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Hi friends, this is Mahesh.. From Haryana (India). I have read almost stories of this site. Ahhhh amazing….! I am going to share my true story with u.this is my first story. It happened to me 2 days ago. First of all let me introduce my self I am a 23 years handsome looking guy with smart hair and muscular body. I m 6 feet long. I m a business man and often goes to bank nearby.there I saw a girl named NIDHI (not true name) she was very sexy.long hair,size 34-28-36. Fair look 5″7 inches.when I goes to bank I used to chat with her some times we share some abnormal neigbhor girl named pooja also used to work in that bank,by her behavior I came to know that she liked me.when I chat with her (pooja) I often talked about nidhi she get furstrated but I kept talking one day in the after noon I went to pooja house for some reason she was alone in her house her mother & sister was out for some reason I saw pooja was semi naked she was only wearing jeans & bra only.i guessed size was 34..she was changing her clothes. I think this is not the right to get in so I came back.but the whole scene was in my mind and I went to my bathroom and stroke my dick up &down let the cum morning I went to bank and saw her in bank and my dick start to erect again but I control my self.she saw and called me we had chat for sometime and I thought this us the right time to talk abt yesterday.all of sudden she asked me why don’t u came inmy house yesterday I was shocked she again asked- why don’t u came in my house. I told her that I had a call so I have to go back to my house but today I will come today. She was happy.but in the afternoon I was unable to go to her house and then my phone rang it was her call

I picked her phone and gave her a excuse but in the evening I was alone in my house I called her she immedately came to my house she was wearing a very sexy dress her tits were looking great.we had a coffee then I started the topic abt nidhi because I love her she was getting jealous, I could see reaction her face clearly.she wanted to change the topic as she requried I change the topic I said u r looking very sexy thats she wanted. She came closer to me and put her hand on my thighs. My dick was getting erection and she saw a naag making a tent in my pent.i was abt to my climani was totally erect now 8″inches iron bar.she wanted to touch it but I wants nidhi’s phone no so I allowed her to do anything with me she took my hand and kept it on her left boob and that time she has not wear any bra.. She told me please zor sedabaoo. Aur dosara be I press her boob hardly and she making noise I also got horny and kissed on her lip for long time. Shemoned ahhhh pls suckhard lips plzzzz.She start pressing my lund from my pent. Unhooked her blouse two button from down side and took her one boob out and gave it in my mouth I started sucking her boob and she told me suck hard pls I sucked her boob 4a long time her nipple was pinkish this was my first time when I saw a boob so close to me. She began moaning in a low voice.
I sucked on her nipples one by one..she pushed my face into her beauties, groaning. I went back a little to catch my breath. Her eyes were closed, and her breasts were shining with my saliva. Her breasts were beautiful, big, and only slightly sagging. Even the sag added to their beauty.I went down and lick and bit the folds around her belly and stomach. My hand reached down.i unhooked her pant button and lower it down completely.Her legs were smooth, and fleshy too. And she waswearing a black panty. I bent down and began licking her ankles, then her calf muscles..then furtherup..her knees, then reached her thighs .All this time, her hands were in my hair, and she wasgasping. I bit, lickedand kissed herbeautiful thighs, and she moaned a little louder. My lips reached the center ofher panty. I could smell the muskyaroma of her juices.She parted her legs,and pulled aside The panty, and I could see her swollen black pussy lips, and the black thatch of pubic hair above, where her hands the panty. Icould also see the whitish liquid between her vagina.The next moment,she pushed my face into her crotch.
I began sucking on the two lips, then licked away all the liquid. She was now getting louder in her moans, and was also thrusting her hips into my face.Her voice was hoarse, andher breath louder. I kept sucking and licking her lips..then, she wailed softly, “Haai raam.ohmy..ssssss.”She wrapped her thighs around my face and held it down into her crotch for some time. Then, shelet go.and looked down at me. I looked ather..her breasts heaving,her inner thighs wet, herpanty still displaced,exposing her vulva. She smiled at me, then said,“Stand up”. I stood up,and my erection throbbed near her face.She looked up at me, and the next moment, took my penis into her mouth.She began sucking my shaft, her tongue rubbing against my glans inside her mouth. “Ohh.god..”I moaned.
Her hot mouth threatened to set my hard dick on fire. She began pushing her mouth backward and forward on my long shaft, and was sucking it at the same time. With her free hand, she stroked my pubic hair.and I was abt to my climax I loaded her mouth with my cum. She tasted it and said ist time I taste is good in taste.she hug me tightly,her boobs were again pressing against my chest I locked her lips with mine,her tounge was in my mouth I tasted her salvia, mean while I was fingering her pussy somehow she unlocked the lip lock and started to moaning loudly .she only wants a hard **** she start crying me hard. I made her lay on bed. I parted her legs and rubbed on her cunt she took the tip of my lund and placed on her pussy hole and asked me to thrust in.’phir meine apne dick ko ander ki or dala’it was very tight take my 3-4 strokes to get my lund in her choot she was lifting her hips in order to increas the speed of strokes she was moaing loudly aaaaaaahhhhh, ahhhhhh toda aram se karo suuuuu……. Main apne pure josh mein tha 10 min laga tar karne ke bad us ki choot gili (wet) ho gae,bus mera bi hone wala tha,meine pucha kaha par chodu us ne apna muh kohl deya meine apna dick us kicunt se nekal kar muh main dal kar 3-4 stroke mare or sara cum us ke muh main chod deya. Usne bina kuch waist kare hue sara lund saff kar diya.we stay in that poistion for 2 min. And asked her to put on her clothes. She wore her clothes and also made me ready. It was 6 pm. She was getting late because her mother was abt to come at last time she want to kiss her loolipop (my lund) & she unjip my pent and kissed on my lund & went back. I was my first time and I enjoyed a lot.

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