held her round wide hips with my both hands and i was fucking her well . I was caressing my hips also at the same time . I gradually increased my speed of pumping into her special sexy pussy (chut) . She was excited ..aaaaaahhhhhh..ooooooohhhhhhhhh..aaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh..oooooooooooofffffffffffooooohhhhhhh ..uuuuuuuffffff i kept on fucking her . She encouraged me to fuck her more faster faster hard .uuuuhhhh..aaaaaahhhhh..ooooooffffffffff..uuuunnnnnaaaaahhhhh..dear aur zor se chodo na..haan mannu..zor zor se chodai karo na..faasterr..aur fast ..hhhaaannnn..aur zor se..haaannnn yyuunn hii zor zor se..uuuuuffffffffffff..aaaaahhhhh.. You are great mannu..hhhaaannnn..aur..aur..aur..zor zor se haannn…yun hi zor zor se..aur faaaster.. Aur faaaas,.aur faaaast.baaabbb yun hi chodte jaao.khook ji bhar ke chodo mujhe mere dear.aaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… Oooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffooooooohhhhhhhh..uuuuummmmaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..

I was at my full speed pumping her with all my energy and vigor . She was although sighing and moaning sexily . That was too enjoyable for both of us . I applied all my techniques to stay more and more (without ejaculating) to fuck her . Finally we both felt to explod..ooohhhhhh baby ya baby cumming cumming yes its flowinggg feel itt aaaahhhhhhh and we both came . We again started gasping heavily . Took rest in the bed . She got up in my full nudity and went to toilet and then to the dining table . I also got up and came to the dining table for taking dinner, actually that was about 11.30 p.m. friends we took dinner in totally nudity condition . After dinner we took some more rest . After that , we had another round of fucking . That time in standing position . I lifted her with my both hands, took her to the drawing room , and made her lean forward resting her elbows on the dining table . Her back was in front of me . I was standing behind her . I kissed her back and hips to make her hot again for the fourth time . She was writhing in excitement. He positioned his lund right back my hips. He pushed his hard erect lund into my chut again. He held my hips. He was animated. I was caressing and fondling her hips in excitement . And friends i stared fucking her again . I was fucking her from behind . We enjoyed fucking for a longer duration in that round . She moaned sexily and went on encouraging me to fuck her more and more . I was all praised for her . Finally, we both exhausted again after 40 mins.

Frineds i fucked her another two more times in that night . She kissed me a lot for fucking her . We both took bath . We dressed up . I don’t know when i sleeped in her arms . At morning 7 i got up and called her . She woke up and kissed me with a great satisfaction . Also requested me to spend one more day here , but i said .sorry, as i had an urgent meeting . But i promised her that i will accompany her again as and when she will call me and obviously with my time . She thanked me and told me that she is a really lucky woman in this world to get me.. Dear..ajay tum bahut achchhe ho.. Tumne mujhe pura satisfy kaar diya..itna mazaa pehle kabhi nahin aaya tha.. We checkout the resort at 10 a.m. he get down at that place where he got it yesterday . On the way she told me again that she really…really.. Never thought that she could get this type of satisfaction with totally different style.

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